The Divine Nine Dragon Cauldron Chapter 1139

Chapter 1139 The Tornados Advent

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When they arrived, the entire world had been conquered by the demons. It was engulfed in devastation.

Like what Su Yu had witnessed before, only a few hundred people returned out of the billions and trillions of living creatures in the cavern world.

The law-enforcing team led by Yang Tai had perished.

The speed at which the decrepit cavern world was being engulfed kept accelerating. The Great Eastern Alliance had noticed this unusual phenomenon.

They were reinforcing their defenses and formulating policies, among which was heading for the vicinity of the Land of Divine Healers to investigate the conditions of the demonic world.

However, they suffered a complete wipe-out every time.

There was even a deity-to-be who was buried within it.

The Great Eastern Alliance was facing a menacing crisis. It certainly wasnt as peaceful and prosperous as it appeared.

Dealing with the demon race is the most important point. Besides, I was only appointed by the two deities. It isnt my influence. Once the camaraderie between the two deities is broken, it would be unsurprising to have the Divine Order taken back. The Crane Deity will take his revenge on me. Im afraid itll be inevitable!

Having suffered such an unspeakable loss, the Crane Deity would perhaps let Su Yu live if he was in a good mood. If he wasnt, or the Crane Deitys family members werent pleased and spoke badly of him, Su Yu could lose his life anytime.

By then, the Jing Deity wasnt likely to plead for leniency on his behalf.

Su Yu had to strengthen his power within a limited time frame.

He wished to conceal his strengths and bide his time, conserving his true power, but he didnt realize that a tornado was slowly closing in on him.

In the cavern world of the Book Deity, an elegant man with a gorgeous face and a chivalrous aura was lying beneath the tree, quietly reading a book.

The book was unique. It seemed to have been refined from a special kind of material. It was smooth to the touch and emitted a faint tender scent.

While he was reading, an elder with a pitch-dark face emerged like an apparition. He bent down and respectfully said, Young Master, the investigation is done.

Tell me. The graceful man gently flipped through the pages of the book with his slender, fair fingers.

The dark-faced elder said, When I was investigating the Jiuzhou cavern world, I uncovered the entire course of Qin Kuos mishap with the help of the Light Returning Mirror. Please take a look, Young Master.

The elder retrieved a piece of jade-like mirror that had an extremely smooth texture.

It was crafted from the bones of deities. It contained the Divine Path of the deity during his lifetime. It could be used to investigate the matters that happened in the past five years.

Qin Kuo had only been dead for a year, so this mirror was able to retrace the scenes when he was killed with complete ease.

A picture appeared on the jade-like mirror.

Qin Kuo was stopping a silver-haired youth from killing the Central Prefectures King. Initially, the silver-haired youth had set down his weapon. When the Central Prefectures King walked forth, the youth suddenly extended a hand and killed him with a strike of his sword.

Shortly after, Qin Kuo intervened. His body was beaten to a pulp by Su Yu, and his soul was taken by Su Yu shortly after.

Every scene was clear and obvious.

The dark-faced elder stood motionless, waiting for the young master to speak.

The young master took a haphazard glance and asked, What are you waiting for then? Go search for the youths whereabouts and seize him. Hand him over to the deity for a verdict.

The dark-faced elder looked troubled. He is in the Great Eastern Alliance.

The young master slightly raised his brows. Oh? Isnt that better? A Jiuzhou creature has no basis in the Great Eastern Alliance. He should be easy to kill.

The dark-faced elder awkwardly replied, Young master, he is no ordinary person. You have heard his name. Hes called Su Yu. Do you find it familiar?

Su Yu? The young master raised his brows again. Are you saying that hes the Zhenlong Heavens Son who is widely spoken of these days? The Su Yu who was endowed with the Divine Order by the Jing Deity and Crane Deity?

The dark-faced elder lightly nodding. Messing with him would lead to a cascade of actions and make them foes with the Jing Deity and Crane Deity. The Book Deity would not agree to it.

The young master sank into deep thought. He stood up after a long while and said, The earthlings are foolish to have taken Su Yu for the Zhenlong Heavens Son for real. I think there must be some unknown secrets behind it.

Once we find the secret, we can identify Su Yus weakness. Dispatching people to investigate it will consume a lot of time. The deity cant wait too long, so Ill use the Book Deitys Treasury.

The Book Deitys Treasury had everything in the world recorded. It enabled one to easily find out about various unknown secrets of the continent.

As the Book Deity embarked on the path with books, knowledge was his Divine Path.

The dark-faced elderly was delighted. With the help of the item, they could probably sort out the cause-and-effect relations involved.

The number of resources consumed by using the Book Deitys Treasury just once wasnt a minor figure. It would add up to an entire small-scale cavern world.

The young master entered the study chamber and returned not long later. With a placid smile on his face, he said, What an absolutely clever person he is. With such convoluted cause-and-effect relationships, even the Book Deitys Treasury could barely deduce it!

When he was done speaking, he flicked his fingers and pressed a mass of emerald light between the dark-faced elders brows. This allowed him to receive the detailed information.

Having internalized it, the dark-faced elder was surprised. Tsk, what a totally ingenious scheme! It is flawless!

Go and summon Cang Tieyi, the young master ordered.

The dark-faced elder was surprised. Young Master, Cang Tieyi is severely poisoned. He wont be able to survive long. Have you decided to

As he spoke, the dark-faced elder could not help but shudder.

The young master placidly said, Let him contribute what is left of him before he dies. Hand him over to

He began pondering.

