The Divine Nine Dragon Cauldron Chapter 1152

Chapter 1152 Preparations

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Su Yu walked out of the Nine Jade Spiritual Pearl. Now, he had the assistance of the long spear made from the Evil Fatal Energy, the Celestial Destroying Arrow, the Chaos Multicolored Butterfly, and the Tree Goddess.

But only the Tree Goddess was able to defeat some early-stage prospective deities.

This is far from enough! Su Yu speculated. There were a lot of powerful experts in the world of the Crane Deity. However, in front of prospective deities, number was no longer an advantage but a disadvantage.

The assassin could approach him by hiding in the crowd.

Although Su Yu was a deity now, he didnt have a lot of underlings.

He had to rely on himself!

An idea occurred to Su Yu. He took out several balls of purple flame. Inside the flame, some fluid drops of Heavenly Orchid Silver Bamboo could be seen.

He still had six fluid drops left, and they were enough for him to make six Heavenly Orchid Silver Bamboo Swords.

In the world of Jiuzhou Continent, nobody was able to forge fairy artifacts except the small Kylin. However, it was quite easy in the Great Eastern Alliance!

The world of the God of Instrument was created by a deity who was good at forging. A lot of forging grandmasters could be found in this world. So, it would be quite easy to ask them to forge the swords for Su Yu.

Half a day later, He Ruchu walked over to Su Yu and said, Feather God, are you going to leave here?

Su Yu nodded. Yes! I will be away for a fortnight or maybe even a month!

After chatting with He Ruchu for a while, Su Yu left for the world of the God of Instrument.

He would have to spend five or six days to reach his destination even with the assistance of a divine level transportation portal.

After Su Yus departure, a pretty and graceful middle-aged woman appeared in the market of a city at the edge of the Crane Deitys world.

Anyone who was attentive would see that everyone in this bustling market turned a blind eye to this pretty woman. People didnt pay any attention to her even when they passed by her.

It seemed that everyone was completely ignoring her.

In a restaurant located in the market, Sheng Yuanxin furrowed her eyebrows slightly and said, She is a prospective deity. I guess she is using the Soul Concealment Art. People are not able to pay attention to her even when they stand in front of her. I dont know where she learned this technique!

Bu Ruyi, who was sitting in front of Sheng Yuanxin, glanced at the woman. As expected, when he tried to fix his eyes on her, his view would be deflected inexplicably.

He tried several times but failed to look at her clearly.

Tsk! If this woman is an assassin, she must be a good one! Bu Ruyi said casually.

Sheng Yuanxin nodded her head slightly. Have you found Bu Tieyi?

Bu Ruyi nodded his head in response. When he left the Crane Deitys family, he disappeared immediately to avoid being killed by members of the Crane Deitys family. He didnt go back to the world of the Book Deity but went to the world of the God of Instrument. I guess he is trying to live in seclusion!

Sheng Yuanxin replied, I see. Lets go to the world of the God of Instrument. He is one of those who survived the task in the world of Jiuzhou Continent. I bet he knows something about Qin Kuo!

Yuanxin, why do you show such concern about Qin Kuo? Bu Ruyi asked in puzzlement. Normally, the captain of the Senluo Law EnforcementTeam wouldnt pay attention to a case like this.

Sheng Yuanxin didnt dare to tell him the fact hidden behind the task in the world of Jiuzhou Continent. So, she said as if she was quite angry, A law enforcement officer was killed there! If the murderer is not severely punished, those outlaws will be more rampant!

Hearing this, Bu Ruyi said, Exactly! As law enforcers, we are high and mighty! However, somebody still dares to despise us!

Apparently, he was talking about Su Yu who had shown his contempt for Bu Ruyi by refusing to meet him.

Ehright! What you said is correct! Sheng Yuanxin said guiltily.

Six days later in the world of the God of Instrument

According to the information obtained by Su Yu, the world of the God of Instrument had four forging grandmasters who stayed in the four directions in this world.

The grandmaster in the east, whose name was Wang Yunxuan, was the strongest among them. Only for the God of Instrument could rival him in forging skill.

This guy was famous for his rapid forging of high-quality equipment.

Now, what Su Yu was lacking was time!

Like most famous forging grandmasters, Wang Yunxuan didnt want to waste his time in forging easy equipment.

However, Wang Yunxuan was even more picky. The equipment forging should not only be challenging but also something exciting that could cheer him up. Otherwise, he would refuse the customer no matter how much money the customer agreed to pay him.

His peculiar style was really unpredictable.

The forging of Su Yus six swords was difficult. However, nobody knew whether they would meet Wang Yunxuans requirements.

