The Divine Nine Dragon Cauldron Chapter 1142

Chapter 1142 Deity Destroying Plan

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He Xianran sent Su Yu to the door of the secret chamber.

Now that you have lost the Crane Deitys Divine Order, the mansion will be confiscated as well. Ill arrange your accommodation in the Crane Deitys family, He Xianran said.

Su Yu considered for a while, and nodded in agreement. Alright, that mansion isnt safe.

Having sensed the hostility projected from the Book Deitys cavern world, Su Yu dared not be careless.

The two of them trod to a deserted spot. He Xianran stared at Su Yu with a profound gaze, and said, According to the plan, my big brother should have been killed by my enraged father. Why did you change your mind and save him at the final moment? Did you have a change of plan?

Upon hearing that, Su Yu chortled. Miss Xianran really thinks that the Crane Deity would kill your big brother?

He Xianran pondered intently, and then shook her head. Like you said, if Father had wanted him dead, a single wave of divine power could have killed him ten times over. He unleashed two consecutive waves of divine power, seems like he couldnt bring himself to kill his son indeed.

Even if Su Yu did not intervene at the final juncture, the Crane Deity would figure out other ways to spare his life.

Fine, I could deal with him after the plan is accomplished. He Xianran dropped the matter. She turned and said, Hope we could keep working in close partnership.

Su Yu smiled tenderly. Of course.

Having led Su Yu to a house with courtyard, He Xianran turned and bid farewell. The instant she turned, a deep-rooted killing intention glinted in her eyes.

She had wanted to kill Su Yu in the past, because Su Yu knew her secrets.

She wanted to kill Su Yu now, because Su Yu was way too frightening!

Su Yus eyes gleamed with shrewdness as he entered the courtyard as if nothing had happened.

The Crane Deity could travel wherever he desired with a single thought in his own cavern world.

With a move of thoughts, he emerged at the border between the Crane Deitys and the Jing Deitys cavern worlds. Much to his surprise, the great army of the Jing Deitys cavern world was preoccupied in an intensive drill at the border between the two worlds.

There is no warfare at the moment, why is the Jing Deity drilling his cavern army? The Crane Deity simply glanced around, and discovered that there were military activities taking place across more than half of the interface between the two great caverns.

Suppressing his suspicion, the Crane Deity stepped into the Jing Deitys cavern world.

As the Jing Deity, the advent of another deity undoubtedly alarmed him immediately. With a shift of thoughts, he showed up at the border.

On either sides of the border, the two of them stood facing each from afar.

Even though both of them agreed to maintain their superficial relationship, Jing Bais death had inevitably left a seam.

Jing Deity, the Book Deity has gotten up to little tricks. The Crane Deity recounted Bu Tieyis appearance.

He mentioned Bu Tieyi being incited by the Book Deity to sow discord in the relationship between the two deities, but the Crane Deity absolutely

wouldnt admit that He Xianran had killed Jing Bai.

When he finished listening, the Jing Deity was unmoved, he said, The Book Deity is wandering out there, it must be his subordinate who did it, not necessarily his own intention.

There was a moment of silence between them, forming a intangible estrangement.

The Crane Deity certainly knew that the Book Deity wouldnt employ such petty tricks to sabotage his relation with the Jing Deity. It was too clumsy for a tactic.

He had come here to talk about something else in fact.

The Carnival of All Gods is about to begin, we have to make thorough preparations, the Crane Deity said.

The Carnival of All Gods The Jing Deitys face grew solemn, and he nodded deeply. I understand, what you and I are about to do is against the rules of the hundred gods after all, we cannot allow the tiniest bit of information to leak out.

The Crane Deity smiled.

The Jing Deitys glanced at the Crane Deity up and down, as though trying to see through the Crane Deitys body hidden underneath the white divine brilliance. Worried, he asked, Im done with the preparations here, but Crane Deity, can you really endure till the Carnival of All Gods?

The Crane Deitys pupils shrank a little, and his guards were raised. But he laughed in a leisurely manner, Its an old wound, it doesnt matter.

Oh, good then, the Jing Deity replied.

The Crane Deity squinted his eyes, trying to discern something on the Jing Deitys body. Subconsciously glancing at the soldiers at the border, he said, Jing Deity is drilling the soldiers at the border, are you going to use them anytime soon?

The Jing Deity replied honestly, This was assembled by Su Yu with the Divine Order, how mischievous.

Despite his words, it wasnt really what he had in mind.

The Jing Deity had always kept his vigilance when it came to the Crane Deity. Since their friendship almost fell apart on the battleship, how could he not be alert?

But because of their relationship, it wasnt convenient for him to arrange defense at the border.

