The Divine Nine Dragon Cauldron Chapter 1145

Chapter 1145 Kick Starting The Plan

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Su Yu thought for a second, and replied, Very powerful!

Wrong! It is extremely powerful! And that is only his current divine soul, which has been deteriorated to only a thousandth of that when he was alive.

Just think about it, how are you going to contend with a complete divine soul? Im afraid itll only take a single thought of his to kill you ten thousand times over!

Itll be a different story if you are a deity, you can destroy his godly spirit first and the divine soul later with complete ease, but youre a mortal. Dont seek your own death, better pack up and run!

Su Yu was daunted, he said, I have learnt something now.

Upon leaving the Soul Dimension, the anxious voice of the Evil God sounded behind him, Brat, dont do foolish things!

Mister Su! During called out awkwardly.

If not for Sheng Yuanxins sudden appearance, killing the Three Youths of the Bamboo Garden and scaring off Wuchou, the consequences would have been unimaginably fatal.

Su Yu opened his eyes, and said placidly, They probably wont come to look for trouble again for now. Lets return to the Crane Deitys house.

When he saw He Xianran again, she queried with concern, How did it go?

The danger has been eliminated temporarily, it shouldnt affect our plan. Su Yu looked at He Xianran and brooded for a long time, before saying, Do you really have the confidence to destroy the Crane Deitys godly spirit?

I do! He Xianran replied staunchly. Fathers godly spirit has been severely damaged, much worse than our people have imagined! I got to learn about it when I found out that he secretly murdered his divine servants once, much to my surprise, his godly spirit is on the verge of crumbling!

Divine servants were normally loyal servants that safeguarded the deitys descendants since they accomplished the state of Peak Mortal Fairy. They were the people whom were most trusted by the deities, and also the ones who knew the deities secrets the most.

There was a divine servant who had sensed the crisis, and had prepared means of escape for himself beforehand. He recorded the tidings about the imminent crumbling of the Crane Deitys godly spirit in ten messenger jade pendants, and hid them in different spots.

If the Crane Deity were to kill him, he would threaten him with that. Unpredictably, the Crane Deity was absolutely swift and decisive in dealing with matters, he slaughtered every last one of the divine servants overnight, and found the ten messenger jade pendants with his magical power, which he destroyed completely.

But what the Crane Deity hadnt expected was that, that servant had prepared just ten jade pendants, there were eleven! The servant had erased the last copy of memory from his mind, thus even by means of Soul-Searching, the Crane Deity would never know that there is a remaining piece of the information left in this world!

Su Yu was moved, he asked, And youve gotten ahold of that jade pendant?

He Xianran answered with pride, Right, that divine servant has been bribed by me for a long time, thus he has prepared a messenger jade pendant for me before the disaster befell him, in the hope that I could help him.

Regrettably, He Xianran did not manage to help that divine servant.

Time wasnt back then, but with your help now, success will be guaranteed! He Xianran said.

Su Yu stared at He Xianran, she hadnt mentioned whether the state of the Crane Deitys divine soul was strong or weak all the while.

Feeling Su Yus stare on her, He Xianrans gaze became evasive. She said, Rest assured, the Crane Deity is doomed this time! And then according to the promise, I will inherit the Family Masters position of the Crane Deitys family. Relying upon the divine assets left behind by Father, I will rise as a deity in a short period of time.

Then Ill give you what you desire, promoting you to a position that is preceded only by me in the Crane Deitys family! By then, whoever in the entire Great Eastern Alliance that tries to lay a finger on you will need to consider the inner secret that is left of the Crane Deitys family!

No one would be dauntless enough to provoke a deitys family before the advent of its complete downfall.

She was still talking ambiguously, and mentioned nothing about the divine soul.

Su Yu nodded, Alright! That is it then, lets get started with our plan!

If the Crane Deity werent destroyed, not only was Su Yu unable to gain his footing, even his life would be at risk. This was decided since the very beginning, when he abducted He Xianran.

