The Divine Nine Dragon Cauldron Chapter 1141

Chapter 1141 Stupefying Conspiracy

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In his opinion, a judicious person like Su Yu should understand how strongly he and the entire Crane Deitys family wanted him dead!

If He Xianran died, Su Yu would lose his utility value, and the entire family would take their merciless revenge on him!

But he chose to act against the tide!

Father, please give your order, the member of the Senluo Law-Enforcing Team has validated the authenticity of the evidence provided by Bu Tieyi, they are only waiting for your word now. He is about to behead sister in public!

The Crane Deitys eyes were filled with inexplicable hatred as he listened.

I, how can I bring myself to do it? The Crane Deity uttered with grief and indignation!

Now that things had turned out like this, He Xianran couldnt be saved even if he came forward. Dejected, he said, Let them deal with it on their own, besides

The Crane Deitys eyes shone with iciness. Take back the Divine Order! Set up Xianrans memorial post, Im going to take his head, and mourn for Xianran with it!

Without Su Yu, things would never have turned out this horrible!

More abominable still, Su Yu had captured Xianran to protect himself!

This bad blood would never be reconciled!

Outside the secret chamber, on his grief-stricken face, hints of exhilaration shone in He Jinghongs eyes!

Everything had happened the way he had expected, handing Bu Tieyi over would be the death of both He Xianran and Su Yu!

Ravished in his wild excitement, He Jinghong came to the outer court, looking sorrowful, angered and helpless. He said to Xiao Xuan, The Crane Deity has given his order, the Senluo Law Enforcer is to handle the matter justly. The Crane Deity will not place the blame on you.

Slight hints of helplessness appeared on Xiao Xuans glum face. If it wasnt for the Alliance Halls command, he was truly reluctant to take such a task into hands.

He Xianrans death sentence was ordered by the law, but would the Crane Deity not resent him for real?

Now that things had turned out this way, he had no other options.

Taking a glance at the people of the Crane Deitys family all over the place, and the on-lookers in the sky that had hurried there to spectate, he yelled, He Xianran has murdered a deitys descendant, and the court orders her to be decapitated! He Xianran, do you confess to your crime?

He Xianran looked extremely anguished. I did not! How can I confess?

What a joke, who would confess to it?

He Jinghong had a sardonic, excited grin on the corners of his mouth. It would all be over soon!

Xiao Xuan glanced over at Bu Tieyi with a grim look. The convict does not confess to the crime, as the law enforcer, I would need to extract your memory and display it publicly!

It would bring light to the truth.

He Jinghong sneered inwardly. The outcome was certain now.

However, He Jinghongs face went instantly stiff when all of a sudden, Bu Tieyi sighed and said, Of course she wouldnt confess to the crime, because she wasnt Jing Bais killer.

What? She didnt kill Jing Bai?

Xiao Xuans face turned icy. Then what was your intention for exposing her earlier?

Bu Tieyi cast an apprehensive look at He Jinghong, and answered hesitantly, It was He Jinghong, he threatened me to lie. Otherwise, not only would he not give me the antidote, he would slaughter every last one of my blood in the world.

What? The sneering He Jinghong was struck by a bolt from the blue. Terrified, he questioned, What kind of nonsensical garbage are you talking about? When did I ever threaten you?

Bu Tieyi asked, Then how are you going to explain this scene?

Bu Tieyi retrieved a jade pendant, and crushed it into smithereens right there. The scene was soundless, but He Jinghong and a few of his henchmen were standing in front of Bu Tieyis bed, engaged in a discussion, smiling grimly from time to time.

The scene bespoke a relation between He Jinghong and Bu Tieyi from every angle.

All of them came to a sudden realization!

With Bu Tieyis verbal allegation and the impression that was stealthily recorded, who would believe that He Jinghong did not set He Xianran up?

He Jinghong had no means to defend himself anymore. He was indeed plotting a conspiracy, but he didnt have to threaten anyone, it was Bu Tieyi himself who took the initiative to expose He Xianran! He did not frame He Xianran up! He was merely taking the advantage of the situation to present Bu Tieyi in front of the Senluo Law-Enforcing Team.

Vile thing! An earth-shattering bellow of wrath sounded from the depths of the mansion.

The Crane Deity had been enraged through and through!

He knew that He Jinghong did not threaten Bu Tieyi indeed, however, he had found Bu Tieyi from some unknown place, and let Bu Tieyi reveal the truth. This was an undisguised act of defiance, he was putting He Xianran in great danger!

He erupted in extreme rage. A wave of divine power destroyed innumerable pavilions, terraces and towers, firing from the backyard.

He Jinghongs face turned deathly pale, he fled in shock and terror. Father no

With the abrupt stop of his voice, He Jinghongs chest was penetrated from front to back, and he was barely alive!

Shortly after, the second wave of divine power shot forth, carrying the force that could slaughter He Jinghong then and there!

Su Yu stepped in unexpectedly at that moment. He quickly grabbed He Jinghong to the side to dodge the blow, and uttered hurriedly, Please simmer down, Crane Deity!

