The Divine Nine Dragon Cauldron Chapter 1150

Chapter 1150 The Extrication Of The Tree Goddess

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With a smile, Sheng Yuanxin said, He is quite powerful! Otherwise, as a demonic god, the Crane Deity would never have appointed a human being as a substitute deity! After coming into contact with him, I got the feeling that he is very smart! It seems he is able to predict anything. Its amazing!

Bu Ruyi became more recalcitrant as Sheng Yuanxin continued to praise Su Yu.

He was totally respectful of Sheng Yuanxin who was a prospective deity and the most powerful expert among all deity descendants. For him, Sheng Yuanxin was just a lighthouse in his life.

However, Sheng Yuanxin was commending another man in a very admiring way. Bu Ruyi, who was not convinced, said with a smile, Yuanxin, you are overestimating him! A substitute is nothing! If He Ruchu, the current leader of the Crane Deitys family, tries to take over, Su Yu will be deprived of his position as a substitute deity immediately. So, he is not worth mentioning!

Sheng Yuanxin turned her head sideways and said, But the Jing Deity said he is the reincarnation of nine dragons! How could he be nothing?

Anyway, what was the reincarnation of nine dragons? They hadnt heard of it before.

Boo! Ive never heard of that thing! Dont tell me he will become a real dragon one day! Bu Ruyi said disapprovingly.

Hearing this, Sheng Yuanxin frowned because she felt Bu Ruyis depreciation of Su Yu was too much. So, she looked away.

Bu Ruyi was even more recalcitrant when he noticed the change in Sheng Yuanxins expression. Reincarnation of nine dragons? A substitute deity? Heh! Heh! Let me check your strength!

In the family of the Crane Deity, the training room of Crane Deity had been justifiably occupied by Su Yu. The Spiritual Energy in this room was not very intense because deities didnt need Spiritual Energy for their training. However, the Crane Deity, who had performed training in this room for so many years, had left his aura in his room.

After so many years, the aura accumulated in this room stained everything in it.

For Su Yu, the deitys aura put him under a lot of pressure.

He made remarkable progress in his training under this pressure.

The training of the Dragon Form Technique, which he might need in another half a year, was finished. This technique had reached its upper tier.

Su Yu gave a sigh of relief. Then, he turned into a golden dragon for a short while.

In addition, Su Yus soul strength was also enhanced handsomely. Now, he had the feeling that he had almost reached the top class of the Illusionary Soul Realm.

After reaching Stage Two All Creation, Su Yu tried to make a breakthrough to Stage Three. Thanks to the abundant resources in the world of the Crane Deity as well as Su Yus Eight-Aperture Primordial Spirit, Su Yus progress in his training was rocketing!

After finishing his training, Su Yu went into the Nine Jade Spiritual Pearl. This place, which used to be full of members of Ghost Clan, was empty. Su Yu only found several people there.

The Tree Goddess was trying to give instructions to Sheng Ge. When Sheng Ge saw Su Yu, she ran towards him and hid behind Su Yus back as she wept pitifully.

Tree Goddess, do you have any reservedness as a goddess? Why are you making her cry again? Su Yu said as he looked at the Tree God who was in front of him.

The Tree Goddess, who was still nailed on her throne by the spear formed by the Evil Fatal Energy, was unable to move. However, she managed to chase Sheng Ge by moving her throne around.

Humph! This little girl is insatiable. It is impossible for her to reach Stage Six All Creation in such a short time without my help! the Tree Goddess replied directly.

If the Ghost Clans Great Emperor didnt tell Su Yu the truth, it was impossible for Su Yu to know Sheng Ge had the rare Ghost Buddha Physique. Although it was not as powerful as the physique of those descendants of deities, it was still quite precious because it merged the strength of ghosts and the strength of Buddha, which completely contradicted with each other, into her body.

As the Ghost Clans Great Emperor said, those who had this kind of physique would usually die at birth. A survivor like her was extremely rare.

When the Tree Goddess discovered that she volunteered to become Sheng Ges teacher so that she could teach Sheng Ge to make full use of her rare physique.

With help from the Tree Goddess, Sheng Ge managed to make remarkable progress after going through untold hardships. Her progress was so fast that it could even match the progress of Su Yu who had the Eight-Aperture Primordial Spirit! Now, Sheng Ge was a Stage Six All Creation expert who was only one step away from the level of Mortal Fairy!

Therefore, it was quite easy for Sheng Ge to become a Mortal Fairy with the help of the Tree Goddess.

Tree Goddess, I came here to check whether I can pull out the long spear of Evil Fatal Energy! Su Yu said seriously after consoling Sheng Ge.

What? The Tree Goddess, who was always carefree, asked seriously, You mean you have found a way to pull it out?

Su Yu replied by nodding his head. I think I can easily pull it out with the help of my Milky Way Star Sand!

The Milky Way Star Sand? Hearing this, the Tree Goddess shook her head slightly. You have tried it before. The Evil Fatal Energy is a kind of deitys strength. Although your Milky Way Star Sand is an Emperor-based Saint Artifact, only 10% of its strength could be used here. It could at most absorb the strength of a Mortal Fairy. I dont think it can be used to absorb the deitys strength!

Thats the old story! Su Yu said as he waved his hand. Then, dazzling starlight gushed out from his palm.

The nebulous starlight formed a magnificent star river that floated above the entire valley.

Then, countless stars in the star river formed a flying white crane, which was the form of the Crane Deity.

Seeing this, the Tree Goddess was pleasantly surprised. Has that Crane Deity merged into the holy artifact and become an Artifact Spirit?

