The Divine Nine Dragon Cauldron Chapter 115

Chapter 115: A Bolt from The Blue
Chapter 115: A Bolt from The Blue
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Su Yu was indignant!

"That's right! So what if I did? Did I ever say the wrong thing?" Su Yu sneered and spoke bluntly, "If your Liuxian Faction had magnanimity, how could you exploit ignorant and unaware disciples and put our lives in danger? If there was magnanimity, why would you be so worried expelling us? If there was magnanimity, you, a stately Elderhow could you not even allow someone to speak the truth?!"

Xi Ruolan and Qin Gang were secretly startled; this child was truly arrogant and had an exaggerated ego!

An elder-ranked figure was paramount in the Liuxian Faction!

Though the Second Elder had come in person, in reality, the likes of Xi Ruolan and Qin Gang might not even have the chance to see an Elder once a year.

Besides the well-known Han Zhi, the remaining nine Elders were elusive and mysterious. It was tricky for inconsequential people to even catch a glimpse of their real appearances.

Xi Ruolan found it hard to understand. Here was the disciple who had clearly asked for the Second Elder, wanting her guidance for a day. This was why, with her exalted status, she would go as far to come in person.

However, not only had Su Yu become angry at her presence, but he had talked back to the Second Elder!

Of the Ten Great Supreme Elders, the Second Elder was temperamental and of a disagreeable nature, even the Faction Master was afraid of her to some degree.

Su Yu's words were going to bring about his own destruction!

The Second Elder was dumbfounded for a moment and immediately felt insulted and angry. Her ugly face twisted and she rolled her eyes while she huffed, "Boy, do you think, in my capacity as an Elder, a lofty rank, I will not lower my status to personally dispose of you?"

This hint of killing intent was like an icy arrow, it stung Su Yu's heart!

Su Yu smiled sadly, "You are an Elder. Because I contradicted you at the Depository of Buddhist Scriptures, you sought me outkilling me here would not shock anyone."

He could not understand how he had offended the Second Elder. Was it because he merely did not know her identity, or because he had rashly asked the question about the Depository of Buddhist Scriptures?

The Second Elder's killing intent deepened. She extended her finger and pointed it toward Su Yu.

Su Yu subconsciously wanted to evade but was shocked to find out that, with her one gesture, his body had become stiff.

His body's spiritual energy and his inner strength force could not be mobilizedhe was paralyzed.

What type of profound and mysterious realm was the faction's Elder power in?

Su Yu instantly felt like he was an insignificant human being looking up at the endless skies.

The gulf between the Second Elder's and his abilities was like heaven and Earth!


Her icy finger pointed at Su Yu between his eyebrows.

The Second Elder's eyes held a chill as she sneered, "Correct! I never consider my status when it comes to killing people! I don't care what other people think!" Powerful vital energy traveled through her finger and shattered Su Yu's mind.

Su Yu felt bitter. It had not been easy to travel from Shenyue Island to Zhenlong Continent, and he finally had half a foot in the factionwas this finally the end?

If I were to die, who would avenge Li Guang's injustice? Who would take care of Xianer in the future? Will Xia Jingyu be heartbroken?

"Xianer... farewell." Su Yu's lips whispered and he smiled sadly.

However, in that split second, her finger between his eyebrows froze and her powerful energy retracted from within him, "Xianer? Qin Xianer?"

Su Yu was stunned, "Why do you ask? Do you also want to retaliate against those around me?"

"Who is she to you? If you don't answer, I'll first kill her and then wipe you out!" The Second Elder viciously answered.

Su Yu was enraged, "You go too far!"

"I'll kill her first!" The Second Elder's murderous rage was on full display.

Su Yu felt indignant, so this was Zhenlong Continent? The cruel reality was far beyond what happened at the Shenyue Island!

He had thought that entering the Liuxian Faction would allow him to be at ease and cultivate in peace, but the reality was ice-cold and cruel!

Xianer's and his lives and deaths were in her hands within an instant!

"She... is my betrothed! I've come from Shenyue Island to seek her!" Su Yu stared intently at the Second Elder, "I can die, but she's innocent. If you dare to touch her... I, Su Yu, will haunt you and make your life miserable forever!"

The Second Elder slowly retracted her finger. Her eyes rolled back and flashed with mirth and derision, "Betrothed?"

"Yes!" Su Yu was puzzled, why had she given up killing him, what was the meaning of her mocking look?

