The Divine Nine Dragon Cauldron Chapter 1146

Chapter 1146 The War Of Deities Began

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Crane Deity!! So you really have found another backing, and youre thinking of murdering me! The Jing Deity was in immense wrath.

Who was Sheng Yuanxin? A Prospective Deity, perhaps her status wasnt powerful enough, but Sheng Yuanxins mother, the Sheng Deity, was the topmost deity among the hundred deities of the Great Eastern Alliance. If she stomped her feet once, the Great Eastern Alliance would tremble three times!

With the Sheng Deitys status, she would not possibly collaborate with a deity like the Crane Deity, whose ranking was at the lower end.

However, her daughter Sheng Yuanxin, a Prospective Deity, was very likely to do it!

After all, with a carefully contrived scheme, even a Prospective Deity could gain marvelous benefits in the Carnival of All Gods, and stabilize their godly spirits in advance!

As the thought of the Crane Deity having found such a terrifying backing occurred to him, the Jing Deity was shocked and enraged at the same time. He was caught up in hesitation.

He was truly unwilling to make foes with the Sheng Deity!

However, the Crane Deity was way too unbridled and aggressive, he couldnt let go of the insult!

The Crane Deitys daughter murdered his son, but for the sake of the big plan, he put up with it!

When the enemy who killed his son was at the brink of death, for the sake of the big plan, he offered help to the enemy despite his remorse for the spirit of his deceased son!

In the end, not only was the Crane Deity completely ungrateful, he turned his back against him by framing him up, and used it as an excuse to kill another son of his! He wanted to kick him out of the big plan!

Apart from kicking him out, he provoked him deliberately, in an attempt to start a face-to-face war, and annihilate him altogether!

The Jing Deity was deep in sorrow and rage. He felt that he had shown more than enough magnanimity and forbearance towards the Crane Deitys family, but the Crane Deity was far too abhorrent!

Crane Deity! You should die in the most horrendous ways possible!

At that moment, the divine servant who had returned from the Crane Deitys family came to report his duty.

Jing Deity, someone consigned this messenger jade pendant to me to be passed to you. The divine servant was on tenterhooks.

The Jing Deity was simmering with rage, how would he be in the mood to look at the messenger jade pendant? Even if it was a message from the Crane Deity, he wouldnt want to listen either!

Nonetheless, he blurted out, Whom was it from?

Su Yu.

Him? The Jing Deity raised his brows, he had almost forgotten about that fellow. He had thought that the Crane Deity must have killed him already, but it turned out that he was still alive. It wasnt what he had expected.

He harbored no repugnance for Su Yu, neither did he like him. He would also have a grudge against him for brazenly plotting against deities.

How dare you present a jade pendant from a mere mortal to me? Get lost! How would the Jing Deity lay down his pride to communicate with a petty insect like Su Yu?

The divine servant gritted his teeth and said, Su Yu said that if Jing Deity does not wish to accept it, I shall inform Jing Deity that, he has a way of getting you out of the predicament.

Him? The Jing Deity sneered. How could a meager mortal resolve the matters between deities?

But considering that Su Yu was adept at scheming, he took the messenger jade pendant onto his palm despite his disdain, and activated it as he sneered.

That was a real-time messenger jade pendant which enabled long-distance conversations to take place.

He was sneering when his face went stiff suddenly. A soft, delicate voice sounded from the other side, Eh, I cant believe you really manage to get in touch with the Jing Deity Oh, Jing Deity, Im Sheng Yuanxin, I have something to discuss with you. I could only contact a deity like you via such means to avoid the long journey.

Inside a secret chamber of the Crane Deitys family, Sheng Yuanxin was slightly surprised.

Su Yu notified that he had news regarding the case, but it turned out it concerned Jing Bai. Jing Bai had headed for Jiuzhou before, and he was the Jing Deitys son, so the Jing Deity might know something.

Regrettably, Sheng Yuanxin was unable to get in touch with the Jing Deity directly, as she was only a Prospective Deity after all and still had a long way to go before becoming a deity. The Jing Deity wasnt one whom she could simply meet up with.

