The Divine Nine Dragon Cauldron Chapter 1136

Chapter 1136 The Arrival Of Deities

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Jian Wusheng jumped onto the battleship. She didnt know how to describe her current feeling. She thought the ship prepared by her was Su Yus Plan B. She didnt expect it to be Su Yus Plan C.

On this powerful battleship, they could leave this place safely. Nobody would dare to recklessly stop them.

Even if the Crane Deitys family sent their battleships to chase them, Su Yu and Jian Wusheng would be too far away from them.

Looking at the frustrated Crane Deity family members, the Ghost Clans Great Emperor cheerfully said, The feeling of playing by heart is good! As expected, my decision to follow you was correct!

The battleship was purchased by the Ghost Clans Great Emperor.

Nobody could stop them now.

Suddenly, a snort echoed in the Star River.

Hearing this, the Wild Beasts wandering around the small divine bone ships ran away in terror.

After a short while, the area was dead silent.

The people present felt a suffocating pressure. It was as if something powerful was approaching.

Yang Tai sighed and said, The Crane Deity has arrived. I knew he would come here. Right! This issue will end here!

Looking at Su Yu, who was standing on the battleship, Yang Tai pitifully said, What a pity! He is as clever as me! If he could work for our chamber of commerce, he would make a fortune for us! Alas! Without the support of a deity, no matter how clever he is, he cant make much noise here, which is also his fatal disadvantage!

In front of a deity, all Su Yus advantages would disappear.

For people like Su Yu, a deity was invincible.

Although the deity had arrived, he didnt show up. He just snorted coldly in a low voice, Is it fun for you to play with the Crane Deitys family?

The Crane Deity family members blushed. If the Crane Deity had not been there, Su Yu would have done more than mess with them. He would likely have killed them all.

The Crane Deitys voice sounded again. Give me the soul of Xianran!

What? Is He Xianran still in his hands?

I remember they traded hostages

At the thought of this, the Crane Deitys family members were annoyed. They realized they had been fooled by Su Yu.

Standing at the prow of the battleship, Su Yu calmly replied, What if I say no?

The entire area was silent. Even Yang Tai didnt expect Su Yu, who was facing imminent death, to act arrogantly in front of a deity.

Wait! Does this mean Su Yu still has a standby plan?

Yang Tai quickly dismissed the idea because it was impossible for an outlander to challenge a deity in this world.

The only explanation was that a deity was standing behind Su Yu.

As a person from this world, Yang Tai was not able to seek support from a deity in such a short time, let alone Su Yu, who was an outlander.

Who gave you this courage? the Crane Deity coldly asked. Everyone around could sense his killing intent, which was raging in the Star River.

Everyone believed Su Yu would die, regardless if he agreed to release He Xianran or not.

In front of a deity, Su Yu had no chance of survival.

However, another voice rang out, which shocked everyone.

A low and magnetic voice came out from the battleship. I gave the courage to him! Is there a problem?

At the same time, a pressure, which was a little bit more powerful than the pressure of the Crane Deity, descended like a raging tempest.


A strand of white light, which was full of divine energy, descended from the sky with countless white feathers, making the scene dreamlike.

The one in the white light was quite illusory. Nobody could see his appearance.

The deities always acted in such an elusive way.

They never easily showed their appearance.

Crane Deity! A Crane Deity family member shouted excitedly. Even they were not able to often see the real body of the Crane Deity.

The Crane Deity landed on the battleship and stared at another figure walking out from a cabin. The figure was covered with ripples.

Seeing this, the Crane Deity exhaled a breath and seriously said, Jing Deity!

What? Jing Deity?

Once again, everyone was shocked. Even Yang Tai, who claimed to be the cleverest person around, didnt understand why Jing Deity was there.

In this world, almost all deities could provide support to Su Yu except the Jing Deity.

That was because Jing Bai, the successor of the Jing Deity, was killed by Su Yu.

It had almost become common knowledge.

Why did the Jing Deity choose to support Su Yu?

Moreover, it seemed the Jing Deity had boarded the battleship a long time ago.

When the Crane Deity showed up, the Jing Deity came out to show his support of Su Yu.

It was confusing.

How did Su Yu persuade the Jing Deity to help someone who killed his son confront a deity who was his good friend?

How did he manage to do that? How? Yang Tai tightly clenched his fists. His forehead became covered in sweat, but he failed to figure out the answer.

The Crane Deity asked the same question.

Why do you want to help him?

The Jing Deity seriously replied, Because my son Jing Bai was not killed by him!

Mo Tianxuan suddenly walked out of the cabin and stopped behind Su Yu.

Su Yu gave her the task to find the Jing Deity with a letter and communication pendant.

Su Yu only left two sentences on the jade pendant.

First, Jing Bai was not killed by me!

Second, I can help you find the real murderer!

As a deity who had lived numerous years, the Jing Deity could sense Su Yus sincerity, even he didnt believe what Su Yu said.

If Su Yu was the murderer, why did he bother doing this?

Su Yu described the details in the letter, including one special element.

