The Divine Nine Dragon Cauldron Chapter 1147

Chapter 1147 The Crane Deitys Downfall

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Outside the secret chamber, Dulong stood up and said, Mister Su, the battlefield is full of danger, let me keep you safe.

Su Yu nodded.

Dulong followed behind Su Yu, an uncanny gleam flickering in the depths of his eyes.

The Crane Deity stood amidst the sky with eyes full of sorrow and fury. The Jing Deity was indeed relentless, he killed every last one of his people and showed him no mercy.

Now, the two armies were standing face to face outside the Crane Deitys dwelling, and the Crane Deity had nowhere to retreat to.

Looking at the leisurely Jing Deity from across the air, the Crane Deity questioned with grief and indignation, Jing Deity, do you really want to be so ruthless?

Jing Deity snickered. Am I not just learning from you? A tooth for a tooth, an eye for an eye!

The Jing Deity had misunderstood the Crane Deity for trying to murder him with the help of the Sheng Deity, but now, he was killing him with the Sheng Deitys power instead!

But the Crane Deity thought that the Jing Deity had come to avenge his son who was killed by him!

The Crane Deity was even more furious when he thought of that. It was the Jing Deity who set up the trap, but now the evildoer was the first to file a suit!

Now that things had turned out like this, the Crane Deity had no more expectation. Jing Deity, if you destroy me, youre going to pay the price too!

The Jing Deity did hesitate for a moment, as a deity himself, to kill another deity was more than just slightly challenging.

All of a sudden, the Jing Deity caught a glimpse of Su Yu above the Crane Deitys dwelling, who shot him a cold glance. The Jing Deity glanced around, but Sheng Yuanxin was nowhere to be seen.

He pondered, could Su Yu be the supervisor that was sent by Sheng Yuanxin?

After all, Sheng Yuanxin had formed an alliance with him right in front of Su Yu!

Without any hesitation, the Jing Deity sneered, How much longer do you think you yourself can live?

With the Sheng Deity calling the shots, even if the Jing Deity did not strike, some other deities would come forth and eliminate him too.

Come for me then! The Crane Deity bellowed, he had no more means of retreat, so he could only charge with gritted teeth.

The Jing Deity dared not be careless, he struck with all his might.

The immense divine energy unleashed by the two great deities made the two cavern worlds tremble vigorously, as if they were on the verge of falling apart!

The sight of the heavens and the lands being distorted, as if the whole world was about to shatter, the boundless divine energy oppressed the creatures on both worlds till they were struggling to survive.

The terror of seeing the worlds being devastated surged in everyones heart.

However, the feeling only lasted for a brief moment, before a shriek of agony sounded. And then a golden downpour of blood showered the entire Crane Deitys cavern world!

That was the Crane Deitys blood!

The Crane Deity had perished, his godly position had been torn down. His body transformed into endless torrents of blood rain, befalling the Crane Deitys cavern world.

The entire world was shrouded in immense grief, the light of the world dimmed down all of a sudden. That was the sign of the beginning of a cavern worlds downfall!

The Jing Deitys figure emerged in the sky, with hints of stupefaction on his face.

What he had expected was to be engaged in a great war with the Crane Deity. However, the reality was that the Crane Deity was totally vulnerable in front of him, a great half of his divine body had been bombarded into smithereens!

Looking at the rain of divine blood falling from the sky, the Jing Deity was stunned. How is his divinity so weak? The Crane Deity was way too vulnerable!

Su Yu watched the rain of divine blood, he wasnt even in the mood for collecting the divine blood because it was too weak!

The Crane Deity was an arrow at the end of its flight indeed.

Next, it was He Xianrans showtime.

The Crane Deitys divine soul carried a mass of godly spirit and hurried back to the forbidden place of the Crane Deitys dwelling, the Crane Deitys secret training chamber!

Inside the chamber was filled with dazzling objects of divinity.

Those were collected over the years by the Crane Deity for the purpose of replenishing his godly spirit.

After continuously replenishing with some divine objects, the Crane Deitys godly spirit strengthened a little, and managed to survive eventually.

It would only take him some recuperation to develop and reinforce his godly spirit, and he would be able to reform his divine body again.

Jing Deity! I want you dead in the worst way possible! The Crane Deity inhaled a sharp breath, his whole body shivering.

The Crane Deitys face changed all of a sudden. The godly spirit in his arms became extremely unstable. From golden yellow, it gradually turned pitch-black, and exploded with a boom at last!

His last streak of godly spirit had extinguished too!

Losing the godly spirit meant completely losing his divine position, and he would never be a deity ever again!

Who? Who did that? The Crane Deity burst out in anger. His divine soul had a fierce, hideous look on its face, as though it was going to devour humans.

Abruptly, he turned to look at the divine objects that he had been consuming. There was half a piece of divine grass among them, with whiffs of white fume lingering on it, odourless and tasteless. Even with careful observation, it wouldnt have been discovered.

Worse still, he had been anxious and hasty just now, thus he had only taken a rough glance at the objects.

The God-Destroying Acute Poison of the Poison Deity? The Crane Deitys face was as gloomy as the dark water.

Apart from his divine servants, no one knew the way to open his secret chamber, neither did his closed ones!

But he had slaughtered all his divine servants, who else could possibly know the way to open his secret chamber?

With a creak, the secret chamber was opened by someone from the outside, and a familiar dainty figure strode in.

Father, how does the God-Destroying Acute Poison taste? He Xianran, who was supposedly dead, appeared before the very eyes of the Crane Deity.

The Crane Deitys facial expression changed theatrically. No, impossible, how did you come back to life?

A deitys descendant wasnt allowed to sign the deitys contract. Death meant death, there was no chances of revival.