The Crane Deity was callous and ungrateful in nature, he had always had a strong intention to kill Su Yu.

If he was alive, Su Yus life would always be at risk.

To survive, to gain a firm foothold, and to defend Jiuzhou, Su Yu had no choice but to bet his fortune on this single stake, and destroy the deity.

Two days later, He Xianrans condition worsened. Su Yus vitality could only serve to delay the worst, but he was incapable of healing her injuries.

Five days later, He Xianran had only a faint breath of life left.

The Crane Deity showed up to check on her, with his eyes filled with sorrow, but he still hadnt had the thought of getting even with the Jing Deity.

Despite their silence, all the people of the Crane Deitys family found him cowardly. As a prideful deity, he was huddling up like a turtle, too timid to avenge his daughter who had been deliberately harmed by the enemy.

The Crane Deity wasnt timid, he was reluctant!

The Carnival of All Gods was right around the corner, without the help of the Jing Deity, the Crane Deity stood no chance of having his godly spirit replenished, and would suffer a complete downfall shortly, so he had no choice but to bear with it.

Even though the news about He Xianran being poisoned by the Acute Frigid Water was purposely concealed by the Crane Deitys family, the Great Eastern Alliance was full of elites, what kind of secrets could be hidden perfectly from them?

Having received the tidings, the Jing Deity was heavyhearted.

He surely did not poison her with the Acute Frigid Water, neither did any of his people.

But the Crane Deity hadnt come forth to ask for his help up till then. The Jing Deity couldnt help but ponder, could the Crane Deity be thinking that he was culprit, thus did not consider seeking his help at all?

The more he thought about it, the more the Jing Deity found it possible.

If the Crane Deity had sought his help, it was enough evidence that the Crane Deity still had trust in him. But he hadnt looked for him till now, and it could be troublesome.

The Jing Deity was vexed as he thought of that, he had realized that the Crane Deity was also on his guard against him.

But the Carnival of All Gods was fast approaching, the last thing he wanted was a breach in their relationship all because of a small misunderstanding, causing the Carnival to be held up.

If things cant be talked out, I can only lend him a helping to resolve the misunderstanding, the Jing Deity sighed. He took out a little bit of the Acute Frigid Water and ordered his divine servant to deliver it to the Crane Deitys family.

After the pause, the Jing Deity reminded, This thing has to be done openly in full view of people, they need to know that the Crane Deity and I are on good terms, like always have been.

When he learnt that the Jing Deity had personally sent the Acute Frigid Water, and had done it so flagrantly as if he was afraid people wouldnt know that he had offered his help, the Crane Deity was taken aback too. Had he misunderstood the Jing Deity?

Although he did not understand the purpose of such an act, the Crane Deity was pleased anyway. Aside from saving his daughter, the conflict between him and the Jing Deity could be relieved, why not go ahead with it?

The matter was widely spread in the community right after the Jing Deitys divine servant visited.

Some cunning party had tried to assassinate He Xianran and shift the blame on the Jing Deity.

But the Jing Deity had proven his integrity by offering the antidote.

A joyous story about the harmonious friendship between deities had raised a hubbub in the community.

Both parties were perfectly satisfied, until He Xianran drank the antidote. Not only was the Acute Frigid Water not resolved, it was getting even worse than before!

Even though Su Yu spared no effort in resuscitating her and maneuvering his vitality to sustain her life, the Acute Frigid Water contained in the antidote was even more horrendous. The Acute Frigid Water originating from the Jing Deitys bloodline couldnt be remedied with any amount of vitality.

After half a day of hovering at the brink of death, He Xianran finally passed away!

The Crane Deity was outraged. When he finished inspecting He Xianrans body, the look on his face grew even more grim and horrid.

He Xianrans body contained the Acute Frigid Water that was exclusively possessed by the Jing Deity!

Apart from the Jing Deity himself, his descendants who had inherited his bloodline power were the only ones who were capable of manufacturing the divine water.

However, his descendants had never stepped foot on the Crane Deitys cavern world before, from where had the Acute Frigid Water in the bloodstream come?