The other three grandmasters were not as odd. They wouldnt refuse any customer who could pay them handsomely.

After careful consideration, Su Yu finally went to the mansion of Wang Yunxuan.

A lot of people were waiting outside the mansion of Wang Yunxuan. Standing in the crowd, Su Yu didnt reveal his identity as the Feather God. He chose to stand in the line quietly like the other people who were waiting for Wang Yunxuan to receive them.

My Master said he will only forge middle-grade fairy artifacts today! Wang Yunxuan was about to meet his customers, and one of his apprentices shouted loudly after walking out of the door.

Hearing this, almost everyone left immediately.

Are you kidding? The forging of a middle-grade fairy artifact is never easy! The money and resources used are ten times that required for low-grade fairy artifacts!

They were not surprised because Wang Yunxuan always acted like this. When he was in a good mood, he would ask his apprentice to announce a condition which was unacceptable for all customers, so that he could drive these customers away.

Before long, all the other people in the area had left.

The apprentice saw Su Yu and said, Are you going to forge a middle-grade fairy artifact?

Su Yu replied by shaking his head. No, just six low-grade fairy artifacts!

Hearing this, the apprentice shook his small bald head. Please leave! My Master doesnt want to forge anything today!

Su Yu replied with a smile, I think your Master will meet me. Please tell him I am waiting for him!

The bald-headed apprentice said with a wry smile, Hey! Whats wrong with you? My Master hasnt received any interesting forging tasks recently, which ruins his mood. If you dont care your artifact might be ruined by him, I will let you in!

Heh! Heh! If your Master finds out who I am, I guess he will feel better!

The apprentice, who was puzzled by Su Yus persistence, asked, Who are you, please?

Su Yu! Eh, you can call me the Feather God!

Hearing this, the apprentice was surprised. Are you the Feather God?

I think your Master will be interested in my visit! Su Yu said.

However, the apprentice darkened his face and said, I suggest you leave here immediately. My Master has been saying a lot of bad things about you these last few days!

EhSu Yu was stunned. About me?

Fine! Please tell him if I am not received within ten minutes, I will find other forging grandmasters!

After hearing this, the apprentice had to inform Wang Yunxuan.

Wang Yunxuan was in his 50s. His training stage was not high. Unlike those strongly-built forging grandmasters, he was quite handsome and graceful.

After being informed of his visitor by the apprentice, Wang Yunxuan stood up and slammed his fist down on the table in front of him as he shouted angrily, How dare that b*stard come to meet me? I really hate him because he didnt ask me to join him in usurping the deity position. That would have been really exciting!

Hearing this, his apprentice widened his mouth in surprise. Holy sh*t! I know why my Master kept condemning Su Yu. It turns out he was annoyed because Su Yu didnt ask him to usurp the deity position! he thought.

Actually, there was some talk that Su Yu had obtained his deity position illegally. Many people believed this gossip because it was quite difficult to explain how Su Yu had become the substitute deity of the world of the Crane Deity.

So, shall I drive him away?

Wait! What equipment does he want to forge?

Six low-grade fairy artifacts!

Boring! I am not interested! Wang Yunxuan waved his hand impatiently.

The apprentice sighed in his heart secretly. I told you my Master wont be interested! he thought.

What else did he say?

The apprentice replied, He said if he is not received within ten minutes, he will find other forging grandmasters!

Hearing this, Wang Yunxuan rolled his eyes as he said, Bring him here!

The apprentice was completely puzzled by his peculiar master.

In a short while, Su Yu met Wang Yunxuan in the yard.

Grandmaster Wang, the divine bone battleship built by you is very tough and durable! Su Yu said with a smile.

When Su Yu had been planning to escape from the Crane Deity, he built three divine bone ships, including two small divine bone ships as bait. They were built by two forging experts in the black market.

The gigantic divine bone battleship was also built by an expert in the black market.

However, nobody knew the builder of that battleship was Wang Yunxuan!

Nobody expected the legendary Wang Yunxuan to offer his service in the black market. When he heard Su Yu trying to find someone in the black market to build a ship, he volunteered to do this work.

The reason was quite simple. Helping a notorious kidnapper to escape was so exciting!

I wont forge any fairy artifact today! Wang Yunxuan said when he saw Su Yu.

Su Yu replied with a smile, What about fairy artifacts that are used to kill prospective deities?

Kill prospective deities? Pleasant surprise appeared in Wang Yunxuans angry face. Then, his eyes lit up and he asked excitedly, Prospective deity? Which family?

The Netherworld Faction! Su Yu replied calmly.

