The Divine Nine Dragon Cauldron Chapter 1137

Chapter 1137 Plot Against The Deities

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Su Yu said, Jing Deity, I dont agree with you! We havent found any evidence to prove He Xianran killed Jing Bai!

What? People were dumbfounded again. You instigated the Jing Deity! Why do you defend the Crane Deity now?

The Jing Deity, who was about to lose his temper, was stopped by Su Yu. I think the conflict between the two deities requires proof. If the Jing Deity can find evidence to prove Jing Bai was killed by He Xianran, can you give the Jing Deity a satisfactory compensation, Crane Deity?

The Crane Deity angrily stared at Su Yu thinking, Arent you the cause of this conflict?

However, what Su Yu said gave him an excuse to avoid a fight with the Jing Deity, which was ideal since he was not able to rival the Jing Deity.

After a while, the Crane Deity said, Of course. If Jing Deity can prove my daughter is the murderer, I will immediately kill her!

His words were quite highfalutin. If evidence could be found, his daughter would be killed by some other deities.

The Alliance of 100 Deities strictly prohibited the murder of any descendants of deities. Anyone who violated the rule would be killed.

If evidence could be found, the Crane Deity could do nothing to prevent the death of his daughter. He replied confidently because he knew all the witnesses had been killed. It was impossible to find any evidence.

Su Yu nodded his head and turned to the Jing Deity. How is that for you, Jing Deity?

The Jing Deity, who was in a dilemma, snorted and replied, Fine! Crane Deity, remember what you said. If evidence is found, dont blame my cruelness!

Everyone let out a sigh of relief that a fight between two deities was resolved.

If a fight broke out between these two deities, the continent might stay intact, but the people would be killed.

You defended the alliance by burying the hatchet sensibly, Su Yu loudly said. As a junior, I admire both of you! I extend heartful gratitude to both of you by representing the people in this world!

Although the Jing Deity and Crane Deity were frequently complimented, they were still flattered by Su Yu, who managed to describe their helter-skelter action in such a noble way.

Su Yu quickly changed the subject.

I think a just and righteous investigator is needed to investigate this case with complete authority. Although I am incompetent, I hope I could investigate this case on behalf of the deities! Su Yus words dumbfounded everyone who heard them.

What? Do you want to investigate this case on behalf of the two deities?

Why? Do you mean the Law Enforcing Teams and the Senluo Law Enforcing Team are useless?

Even if those people are not competent, there are many deities in this world. It is quite easy to find a just deity to investigate this case!

Who do you think you are? Hearing this, members of the Crane Deitys family became angry.

The Jing Deity and Crane Deity glanced at Su Yu. Apparently, they also looked down on Su Yu.

Su Yu was useless for the Jing Deity, who could send someone he trusted to investigate the case.

Even the Jing Deity didnt want to stop the Crane Deity from doing what he wanted to Su Yu.

Su Yu said, Seniors, please consider my request. Except for the three of us, nobody else knows the inside story of this case. If an outsider, who is asked to investigate this case, finds He Xianran is the murderer, the illustrious reputation of the Crane Deity will be ruined, right? Similarly, if the son of the Jing Deity was killed by the daughter of his old friend, the reputation of the Jing Deity will also be impaired. So, it is inappropriate to choose an outsider to investigate this case!

What? The Jing Deity and Crane Deity were shocked. Su Yus words held deep meaning.

This case would not just impair their reputation. If this case was known to the world, they would be ridiculed by the other deities if they tried to maintain their friendship.

They didnt want the world to know about the situation. It could only be known by people present.

The Crane Deity would punish He Xianran secretly to compensate the Jing Deity. In that way, they could both maintain a peaceful relationship.

If this case became known to the public, they would have to break ties and have a duel.

They had to consider Su Yus proposal.

Now, there were four groups of people in the area.

Apparently, it was inappropriate to ask the family of the Crane Deity to investigate the case. The Jing Deity would never agree to it.

The young master and his underlings of the All Access of Chamber of Commerce were outsiders. If they were asked to investigate, the world would soon be startled.

If the Jing Deity investigated this case alone, he would make others take notice. It would be difficult to ensure the confidentiality of this case.

It seemed only Su Yu and his companions could do it.

Although Su Yu was an outsider and didnt belong to the two deities families, this case meant a lot to him. Thus, he was the only appropriate person to investigate this case.

On second thought, the Jing Deity thought he would lose nothing regardless if Su Yu found evidence or not. Su Yu was more suitable to investigate the case compared to the rest people present. After pondering it for a while, he said, OK. I hereby authorize the right of investigating this case to you!

The Crane Deity didnt want Su Yu to be the investigator. He worried that Su Yu, who was smart, would discover some clues. However, nobody else was more suitable to do the work. The Crane Deity had to reluctantly agree. I also agree! I hereby authorize the right of investigating this case to you!