But Su Yu offered to take the responsibility upon himself, claiming that he could contact the Jing Deity. He said something to the Jing Deitys divine servant who would return to him to report duty, and he really did deliver the messenger jade pendant to the Jing Deity.

Sheng Yuanxin had heard from Yang Tai that Su Yu was an extremely intelligent person with exceptional skills in planning. She did not believe him, but she did now, to a small extent.

Hearing that it was Sheng Yuanxin, the Jing Deity had a great shock. Wasnt Sheng Yuanxin collaborating with the Crane Deity? Why did she find him all of a sudden?

He concealed his sneer, and replied amiably, Su Yu is a junior whom I have high expectations on, I gave him the permission to contact me anytime.

The divine servant couldnt help but roll his eyes when he heard that, he was calling Su Yu a petty insect moments ago.

Oh, so that is it. Sheng Yuanxin shot a glance at Su Yu, and thought to herself No wonder he could get in contact with deities, with such a rapport, what was difficult about it? It seemed like that fellow Yang Tais comments were doubtful.

What is your purpose of contacting me, niece Yuanxin? The Jing Deity was very gracious.

Sheng Yuanxin said, I would like to inquire Jing Deity about matters about Jing Bai traveling to Jiuzhou, do you know anything about it, Jing Deity?

About that? The Jing Deity was rather disappointed, he was secretly hoping that Sheng Yuanxin would turn around and abandon the Crane Deity, and collaborate with him on the Carnival of All Gods instead.

Oh, Jing Bai was executing a mission in that region, and happened to be summoned by He Xianran, as for the reason why, I have no The Jing Deity said. Why could he have known what had happened? He didnt even know how his son was murdered!

But he heard Su Yus voice from the conversation, Jing Deity, this is a serious matter, it could possibly involve several deities of high status!

Sheng Yuanxin was frightened inwardly. While investigating Qin Kuos case, she had indeed found out that several powerful deities were involved in this case! Qin Kuo had covered up for the demons under the command of deities!

How did Su Yu know that? Staring at Su Yu in shock, Sheng Yuanxin thought to herself, Yang Tai was right, this man was extraordinarily clever! He did not need investigation to predict the involvement of influential deities in the matter.

But his words struck the Jing Deity like a bolt of thunder.

Hold on, deities of high statusHow could there be powerful deities involved in my sons death? The only occasion that involves them should be the Carnival of All Gods that will involve even the Sheng Deity! Is Sheng Yuanxin giving me some kind of hints? The Jing Deitys thinking was triggered.

What are you talking about, niece Yuanxin? I dont quite understand, the Jing Deity asked tentatively.

Sheng Yuanxin felt that the Jing Deity vaguely knew something from his tone. Somber, she said, Jing Deity really knows something! This is a matter of great significance, I hope Jing Deity will not speak about our conversation today to a third party, until the truth comes to light. Otherwise, it will be precarious to both you and I.

The Jing Deity was utterly shocked, it really was about the Carnival of All Gods! Wasnt he the one who knew the inside information then?

He was slightly thrilled, but he kept his composure. Niece Yuanxin is saying that

Sheng Yuanxin replied solemnly, My mother knows about this as well, from now on, I hope Jing Deity could collaborate with me. With my mothers protection, you can work with me without worries!

What? The Jing Deity felt his heart thumping wildly. The Sheng Deity really had a part in the matter!

Besides, the Sheng Deity was inclined towards the Jing Deity, hoping that he could work with her daughter!

Rest assured, niece Yuanxin, only the heavens and the earth, you, me and Su Yu will ever know about it, apart from that, I will not reveal a word! The Jing Deity was extremely exhilarated.

Sheng Yuanxin nodded, what kind of felony was covering up for the demon race? The involvement of deities was extremely significant as well, if they were informed that a group of people had their eyes on them beforehand, it would be very perilous.

Alright, hope you can keep it secret for now, and offer your help when you are needed, my mother will have your back! Sheng Yuanxin said.

She needed witnesses to expose those deities in near future. The Jing Deitys generosity had moved Sheng Yuanxin indeed, she thought inwardly, the Jing Deity was rumored to be a cold, heartless person, but it turned out that he was in fact, a selfless and impartial one.

