The Divine Nine Dragon Cauldron Chapter 1143

Chapter 1143 Premeditated Assassination

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After instilling He Xianran with a streak of vitality, Su Yu said, If my presumption is right, your can last seven more days with your condition. Seven days later, you will die.

I know, if I dont die, how could I hide from Father and do that thing? He Xianran said very leisurely.

The Acute Frigid Water in her body was indeed real, if she was only pretending to be poisoned by the Acute Frigid Water, how could she outsmart her father?

For the slim chances of destroying the deity, He Xianran was even willing to take such a huge risk!

The problem is with you, I hope that you will keep your promise and bring me back to life, He Xianran said. Underneath her calm surface, there was deep shock and terror.

The only reason she dared to swallow the Acute Frigid Water was because even if she died eventually, she could be revived by Su Yu!

She did not believe it at first, was there really such a power to reverse death in this world? It was unheard of even among the hundred deities, none was known for such an ability. Until she witnessed with her very own eyes how Su Yu revived a dead creature.

Rest assured, without you, I dont stand great chances of success on my own, Su Yu said.

Right at that moment, the messenger jade pendant on Su Yus waist began vibrating, hints of voices became audible.

After receiving the message, Su Yus facegrew slightly solemn.

What happened? He Xianran inquired.

Su Yu shook his head, and said, Nothing to do with the plan. Some scoundrels are laying plans around my old mansion.

He Xianran was slightly relieved, she thought for a moment, and said, Never mind, no one dares barge into the Crane Deitys family yet.

She did not want Su Yu to be in danger at this point of time.

It is still a latent danger. Now is a critical period to execute the mission, no untoward circumstances can be allowed to happen. Su Yu shook his head, what his words implied was that those people had to be eradicated.

He Xianran brooded for a moment, and agreed strongly. She said, Without the Divine Order, you cant maneuver the strong men of the Crane Deitys cavern world to protect you. Ill have Dulong and a group of our people to tend to your arrangements, and clear up the danger as soon as possible.

You havent offended anyone since you came to the Great Eastern Alliance, I suppose those are just some stealthy looters, you dont have to take it to heart.

Su Yu nodded in gratitude.

But inwardly, he was shaking his head in disapproval. Stealthy looters? Not necessarily, He Xianran was being careless.

Before long, Dulong came forward with four strong men of Mortal Fairy Third State, who were assigned to Su Yu by He Xianran.

Su Yu gave his instructions then and there.

Only then did Su Yu leave the Crane Deitys house unhurriedly, and returned to his mansion.

Dulong led the four others to stand guard in Su Yus proximity, never losing sight of him for once.

Su Yu was brooding in the house, he could vaguely grasp the intention of the manipulator in the Book Deitys cavern now.

To have Su Yus Divine Order of the Crane Deity confiscated, and the same for the Jing Deitys Divine Order.

Is it possible that someone has perceived the subtle balance of relation that I have with the two deities, hence purposely presented Bu Tieyi? Su Yu contemplated with squinted eyes.

He learnt that the Book Deity had a treasure named the Book Deitys Treasury, an intelligence treasure that served to gather the information of the world and analyze causal relations.

Could it be that item?

Why is someone from the Book Deitys cavern world directing their hostility towards me? Su Yu pondered. He had no interaction with that world, and had never even stepped foot on it, there shouldnt be any deep-seated hatred or enmity involved.

All of a sudden, Su Yus heart skipped a beat. Hold on, could the Book Deitys cavern world have known that I killed Law Enforcer Qin Kuo?

Bu Tieyi, Qin Kuo and Meng Ke all belonged to the Book Deitys cavern world.

Then it could be explained.

Misfortunes never befell just once. It was massively challenging for him to gain a footing in the Great Eastern Alliance.

In that case, those few powerful ones who were coveting the mansion had most probably come from the Great Eastern Alliance.

As he pondered, Su Yu retrieved a messenger jade pendant and delivered a message.

After that, Su Yu sat cross-legged on the floor, quietly training as if nothing had happened.

It had been some time since his breakthrough to Stage Two All Creations, his foundation was rather stable now. Su Yu could attempt a breakthrough to Stage Three All Creations anytime soon.

While making steady progress in upgrading his cultivation, Su Yu did not abandon his training in various other areas.

Several months ago, he had attained the Upper-Tier Illusory Soul Realm of the Heavens Son Gazing at Air Technique, and could imitate any of the enemys powers through the Soul Energy, including the powers of the divine bloodline.

The advantage it could bring during battles was needless to iterate.

After two months of peaceful training, he could maneuver this ability even more effortlessly.

The mere Upper Tier had rendered him this powerful, he was quite eager to find out what effects the Top Tier would bring him.

It occurred to Su Yu that he was in an urgent need of Soul Energy now, if his soul could achieve another substantial boost, he could certainly accomplish the Top Tier of the Illusory Soul Realm.

He had ordered his people to gather various methods and materials that could enhance Soul Energy from all over the world at all costs, with the hope that he could achieve the Top Tier of the Illusory Soul Realm as soon as possible.

However, the intelligence network that Su Yu built still wasnt extensive enough, he had to wait patiently.

Su Yu actually had his mind on another book of valuable techniques that he would like to attempt.

With a flip of his palm, he retrieved a battered secret scrollthe Dragon Form Technique!

It was the secret technique he obtained from the Second Deputy Region Master of the Heavenly Knife Region the other day. This technique served to transplant the body parts of the true dragon into the body, then activating them via secret methods, in order to acquire some of the true dragons powers in a short period of time.

The magnificence of Qi Mings transformation into dragon form that day was still fresh in Su Yus memory.