In this way, Su Yu, who had just been a kidnapper hunted down by the Crane Deity, became an investigator appointed by two deities.

Seniors, I have just arrived in this world. Without manpower and money, Im afraid my investigation will be hampered, Su Yu said.

Is he asking for a commission from the deities? Could you find another person more shameless than you? Dont forget you are a kidnapper who startled this world! You should have some self-awareness about yourself! The Crane Deitys family members clenched their teeth as they angrily stared at Su Yu.

The Jing Deity, who was quite glad to hear this, took out a plate full of divine strength. He said, Take this plate. It can represent me! With this plate, all manpower and resources in the world of Jing Deity, including the law enforcers, are under your control! I hope they can help you find the real murderer soon!

If Su Yu performed the investigation with the assistance of Jing Deitys underlings, Su Yus action would be quickly reported to him. It could prevent the Jing Deity from being fooled by Su Yu.

After receiving the plate, Su Yu earnestly replied, As you wish!

Su Yu turned to the Crane Deity.

Seeing this, the Crane Deity choked on his anger. You are asked to investigate my daughter! How do you have the nerve to ask a favor of me? However, the Crane Deity had no choice. With a faint smile, he said, This is my plate. It represents me! Its effect is the same as the one you got from the Jing Deity. All manpower and resources in the world of the Crane Deity are under your control!

Crane Deity is so sensible! As a junior, I greatly admire you, Su Yu said as he received the plate.

The Crane Deity replied with a hollow smile. After making eye contact with one another, the Jing Deity and Crane Deity left by crossing the Star River.

The Star River instantly quieted. Everyone could hear the sound of the two plates in Su Yus hand colliding.

When the Crane Deity left, the members of his family left one after another.

What? Did you say the kidnapper is still here?

Nonsense! He is the investigator appointed by two deities!

What? Did you say he still has He Xianran?

Bullsh*t! She is a suspect who is being surveyed by the investigator!

The Crane Deitys family members activated their divine bone ship and left feeling resentful.

They were still puzzled and didnt know how Su Yu had become an investigator appointed by two deities after being a kidnapper who startled this world.

More importantly, one of the two deities who appointed Su Yu as the investigator was the Crane Deity.

A small divine bone ship in the distance was sailing back to the continent. On the ship, Yang Tai, whose face was as pale as a piece of paper, was quite serious. After a while, he murmured with a frustrated smile, Good scheming! His scheming is flawless!

When he thought Su Yu was more brave than wise, Su Yu had fooled all the members of the Crane Deitys family.

When he thought Su Yu was only able to fool those family members, Su Yu had started a conflict between two deities.

When he thought Su Yu was about to ask the Jing Deity to defeat the Crane Deity, Su Yu forced the two deities to appoint him as their investigator with his tricks. The Crane Deity didnt dare capture Su Yu. Instead, he had to agree to appoint him as the investigator.

It seemed Su Yu didnt plan to escape from the beginning.

From the beginning, the target of his tricks was not the Crane Deitys family members but the two deities.

Apparently, his words and tricks were not on spur of the moment but had been planned for a long time.

In this way, Su Yu managed to become an investigator appointed by two deities after being a notorious kidnapper. Now, with the two plates in his hand, Su Yu was high and mighty.

After taking several deep breaths, Yang Tai felt his heart was still trembling. He knew he was not able to rival Su Yu, who was full of tricks, imagination, and courage.

Yang Tai, who used to believe he was a smart person, had been shocked by Su Yu.

After keeping silent for a long time, Yang Tai murmured with a heavy heart, We should avoid making this man an enemy!

On the battleship, Mo Tianxuan, Jian Wusheng, and the Ghost Clans Great Emperor were also dumbfounded.

They carried out the task assigned by Su Yu. They didnt expect this thing would come this far.

They used to wish they could escape.

They were no longer kidnappers. They now had a firm foothold in the Great Eastern Alliance.

It was even more than that. They were flourishing like the sun at high noon.

In the world of the Jing Deity and Crane Deity, Su Yu would be worshiped by all creatures like a deity if he showed the plates.

As an investigator appointed by two deities, Su Yu would hold a high position in other places in this world. Except for deities and their descendants, nobody would dare to offend him.

Su Yu instantly turned from a neglectable outsider to an influential man.

All of them looked at Su Yu with high expectations. This great transition was exciting!

Mo Tianxuan, who looked at Su Yu with appreciation, didnt quarrel with him. She said, Congratulations! You have obtained a foothold in the Great Eastern Alliance! All the people of the Jiuzhou Continent are elated and inspired by you!

Su Yu replied, Thanks!

When we get back to the Great Eastern Alliance, I will say goodbye to you. I havent been home for a long time, so I need to go back and have a look! Su Yu was not surprised when he found out Mo Tianxuan was from the Great Eastern Alliance. After all, she had the bloodline of a deity.