The Divine Nine Dragon Cauldron Chapter 1138

Chapter 1138 The One Chosen By The Heaven

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Su Yu nodded and sincerely said, Thank you, my lady, for the support and help these years!

Mo Tianxuan blushed. She always suspected Su Yu, who was from an extraterrestrial world, was trying to seize the Jiuzhou Continent. She always took precautions against him. Therefore, she was embarrassed when Su Yu acknowledged his appreciation for her help.

Hah! Hah! Brother Su, I knew I made the right decision to follow you, the Ghost Clans Great Emperor excitedly said. This is so interesting and exciting! Although he had seen many deities, he was completely cheered up.

Su Yu replied, Heh! Heh! More exciting things await you!

Su Yu looked at the Sacred Kylin on his shoulder and said, I still have a grander wish that hasnt been fulfilled yet! It will be more exciting!

The Ghost Clans Great Emperor lit up his eyes. Although Su Yu didnt discuss any details, it was likely an earth-shaking matter based on Su Yus courage.

Lets go! The investigator is about to go back to the port!

Within two months, the Great Eastern Alliance people were startled by a piece of appalling news.

Hey! Have you heard? The criminal who kidnapped the descendant of a deity is no longer a kidnapper!

Oh? What happened? Does that mean he has been arrested and become a condemned man?

No! He is not guilty now!

Gasp! Are you sure about that? Anyone who dares kidnap the descendants of deities will be sentenced to death! How could he be innocent now? Are you talking nonsense? If he is not guilty, Im afraid all those descendants of the deities will be in great danger!

Heh! Heh! His innocence was announced by two deities, including the Crane Deity! Nobody else is allowed to look into this issue anymore!

What? Did you say two deities gave an order to absolve him? Do you mean he has become a civilian after being a felon?

Youve made two mistakes! First, the two deities didnt give an order. They absolved him on the spot! Second, he is not only a civilian, but he is also entrusted with an important task!

Holy sh*t! Are you kidding me? I dont believe that those who dared kidnap the descendant of a deity could be entrusted with an important task! Do you mean this man has become a law enforcer? This is totally unbelievable!

Boo! Law enforcer? Are you kidding? Now, this man is representing two deities. With two divine plates in his hands, he is entitled to command all people in the worlds of the two deities, from the law enforcers to ordinary people! Anyone who disobeys his order will be disrespecting the deities! Now, he could be considered as a deity of those two worlds!


Everyone in the restaurant became silent. Only the crack of their cups, which fell to the ground, could be heard.

Please tell me you are joking! Did the two deities give their divine plates to this guy? Has he really become the representative of the two deities?

Even the sound of a hair falling on the ground could be heard in the restaurant. Everyones ears were alert, trying to listen to this amazing story.

The guy who was telling this story was quite excited when he discovered everyone was listening to him attentively. As an ordinary martial artist, he was proud to be the center of attention for the many experts present.

After drinking up a cup of spirits, he pounded the table in front of him and loudly said, Maybe you dont know, but Lord Su, who was reincarnated from a dragon, has the souls of nine dragons in his body. He should have been sentenced to death after kidnapping He Xianran! However, he stirred up the Star River with his powerful skill of nine dragons, which reversed the heaven and earth and ruined many stars. The two deities were startled by the great noise he made!

When the two deities saw the anomaly caused by the souls of the nine dragons, they believed Lord Su was a rare genius who was chosen by the heavens. So, they absolved him and gave him a divine plate, respectively!

After saying that, the man paused. When he noticed all the rest of the people in the restaurant had been attracted by his speech, he continued by asking, Do you know why the two deities gave their divine plates to Lord Su?

Why? Tell us! Even descendants of the deities are not able to obtain a divine plate easily! How could the two deities give their divine plates to this guy willingly?

Everyone in the restaurant put down their bowls and chopsticks as they attentively looked at the man. When they found he was trying to keep them guessing, they were annoyed. Why? Just tell us the f*cking answer! We are not able to figure out the answer!

Because the two deities are planning to take Lord Su as their apprentice! In the future, this rare genius will be cultivated into a deity!


Everyone in the restaurant exclaimed in surprise.

They quickly started to talk about what they had just heard.

Lord Su, who is a kind person, didnt want to let either of the two deities down, so he accepted the two divine plates at the same time. When he makes up his mind, he will decide to become the apprentice of one of the two deities!

This answer was unreasonable for many people. However, was it reasonable for a kidnapper to become an investigator assigned by two deities?

A weird thing could only have an unreasonable explanation.

When this rumor was heard by members of the Crane Deitys family, all of them were annoyed. They knew this was Su Yus trick. It was impossible for the Crane Deity to give his divine plate to Su Yu willingly.

However, the Crane Deitys family was forced to suffer in silence.

When people from the Jing Deitys world found out, they didnt know why the Jing Deity had made that decision. The Jing Deity kept silent about it. The people didnt ask since they would never disobey the Jing Deitys order.