When Su Yu left, he only saw He Xianran. Su Yu didnt even know what Jing Bai looked like. How could he kill Jing Bai?

After reading the letter, the Jing Deity knew either Su Yu or He Xianran was a liar.

Jing Bais corpse also disappeared, which made Jing Deity more suspicious.

The Jing Deity didnt easily believe Su Yus words. He performed a careful investigation and found that all the law enforcers and underlings who carried out that mission on Jiuzhou Continent died or went missing in an inexplicable way. The only survivor, Meng Ke, didnt see who killed Jing Bai.

The captain of the Book Deitys Law Enforcing Team, Cang Tieyi, had gone missing.

Jing Deity tried to find Cang Tieyi, but he failed.

Therefore, Jing Deity knew it was highly possible that what Su Yu said was true.

The death of Jing Bai might be a different story.

Now, the only one who knew everything was He Xianran.

Why did she tell a lie? What was she trying to hide about the death of Jing Bai?

This was the reason the Jing Deity was confronting the Crane Deity on the battleship.

The Crane Deity said, Even if Jing Bai was not killed by him, you cant stop me from killing him! He has annoyed a deity by kidnapping my daughter. So, he deserves to die!

The Jing Deity coldly said, Your daughter is also the reason I will stop you from killing him! Your daughter is lying. Now, I need to confront her to find out why she pinned the death of Jing Bai on him!

The Jing Deity looked at Su Yu as he waved his hand in the air.

He Xianrans soul was instantly taken out by the Jing Deity from Su Yus Soul Space, which was like a defenseless bag.

He Xianran, who was confused, suddenly found herself standing in front of two deities. When she saw the Jing Deity, she couldnt help but tense up.

Her nervousness was noticed by the Jing Deity. His face darkened.

How did my son Jing Bai die? Tell me again! The Jing Deity coldly said, Dont try to lie to me. Dont force me to search your soul!

He Xianran slightly trembled. Desperation could be seen on her face. She didnt understand why the two deities were confronting her.

The Crane Deity said, Jing Deity, if I am still your friend, dont push me!

If the Jing Deity searched the soul of his daughter in public, his reputation would be ruined.

Because you are my friend, I chose to confront you in public. Otherwise, I would have searched the soul of your daughter secretly, which would have been easier for me! The Jing Deity spoke the truth. He didnt want to ruin the friendship between him and the Crane Deity, so he chose to question He Xianran in front of the Crane Deity. In this way, the Crane Deity would know the Jing Deity didnt interrogate his daughter secretly.

It was a pity that the Crane Deitys love for his daughter, He Xianran, was deeper than the love of Jing Deity for his son.

Even though the Crane Deity knew the Jing Deity did this out of kindness, he still tried to stop him because he knew the truth.

Dulong could hide the truth from the rest of the Crane Deitys family members, but he didnt dare hide it from the Crane Deity. Thus, the Crane Deity knew He Xianran had to die if Jing Deity discovered the truth through searching her soul.

This was unacceptable for the Crane Deity.

Do you want to ruin our long-last friendship from believing a mortal who tried to alienate us? the Crane Deity asked.

The Jing Deity was disappointed hearing those words. The Crane Deitys reaction reassured him that the Crane Deity might know the truth.

The Jing Deity was annoyed.

Few beings would be able to stay calm after being treated like that by an old friend.

The Jing Deity angrily shouted, It seems the death of my son is not as your daughter said! So, I have to search her soul!

Hearing this, the Crane Deity immediately shouted, How dare you!

The Jing Deity flashed a cold smile and asked, Do you think you can scare me?

The two deities started to release their divine strength. Instantly, the Star River was filled with roaring waves. All the ships in the Star River were collapsing, including the battleship.

Su Yu was shocked. Was this the collision of two deities? Only the collision of their divine strength could create such devastation. If they started to fight, they might ruin a world.

When the two deities were about to fight, Su Yu yelled, Jing Deity, please calm down!

The Jing Deity looked at Su Yu. He didnt underestimate Su Yu since he had told him some truths. The Jing Deity asked, What do you want to say?

Jing Deity, the Great Eastern Alliance could be powerful because all the deities united as one in the alliance of 100 deities. If you two fight today, it wont help the situation. The alliance might be ruined, and the Great Eastern Alliance might be mocked at by some foreign factions. So, it is unnecessary!

The rest people present couldnt help but roll their eyes as they angrily stared at Su Yu. How do you have the nerve to say this? Dont forget the conflict between the two deities was caused by you!

After your instigation, now you are trying to stop them from fighting each other!

The Jing Deity knew he could do nothing even if he could defeat the Crane Deity. The fight was meaningless. He only wanted justice for his son. He didnt want to fight the Crane Deity.

Now, the Crane Deity was trying to stop him from seeking justice for his son!

Then, what should I do? The Crane Deity harbors his daughter who killed my son! If I dont punish her, how could I have a foothold in this world? The Jing Deity, who was in a dilemma, decided to defend his dignity, even it was not for his son.