The Divine Nine Dragon Cauldron Chapter 1140

Chapter 1140 Pushing The Boat Downstream

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Thanks a lot, I will head back and order her arrest right away, the delicate woman stood up and made her farewell, but stopped when she reached the door.

She left a messenger jade pendant to Su Yu. If you think of anything else, just contact me. Oh, my name is Sheng Yuanxin.

Su Yu nodded subconsciously, and his face went stiff instantly, as his heart thumped forcefully for a couple of times!

Sheng Yuanxin? The leader of the Senluo Law-Enforcing Team, a legendary Prospective Deity!!

Su Yu felt chills cascading down his back. Luckily he kept his composure on the surface, and the Prospective Deity hadnt noticed anything.

Sheng Yuanxin did not find Su Yus expression strange, she nodded apologetically with a reddened face, and turned to leave.

It was Yang Tai who cast a thoughtful look at Su Yu instead. Although the intelligence network of the All Access Chamber of Commerce had not involved the Jiuzhou cavern world, judging from the information he learnt, there were Senluo Law-Enforcing Ships that left hastily before Su Yu boarded the ship.

The absence of a causal connection between the events was impossible.

But without evidence, Yang Tai couldnt say much about it, even if there was evidence As he thought of Su Yus dreadfully meticulous mind, Yang Tai shook his head, banishing the idea of making him into a foe.

After they left, Su Yu pondered in silence.

Only the heavens and the earth knew about him killing Law Enforcer Qin Kuo, apart from Su Yu himself and the Evil God. Not even God Kylin knew it, so it wasnt likely to be disclosed.

But how could he have known that the Evil God was right about the Great Eastern Alliance having some mystical tactics? They werent necessarily unable to uncover the truth.

The young master of the Book Deity had secretly weaved a humongous deathtrap for Su Yu.

Right when Su Yu was brooding, a black figure flashed past the door.

Su Yus face changed. There were Peak Mortal Fairies dispatched from the Crane Deitys family guarding the mansion, who could have infiltrated his house without alerting those Mortal Fairies?

With shock and suspicion, Su Yu opened the door, and found a slip of paper left on his doorstep.

With a flick of his sleeve, he rolled it up across the air to prevent being injured by hidden weapons. When he spread it out, there was a fine line of wording on it.

Upon reading it, Su Yus pupils constricted forcefully!

The look on his face changed a few times, as he paced back and forth in the house, deep in thoughts.

He Xianran, come in, Su Yu said after a long while.

He Xianran came in with great reluctance, full of anger and annoyance. When she saw the solemn look on Su Yus face, she was slightly taken aback.

I have a good news and a bad new for you, which one would you like hear first? Su Yu asked.

He Xianrans eyes turned. The good news.

The good news is, Ive decided to liberate you, and will not restrict your freedom from now on. Yep, you may go now, Su Yu didnt seem to be kidding.

He Xianran was delighted, but she did not move. Her pretty eyes turned again, and she asked, How about the bad news then?

Su Yu stared at He Xianran for a moment, and said in a deep voice, The bad news is, as a commissioner, Im going to hunt you down, even if you travel to the remotest ends of the world!

He Xianran sneered. What are you really trying to do?


Read it yourself. Su Yu tossed her the slip of paper.

With doubt and shock, He Xianran spread the paper and took a look, and her face changed theatrically. Resentful and furious, she uttered, Cang Tieyi is still alive? He has fallen into my oldest brothers hands?

He Xianran knew how her two older brothers regarded her far too well, as the daughter most favored by their father! How earnestly they wished she would die early!

Her second older brother was alright, but the oldest one longed for her death day and night, for their father to crown him the heir to the divine throne.

Now that Cang Tieyi had fallen into his hands, once he declared the information to the world, not even the Crane Deity could protect her!

No wonder Su Yu asked her to take to her heels, because death was knocking on her door!

If you choose to run away, I could use the opportunity to hunt you down and then flee from the Crane Deitys cavern world. Its a win-win situation, what do you think? Su Yu suggested.

Once He Xianran was convicted of the crime, the Crane Deity would certainly vent his anger on Su Yu, and he would die an undignified death.

So before things got out of hand, Su Yu might as well launch his pursuit after He Xianran who absconded for fear of being punished. By the time the news broke out, Su Yu would be far away, leaving no trace behind.

No way! He Xianran exclaimed in anger. How could she concede to sit back passively and resign herself to death, while her brothers prevailed?

Unexpectedly, Su Yu wasnt indignant at all, he flashed a placid smile instead. I feel relieved that you can think that way.

Upon hearing that, He Xianran beamed. Have you figured out a way?

He Xianran dreaded Su Yus expertise in scheming from the bottom of her heart.

But if she could make him her ally, it would be a fantastic surprise!

Su Yu and her were like ants on the same rope right now, both of them did not want the news to break out.

Not a way, but a detailed set of plans! Su Yu smiled.

He Xianrans eyes were filled with delight. Tell me, what do you need, Ill do my best to help you.

Su Yu hesitated for a long moment, before saying, This is a strategy that will put things right once and for all, for both you and me. If you can accept it, well start executing it; if you cant, just forget what Im about to say.

He Xianran replied somberly, Im at the brink of death, what more could I hesitate about?

Su Yu nodded slowly, and revealed his entire plan to her.

When she finished listening, He Xianrans face had fallen drastically, turning completely pale. Trembling, she said, You want me to, to

Su Yu sighed. Haih, forget it, the risk involved in this plan is way too tremendous, not any better than the risk of fleeing right now.