It turned out that several days ago, Su Yu had asked He Xianran to come with the Divine Order, saying that the demon race had been on a rampage lately, and being at the border of the Alliance continent, he was obligated to order defense.

With the Divine Order, he had commanded soldiers to be stationed at the border, which met the Jing Deitys expectation exactly.

Now that the Crane Deity happened to query about it, he could use Su Yu as a pretext.

The Crane Deity raised his guards even higher!

For a matter as significant as stationing soldiers at the border, he could actually execute it with the Divine Order solely, even without the Jing Deitys approval?

The Crane Deity was sneering inwardly. The Carnival of All Gods wasnt even over yet, and the Jing Deity was all geared up to part ways with him!

Hold on The Crane Deity thought of his own injuries, and his heart turned cold a little. Was there a possibility that these soldiers werent just prepared for defending against the Crane Deitys cavern world, but was meant for some other conspiracy?

All of a sudden, the Crane Deity was full of doubt and suspicion. He thought to himself, although the Jing Deity was indifferent to his family, his love for Jing Bai seemed to be heartfelt.

Could the Jing Deity be harboring hatred, and was about to resort to military forces?

With the thought in mind, the Crane Deity was exceptionally vigilant. But he was very clear that as long as he was alive and in good health, the Jing Deity wouldnt dare impose military strength on the Crane Deitys cavern world.

Oh, so it was Su Yu. The Crane Deity thought for a while, and a streak of malice flickered across his eyes. Jing Deity, it is always a latent peril to leave your Divine Order with him, just take it back.

The Jing Deity contemplated, and nodded in agreement without much hesitation. With a move of thoughts, a golden token returned onto his palm.

Seeing that, the Crane Deity made no effort to conceal his murderous intention anymore.

Su Yu had framed him, a true deity, with an open intrigue. God forbid he lived!

Sensing his murderous desires, the Jing Deity had a look of nonchalance on his face. He wasnt concerned about Su Yus life and death.

The two deities exchanged a glance, and returned on their own.

Upon returning to the Crane Deitys family, the first thing the Crane Deity did was to search for Su Yu!

However, the mansion was deserted, yet he caught Su Yus scent among his own family.

The Crane Deity sneered. Was Su Yu thinking that his death in the family would blemish the reputation of the Crane Deitys family, thus he would spare the rats life to secure the cage and not lay hands on Su Yu?

Childish! Youre just a peasant, so what if you die in a deitys mansion? Who would stand up for you? The Crane Deity arrived in the house out of nowhere, fuming with a murderous aura.

Being totally clueless, Su Yu was shocked by the sudden appearance of the deity before him, he got up hastily, Meeting Crane Deity.

The Crane Deity was flickering with white divine brilliance, Su Yu could not see the murderous face.

Su Yu, do you have anything to say? The Crane Deity was keen to find out what this petty ant who had plotted against him had to say before his death.

Su Yu didnt seem to realize the imminent catastrophe. Stupefied, he said, Deities will be deities, you even knew that I have something to say, I was just wondering about how I could contact Crane Deity. Right after you left, something major happened in the family!

What kind of major things could happen to a deitys family? The Crane Deity watched Su Yus captivating performance with contempt.

Su Yu said, Miss Xianran is dying.

Upon hearing that, the Crane Deitys first reaction was shock, this was truly major! His second reaction was intense wrath! Which was followed by a radical murderous will, as the divine brilliance vibrated on the surface of his body.

Amidst his bafflement, Su Yu could see a pair of furious eyes staring coldly at him. It must be you who did it!

He firmly believed that it was Su Yus deed almost on reflex.

Su Yu said, I have not taken a step out of the house since I entered, also with Crane Deitys unfriendly people keeping an eye on me at every corner, how could I possibly put my hand to it?

Having calmed down a little, the Crane Deity eliminated his suspicion of Su Yu.

How could Su Yu benefit from killing He Xianran? It was her two brothers that would gain a tremendous advantage.

But even if there was such a thing, it wouldnt deter the Crane Deity from killing Su Yu.

Su Yu spoke again, I dont possess many strengths, its just that I was born with an extraordinary physical constitution, which enables me to instill vitality in others. If I can be of any use to you, do tell me.

Really? The Crane Deity took a glance, and found out that Su Yus body was indeed filled with vitality that was exceptionally dense.

Generally speaking, one would possess vitality of greater abundance with stronger cultivation, but if simply transferred to others, they would weaken in strength.

But for one like Su Yu who possessed excessively dense vitality, losing some of it would have no effect on him.

After slight hesitation, the Crane Deity concealed his murderous intention, and lauded, I am truly glad that you have such goodwill, alright, come with me to check on Xianran.

He Xianran was in a dire condition, precisely speaking, she was dying.