Are you very disappointed, Father? He Xianrans lips were curled into a sneer.

The Crane Deity asked, Xianran, were you the one who put in this acute poison?

Of course, you have always kept an eye on the people, whoever gets near the secret chamber will alert you immediately. However, I am dead, and you havent paid me any attention, that was how I got to enter your secret chamber, and put the poison in your most precious objects of divinity!

That was the reason He Xianran had to die once, so that the conflict between the two deities could be triggered, and the Crane Deitys attention could be avoided.

The Crane Deity was an aloof and heartless person, he had never trusted his own people. Each and every one of them was under his surveillance, even He Xianran, the daughter whom he loved the most.

The Crane Deity had a stern look on his face. I have been so good to you, but you

Good to you? Arent you only ever good to yourself? For your godly spirit, you can give up on anything! He Xianran cut him off ruthlessly, and with a flip of her palm, she got out a black-colored pot the size of a palm.

Sneering in an eerie manner, she said, Father, I have been waiting for this moment for a long time!

When the Crane Deity saw the jade vessel, his face changed dramatically. Treasure of the demon race, the Soul Refining Furnace? You want to refine my divine soul into a tonic, and rise as a deity?

The Soul Refining Furnace was an extremely rare treasure of the demon race, it was capable of refining the souls of all living creatures in the world, and produce valuable soul liquid. The higher the grade of the soul placed into it, the more powerful the resulting soul liquid.

After consumption, one would acquire everything the soul had before its demise, and all of its enlightenment.

Especially when the consumer had the same bloodline as the owner of the soul, the effects of the soul liquid would be even greater.

If He Xianran consumed the divine liquid refined from his divine soul and inherited his Divine Path, becoming a deity was only a matter of time, given that no accident occurred along the way.

In order to obtain your divine soul, I made use of Su Yu and went to great lengths to destroy your body, Im afraid he doesnt know about the miraculous benefits of the divine soul, does he? He Xianran licked her lips.

The Crane Deity chortled with great misery, Su Yu

From the very beginning, he had the feeling that there was a manipulator behind all of it, but he hadnt expected that it was Su Yu who was scheming behind the scene!

In that case, the great war between the Jing Deity and I was all in his plan?

He Xianran nodded. Right, it was him! Speaking of this, I truly admire him a great lot, who would have thought that our plan with slim chances of success the other day would turn out so successful, running according to his step-by-step calculation! He, really was a frightening person!

Su Yu, Su Yu!

The Crane Deity regretted deeply, he had found this person a threat from earlier and had attempted killing him several times, but it had been put off time and time again. He never expected that he would end up in this plight all because of him!

Su Yu!! The Crane Deity resented him in his bones.

However, he hated his daughter even more!! After all, without He Xianrans betrayal, how could Su Yu contrive the entire game as an outsider?

Besides, the one who killed him ultimately, was also his daughter.

Haih, Father, your biggest blunder was becoming foes with Su Yu, He Xianran said with a sigh, and opened the Soul Refining Furnace.

The Crane Deity wanted to avoid, but the Soul Refining Furnace was specially meant for souls. The Crane Deity had nowhere to hide, and was taken into the furnace.

Amidst his despair, the Crane Deity bellowed ferociously in great wrath, My good daughter, you will not have a good end either, Su Yu is such a dangerous person, you wont be able to control him!

I know. He Xianran twirled her silky hair, and flashed a spine-chilling glum smile at him. Thus, I have eliminated him. Dulong, who has been protecting him by his side, must be on his way on sending his dead body here right now!


However, right at that moment, the door of the secret chamber was opened, and a dead body was thrown inside.

Who else could it be if it wasnt Dulong?

Dulong? He Xianrans pretty face turned pale with fright. Impossible, how could Su Yu possibly kill Dulong?

Besides, apart from Dulong, I have arranged strong men in the family to aid him, even if Dulong couldnt kill him, the other strong men would have attacked. Why didnt they send me any message when Dulong was killed?

Thump! Thump!

Heavy and clumsy footsteps sounded, which were followed by a creepy sneer. Because, the young master of the Crane Deitys family gave them the order! Dare they not listen to the young masters command?

The Crane Deitys family only had two young masters.

He Jinghong was still in captivation till now, under He Xianrans special care, his cultivation had been abolished, and he had become a crippled man.

The remaining person who could kill Dulong and give orders to the people of the Crane Deitys family, was He Ruchu!

The most useless second young master of the Crane Deitys family whom the most people looked down upon, He Ruchu!

He Xianran was in utter disbelief. You, why did you do that?

Haha, because I made him to! A soft, nonchalant chuckle sounded from outside the house.

He Xianran shuddered, as terror filled her eyes, like an evildoer whose intrigues had been exposed. You, you knew that I have sent Dulong to kill you all along?

Of course I did, you could even kill your own father, why should you spare an outsider like me? The donkey will be killed once it leaves the millstone, I dont find Miss Xianran a kindhearted, lenient person, Su Yu said with indifference.

He Xianran stared at Dulongs dead body. I dont believe it, who would have the capability to kill Dulong? Even big brother is far from it, did you guys conspire with someone else?

Why did we need to conspire with someone else? Cant your second brother kill Dulong easily? Su Yu smiled with sympathy.

What? Second brother? He Xianran could not believe it. Impossible, he isnt even as strong as me

The next moment, He Xianrans voice stopped abruptly, because He Ruchu unleashed the aura of Peak Mortal Fairy!

He Ruchu had a mocking look on his plump, honest-looking face. Do you really think that you and big brother are the ones with the greatest talents?

I was only concealing my excellence, otherwise, if I have been too outstanding, I would have been dead like fourth brother back then, in the hands of you and big brother.