Hearing this, Wang Yunxuan was not terrified but patted his thigh and shouted excitedly, Hah! Hah! Hah! To kill prospective deities from the Netherworld Faction is more exciting than killing prospective deities of the big families! The prospective deities of the Netherworld Faction are very cunning and tough. Only their death could bring me a sense of accomplishment!

I know you will never bother me with boring issues! Wang Yunxuans face was radiant with joy. The apprentice hadnt seen this long-lost expression for a long time! Then, Wang Yunxuan patted Su Yus shoulder and said, OK! Ill help you! But are you sure you can kill prospective deities with six low-grade fairy artifacts? Dont try to fool me!

Su Yu replied with a faint smile, Maybe six swords are not enough. What about eight swords?

Still not enough! Wang Yunxuan clearly understood the real strength of prospective deities.

What about nine swords? Su Yu said with a smile.

Nine swords Wang Yunxuan was lost in thought. Then, he said, Nine swords! I guess you are going to attack with a sword formation, right? You might kill a prospective deity with a top-class sword formation. But it will still be extremely difficult!

Su Yu agreed with what he said. He didnt believe the complete Nine Suns Cosmos Sword Formation could kill a prospective deity.

If it was really so easy, the prospective deities would be too weak and all of them would have been killed by others!

But Wang Yunxuan said excitedly, But this is challenging! Maybe nine low-grade fairy artifacts are not enough. But I guess nine middle-grade fairy artifacts will be good enough! Heh! Heh!

Su Yu raised his eyebrows. These materials are only enough to forge low-grade fairy artifacts, right?

Wang Yunxuan said excitedly, Thats why it is interesting and challenging! Impossible is nothing, right?

First, let me see the three swords behind your back!

Su Yu gave the three Heavenly Orchid Silver Bamboo Swords to him. After glancing at them, Wang Yunxuan shouted out in surprise as his pupils constricted. Good swords! The guy who forged these swords must be a divine level forging grandmaster! I guess this guy is as powerful as my master!

Is the Small Kylin really so powerful? Where does he get those forging skills in his brain? Could it be that he is a God of Instrument?

Its a pity that the flame used during the forging was not pure enough. So, the forging lasted for a long time. Because of this, the level of these swords is low. OK! I have to offend this divine level grandmaster by reforging these three swords!

Wang Yunxuan took the three swords and materials and started to forge them excitedly.

Beside him, Su Yu was watching carefully.

The forging of fairy artifacts had a lot of processes. So, Wang Yunxuan summoned some people and asked them to finish some simple tasks.

When these people appeared, Su Yu fixed his eyes on one of them in surprise. That person also stared at Su Yu in shock.

However, Su Yu looked away and pretended he didnt know the guy.

I guess he is trying to live in seclusion in this place after running out escaping from the world of the Crane Deity. He doesnt want to be bothered by others, Su Yu thought.

Just then, the bald-headed apprentice, who was covered with sweat, rushed up and shouted anxiously, Master, Sheng Yuanxin, the captain of the Senluo Law Enforcement Team and Bu Ruyi want to meet you!

Almost nobody liked being visited by members of the Senluo Law Enforcement Team who had the right to kill anyone except for the descendants of the deities.

Wang Yunxuan was quite unhappy to hear that. However, he had to meet the members of the Senluo Law Enforcing Team.

Hearing this, Bu Tieyi darkened his face and became quite nervous.

When the apprentice was about to usher the visitors in, Su Yu said, Just tell them the Feather God is here. Grandmaster Wang doesnt have time to meet them!

The apprentice was totally stunned by his words. To reject the members of the Senluo Law Enforcement Team in such a direct way was so lawless!

But Su Yu was a substitute deity! Nobody could stop a deity from breaking the law constituted by deities!

Wang Yunxuan said with a smile, Your reply is so overbearing! I like it!

Bu Tieyi let out a sigh of relief as he looked at Su Yu gratefully.

Outside the door, when Sheng Yuanxin and Bu Ruyi heard the reply of Su Yu, their reactions were totally different.

Sheng Yuanxin was somewhat stunned. I didnt expect to meet him here!

Bu Ruyis face darkened and he said angrily, How dare he say that! He drove me away from the Crane Deitys family! Now, he tries to drive me away in the mansion of Wang Yunxuan! Does he really think he is a deity reincarnated from nine dragons?

After being annoyed twice, Bu Ruyi, whose body was wrapped up by killing intent and the magnificent strength of a peak Mortal Fairy, pushed the little apprentice aside and walked into the yard angrily. Su Yu! I am in the yard now! What will you do to punish me, substitute deity?