The Divine Nine Dragon Cauldron Chapter 1149

Chapter 1149 The Descendant Of The Sword Deity

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It would be a great blessing if the Crane Deity could become the artifact spirit of an Emperor-based Saint Artifact. He would regain his Celestial Energy Sphere easily with the strength of an Emperor-based Saint Artifact that had been nourished for several thousand years. Also, if the rank of the Emperor-based Saint Artifact was high, he would even acquire a higher Godly Position!

The Crane Deity was a deity who was about to die. It was quite difficult for him to find a counterfeited Emperor-based Saint Artifact, let alone a real Emperor-based Saint Artifact which was ranked 21st.

The rank of the best Emperor-based Saint Artifact in this world was over 1,000.

Therefore, an Emperor-based Saint Artifact which ranked 21st was beyond the imagination of the Crane Deity!

Its OK with me! The Crane Deity agreed immediately with wild joy flashing in his eyes.

His hatred towards Su Yu disappeared because Su Yu offered him a fate which was much better than death.

Hearing this, Su Yu nodded his head. Then, he opened the Soul-refining Furnace and released the soul of the Crane Deity. After that, Su Yu opened the Milky Way Star Sand, so that the soul of the Crane Deity could enter it.

With a soul in the Milky Way Star Sand, Su Yu felt it was more intelligent!

MasterSu Yu the Crane Deity, who had just become an Artifact Spirit, said with embarrassment. I need two months to merge into this holy artifact and become its Artifact Spirit!

Hearing that, Su Yu nodded his head to show his approval.

Master it seems there is a restriction in this holy artifact! the Crane Deity said after a while. If this restriction cant be removed, Im afraid it is impossible for you to refine this Emperor-based Saint Artifact! If it is taken away, it will be possessed by other people!

Su Yu replied, Youre right! I know that. Now, I need to go and see someone!

When Tian Jizi gave the Milky Way Star Sand to Su Yu, he brought forth 2 conditions.

First, the Blood Emperor should be killed. Su Yu had accomplished this mission.

Second, Su Yu shall pass on Yun Yazis last words to the Rosy Clouds Fairy Maiden.

Su Yu hadnt found the Rosy Clouds Fairy Maiden in the world of the Jiuzhou Continent. It was possible that she was in the Great Eastern Alliance. However, nobody could tell Su Yu anything when he inquired about her.

At least the Rosy Clouds Fairy Maiden was not famous in the Great Eastern Alliance.

After pondering it for a while, Su Yu asked, Have you heard of a lady whose name is Rosy Clouds Fairy Maiden?

After thinking about the name for a while, the Crane Deity replied, No! I would know her name if she is very famous here!

Su Yu, who was not disappointed by the Crane Deitys reply, said by nodding nodded his head and said, OK! Now, start to merge into this holy artifact!

Suddenly, Su Yu sensed the aura of the Jing Deity. Then, he asked in surprise, Is there something important between you and Jing Deity?

Hearing this, the Crane Deity became speechless with a complicated expression. He knew he couldnt hide anything from Su Yu. So, he provided the details of the Carnival of All Gods to Su Yu.

The Carnival of All Gods? Hearing this, Su Yu was impressed by the boldness of the Crane Deity and Jing Deity. Then, Su Yus eyes lit up.

Hah! Hah! Hah! Congratulations Feather God! the Jing Deity said with a smile as he descended.

He couldnt figure out how Su Yu had forced the Crane Deity to utter those dying wishes!

Su Yu also replied with a smile, Jing Deity, I am flattered! I am just a substitute deity!

Heh! Heh! Dont be so modest! Sheng Yuanxin thinks highly of you which means you must be extraordinary! Actually, the Jing Deity didnt flatter him. Su Yu had managed to go from being an ordinary outlander to become a Substitute Deity. This change could be described as earth-shaking!

When Jing Deity mentioned Sheng Yuanxin, Su Yu knew his intention immediately. I believe Lady Yuanxin is fully prepared for the Carnival of All Gods! Now, what we could do now is to wait for the right time!

