The Divine Nine Dragon Cauldron Chapter 114

Chapter 114: Expulsion from the Faction
Chapter 114: Expulsion from the Faction
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When they returned to the island for their assembly, Xi Ruolan glanced around at Wu Pangyun, Yun Yan, and the others, "The mission of this trip has ended due to all your hard work. After our return, the faction will evaluate and reward you based on merit. The rewards will correspond with how many pirates you have killed. Let's set out and return to the faction!"

Yun Yan looked around with an anxious expression, "Please wait! Su Yu has not returned yet!"

"Him? Humph! Serves him right to die here!" Wu Pangyun sneered as he recalled how Su Yu and Yun Yan had abandoned him. He was still harboring a grudge.

"A shameless person like you should be the one damned to die here! During that moment of crisis, when you so kindly helped me with that palm of yours... I, Yun Yan, will absolutely not take it lying down!" Yun Yan said angrily.

While trying to break out of a siege, Wu Pangyun had behaved despicably and shamelessly! He caused her to fall into the hands of a First Level Holy King and she was almost dishonored! Were it not for the arrival of Su Yu, she would have been greatly humiliated by the pirates and killed!

Upon hearing her words, Wu Pangyun's face slightly froze and he looked evasive. Princess Yun Yan's betrothed was a strong man from the Inner Sanctum, what would he do when he learned what Wu Pangyun had done?!

"Whether he's alive or dead, if he fails to assemble here on time, he will be deemed a failure! We'll set out now!" Xi Ruolan said callously.


An enormous bird with outstretched wings came in a flurry and soared to the sky.

Yun Yan blamed herself as she worried about Su Yu; was he still alive?

Suddenly, from the corner of her eye, Yun Yan saw a flashing purple figure in the distant clouds.

Like a ball of crystal light, his speed was astoundingly fast.

"It's Su Yu!" Although the figure could not be seen clearly yet, Yun Yan's intuition told her it was Su Yu!

What? Everyone looked in disbelief.

The two law enforcement disciples looked surprised, "Such fast speed! It's as fast as a Second Level Holy King!"

Qin Gang's eyes gradually narrowed, "He actually broke through to the Holy King level!"

Wu Pangyun's face instantly turned ugly. He gnashed his teeth, "Not only is he alive, but he's a Holy King too!"

When Su Yu was still a Half Holy King, he and Wu Pangyun were on equal ground. But now that Su Yu was a Holy King, would Wu Pangyun possibly fall even further behind?

Yun Yan's jade-like face was filled with delight.


The silver-haired, purple-clad man gradually caught up with them.

It was indeed Su Yu!

His natural manner was like that of an ordinary youth. A pair of solidified ice-cold wings silently fanned out behind him. They were like a pair of swan wings, with clear feathers and distinct meridians. They were vivid and lifelike.

Their entirety was composed of sparkling clear ice, transparent and free of impurities. They were beautiful.

This was the first formation of the Icy Divine Wings!

Xi Ruolan's clear, cold eyes looked stunned.

Not only was Su Yu not dead, but he had also broken through to the Holy King level! Furthermore, he had obtained a legacy level cultivation technique?

Xi Ruolan no longer had any excuse to refuse him, so she coldly snarled, "Come up!"


Su Yu gracefully landed and stood. His flying wings retracted back into his body. Not a hint of his true power was revealed; but, unknowingly, all the disciples, including Wu Pangyun, could sense a king-like power from him!

Princess Yun Yan smiled, "Looks like you will be able to find your beloved woman on your own now."

Su Yu cupped his fists and smiled, "Thank you."

Su Yu had been transformed inside out; his features were even more handsome, unlike any mortal men. His deep, starry eyes enhanced his looks.

Yun Yan was slightly dazzled by just looking at him. Once she collected herself, her charming face was slightly red. As she recalled their five days at the island reef, she suddenly felt her heart swell and she smiled.

Half a day later, they were back at the faction.

At the External Affairs Division, the group of disciples was being evaluated and rewarded for their efforts.

"Wu Pangyun struck and killed a First Level Lower Tier Holy King bandit, so his reward is one piece of low grade marrow cleansing elixir. Yun Yan killed and beheaded three half Holy Kings, therefore her reward is three pieces of divine grade spirit elixirs. For the rest of the participants, this mission is your reward." Xi Ruolan stated indifferently.

In fact, only Wu Pangyun and a couple of others received their reward.

The other disciples were just secretly thankful that they were still alive.

"Wait!" Su Yu lightly glanced at Xi Ruolan, "As you mentioned before, if one hundred points were attained, you would fulfill three requests; don't tell me that doesn't count?"

Xi Ruolan's lips curled into a cynical sneer, "You've attained one hundred points?"

