The Divine Nine Dragon Cauldron Chapter 1151

Chapter 1151 The World Of Divine Remnant

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In the reception room of the Crane Deitys family, He Ruchu was calmly chatting with two visitors.

Both of the visitors were from the Senluo Law Enforcement Team. One visitor was Bu Ruyi who was ranked second, while the other visitor was Yang Tai who was ranked third.

Frankly speaking, He Ruchu was surprised when two big shots of the Senluo Law Enforcement Team arrived and was worried they might try to create disturbance here.

When they said they wanted to call on Su Yu, He Ruchus heart was at ease.

He Ruchu looked at Bu Ruyi and said, Lord Bu, the Feather God is performing secluded training and doesnt want to be disturbed. If you have something urgent, I can deliver a message for you!

Hearing this, Bu Ruyi was slightly stunned. He had planned to challenge Su Yu but didnt expect he wouldnt be able to see Su Yu.

Then, Bu Ruyi smiled at Yang Tai apologetically.

Even Bu Ruyi was not able to meet Su Yu, let alone Yang Tai whose rank was lower.

Bu Ruyi wore a thoughtful smile as he looked at Yang Tai who was also given the cold shoulder and said, Lord Yang, lets go! The threshold of the Feather Gods door is so high that we are not able to see him!

Hearing this, Yang Tai smiled but said nothing.

Just then, Zhang Yiming came over and whispered to He Ruchu.

He Ruchu looked at Yang Tai with a smile and said, Lord Yang, the Feather God is waiting for you!

This was the first time Su Yu had agreed to meet a visitor in a long time. So, He Ruchu had to give special treatment to Yang Tai.

Yang Tai nodded at Bu Ruyi. Then, he walked calmly into the backyard, leaving a frustrated Bu Ruyi behind.

Bu Ruyi got a feeling that Su Yu looked down upon him.

Sometimes, a comparison could result in a horrible result. Bu Ruyi wouldnt be so angry if he was refused when he came here alone or both Yang Tai and him were refused at the same time.

What annoyed him was that Yang Tai was ushered in while he had to leave.

Bu Ruyis face darkened as he murmured in his heart angrily. Do you think you are a real deity?

To him, Su Yu, who was just a substitute deity, was nothing.

Lord Bu, may I deliver a message for you He Ruchu said with a smile.

Hearing this, Bu Ruyi left in anger as he said, Tell Su Yu, dont be caught by me!

He Ruchu smiled. Then, he shook his head as he looked at Bu Ruyi from behind. Alas! Another headstrong guy! He should pray Su Yu wont be caught by him. Otherwise, everyone knows who will suffer a loss at last!

The divine hall was the rarely-used place in which a deity met guests.

Su Yu chose to meet Yang Tai in the divine hall, which was a quite formal reception. It would deliver a message to Yang Tai that Su Yu attached great importance to him.

As expected, Yang Tai knew that Su Yu was willing to improve the relationship between the two of them when he realized he was about to be received in the divine hall.

Heh! Heh! It seems Ive made the correct decision! Then, what I should do is to tell him this important news. Yang Tai walked into the divine hall with a smile. After a short while, Su Yu appeared.

Lord Yang, long time no see! How are you? Su Yu said with a smile.

Yang Tai folded his hands and said to Su Yu, I really dont deserve this! Lord Su, you are a deity now! Please accept my reverence!

Su Yu waved his hand after hearing that. When I was still an ordinary person, you didnt ask me to kneel down in front of you as a descendant of a deity! So, please forget those courtesies here!

Hearing this, Yang Tai put his heart at rest. He knew Su Yu had decided to cancel those unpleasant memories in his heart. Now, they had tacitly become friends from being enemies.

Heh! Heh! Thanks, Lord Su! Yang Tai said with a smile. After taking a seat, he said seriously, Please forgive my abrupt visit. Lord Su, Ive got some urgent news. So, I have to inform you!

Su Yu replied with a smile, You have my ears!

Yang Tai took out a piece of paper and gave it to Su Yu. My intelligence agents are spying on the Book Deitys family. Three months ago, my people found out that Wuchou, who is the trusted follower of the young master of the Book Deitys family, left secretly. Only a few members of the Book Deitys family knew his plan. So, we have been following Wuchou for three months! My people found Wuchou went to the World of Divine Remnant alone!

Su Yu raised his eyebrows after hearing that. The World of Divine Remnant? It is a world near the Realm of Demons! Isnt he afraid of being devoured by the demons?

Hearing this, Yang Tai said, Lord Su, the World of Divine Remnant is very close to the Realm of Demons. However, this world is composed of countless creatures that used to betray their own worlds. These creatures have nowhere to go. So, they have to stay in that place. The demons never invade that place. On the contrary, they ask those traitors to lead way for them when they try to invade other worlds!

A strand of killing intent appeared in Su Yus eyes when he heard that.

Traitors were always the most abhorrent enemies!

My people kept following Wuchou and found he went to the Netherworld Faction in the World of Divine Remnant! When Yang Tai mentioned the Netherworld Faction, he was even more serious. Lord Su, the Netherworld Faction is a horrible assassination organization. All the members of this faction are ferocious traitors of different worlds. The weakest member of this faction has reached the level of Mortal Fairy. The most powerful member of this faction is a prospective deity!

Hearing this, Su Yu was somewhat surprised.

Prospective deity? Su Yu, who had witnessed the real strength of Sheng Yuanxin, knew how horrible a prospective deity was clearly!