Her face was pitch-black, and layer after layer of pitch-black liquid kept oozing out from her limbs and bones, and her vitality was drastically drained.

Xianran! The Crane Deity was angry and his heart ached. After checking on her, his face was full of dreadful gloom. The Acute Frigid Water!

The faces of the people at her bedside who heard the objects name changed.

The Acute Frigid Water originated from the Jing Deitys cavern world, and was extracted from the hundred-year-old ancient well with extreme chill. It contained extreme Yin energy, and was a lethal poison to Mortal Fairies!

This item was hard to come by in the outside world even with great wealth, and a single drop of it was claimed to cost a million Divine Coins, but usually it couldnt be purchased even with money.

The thought of someone occurred to all of the people, the Jing Deity!

He Xianran had been painstakingly absolved of the conviction of Jing Bais murder, if there was anyone who wasnt contented, it would be the Jing Deity.

Looking at the ever-changing look on the Crane Deitys face, Su Yu said, Do not fall into the trap, Crane Deity. If the Jing Deity had wanted to kill Xianran, would he leave behind any survivor? Im just afraid that someone has set this up to sabotage the relationship between you deities.

The Crane Deity snorted coldly. If he hadnt known that the Jing Deity had stationed soldiers at the border, he definitely wouldnt believe it was the Jing Deitys deed.

But the encounter just now had made the Crane Deity raise his guards a hundred times higher for the Jing Deity!

When he finished examining He Xianran, the Crane Deity said, Unless the Jing Deity or his people come forward, otherwise the Acute Frigid Water has no antidote.

The looks on their faces were complicated, was he saying that He Xianran was hopeless?

The only way is to use the godly spirit, to rebuild her physical body and soul, the Crane Deity proclaimed solemnly.

He believed it was the Jing Deitys intrigue even more strongly now!

The Jing Deity knew about the shriveling of his godly spirit, and that he could barely maintain his divine-level cultivation, yet he had deliberately threw him a half-dead daughter.

Should he save her or not?

If he did, he would fall victim to the Jing Deitys intrigue, his godly spirit would be impaired and he would slip from the deitys position. Then the great army at the border would march towards them, and the Jing Deity would attack the Crane Deitys cavern world in the name of vengeance

If he didnt, he would end up a laughing to the world of deities who stood aside and did nothing while his daughter was dying, and he would suffer great humiliation and disdain.

He loved Xianran dearly, but if he were to abandon the deitys position for his daughter, it could not be negotiated!

But he had to play an exemplary role in front of his people. Since there is no choice, I will use my godly spirit.

Upon hearing that, the people of the Crane Deitys family knelt to the ground in terror. Please revoke your order, Crane Deity! Your godly spirit cannot be damaged any further!

The Crane Deity was injured by a demonic God in a fairy relic during one of his adventures, and he had sustained a severe trauma that nearly destroyed his godly spirit. His godly spirit had lost its self-nurturing capacity now, and was weakening day by day.

At this point, the Crane Deity was nearing the end of his life, if he extracted part of it to rescue He Xianran, his would have to renounce his divine position.

If the deity was gone, the Crane Deitys cavern world would be struck off the Great Eastern Alliances list.

Before long, it would be evicted from the Great Eastern Alliance and go into exile, wandering in the galaxies all by itself, gradually declining and at risk of being intruded by the demons anytime, which would bring about complete devastation.

The people earnestly implored, it seemed that they would stop him with their lives if the Crane Deity insisted.

Eventually, it was Su Yu who spoke, Crane Deity, for the sake of your family, please think twice!

The Crane Deity seized the chance. Haih, what good is being a deity when I dont even have the power to save my own daughter

Love and duty can never be fulfilled at once, dont blame yourself for it, Crane Deity, Su Yu said.

The Crane Deity put on a sorrowful front, and sighed silently as he turned to leave. Before leaving, he said, Su Yu, sorry for the trouble, that you need to save Xianrans life.

In that case, it wasnt an appropriate time to kill Su Yu for now. He would wait till Xianran couldnt hold on any longer to get rid of the fellow! The Crane Deity thought to himself.

Not long later, Su Yu was left alone to replenish He Xianran with vitality.

He Xianran had her feeble eyes open, iciness glimmering in them. Humph, my life really isnt as important as his godly spirit!

Even when he knew that it was the Jing Deity who inflicted harm upon me, he wouldnt turn against him! Father, oh Father, since youre being cruel to me, dont blame me for what Im about to do!

Lets adhere to the plan! Hints of malice flashed in He Xianrans eyes.

Su Yu nodded slowly, and said placidly, The Crane Deity has never stopped wanting me dead, therefore, I have no choice but to destroy the deity!

Their collaborative plan was actually aimed at the Crane Deity, it was a deity-destroying plan!