However, He Xianran did not refuse immediately. After a long period of brooding, icy light gleamed in her phoenix-like eyes. How are the chances of success, in your opinion?

Su Yu pondered for a moment, and replied, Less thanten percent.

Ten percentIts not too low! If we succeed, therell be no more hindrance in the future! In the face of death, He Xianran had a strong desire to survive.

Su Yu said, If we could confirm the identity of the person who left the paper slip, then the probability could rise to more than 50 percent! I hope my surmise is right.

In the next two days, Su Yu finally left the mansion, and traveled around the Crane Deitys cavern world.

Each and every move of his drew attention now, and could not be concealed from people with ulterior motives.

Nonetheless, no one would find Su Yus behavior strange, especially the people of the Crane Deitys family, who would find it even less unusual.

Because Su Yu had assumed the identity of an investigating commissioner, how was he going to account for his job to the two deities, if he didnt step out there and take a stroll, pretending to be investigating?

He Jinghong paid extra attention to Su Yus moves, he kept an eye on whoever got in contact with Su Yu, and the conversations they had.

Despite having the Divine Order at hand, this was the territory of the Crane Deitys family after all, none of Su Yus moves could escape their surveillance.

After ascertaining that there was nothing uncanny about Su Yu, only did He Jinghong put his mind at ease. Hints of cold gleam flashed across his eyes every now and then.

Two days later, in the secret chamber, He Xianran returned a token to Su Yu.

Hows the preparation going? Su Yu asked.

He Xianran fiddled with her hair flirtatiously, and sneered in an alluring manner. Just waiting for my brother to end my life!


Before long, a withered elder hastily hurried over from outside the door, with a troubled look on his face. Miss, something bad happened!

Whats wrong? He Xianran pretended not to know, but exchanged a glance with Su Yu. The opportunity to turn their fates around had arrived!

Cold sweat had broken out all over Dulongs face. Miss, a disaster struck, Bu Tieyi has been found, he has something to report to the Senluo Law-Enforcing Team, Ive come to notify you immediately once I received the news!

He Xianran had an icy smile on the corners of her lips, but she opened the stone door anxiously, and her face changed dramatically. What? Isnt he missing? How is he still alive?

Dulong was sweating profusely, extremely worried. Miss, I have no idea either, reasonably, even if he did not die, it was impossible he could have come to our Crane Deitys cavern world. Miss, think of a way to stop him, once Bu Tieyi arrives at the garrison of the Senluo Law-Enforcing Team in this area, itll all be too late!

He Xianran said, But Im in captivity now, I cant get away

He Xianran looked toward Su Yu, helpless. Su Yu replied with a grave look, Our fates are tied together now, Ill accompany you there as a commissioner! Bu Tieyi has to be stopped!

The two of them left the mansion immediately, seeming in a great hurry.

When they arrived at the garrison, they saw several strangers indeed. They were carrying Bu Tieyi, walking to the front of the garrison of the Senluo Law-Enforcing Team stationed in the Crane Deitys cavern world.

Bu Tieyi had a dark gloomy look on his face, as if he was hovering beside his own coffin.

Outside the Senluo Law-Enforcing Team, a young girl with the look of a servant was patiently receiving them.

Lord Bu, what do you have to say? The servant asked.

Bu Tieyi inhaled a deep breath, and said with great difficulty, I want to report He Xianran! It was her, it was her who killed Jing Bai, the deitys descendant. Please commence investigation right away, Senluo Law-Enforcing Team.

The evidence had surfaced so blatantly before a large audience, and right in front of the Senluo Law-Enforcing Team!

Everything was doomed!

He Xianran shivered uncontrollably, the look on her face changing elusively. At long last, she gritted her teeth and sneaked an attack on Su Yu, and was about to take flight.

But Su Yu was quick to respond, he retrieved the Divine Order immediately. Under the illumination of the divine brilliance, He Xianrans body convulsed, and she collapsed on the ground.

Su Yu displayed the shackles and heaved a silent sigh. So you really were the perpetrator, I ask for your cooperation in the investigation.

When he finished speaking, he escorted her to the mansion of the Crane Deitys family.

Having received the tidings, the Senluo Law-Enforcing Team sensed the significance of the matter, and also assigned a reputable member of the law-enforcing team, Xiao Xuan, to personally take charge of the matter.

The Crane Deity was in the midst of training. He placed great importance on He Xianrans affairs, and had planned to leave it stalemated for a period of time. Once the winds calmed and the waves subsided, and the matter became neglected, he would explain it away lightly.

The evidence had been destroyed anyway, He Xianran would not be jeopardized.

Among his three children, he was most willing to pass down his divine throne to He Xianran, he did not wish any mishap to befall her.

Right at that moment, He Jinghongs flustered voice sounded from outside the secret chamber, Father, bad news! Bu Tieyi has exposed sister! The Senluo Law-Enforcing Team has come!

Upon hearing that, the Crane Deity seemed to be stricken by a bolt of thunder. He turned and questioned calmly, Where is He Xianran? Have you informed her to run?

Since the Senluo Law-Enforcing Team had intervened, it meant that the matter had been revealed in broad daylight, it could no longer be concealed.

He only hoped that He Xianran could escape as soon as she could.

It is too late! That Su Yu, the moment the evidence surfaced and there was no way to conceal it further, he ruthlessly captured our sister who was just about to flee, so that he could please the JIng Deity. She has been sent to my house, it is up to you to decide now, Father.

The Crane Deity was infuriated. What? How dare Su Yu! He did not take the opportunity to run away, but has deterred your sister instead? Does he really think that the Jing Deity will save him?