Hearing this, the Jing Deitys heart was put at rest. Then, he looked around and said with a smile, Right! We cant talk about this here. I think we have a tacit understanding. Please tell Sheng Yuanxin that I am also ready!

Su Yu nodded his head after hearing that. Then, the Jing Deity left with his army after chatting with Su Yu for a short while.

Soon, the news was spread quickly across the two worlds. The Feather God and the Jing Deity came to an agreement after a secret discussion. The Jing Deity withdrew his army unconditionally and didnt ask for any resources from the Feather God.

The Jing Deity, who had arrived in fury, left in this way. A lot of people kept talking about this issue.

Before long, people heard the news from the world of the Jing Deity. After a face-to-face discussion, the Jing Deity, who appreciated Su Yu a lot, confirmed Su Yus identity as the reincarnation of nine dragons!

These words, which were uttered by Jing Deity, were irrefutable!

Soon, the entire Great Eastern Continent was startled by this news.

Thanks to his wide-spread information network, Yang Tai heard this news immediately. He was also dumbfounded.

After reading a lot of material, Yang Tai started to pace up and down in his room with a complicated expression.

Young Master, I am willing to solve this problem for you!

Yang Tai snorted snappily after hearing that. What problem? Can you ease the relation between Su Yu and me?

Su Yu? the old man replied as he blinked. Whats wrong with Su Yu?

There is nothing wrong with him! Yang Tai sighed. He hasbecome a deity!

Ah! The old man widened his mouth as if he had just heard something impossible. Young Master, you are cracking a joke, right? He was just a Stage One All Creation Expert when we last met him!

Yang Tai replied with a smile, For him, the stage is not important at all! Now, he is the Feather God who controls the world of the Crane Deity. Alas! He is really so good at scheming!

He killed a deity first. Then, he became a deity Now, he has not only obtained a foothold in this world but has also become a revered deity! In the future, we will have to address him the Feather God when we meet him! Yang Tais heart was full of complicated feelings.

For ordinary people, the war between the Jing Deity and the Crane Deity was caused by the death of their son and daughter.

However, Yang Tais instinct told him Su Yu was the one who was behind this war.

At last, the Crane Deity, who had been determined to kill Su Yu, left an absurd testament that appointed Su Yu as a substitute deity of his world. It was so questionable!

Yang Tai was sure that such a strange thing must have been caused by Su Yu!

To kill a deity was something beyond the imagination of Yang Tai. However, it was peacefully achieved by Su Yu.

When the old man heard this story, he couldnt help but gasp. Young Master, does it mean this guy was really reincarnated from a deity? His scheming is so horrible!

Yang Tai sighed. Alas! For me, this guys scheming is more and more horrible!

As an ordinary mortal, he managed to kill a deity! Now, he holds a position among the 100 deities in the Great Eastern Alliance! I have absolutely no doubt that he is able to stir up the entire Alliance of 100 Deities! What worries me is that this guy is hostile to me! Now, Yang Tai regretted the guidance he provided to the family of the Crane Deity, which caused the estrangement between him and Su Yu.

The old man, who figured out Yang Tais intention, said, Young Master, why dont we help him?

Yang Tai replied with a wry smile, As one of the 100 Deities, he doesnt need help from us! The icing on the cake is not as good as charcoal in snowy weather!

I got a report recently. It seems the young master of the Book Deitys world hates Su Yu. He even sent people to assassinate Su Yu!

Yang Tai had only been focused on the war between the worlds of Jing Deity and Crane Deity. Hearing this, his eyes lit up, and he said, Good! You should start to collect information in the world of the Book Deity!

In the Book Deitys world.

Qin Feichen, the young master of the Book Deitys family, sighed worriedly after hearing the report from Wuchou. I underestimated him! We have lost the best opportunity to arrest him!

Now, Su Yu was one of the 100 Deities in this world, although he was just a substitute deity.