The rewards for this mission were there to motivate their participation; it was inconceivable that someone would pass. That was impossible even for Wu Pangyun! With his ability, he was considered lucky to have killed and beheaded four First Level Lower Tier Holy Kings and gained forty points. He had then miraculously killed a First Level Upper Tier Holy King and gained another twenty points.

After stacking it all up, he only had sixty points.

Their only function had been to act as bait, to begin with!


Su Yu took out more than ten jade tokens in one shot, stunning everyone!

Running through the list, ten Half Holy Kings! Five First Level Lower Tier Holy Kings! One First Level Upper Tier Holy King! One First Level Peak Holy King!

It was a total of one hundred and ten points!


Xi Ruolan and Qin Gang swiftly got up and attentively verified his points. After confirming that it was indeed the Sea Wolves Pirate Chief's personal jade token, it was hard for them to conceal their astonishment.

All the disciples gasped, and they felt numb with fear!

"What... He actually killed and beheaded seven Holy Kings! And among them, there was even a First Level Upper Tier Holy King in addition to a terrifying First Level Peak Holy King!

Everyone looked at Su Yu like they were looking at a monster!

If all the ones he had killed and beheaded were Half Holy Kings, they could understand; but half of those he'd killed and beheaded were extremely formidable Holy Kings!

Yun Yan closed her red lips and found it difficult to cover up her shock. The First Level Peak Holy King who had hunted Su Yu had died at his hand? A powerful sense of invincibility bubbled up within her!

Xi Ruolan's eyes flickered for a long time before gradually calming down, "A total of one hundred and ten points does indeed meet the requirements! The first reward is a medium grade marrow cleansing elixir and the second reward is an Elder's guidance. Both can all be honored now, but only the third reward, entry to the Inner Sanctum, cannot be honored!"

The first two were still tolerably within limits, but entry to the Inner Sanctum was truly impermissible.

The Inner Sanctum had strict entry requirements, only true natural talent could enter. Su Yu was far from that level and thus had no qualification to enter.

For the faction, those three rewards were just verbal pledgesthey were never intended to be honored.

But who could have imagined Su Yu would complete the impossible mission, so she could only force herself to honor those pledges that were easy enough to fulfill!

"I can't enter the Inner Sanctum? Why is that?" Su Yu glowered.

"No reason! I said no means no," Xi Ruolan indifferently replied.

"The purpose of this mission was to completely wipe out the Sea Wolves Pirates! There are still dozens of half Holy King pirates on the run! Strictly speaking, the mission is not completed, so the first two rewards should not even be honored! But seeing how you killed and beheaded so many pirates, and because you were getting rid of that scum for the greater good, we have no choice but to honor both rewards!" Xi Ruolan spoke with conviction.

Su Yu was indignant, "You!"

"Humph! If you still don't know what's good for you, the two rewards will be eliminated!" Xi Ruolan said coldly.

"Fine! I will remember what happened today!" Su Yu felt angry and resentful inside, the Inner Sanctum was this mission's biggest reward!

Once he entered the Inner Sanctum, there would be endless resources and his cultivation would have unparalleled comprehension. Life outside of the Sanctum was never-ending drudgery, there would be no opportunity and he had absolutely no way of standing out!

"Here's the medium grade marrow cleansing elixir, take it! As for the second reward, which of the Elders' guidance do you want to have for one day? You can go now and request to see him. After you receive a reply, you can go pay your respects on time and listen to their guidance." Xi Ruolan casually threw Su Yu a piece of dark blue spirit elixir.

Su Yu caught hold of it. "I want to accept the Second Elder's guidance!" he said without hesitation.

This was the only opportunity to get close to the Second Elder. If he revealed his relationship with Li Guang, perhaps he might receive a bit of protection.

The Second Elder? Xi Ruolan and Qin Gang both gave Su Yu a strange glance and they lightly nodded.

That concluded the evaluation and rewards.

Xi Ruolan gave Su Yu a cold glance and then looked around at everyone. She remained silent for a long while before quietly saying, "In addition, there's a matter to inform you all of. This is the faction's high-level decision and you are only fated to accept it."

Everyone quickly became apprehensive.

"At the command of the faction, after you have finished your mission and when you have been dismissed, the faction promises you a small request. For example, you can receive a medium grade marrow cleansing elixir." Xi Ruolan calmly relayed the shocking news!

Wu Pangyun was taken aback, "Clan Master Xi, do you mean that the faction will expel me and the others? Why? We just acted as bait for the faction and suffered all kinds of wrong. Why... why are you still expelling us?"

Yun Yan shivered and found it hard to accept this piece of news, it had come from nowhere.

Su Yu looked shaken. He even suspected Xi Ruolan of falsely passing on a command from the faction.

But, after calmly thinking it through, Su Yu scowled!