The Jing Deity laughed, No worries, I will lend niece Sheng Yuanxin a hand when the time comes!

After some hesitation, callousness flickered in the Jing Deitys eyes. But, what if someone stands in our way, and wants to divulge the matter and threatens our safety?

Sheng Yuanxin said, They should be killed with no exemption! This is a serious matter, and in no circumstances should it be disclosed!

Having heard that, the Jing Deity was greatly relieved, the Sheng Deity had already given up on the Crane Deity!

Lets put an end to this, please destroy the messenger jade pendant immediately so that no one knows about this, Sheng Yuanxin said at last, and squeezed the messenger pendant in her hand into smithereens, with a solemn look on her face.

The Jing Deity set down the messenger jade pendant, and destroyed it instantly as well. He praised highly, No wonder she is the Sheng Deitys daughter, she is quick-witted.

The divine servant had his mouth hung open and his eyes wide in disbelief. What had Su Yu given the Jing Deity that made him behave this way? He seemed like he was bout devour humans alive only moments ago.

Hahaha The Jing Deity stood up, and laughed as he looked up at the sky. Crane Deity, oh, Crane Deity! You would never have dreamed of this, that the Sheng Deity has chosen me! As for you, humphI have had enough of you!

The divine servants face changed. Jing Deity, what are you going to do?

The Jing Deity sneered. Avenge my son of course! Jing Bai aside, he wasnt famous. The Crane Deity has killed my second son and even proclaimed it to the world, if I dont take my revenge, wont I end up becoming a laughing stock to the world?

Besides, with the Sheng Deitys order, he had the obligation to eliminate the latent danger Crane Deity to avoid the leakage of information, what did he have to fear now?

With a move of thoughts, the Jing Deity emerged at the border between two regions. He shot a glance at the great army that was engaged in a drill in the Jing Deitys cavern world, he was pleased. Hehe, this Su Yu is great at doing things!

Listen to my order, great army, the Crane Deity killed my descendant. Now follow me to the Crane Deitys cavern world, and well take back the justice that is ours!

In the Crane Deitys cavern world, the Crane Deity was on pins and needles.

He killed the Jing Deitys second son, which had frightened some deities who were harboring malicious intentions.

However, how did he deal with the Jing Deity now?

He really did not wish to confront the Jing Deity with brute force, so he only killed his son, but spared the Jing Deity.

Hope the Jing Deity knows to give and take, otherwise, otherwise I can only fight The Crane Deity was pacing back and forth, when an urgent message came in from the border, all of a sudden!

The Jing Deity had led his great army and marched into his territory!!


The Jing Deity shattered the stone table in front of you, and he was shimmering in divine brilliance, his wrath erupting!

Just as expected! He had arranged the great army at the border for this day!! The Crane Deity laughed with great misery. Jing Deity, oh, Jing Deity, why did you treat me like this?

He assassinated He Xianran at first, for the sake of the big plan, the Crane Deity had born with it! Despite his affection for his daughter, he gritted his teeth and took the insult!

And then he murdered her brazenly, compelling him to retaliate in full view of people. He had no choice but to kill the Jing Deitys son to take his revenge.

In the end, the Jing Deity really used it as a pretext to attack the Crane Deitys cavern world.

Jing Deity, oh, Jing Deity, I could even sacrifice my daughter, yet you are forcing me into such a predicament! Are you trying to get rid of me? The Crane Deitys face was full of ferocity and resentment, he bellowed, Send my order, all soldiers of the Crane Deitys cavern world, follow me to the war!

With everyone watching, the two great cavern worlds of deities had gotten into a grand-scale battle just as expected.

The Jing Deity came prepared, but the Crane Deity had gone into war in a haste. His great army was gradually losing ground, and in two months time, the Jing Deity had fought his way to the Crane Deitys family!

The people of the Crane Deitys family were in great danger, and everyone was utterly anxious.

Only Su Yu, the initiator of all evil, was leisurely practicing his Dragon Form Technique.

Looks like it is also finished, the competition between the two great deities! It is time I go over and take a look. With a soft chuckle, Su Yu stepped out of the secret chamber, which he hadnt done for a long time.