Su Yu nodded his head. Yes! With the help of the artifact spirit, 80% -90% of the Milky Way Star Sands strength could be used here. I want to try it again!

Hearing this, the Tree Goddess nodded her head in wild joy.

Then, Su Yu wrapped up the long spear which had penetrated the body of the Tree God with the Milky Way Star Sand!

The next moment, the Milky Way Star Sand started to rotate. The long spear of Evil Fatal Energy, which had been so difficult to move in the past, was being absorbed slowly.

Seeing this, the Tree Goddess was very excited. When the Evil Fatal Energy started to dissipate slowly, her body became more and more flexible. The Tree Goddess even started to dance with excitement.

Su Yu let out a sigh of relief. He didnt expect an Emperor-based Saint Artifact which had an Artifact Spirit to be so powerful.

One month later, the long spear had removed the Evil Fatal Energy from the Tree Goddesss body.

The Tree Goddess had regained her freedom!

Tree Goddess, Ive removed the long spear for you! You can leave now! Su Yu said.

The Tree Goddess jumped up from her throne and walked airily like a butterfly. Then, she said with a smile, No way! I still have one thing to do!

Su Yu, who was surprised by her reply, asked, What is it?

Shouldnt she seek revenge against her enemies immediately?

I am going to marry you! The Tree Goddess said generously as she stared at Su Yu.

This is unacceptable!

Hey! I am a goddess! A Goddess is very precious, OK? How could you refuse me in such a direct and resolute way? I am so sad because youve hurt my self-esteem!

Your eyes told me you have evil designs!

Come on! Ive heard that when two people get married, all their belongings will become common property which will be divided when they divorce! You have so many precious items! You dont care if I take away half of them, do you?

You are shameless!

Being shameless is better than being poor! Come on! Lets get married and divorce immediately so that I can take away some of your property!

Su Yu didnt know what to say.

Su Yu ignored this noisy and shameless goddess. Then, he left the Nine Jade Spiritual Pearl.

The Tree Goddess could leave at any time because the Nine Jade Spiritual Pearl was not able to stop her. Su Yu didnt care if she decided to stay in the Nine Jade Spiritual Pearl. Without his permission, she was not able to take away even one grain of the Supreme Growing Soil!

Feather God, you have a visitor! Zhang Yimings voice came in from outside. As the one who was responsible for exchanging hostages with Su Yu, Zhang Yiming, the deputy team leader of the law enforcement team in the Crane Deitys world, was assigned to serve Su Yu now.

Su Yu asked, Who is it?

Bu Ruyi. He is the descendant of the Sword Deity who ranks second in the Senluo Law Enforcing Team! Zhang Yiming said reverently. For Zhang Yiming, Bu Ruyi was a legend.

Also, Zhang Yiming exclaimed in his heart that even Bu Ruyi had to call on Su Yu who used to be a fugitive before.

Su Yu said, Please ask the familys master to receive the visitor. I am performing secluded training and wont see any visitors for a while.

A lot of people and factions had visited Su Yu recently, including many famous geniuses from the Great Eastern Alliance.

However, Su Yu asked He Ruchu to receive those visitors.

He Ruchu was quite grateful for that. Su Yu left the business in his family to him, which meant Su Yu respected him.

As you wish! Zhang Yiming replied as he murmured in his heart secretly. Su Yu was no longer a fugitive! He even shut the door in the face of such a distinguished visitor!

When Zhang Yiming left, Su Yu said, Show me the information you have collected recently, especially the information from the family of the Book Deity!

Outside the training room, a lot of ghosts appeared and submitted a lot of well-prepared materials to Su Yu.

All these ghosts were members of Su Yus information system.

When Su Yu obtained the divine plates of the two deities, he established his information system, which was not discovered by the two deities. This information system only belonged to Su Yu.

With the assistance of this system, Su Yu managed to find the Acute Frigid Water, spread news, and make public opinions secretly.

When Su Yu became a substitute deity, his information system developed more quickly and now covered half of the Great Eastern Continent. Of course, a lot of secret agents had been sent to the world of the Book Deity.

These agents collected detailed information about the family of the Book Deity, including the number, appearance, and gender of the members of the Book Deitys family.

After reading the material, Su Yu shook his head slightly. His newly-established information system was still immature. His agents had omitted a lot of important information.

According to the materials collected, it seemed the Book Deitys family was motionless at this moment.

However, this motionlessness made Su Yu quite suspicious.

Su Yu didnt believe the Book Deitys family had no reaction when he became a substitute deity. However, his information system had failed to find anything suspicious. The only explanation was that his agents had been deceived.

It is impossible for the Book Deitys family to remain silent, but he didnt know the exact plan of the Book Deitys family now.

Just then, Zhang Yiming returned and said, Feather God, you have another important visitor!

Please ask He Ruchu to meet the visitors, unless a deity wants to see me! Su Yu said.

Zhang Yiming replied, Feather God, this visitor said he has something you will want to know immediately.

What? Su Yu raised his eyebrows. This guy knew he was spying on the Book Deitys family, which meant the information system of this guy was far better than Su Yus.

There was only one person who clever enough and had a powerful information network among people Su Yu knew in this world Yang Tai!

Su Yu didnt want to maintain a profound friendship with this person. Yang Tai had guided the family of the Crane Deity to hunt down Su Yu, which had become a hidden scar in Su Yus heart.

However, Yang Tai, who knew this situation clearly, chose to visit Su Yu with information. Su Yu, who had figured out his intention, said, I guess the visitor is Yang Tai, right? Please take him to the hall and ask him to wait for me there!