The Divine Nine Dragon Cauldron Chapter 1144

Chapter 1144 The Prospective Deity Struck

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It would be a surprising stroke of luck if he could help Su Yu escape now, let alone eliminating the latent peril!

Sadly, the mere stroke of luck was destroyed by Wuchou. He took out a book, and numerous letters emerged on it, rapidly confining Dulong within a fixed space.

Jail of Words! Wuchou laughed peculiarly as he continuously infused Mortal Fairys Strength, keeping Dulong in a hopeless entanglement.

And the last strong man from the Crane Deitys family was even more vulnerable in the face of the three invading Peak Mortal Fairies, and suffered a massive blow that shattered his physical body right then.

The Three Youths of the Bamboo Garden cleared up the obstacles rapidly, and barged into the house.

To their surprise, not only was Su Yu unruffled by the commotion outside, he was training in a tranquil state.

Seize him first! The three of them sensed that something wasnt right, but acted decisively anyway.

The good-looking woman fiddled with her paintbrushes, and a rope was conjured in midair. The rope came to life from a mere drawing, and wound around Su Yu instantly.

Its not right! The woman found out that the shackle had only wrapped itself around empty air.

This isthe Crane Deitys bloodline? As Peak Mortal Fairies, they could easily identify Su Yus trajectory and actions. If the celestial phenomenon manifested wasnt the Crane Deitys bloodline, what was?

Could Su Yu possibly be a descendant of the Crane Deity?

If so, capturing a deitys descendant brazenly was far too earth-shattering!

But they dared not defy the young masters command.

Can you escape ultimately? The scholar in the lead flipped open a book, and mumbled with eloquence, A Saint once said, nothing can be accomplished without norms or standards, and the world is rudderless without rules and laws.

In an instant, an independent universe appeared Su Yus surroundings, locking him within.

The Word-Law Synchronization?

Su Yu was rather stunned by such a bizarre technique.

Body of Nine Dragons! Su Yu had only one way to deal with seals, and that was to break it with force, and destroy it with Divine Decree!

A gigantic palm emerged in the sky, and moved the Word-Law Synchronization seal when it swept down. Shortly after, Su Yu combined the strengths of the nine dragons and launched the blow on a single spot.

With a thunderous boom, the seal was shattered.

The scholar was slightly taken aback. Apparently, he hadnt expected a mere Stage Two All Creations could counteract his Word-Law Synchronization.

A Saint once said, the Law follows the world and not individual desires, everything in the world follows the Law. Su Yu, take my order now!! The man in the lead spoke again.

In an instant, Su Yus eyes were filled with bewilderment as if he was being controlled by someone, and his body was out of his own control.

However, he recovered his normal self in a brief moment. What a joke, apart from deities, who in the world could move his Divine Nine-Dragon Cauldron?

The leading mans face changed. When he cast the spell for the second time, he had doubled the power, how could it still be inadequate to beat an All Creations?

A Saint once said The leading man spoke again, his face somber.

He was interrupted before he could finish the sentence, The deities once said, whoever harms a deitys descendant should be killed with no amnesty.

The man was who preoccupied with casting spells had a drastic change of facial expression, he opened his mouth and spat out a mouthful of blood, staring behind Su Yu with intense dread in his eyes.

A delicate-looking woman slowly stepped out from behind Su Yu, she was beautiful and quiet, and was looking at them placidly at the moment.

The Three Youths of the Bamboo Garden seemed terrified when they saw the woman.

Sheng Yuanxin? The exclaimed the name in unison!

Who wouldnt recognize the leader of the Senluo Law-Enforcing Team?

The most powerful deitys descendant of the era, with absolutely stunning martial strength. She had been promoted to the state of Prospective Deity, and it was only a matter of time before she rose as a deity.

With his heart palpitating wildly, the leading scholar said, Greeting Prospective Deity Sheng.

In front of Sheng Yuanxin, the Three Youths of the Bamboo Garden who looked down upon each and everything had lost their right to arrogance.

They were going to become honored servants to a deity in the future, whereas Sheng Yuanxin would be a deity!

Su Yu told me that you have no respect for the Divine Law, I did not believe him at first, so I was quietly observing by the side. I never thought you were daring enough to capture a deitys descendant! Sheng Yuanxin appeared delicate, but her words made the Three Youths hearts sink.

Harming a deitys descendant was a capital offence!

As for whether Su Yu was a deitys descendant, the celestial phenomenon of the Crane Deitys bloodline just now had explained it all.

With my authority as the leader of the Senluo Law-Enforcing Team, I announce the enforcement of law, Sheng Yuanxin said.

The Three Youths of the Bamboo Garden did not even plead for mercy before turning to flee!

Pleading for mercy was completely useless in the face of the Senluo Law-Enforcing Team, and the leader Sheng Yuanxin had always been renowned for being just and stern.

Sheng Yuanxin did not chase after them, instead, she took out a long golden-yellow whip and lashed it three times in the air.

With three lashing sounds reverberating from outside, Sheng Yuanxin kept the long golden whip with no emotions.

Su Yus heart skipped a beat. He had the distinct perception that the three Peak Mortal Fairies had been obliterated from the world, without leaving a single whiff of scent behind. Not even Su Yu stand a chance of reviving them.

Taking a glance at Sheng Yuanxins back, Su Yu felt dread within him.

This was what a Prospective Deity truly was, although not a true deity yet, they could destroy their enemies from hundreds of thousands of miles away without having to budge an inch, even if the opponents were Peak Mortal Fairies!

Having witnessed a Prospective Deity attack for the very first time, Su Yu was stupefied beyond words.