The Second Elder beamed, "Then why do I hear that a young girl named Qin Xianer is about to have a big wedding with Han Zhi's First Disciple, Cao Xuan?"

Cao Xuan, the young man who had greeted them that day on Shenyue Island.

His ability had reached... the Dragon Realm!

Su Yu was thunderstruck, "How can this be? Xianer and Cao Xuan are having a big wedding?"

The Second Elder beamed even more, "Yes! Han Zhi was the matchmaker and Xianer's only relative, Xu Rong, gave her blessing. They will have a big wedding, everyone inside and outside of the faction knows."


Su Yu's heart was shaken, and he looked despondent, "She... How can she marry Cao Xuan?"

Regaining his composure, his mind recalled Xianer's pure and lovely appearance and he shook his head. This was not Xianer's intention!

Xianer's heart was pure and virtuous, loyal and faithful, she would never willingly marry Cao Xuan!

It was Xu Rong, that old dog!

She had previously looked down on Su Yu and had thus betrothed Qin Xianer to Liu Guang! Now, she still despised Su Yu so she had betrothed her to Cao Xuan!

"How many months until their big wedding?" Su Yu's fingers dug into his flesh and his chest felt a heart-gripping pain.

He had finally come to the Liuxian Faction after much difficulty, and all he got was such a disheartening situation?

He needed more ability! More power!

If Su Yu had an ability which no one dared challenge, would Xu Rong still dare disregard Su Yu in order to engage Xianer off to outsiders?

Before the wedding, Su Yu would have to feverishly enhance his ability so he could take Xianer away from the Liuxian Faction!

Even if he were to disobey the faction, even if he were to be hunted and killed, even if he were to become enemies with everyone under heaven, he was going to take Xianer away!

The world was big, surely they could find a place where they could fit in? It would be no big deal for the two of them to roam far and wide together!

"A few months?" The Second Elder's mocking tone became even more pronounced, "The wedding will be in five day's time."

What? In five days? Su Yu, as if struck by lightning, started to tremble!

Xianer only entered the faction no more than a few days ago, how could she marry someone with such haste?

"Hehe, how sad, your intended is marrying another man? You poor thing," The Second Elder shook her head in pity and added sarcastically, "You're a pitiful creature, I, as an Elder, feel it's not worth it to dispose of you.

"I would rather watch you pathetically live your life on the lowest rung of the world. I love that disheartened look on your face," The Second Elder's face flushed with the pleasure of revenge. She was anticipating a good show!

"Xianer!" Su Yu's eyes were wracked with grief!


Darting out of the External Affairs Division, Su Yu charged straight into the Inner Sanctum! There was no time left! It was too late!

He would have to take Xianer away now!


He rushed to the boundary of the Inner Sanctum.

The Inner Sanctum was heavily guarded, without a pass it was impossible to enter!

Even if Xi Ruolan, the Clan Master, was at the door and the Inner Sanctum's Elders had not summoned her, she would not be qualified to enter the Inner Sanctum!

The Liuxian Faction was composed of eighteen floating, fallen stars.

Seventeen of those small, fallen stars revolved around an enormous fallen star in the center. It was as if all the stars had aligned themselves around the sun. They honored it from all directions.

That was the legendary Inner Sanctum!

In between the area of the Inner Sanctum's fallen star and the other seventeen fallen stars, there was a powerful matrix!

One could not pass through it by flying! There was only one way to enter, via a long iron bridge.


Su Yu arrived before the iron bridge and anxiously rushed towards it!


However, he had not yet arrived before a terrible force already attacked him!

Su Yu's response was swift, he activated his spiritual energy and resisted with both arms!



Su Yu sprayed out a mouthful of blood, groaned, and fell back.

Looking over, a black armored guard was staring at Su Yu. With his hands behind his back, he stood before the iron bridge. His eyes were bright and full of expression!

"Any trespassers of the Inner Sanctum will be beheaded according to the law! Step away immediately!" The middle-aged black armored guard coldly snapped. His ability had reached the terrible Third Level Holy King level!

Su Yu was raging inside, his grief and indignation were beyond compare. Not only could he not take Xianer away, he did not even have the right to enter the Inner Sanctum!

Would he have to look on helplessly as Xianer was married to Cao Xuan in five days?


At this time, Yun Yan, who was worried about Su Yu, raced over.

"Su Yu!" Yun Yan reached out with her arms to support Su Yu and she took out a clean handkerchief to wipe the blood off the corners of Su Yu's mouth.