If Qin Feichen failed to capture Su Yu, the Book Deity would become the public enemy in this world.

Also, it was extremely difficult to capture Su Yu now.

As the controller of the Crane Deitys world, Su Yu was being protected by countless experts. Meanwhile, Su Yu was a friend of the Jing Deity, who proved their friendship through his testimony about Su Yus identity as the reincarnation of nine dragons!

If he decided to arrest Su Yu, he had to take the Jing Deity into consideration.

But these factors were not important. The most important factor was that Su Yu had attracted the attention of Sheng Yuanxin to the family of the Book Deity!

Sheng Yuanxins attention really worried Qin Feichen a lot.

Once Sheng Yuanxin found what Qin Feichen had done, his family would be in big trouble.

Therefore, Qin Feichen didnt dare to take action even though Su Yu was becoming increasingly strong because he didnt want to startle Sheng Yuanxin!

In this way, Su Yu managed to become stronger while Qin Feichen didnt dare to move. This was so troublesome!

Wuchou rolled his eyes and said, Young Master, I think we can entrust this task to an outsider!

An outsider? A trustworthy outsider? Qin Feichen sneered. He wanted to finish this task secretly. An outsider was not acceptable for his plan.

Wuchou said with a smile, Young Master, do you remember the undead who are wandering in the dark World of Divine Remnant? They will accomplish this task as long as we can pay them handsomely!

Hearing this, Qin Feichen raised his eyebrows and started to think it over.

Wuchou continued, In six months, the Carnival of All Gods will be held. At that time, Su Yus identity as the Feather God will be accepted by this world when he appears together with those deities. It will be extremely difficult for us to kill him at that time! So, we have to kill him before that! Those who are in the World of Divine Remnant never fail their customer when they get paid!

Hearing this, Qin Feichen nodded his head and said, Good! I will leave this issue to you. Just ask them to kill Su Yu! You must accomplish this task at all costs, even if you have to send the Prospective Deities in the World of Divine Remnant!

Qin Feichen knew it was impossible to capture Su Yu now. So, he just wanted to kill Su Yu.

As you wish!

Sheng Yuanxin was handling her business affairs in the Alliance Hall at this moment.

Although she heard the Crane Deity had been killed during the war between the worlds of the Jing Deity and the Crane Deity, she was not surprised because she knew the fight between the two deities was only a matter of time.

However, when she heard Su Yu had become a deity, she couldnt help but exclaim in surprise, This is so unexpected! How did he manage that?

When she went to the family of the Crane Deity, she had the feeling that Su Yu was actually under house arrest. How could he go from being a prisoner to being the Feather God in such a short space of time?

When Sheng Yuanxin remembered Yang Tai was also terrified by Su Yu, she stuck out her tongue. This guy is really a schemer! she said.

Captain, who are you talking about? The gentle voice of a man came in at this moment.

The voice was from a human being. His name was Bu Ruyi, one of the three experts sent by the Senluo Law Enforcing Team to the Alliance Hall. He was a descendant of the Sword Deity.

The mans body was giving off a magnificent sword ambiance. Even his eyes looked like two swords.

Hearing this, Sheng Yuanxin replied, I am talking about the new Feather God. Ive heard that the Jing Deity confirmed he is the reincarnation of nine dragons!

Sheng Yuanxin continued, This guy is a very intelligent deity. I didnt expect he could become a deity in such a short time! What a surprise!

It seemed that she had believed Su Yu would become a deity sooner or later!

After a short consideration, Sheng Yuanxin said again, He is also a human being like you. Havent you heard of him before?

If Sheng Yuanxin hadnt have said this, Bu Ruyi wouldnt have paid any attention to Su Yu. When he knew Su Yu was also a human being, he made a comparison between Su Yu and himself in his heart. Then, he replied in a recalcitrant way, He is just a substitute deity who is a god in name only! His strength is far from that of a deity! So, he is nothing!