The leader of the Netherworld Faction is the Death Deity who seldom shows up!

A deity? This is really a big faction!

The intelligence we got is that Wuchou asked the Netherworld Faction to kill you! They want to kill you at all costs! Yang Tai said coldly.

Su Yu realized how terrible the situation was.

At all costs means they will send peak Mortal Fairies or even a prospective deity to kill me!

Now, Su Yu would be in great danger if he confronted a peak Mortal Fairy, let alone a prospective deity!

If they sent the prospective deity to kill Su Yu, he would only manage a narrow escape.

Lord Yang, I really appreciate this gift you brought me, which is so important for me! Su Yu stood up to express his gratitude. Yang Tais gift was big enough for Su Yu to let go of all former enmity.

Yang Tai knew he had achieved his goal. So, he replied, Lord Su, please dont hesitate to tell me about anything I can help you with. I can send one or two prospective deities of my family to help you!

Even the All Access family didnt have a lot of prospective deities. Yang Tai uttered those words reluctantly because he was not entitled to enjoy the protection of prospective deities!

Lord Yang, I really appreciate your kindness. But I can handle those who are going to kill me! Su Yu said.

Hearing this, Yang Tai let out a sigh of relief secretly. If Su Yu really asked him to send prospective deities, he had to brace himself to lodge an application to his family.

The prospective deities of the Netherworld Faction accumulated experience through real combats, who were more powerful than the prospective deities of his family who gained experience by absorbing countless precious resources.

Any casualty of the prospective deities would cause a great loss to his family. It was not affordable for him, the young master.

OK! Lord Su, please take care! My people have come back which means the assassins might also have come to this place! Please take precautionary measures against them! Yang Tai said.

Su Yu nodded his head. After saying goodbye to Yang Tai, Su Yu walked back into the divine hall seriously.

He knew it was quite difficult to defeat a prospective deity. However, to guard against prospective deities was a totally different story!

Apparently, guarding against prospective deities was much more difficult than defeating them!

I have to make preparations! Su Yu said as a chilly light flashed in his eyes. I will kill all of you unless you send the Death Deity here!

For Su Yu, who was responsible for the safety of the world of Jiuzhou Continent and the world of the Crane Deity, failure was not an option!

He had to eliminate all those who might endanger him!

Then, Su Yu opened his palm. The Milky Way Star Sand appeared in the form of the Crane Deity.

Where is the Evil Fatal Energy?

The Crane Deity replied, It is inside the Milky Way Star Sand!

Things absorbed by the Milky Way Star Sand wouldnt disappear. They were transferred to another place inside the Milky Way Star Sand.

Take it out and make a long spear with it! The long spear should be ready in two months, no, in one month!

As you wish! The divine soul of the Crane Deity would prepare a long spear with the Evil Fatal Energy easily.

The next moment, Su Yu took out a golden arrow. It was a little bit dim and was not as dazzling as before. However, it was still full of horrible energy.

The Celestial Destroying Arrow was also Su Yus lethal weapon.

However, it was still not enough. He knew he still had a lot to do to guard against the assassinations from prospective deities.

Moreover, all these assassins were experienced killers.

The next moment, Su Yu appeared in the Nine Jade Spiritual Pearl again.

You know youve made a mistake, right? Are you going to marry me now? The Tree Goddess, who was bullying Sheng Ge, said mischievously.

Su Yu ignored her and looked at Sheng Ge. How is the Chaos Multicolored Butterfly now?

Sheng Ge ran away from the Tree Goddess and said, It is fully recovered. It made progress when you placed those precious items which couldnt be found in the world of Jiuzhou Continent into this place! Now, its attack by flapping its wings is more powerful!

Really? Su Yu was pleasantly surprised. When he became a peak Mortal Fairy, the Chaos Multicolored Butterfly used to ruin his body by flapping its wings. The progress meant it was more lethal now!

Sheng Ge nodded her head strenuously when she heard Su Yus words.

Good! Continue to cultivate it with anything you can find in the Supreme Growing Soil! I will need its assistance in two months!

Sheng Ge nodded her head again.

Hey! Do you have some problems? the Tree Goddess said.

Su Yu replied, Yes! Some prospective deities are planning to assassinate me!

Hearing this, the Tree Goddess furrowed her eyebrows. The prospective deity is a fuzzy concept! Those who have just obtained their Celestial Energy Sphere are prospective deities. Those who are only one step away from becoming deities are also prospective deities! The strength gap between different prospective deities is as unpredictable as that between different deities!

Although I am extricated, my Celestial Energy Sphere was seriously impaired in those years. If you are facing a prospective deity at an early stage, I guess I can win the fight. If the assassin is a prospective deity at the middle stage, I think I will be killed in the fight, let alone a prospective deity at a later stage! Do you know the actual strength of the prospective deities who are going to kill you?

Su Yu furrowed his eyebrows deeply.This is what bothers me! I have no idea about the actual strength and the number of prospective deities and the time of their assassination!

Hearing this, the Tree Goddess also started to think deeply. You are in a passive position now. What you can do is to strengthen your defense!

Su Yus eyes lit up and he shook his head seriously. I know I need to strengthen my defense! But I will take the initiative! Initiative is the advantage of those assassins. This time I will put them into the least favorable passive position!

What? The Tree Goddess was stunned when she heard what Su Yu said. As a time-honored expert, she couldnt figure out how Su Yu, who was in a passive position, could reverse the situation.