"Don't be like this, you can't just barge into the holy ground of the Inner Sanctum whenever you wish. Only those with Inner Sanctum status or those who receive summons can enter." Yun Yan warily glanced at the black armor guard.

Both of Su Yu's fists clenched and his fingers dug into his flesh until they drew blood.

Su Yu's mind was in turmoil. He was so full of sadness and anger that physical pain no longer upset his nerves.

He thought that since he had an unusual soul, he could set foot on the Zhenlong Continent and strive for greatness. He had originally thought that when he became a Holy King, there would be opportunities to further pursue his learning and improve, and he could reunite with Xianer.

But the brutal fact was that Su Yu was too small and weak, like an ant!

Knowing that his betrothed was being forced to marry someone else, he could not even cross the bridge to stand before her, let alone take her away!

Su Yu's anguish and boundless anger shook his soul! The enormous shock to his spirit reverberated deep within him!


In his mind, the Divine Nine-Dragon Cauldron, which perceived the violent change in Su Yu's mood, began to vibrate loudly.

A red liquid came dripping down its side!

This time, among the dragons that were carved inside the cauldron, a ten-inch long red dragon underwent a baptism of spirit serum, and an inch of solidified red crystal appeared.

This scene was very similar to the crystallization of the violet dragon.

Su Yu's ability deepened with every point of crystallization.

The violet dragon represented the acceleration of time, what did the scarlet dragon represent?

Su Yu did not have time to think.

Like the first time the Nine-Dragon Cauldron entered his mind, the violet dragon's baptism produced a heart-tearing, lung-splitting pain.

Su Yu passed out on the spot!

Before he passed out, he was aware of falling into a warm and fragrant embrace.

When Su Yu regained consciousness, half a day had already passed!

The wedding was only four and half days away!

"Xianer!" Su Yu screamed as he suddenly opened his eyes!

A soft pale hand gently stroked Su Yu's head. A soft, sympathetic voice comforted him, "Su Yu, are you awake?"

Su Yu focused and looked over at Princess Yun Yan, who had been silently watching over him by his side while he was unconscious.

"Sorry," Su Yu got up and apologized, but his mind was filled with images of Xianer.

She was getting married!

With his palms trembling, Su Yu found it hard to suppress his inner lament.

Gazing at the Fallen Star of the Inner Sanctum that was almost within reach, he felt even more sorrowful. It was plainly in front of him, and yet he did not have the right to cross the iron bridge!

Could it be that, after he had gone through so many obstacles, he still had to bid farewell to Xianer?

"Su Yu, don't be like this." Yun Yan looked sympathetic. Like an older sister, she gently patted Su Yu on his shoulder, "In the matters of the world, there will always be powerlessness, where the weak are prey to the strong. We, the weak ones, can only comply. Once you understand this principle, you will be able to raise yourself above the struggle in the face of adversity. Forcing your way out of the current predicament is the only way to fail."

Su Yu's voice was choked with emotion. Unwilling to resign himself to his fate, he softly cried, "I cannot accept it in my heart! Xianer!"

His voice quivered with helplessness and despair.

To track down Xianer, he had gone from the Xianyu Prefecture to the dangerous Empire. He went from the Empire into the Sanctuary, where he did not hesitate to defy the Holy King. He had narrowly escaped death in the Evil Forest. His sole purpose was always to go to Fenghuang Valley to meet Xianer.

However, when he arrived at Fenghuang Valley, Xianer was once again taken awaythis time to the Zhenlong Continent!

When Su Yu finally reached the Zhenlong Continent after suffering many untold hardships, Xianer was unexpectedly engaged to marry someone else!

Now, he did not even have the right to see her!

He could only stand before this iron bridge and watch powerlessly as Xianer married another.

He was like the world's most tragic pitiful creature, he was of no use.

Fate was so cruel, always fooling with the lives of others!

After hearing Su Yu's sorrowful roar, Yun Yan's heart quivered. There were sympathy and agony deep within her pretty eyes.

Even when he faced a strong enemy like the First Level Peak Holy King, Su Yu had never lost his composure. He was always calm and collected, his expression never changedeven if the Mountain Tai collapsed.

But now, he was trembling!

After a long, quiet while, Yun Yan said with some hesitation, "Su Yu, if you want to enter the Inner Sanctum, there may be a way... it's just that, it's a massive long shot."