As the world was bubbling with the nose of the rumor, the two deities kept silent. Nobody stepped out to denounce the rumor.

The people who didnt believe the rumor ridiculed the foolishness of those who chose to believe it.

When the world learned the reaction of the two deities, those people started to believe that perhaps Su Yu was reincarnated from a dragon and chosen by the heavens. Did it mean the two deities were really going to take him as their apprentice?

Suddenly, it seemed the rumor was about to become a truth.

Meanwhile, the famous Lord Su was enjoying various handsome treatments in a luxuriously decorated palace.

In two months, Su Yu managed to reach Stage Two of All Creation.

Su Yu, who was lazily lying under a tree, ordered, Grape!

A peeled grape was quickly placed into Su Yus mouth by two slim fingers.

Su Yu chewed the grape heartily and said, Give me a slice of watermelon!

Su Yu! Dont cross the line! An angry voice sounded in Su Yus ears. It seemed the one who was serving Su Yu had been repressing her anger for a long time.

He Xianrans body had restored. This arrogant girl, who was wearing the attire of a maidservant, was staring at Su Yu as she angrily clenched her teeth.

In the past two months, Su Yu had obtained a mansion in the world of the Crane Deity with his divine plate. Next, he started to perform secluded training in the mansion after getting many resources from this world. When he decided to take a break, He Xianran was asked to serve him.

Su Yu opened his eyes and said with a smile, Fine. It is time for me to investigate this case! Right! Ive heard Cang Tieyi disappeared a while ago. This is a nerve-wracking problem! Where is he now? Let me think about it! Maybe I should go to the world of the Book Deity first. Maybe the Book Deity still has his life jade plate! What if he said something before his death?

Hey, my Lord, please enjoy the watermelon, He Xianran said with a wry smile as she placed a slice of watermelon into Su Yus mouth.

Su Yu laid down and sighed. Alas, let me think about it again. Yes, again. This is an important issue that cant be decided casually.

He Xianran let out a sigh of relief, even though her heart was still full of hatred toward Su Yu.

Su Yu knew that the Jing Deity and Crane Deity didnt want to ruin the relationship between them.

The Jing Deity had accepted the death of Jing Bai. What he needed now was his dignity. He didnt care whether Su Yu could find the murderer or not.

He still hoped Su Yu would perform the investigation formally.

Therefore, the Jing Deity didnt take back his divine plate from Su Yu. The two deities were quite satisfied with Su Yus current slacking because both of them would be in a difficult situation if Su Yu found evidence.

Hence, the two deities were glad to see the investigation was being shelved. As for the rumors about the investigation, both of them chose to ignore them.

In this way, Su Yu managed to do whatever he wanted in the worlds of the two deities with their divine plates.

Fortunately, Su Yu had a sense of propriety in his action. Even with the divine plates, he didnt do anything outrageous. That was also the reason the two deities didnt take back their divine plates from him.

Su Yu knew what he could do and what he couldnt do, which reassured the two deities.

After a short break, Su Yu was about to perform secluded training.

He summoned the Sacred Kylin and said, Sacred Kylin, have you used up the resources I gave you?

The Sacred Kylin replied with a smile, Of course not! The resources you gave me are 1/1,000 of all resources in the worlds of the Jing Deity and Crane Deity, which is even more than all the resources of the depleted Jiuzhou Continent. How could we use up so many resources in such a short time?

Anyway, young man, why did you decide to cultivate these Mortal Fairies? What do you want to do with them in the future? Sacred Kylin curiously asked.

Su Yu seriously replied, I started to gather information when we arrived here. Ive secretly cultivated some information collectors. Even the Crane Deity and Jing Deity dont know about it. According to the information, I know the Great Eastern Alliance, which looks so bustling and prosperous, is full of crisis. If I dont accumulate strength now, it will be too late when I am trapped in trouble!

Most of the information he collected was about the Demon Clan.

When Su Yu was in the Jiuzhou Continent, he knew almost nothing about the Demon Clan.

He thought the Jiuzhou Continent was the only world ruined by the Demon Clan. After collecting information, his mind was weighed down by anxiety.

The Demon Clan was not only crawling in the Jiuzhou Continent, but it was also raging in the Star River.

The Demon Clan originated from the Realm of Demons in the World of Divine Remnant. Almost all demons came from that place.

Demons were born strong. Their way of training was quite overbearing and cruel. They could realize progress if they devoured the flesh and blood of creatures.

In the Star River, over 1,000 species were flourishing. However, none of them could overwhelm the Demon Clan alone.

The Demon Clan also enjoyed numerical superiority. It used to invade many worlds in the Star River and devour all the creatures in those worlds.

One invasion like that used to occur every two or three decades.

In the past 10 years, it had increased to every two years.

After receiving a mayday signal from that world about the invasion of the Demon Clan, Yang Tai, who was the No. 3 member of the Senluo Law Enforcing Team, enforced the law in the World of Lanqian by leading a 10-person team.