The dark-faced elder said, Certainly to the Jing Deity, right? Once Cang Tieyi tells the Jing Deity the truth about Jing Bos death, the case doesnt need to be investigated.

The Jing Deity will withdraw the Divine Order, and I suppose the Crane Deity will do the same soon. By then, whos going to question about us capturing and killing a little fox that can no longer rely on the tigers prestige?

However, the young master shook his head gently. No, Cang Tieyi will be killed by the Jing Deity if we hand him over to him. The Jing Deity is reluctant to have the truth disclosed! Hell also be killed if handed to the Crane Deity, and even more so if handed to Su Yu.

The dark-faced elder asked, Who is more suitable to hand him to?

The young master gently smiled. Of course, the one who hates Su Yu the most!

The one who hated Su Yu the most had to be the Crane Deitys family members, right?

He Xianran had to be the one who abhorred him the most, right?

But Cang Tieyi would certainly be killed by He Xianran if he ever fell into her hands.

The ones who would be most willing to reveal the truth would be her two older brothers.

Once they handed Cang Tieyi over and divulged the truth to the public, and the matter about He Xianran killing a deitys descendant got exposed, no one would be able to save her.

Eliminating He Xianran, as well as having Su Yu lose his Divine Order, would likely make the two brothers more than willing.

As for which one of them to hand him to, the older one, He Jinghong, was the best choice.

He had schemes, strategies and a ruthless heart. He was the most suitable person to take over this matter.

Go ahead with it. All we need to do is patiently wait for Su Yu to lose his influence and immediately seize him back, the young master indifferently said.

The dark-faced elder nodded. Ill arrange strong men to lie in ambush around Su Yus mansion and have him tamed the second his Divine Order gets annulled!

The young master nodded. Just in case, call upon the Three Youths of the Bamboo Garden. They are all Peak Mortal Fairies. Therell be four Peak Mortal Fairies altogether when you join them, so success should be guaranteed.

Yes! The dark-faced elder was delighted. With the league of the Three Youths of the Bamboo Garden, their power would be terrifying. A Mortal Fairy could be killed in between breaths. They made people tremble in fear.

Meanwhile, Su Yus mansion had received several significant guests.

Yang Tai was among them. Su Yu had always kept this young proprietor of the All Access Chamber of Commerce at a wide berth out of respect. How could his act of instructing the Crane Deitys family to chase after him be concealed from those who paid attention?

He had brought along a guest, a woman with a mellow aura.

She wasnt exactly beautiful, but she was feminine and delicate with a tranquil personality.

Although they were the ones who had come to visit Su Yu, the woman remained quiet. Most of the time, she was only listening. Su Yu didnt know her name, let alone her identity.

Seeing Yang Tais attitude, her identity couldnt be inferior.

I didnt expect to see Brother Su being entrusted with such an important task, Yang Tai dryly chattered.

Su Yu merely nodded in response. He had lost count of the elites of the divine region who had visited him in the recent two months.

Many among them had come to confirm the authenticity, but how could Su Yu reveal his true relationship with the two deities? He had been giving outsiders a vague answer.

Su Yu hadnt grasped the reason the two guests before him had visited. He was slightly impatient. Right when he was about to end the conversation, the woman finally spoke.

Commissioner Su, I came to visit because I know you are from Jiuzhou. We, the Senluo Law Enforcer Team, have been investigating the matters concerning the death of Law Enforcer Qin Kuo in Jiuzhou. Since you came from Jiuzhou, do you have any clues?

Su Yus heart thumped. They had come with that purpose.

Out of fear of Su Yus current identity, it wasnt convenient for them to inquire openly. Thus, they delayed up to this point, evading the subject beforehand.

In that case, the delicate woman before him was a member of the Senluo Law Enforcer Team. He just didnt know her ranking.

Su Yu was calm and composed. He put on a sorry look and said, When I left Jiuzhou, I had not come across Law Enforcer Qin Kuo. I heard that they had come to Jiuzhou to hunt down the remnant soul of the one named the Demonic God of Withered Bones. Could it be related to that demonic creature?

The delicate woman shook her head. Its not likely. The remnant soul of the Demonic God of Withered Bones has been captured by Meng Ke. Qin Kuo wasnt killed by him. Based on my speculation, the murder was presumably committed by a Peak Mortal Fairy. Commissioner Su, do you know any information regarding the strong men of Jiuzhou?

She was at a loss, which was why she had come to look for Su Yu. Jiuzhou had been voided, and the creatures of Jiuzhou were nowhere to be found. The only one left who knew about things was Su Yu.

A thought occurred to Su Yu. He said in a deep voice, To be honest with you, Jiuzhou has two entities of the Peak Mortal Fairy level, and both of them are demons!

The eyes of both the delicate woman and Yang Tai flickered. Both Peak Mortal Fairies were demons? If that was the case, how did such a depraved world like the Jiuzhou cavern even contend with them?

Where are the two demonic creatures? the delicate woman hurriedly asked.

Su Yu could not help but feel amused. Was a person without acumen like her really a member of the Senluo Law Enforcer Team?

One of them was annihilated by the joint strength of my Jiuzhou people, Su Yu said. The other one is still alive and has fled to the Great Eastern Alliance. If there is anyone who could kill Law Enforcer Qin Kuo, it must be one of the two demonic creatures.

The delicate woman asked Su Yu for the drawing of the demon that was alive. Su Yu gave them the drawing of the Glittering Jewel Mortal Fairy without any second thoughts.

Let the Senluo Law Enforcer Team be bothered with the Glittering Jewel Demonic God.