"This is the faction's command, we don't have to have a reason! Just state your requests and the faction will try to fulfill them," Said Xi Ruolan without any expression.

Many people felt deeply angry, wronged, and baffled!

Su Yu sighed, it's precisely because you feel wronged that the faction will not keep you!

Just imagine, a group of disciples, ruthlessly used as bait by the factionhow could they not be resentful?

Such a person's loyalty to the faction would be difficult to compare with an ordinary disciple's.

If they entered the faction's Inner Sanctum while harboring grudges, they could secretly wreck and vilify the factionit was just too risky for the faction.

The best way to deal with them was to compensate them and send them home.

To be fair, when they compared a dull fate outside of the faction to a medium grade marrow cleansing elixir, the latter was more attractive.

The Liuxian Faction considered this as generous.

Seeing how Xi Ruolan looked firm and resolute, a lot of the Half Holy Kings gnashed their teeth and finally nodded, "Then I want a medium grade marrow cleansing elixir!"

For a Half Holy King, ingesting a medium grade marrow cleansing elixir would greatly increase the probability of a breakthrough into the Holy King level!

The majority of the family clans did all not have a medium grade marrow cleansing elixir; seeing how they could now get one, they did not feel so wronged.

"Me too."

"And me too."

In the blink of an eye, twenty-five people agreed. Only Su Yu, Princess Yun Yan, and Wu Pangyun were left.

"How about you all?" Xi Ruolan asked plainly.

Wu Pangyun clenched his teeth, "I do not want to go! I still hope to enter the Inner Sanctum!" For a fifteen-year-old First Level Upper Tier Holy King, he had the right to hope to enter the Inner Sanctum.

Xi Ruolan then glanced at Princess Yun Yan, "How about you? Do you also want to enter the Inner Sanctum?"

Eighteen years old and only a First Level Lower Tier Holy King, her qualifications were far weaker than Wu Pangyun, so there was no hope for her to enter the Inner Sanctum.

Slightly biting her red lips, Princess Yun Yan shook her head, "If I choose to leave, can I request to borrow a legacy level cultivation technique volume from inside the Depository of Buddhist Scriptures, for a look?"

Xi Ruolan's face abruptly turned cold, "Humph! Your purpose in entering the Liuxian Faction is for your family clan to obtain a legacy level cultivation technique. You know this, and the faction also knows! You're still far from being qualified to read through a legacy level cultivation technique!"

Yun Yan felt like she was stabbed in her heart. Her face blushed and she lowered her head without speaking.

"And you? Su Yu! After receiving a medium grade marrow cleansing elixir and your day of guidance from an Elder, you must also leave the faction! No one can defy the command of the faction!" A slight sneer could be glimpsed at the corner of her mouth.

Su Yu would still be expelled from the faction in the end!

Su Yu answered without hesitation, "I want to stay at the faction!"

Yun Yan bit her lip and looked determined, "I too want to stay!"

Only by staying and performing meritorious deeds for the faction could it then be possible for her to attain a legacy level cultivation technique for her family clan. Even if she lived outside of the Inner Sanctum and suffered hardships, she would do it without hesitation!

Wu Pangyun also stepped forward, "And me too! I, Wu Pangyun, cannot be a nobody my whole life!"

Xi Ruolan, without changing her expression, sniffed, "This is the faction's command, you three do not even have a say in this. You can only obey when I tell you to leave!"

Su Yu laughed angrily, "So this is the Liuxian Faction? After making use of your disciples, you just bestow a little reward and kick them out? Such generosity!"

"Humph! One more pesky word and you'll be killed!" Xi Ruolan's killing intent suddenly appeared, she wanted to seize this opportunity to eliminate Su Yu!

Su Yu was boiling in anger!

He had entered the Liuxian Faction with great difficulty, and despite everything... he had to give up on this great opportunity?

"Did you say our Liuxian Faction doesn't have the magnanimity? How dare you! If you're looking to die, I'll grant you your wish!" A chilly sound suddenly rang out behind Su Yu.

Su Yu was startled, who had stalked up behind him without alerting him!

Even Xi Ruolan in front of him was unaware!

That meant this person's speed transcended Xi Ruolan's vision!

"Second... Second Elder! I pay my respects to you, Second Elder!" Qin Gang was scared out of his wits and he knelt on the spot.

Xi Ruolan also looked startled and bowed hurridly, "Second Elder!"

Su Yu looked back and saw a disfigured face, it was scary and intimidating!

He could feel his heart sink. This was the Second Elder, the same disfigured woman from the entrance of the Depository of Buddhist Scriptures!

Su Yu had been rude to her on that day!

With the hideous face looking straight at him, Su Yu's heart completely sank down to his toes!

He had offended the Second Elder!

He had completely missed out on a great opportunity at the Liuxian Faction!

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