The wrathful voice of the Crane Deity reverberated from the backyard, but the waves of divine power had halted.

Im a big failure as a parent, do excuse my outburst, the Crane Deity said.

The people got the hint that the Crane Deity was ordering for the guests to leave, and they left while chuckling at their discomfiture, as though they had just watched another intriguing drama.

Xiao Xuan heaved a sigh of relief. Despite being displeased with He Jinghongs act of defamation in the face of the Senluo Law-Enforcing Team, but seeing He Jinghongs half-dead condition, he decided to let go of the matter and leave.

When the outsiders were gone, the Crane Deitys voice sounded, He Xianran, Bu Tieyi, He Jinghong, He Ruchu, and Su Yu, come to my secret chamber!

Inside the secret chamber.

The Crane Deity had his eyes pinned on the people at the scene. Coldly, he questioned, Speak, what was happening?

He Xianran thought for a moment, and said, Father, please let me tell the story!

Su Yu and I received a secret message from second brother, that big brother has found Bu Tieyi, and was going to let him expose me. So Su Yu and I decided to beat him at his own game, and pretended not to know anything.

We discussed with second brother secretly, if the testimony could be revoked openly, I would pass him the antidote to the poison. So he agreed, and with that, all of my worries could be resolved once and for all.

The person who delivered the note was none other than He Ruchu, who appeared to be honest and self-abased!

Even though Su Yu was being spied on and could not get in touch with Bu Tieyi to get the message across, He Ruchu, the character that no one paid attention, was in fact the best candidate!

He would be the one to convince Bu Tieyi to revoke the testimony in public!

The Crane Deity pondered for a moment. Indeed, after the chaotic episode today, the Senluo Law-Enforcing Team would always consider whether he was slandering, if Bu Tieyi were to expose anyone again in the future.

From this point onward, He Xianran could be truly carefree.

However He cast his stare on Su Yu. You were the one who came up with the idea, werent you?

Su Yu said, It was an emergency, I did not manage to inform Crane Deity in time, please forgive me.

Humph, you have rescued He Xianran, but you almost got He Jinghong killed! The Crane Deity had a look of animosity on his face. Now that He Xianran had nothing more to worry, Su Yu could be eliminated!

Su Yu asked, In this world, which parent would actually be cruel enough to kill their own children?

If the Crane Deity had wanted to kill He Jinghong, was it necessary to fire two waves of divine power? One was enough to reduce him to ashes, but the first blow only injured him severely, it was clearly just an act for the outsiders, in the hope that someone would drag him away before the second blow struck him.

The Crane Deity still had a murderous look on his face. He wasnt planning on accepting the favor, even without Su Yu, there would be probably someone else from the family to get He Jinghong out of the way.

However, apart from Su Yu, no other people could possibly understand the Crane Deitys intention in the situation just now.

Ungrateful, callous. Su Yu had placed such a label on the Crane Deity.

But the more the Crane Deity behaved that way, the more tenacious Su Yu became.

Hand over the Divine Order! The Crane Deity almost did not bother to conceal his murderous intention anymore, he asked for the Divine Order right away.

Su Yu showed no emotions. He handed the Crane Deitys Divine Order to him, leaving him with only the Jing Deitys Divine Order at hand now.

As long as he possessed this token, Su Yu would always be a representative of the Jing Deity. The Crane Deity still had to deliberate before killing Su Yu.

Crane Deity, there is something that I think you should perhaps know, Su Yu pointed at He Jinghong. Crane Deity, dont you want to know who handed Bu Tieyi to him? Bu Tieyi had been missing for so long, why did he only show up now? Is it really possible that there isnt a manipulator behind the scene?

The Crane Deity squinted his eyes, he had thought of that as well. He flicked his fingers on He Jinghongs skull and closed his eyes. Before long, his eyes opened all of a sudden and he uttered coldly, It was you, Book Deity!

The one who sent Bu Tieyi to He Jinghong was none other than one of the Book Deitys people. Although that person had kept himself well-hidden, how could he escaped a deitys eyes?

The Book Deity? Su Yus eyes turned. He had an intuition that this matter was directed towards him, but he had prepared an explanation. Somberly, he said, Crane Deity, you cant be careless with this Book Deitys intention.

Why didnt he send him earlier or later, but right at the juncture when Crane Deitys relationship with the Jing Deity has become stable? There must be more than what meets the eye!

He understood it well without Su Yus reminder.

Xianran, Ill leave the family matters to you temporarily, Im going to head for the Jing Deitys cavern world! The Crane Deity sensed the severity of the matter after a moment of contemplation. There was a necessity to have a face-to-face discussion of the matter with the Jing Deity.

In fact, Su Yu had always been wondering, what kind of liaison could it be to remain staunch even with the hostility after his sons death?

The Crane Deity and the Jing Deity seemed to be more than just friends.

However, as he watched the Crane Deity leave, Su Yus gaze collided with He Xianrans for a brief second, and cold light shone in their eyes.

The plan had just begun!