There was no other explanation besides the antidote that was offered!

The Crane Deity finally erupted in wrath. He thought that he had misunderstood the Jing Deity, but the Jing Deity had murdered his daughter brazenly!! And had informed the entire world about it!!

Even if the Crane Deity wished to maintain his superficial rapport with the Jing Deity, it would never be possible again!

The other person had overtly turned against him and killed his daughter in full view of people, how could the collaboration continue?

With the stupefying death of He Xianran, their relationship had come to a complete, irrevocable end!

Jing Deity!! The Crane Deity was extremely furious. How could he not be? The whole world had its eyes pinned on him now, if he gave no response, not only would his reputation be jeopardized, the other deities with some shrewdness would find out about the Crane Deitys debilitated nature soon.

Among those sanctimonious deities, which of them werent predators that swallowed humans without spitting bones? Once they found out about it, the Crane Deity would be deep in trouble sooner or later.

Gaining a foothold in the Great Eastern Alliance wasnt easy, how could the Crane Deity not have offended anyone before?

Once the word got around, he would instantly fall victim to brutal, malicious revenge!

An intangible yet powerful force had placed him right at the center of the thunderstorm, he had no choice but to take his revenge! And it had to be downright ruthless and wicked, to prove his fearless tenacity in the face of the Jing Deity!


The Crane Deity stomped off angrily from the side of He Xianrans body.

Half a day later, the Crane Deity returned covered in blood, while holding a huge, fine human head in his hand!

That was the Jing Deitys second son!

The Jing Deity had three sons in total, Jing Bai was killed by He Xianran, leaving two of them behind. The Crane Deity killed another, thus only one of his sons was left now.

The Crane Deity deliberately proclaimed his deed to the world, people had to know that he had no fear for the Jing Deity!

All of a sudden, a great clamor had arisen in entire Great Eastern Alliance.

The Jing Deity had blatantly murdered the Crane Deitys daughter, while the Crane Deity had gotten even with him by slaying the Jing Deitys son.

Many deities in all corners of the continent were watching the two of them in silence.


In the Jing Deitys family, the Jing Deity flared up. Crane Deity! You have taken this way too far!!

Just how patient and forbearing he had been for the sake of accomplishing the great thing? Jing Bai was murdered by the Crane Deitys family, yet ye had pretended not to know anything just to maintain the rapport between them, and he even went as far as saving He Xianran!

Nonetheless, the Crane Deity had employed some surreptitious technique to infuse the Acute Frigid Water containing a tinge of his bloodline power into He Xianrans body, and framed the Jing Deity up!

It was no wonder that the Jing Deity would think of it that way, because apart from deities, who else could replicate the Acute Frigid Water infused with the scent of bloodline power?

Therefore, he was speculating that the Crane Deity might have found another backing, so he purposely murdered his own daughter to make it a pretext of turning against him, and get even with him once he gained enough fame?

As he thought of that, the Jing Deity suddenly had the feeling that it could be the Crane Deitys plan to poison He Xianran with the Acute Frigid Water from the start.

Having integrated the sequence of events, the Jing Deity believed even more firmly that it was the Crane Deitys intrigue!

The Crane Deity was trying to overthrow him!

After all, the collaboration between them would invite a major catastrophe once it was leaked, so the Crane Deity wanted to shut him up by eliminating him!

He figured that out because the Jing Deity had also thought of eliminating the Crane Deity, that once the Carnival of All Gods was over and done with, he would find a way to get rid of the Crane Deity.

Before long, the Jing Deity received a news.

Sheng Yuanxin had been spotted at the Crane Deitys family!

In fact, Sheng Yuanxin was only there because she received a message from Su Yu saying that he had gathered more details about Qin Kuos death, she was there to look for Su Yu.

But since Su Yu was at the Crane Deitys place, she had no other way besides paying a visit to the Crane Deitys.

However, it was like a bolt of thunder to him when the Jing Deity heard about it.