Sheng Yuanxin turned around, still looking as delicate and feeble as ever. But Su Yu dared not slight her anymore, he said, Thank you for your help, Leader Sheng.

Sheng Yuanxin flashed a tender smile. You dont need to be afraid of me, if you have not broken the divine rules, there is nothing I could do to you.

Su Yu was embarrassed. Did he only break the divine rules? He had done it repeatedly!

He killed a law enforcer, and abducted a deitys descendant.

As if she had just recalled the spectacular act which Su Yu had committed not long ago, Sheng Yuanxin looked awkward.

You also mentioned that youve recalled some important details about Qin Kuo in your message, that you would like to report to me? Sheng Yuanxin asked.

Su Yu replied, Exactly! I suddenly recalled the rumor before the Jiuzhou continent was shifted. Someone found out that a law enforcer was colluding with a Peak Mortal Fairy demon in Jiuzhou.

Sheng Yuanxin was calm. What are the actual happenstances?

Su Yu said, The demon was being hunted down by a Divine Master of Jiuzhou, when he was about to be killed, Qin Kuo showed up out of nowhere, and insisted to bring the demon back for investigation.

The Divine Master disallowed, so Qin Kuo attacked him. The living creatures of Jiuzhou were all saying that the Law-Enforcing Team was covering up for that demon.

Upon hearing his words, Sheng Yuanxin began contemplating right then.

As the leader of the Senluo Law-Enforcing Team, she realized that something was out of line with her astute clairvoyance.

Firstly, the time of Qin Kuos appearance was too coincidental.

Secondly, there was problem with the way Qin Kuo dealt with the mater. Unless it was a specific demon that needed to be kept alive, otherwise, they would rarely capture them alive but rather obliterate them on the spot!

But he insisted to capture the demon alive, and tried to stop the Jiuzhou Divine Master from killing him instead. Something surely wasnt right.

Thank you, this is an important piece of information. Not only can it help us find out Qin Kuos cause of death, we can find out something else alongside, Sheng Yuan said to Su Yu. As she spoke, she retrieved another jade pendant, but it wasnt a messenger jade pendant anymore, it was a summoning jade pendant!

Youre an important witness of this case now, and your life and safety is our great concern. If anyone tries to harm you, squeeze the jade pendant into fragments, and I will show up in no time! Sheng Yuanxin said as she cast a glance at Dulong, who had taken to his heels.

The Book Deitys people were suspected of colluding with the demon race.

And now, they had dispatched so many experts to come forward and capture the insider Su Yu. Perhaps not even the Book Deitys people themselves would believe that they werent trying to shut him up by murdering him.

Thanks a lot. After seeing off Sheng Yuanxin, Su Yu looked at the summoning jade pendant on his palm, and smiled with delight. He had profited greatly this time, having earned two huge benefits.

Firstly, directing Sheng Yuanxin to the manipulator behind the scene in the Book Deitys world. Didnt you plot against me? Now you could have a taste of your own medicine!

Secondly, this piece of summoning jade pendant was a life-saving item!

Apart from deities, how many people in this world could rival Sheng Yuanxin?

However, having seen Sheng Yuans power that was disguised under her delicate appearance, Su Yu did not plan to take advantage of her. Although she was delicate, it didnt mean that she was stupid.

In the meantime, Su Yu had witnessed the Prospective Deitys power for the first time ever. He had reconsider the deity-destroying plan now.

If a Prospective Deity was as terrifying as that, just how powerful would deities be?

As he pondered, Su Yu entered the Soul Dimension.

And he was greeted with a shocking sight.

Whose cows are these in my house? Su Yu shrieked.

Inside the Soul Dimension, a humongous creature was nestling. It had the color of blood, giving off waves of evil energy.

You are the cow, your whole family are cows. I, the divine emperor, am a dog, nope, a canine, still nope, the Evil God! The Evil God!

Su Yu chuckled. Seems like your recovery wasnt too bad.

The Evil God laughed. It was all thanks to you brat, for feeding me with four Mortal Fairy souls in a row. Tsk tsk, that was more than all the souls that Ive ever had combined.

Evil God, I have something to ask you, Su Yu said with a solemn look, If I wish to kill a deity, and know the ways to destroy his godly spirit completely, do I stand a chance of success?

The Evil God was smiling. Your imagination is truly unrestrained.

Im not imagining, Im already doing it, Su Yu said intently.

The Evil Gods smile went stiff on his face, and he turned cautious all of a sudden. Youre not trying to kill me, are you?

Su Yu laughed. The Soul Dimension practically serves no function to detain you, you are the one that is reluctant to leave me, arent you?

Back when he was fighting the Central Prefectures King, Su Yu had noticed that the Evil God could actually penetrate the Soul Dimension, instilling his bloodline energy into Su Yus body.

He had realized that the Soul Dimension could no longer confine the Evil God, and that he had become mobile since a long time ago.

Upon hearing that, the Evil God was embarrassed. Erm, my kennel cannot be simply moved, if I leave, and you remake it into a tourist spot- the Evil Gods former residence, then itll be problematic.

Knowing that Su Yu bore no hostility, the Evil God said, Destroying the godly spirit is indeed the only way to destroy a deity. However, that only applies to deities! If a deity destroys the godly spirit of another deity, it means that a deity is bound to be destroyed.

But for non-deities, it would be like seeking ones doom. Brat, no matter what youre doing right now, stop it immediately and turn to run.

Astonishment filled Su Yus eyes.

Very simple, deities have souls too! Destroying the godly spirit merely destroys the deitys divine body, because they still have their divine souls left!

It is fine if the divine soul is very feeble, but if it is still powerful, do you think you stand a chance against a divine soul? Lets not think too far, what do you think of your master Yun Yazis divine soul?