It was all because of the restriction by the training conditions that the technique was postponed till today.

Firstly, one was required to possess parts of the true dragon, the stronger the dragons body that was transplanted, the more powerful one would be upon transformation!

Secondly, the trainee was required to own a primordial spirit at the least, which was the All Creations cultivation.

Before achieving the All Creations cultivation, Su Yu could only bemoan his inadequacy even with the Real Spirit Dragon Vein in hand.

Now, not only had he acquired the All Creations realm, there were even nine Dragon Veins in his body. No, to be precise, there were ten Real Spirit Dragon Veins inside him, the final one had produced a streak of Divine Dragon Blood, and was the most unique one.

The vein had been refined in Su Yus body as well, but Su Yu had never activated it.

If he could activate the tenth Real Spirit Dragon Vein using the Dragon Form Technique, the power would very likely be massively formidable.

Having spread the scroll, Su Yu commenced training immediately.

In the state of Time Acceleration, he took in ten lines at a single glance.

Outside the mansion.

Wuchou, may we take actions now? The cavern world of the devil race makes people uncomfortable. A youth dressed in a green scholars garment with elegant manners had a light frown on his face.

Beside him were a man and a woman with the same clothing as him, gracefully brandishing their literary skills.

Wuchou was the dark-faced elder under the young master of the Book Deitys cavern world. Due to his hideous appearance and dark complexion, he got the name Wuchou.

Wuchou sighed secretly. The Three Youths of the Bamboo Garden were the great helpers under the young masters command, and would be honored the deitys servants in the days to come.

They were condescending and haughty with pretentious character. All throughout the journey, Wuchou was exhausted from being tormented by this bunch of noble scholars.

The earlier they could get this over and done with, the earlier Wuchou could regain his freedom.

However, Wuchou had only gained the young masters trust by enduring through battles and wars. In a deep voice, he said, No! This person was found in the Crane Deitys family, why did he return suddenly? I think, he has sensed our presence!

The man and the woman were busy painting and writing away. Without lifting their heads, they said with nonchalance, Of course he knows about our presence, but so what about it?

He would never have expected that in order to seize him alive, young master has sent four Peak Mortal Fairies just to be on the safe side. It is apparent from the way he brought out the four servants so recklessly.

The woman had attractive looks and a look of indifference on her face. Wuchou, Im not comfortable in this place either, the air of our Book Deitys cavern world is the most rejuvenating of all, the earlier we capture him, the earlier we can get out of here.

Having been hastened by the Three Youths of the Bamboo Garden, Wuchou was rather helpless. But they had their point, the opponent might have been reckless.

Strike! Wuchou made up his mind.

The four of them entered the house soundlessly like phantoms.

The Third State Mortal Fairies standing guard at the four corners outside Su Yus house had not noticed the enemies approaching at all.

Except for Dulong, whose face changed drastically. He yelled, Whos there? How dare you run riot in the Crane Deitys cavern world?

Without another word, Dulong punched his fist in a particular direction towards the Void.

In a split second, the space shattered. A dark-faced, ugly-looking elder walked out leisurely from the Void.

Dulong was stupefied, he recognized the person right away. He exclaimed, Wuchou!

The Great Eastern Alliance was vast, but there were only a handful of famous powerful figures.

Among Peak Mortal Fairies, Wuchou was a popular one, who ranked around thousandth in the list of Peak Mortal Fairies, somewhat on a par with him.

Wuchou raised his guards secretly as well. He sensed that a Peak Mortal Fairy had come to safeguard Su Yu, but hadnt expected it to be Dulong, a famous powerful individual who was no weaker than himself.

The Book Deitys cavern world, great, not only did you secretly harm our Lady, now youre here to wreak havoc! Despite his vicious character, Dulong was loyal to the Crane Deitys family.

Wuchou took a glance at the house interior, and chuckled. Dulong, were not planning to kill anyone during this trip, I hope you show me due respect, and let me take this man!

Dulong sneered. Even without the Ladys order, he would never be able to stand by idly and watch as Wuchou captured someone right before his eyes.


Without another word, Dulong opened his mouth and spat a mouthful of poisonous mist, which surged turbulently in his surroundings.

Shortly after, the poisonous mist condensed into a talisman, which surpassed the Void directly and seared itself on Wuchous body.

How could Wuchou be careless? Bu Tieyi nearly died in the hands of this man.

Dodging the attack with teleportation, he presented a shield with a surface as smooth as jade, which was crafted from deitys bones.

The two of them jumped into a duel instantly, launching blows and hits on each other, both relentless.

After a while, Dulong realized that something wasnt right. Wuchou was focused on defense but not attack, like he was in no hurry.

He was in the Crane Deitys cavern world, if the fight wasnt ended fast and clear, Wuchou wouldnt be able to escape once the auxiliary troops of the Crane Deitys cavern world arrived.

There must be some kind of intrigue if Wuchou was acting that way.

All of a sudden, Dulongs face changed theatrically as he yelled in a strident voice, The four of you watch out, there are other experts!

However, before he could finish, three furious yells boomed in unison from the surroundings of the house. It was closely followed by an intense fight, and before long the souls of three Third State Mortal Fairies escaped one after another.

One of them was extinguished by a hand in the midst of running, and died a thorough death.

Dulong was enraged, he turned in an attempt to provide aid. But Wuchou had switched his strategy and was tangled up with Dulong. Hehe, why are you in such a hurry?

Get lost! Dulong was extremely furious. He was stunned inwardly, why on earth was the Book Deitys cavern world so hostile to Su Yu, that they had dispatched four Peak Mortal Fairies for this raid!