The Divine Nine Dragon Cauldron Chapter 1153

Chapter 1153 Upgrade The Sword Formation

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When Bu Ruyi was about to walk into the yard, he was immediately stopped by a layer of faint divine strength.

Yuanxin? Why do you stop me? Bu Ruyi asked angrily.

Sheng Yuanxin replied, After all, he is a deity. If he kills you because of your rudeness, the Sword Deity will not able to avenge you, understand?

Hearing this, Bu Ruyi grew even angrier. I dont believe a substitute deity who is an All Creations expert is able to kill me!

Bu Ruyi, I can arrest you because of your irreverent words towards a deity. The Crane Deitys last words are real. This guy is the substitute deity and not a fake one. If you continue to speak like this and defile a deity, I have to arrest you! Sheng Yuanxin, who didnt like Bu Ruyis aggressive style, said calmly.

Compared to Su Yu who was humble, steady, calm and wise, Bu Ruyi was at the other extreme.

Hearing this, Bu Ruyi stepped back because he knew Sheng Yuanxin was a woman of principle, although she looked quite placid.

If he insisted on provoking Su Yu, Sheng Yuanxin might really arrest him.

Humph! Bu Ruyi walked back resentfully.

Sheng Yuanxin said seriously, The calumniation, verbal aggression, and defamation against a deity are felonies! As a law enforcer in the Senluo Law Enforcement Team, you should know that!

These words made Bu Ruyi even angrier!

He was annoyed because he was being overidden by a poor All Creation expert.

His father, the Sword Deity, was one of the three most powerful deities in this world.

As a powerful peak Mortal Fairy, Bu Ruyi ranked second among all descendants of deities. He was only second to Sheng Yuanxin.

So, he believed Su Yu couldnt rival him at all.

Why did he have to show respect to Su Yu?

He was not able to accept this fact.

Seeing this, Sheng Yuanxin sighed in her heart secretly. OK, I think I should allow Bu Ruyi to learn a lesson by facing a setback, she thought.

As a descendant of deity, we cant attack a deity. However, you are one of the nine law enforcers in the Alliance Hall who has a privilege! Sheng Yuanxin said slowly.

Her words reminded Bu Ruyi, who was still extremely furious, of something.

The top three law enforcers of the Senluo Law Enforcement Team could be promoted as law enforcers in the Alliance Hall. Although they didnt have the real power of the management of the alliance, they could enjoy all the rights of a law enforcer in the Alliance Hall!

Among these privileges, one privilege, which was quite inconspicuous, allowed the law enforcers to challenge a deity every three years.

This was a rule set up by 100 deities when the alliance was established. A deity who was challenged couldnt reject it unless this deity was away from home.

However, everyone knew it was quite absurd to challenge a deity. Even a prospective deity was not able to gain anything in such a fight.

After all, the gap in strength was too large. The challenger would be defeated at the very beginning of the fight. So, it was impossible to gain any experience in the fight.

Therefore, this privilege had almost been forgotten by the law enforcers.

After being reminded of it by Sheng Yuanxin, Bu Ruyi remembered this privilege immediately. With a cold smile, he said, To challenge a deity? Heh! Heh! I will be the first one to exercise this right!

Bu Ruyis face was radiant with excitement.

Nobody had used this right to challenge a deity before. So, a lot of deities would come to watch this fight.

If Bu Ruyi could defeat a deity, he would be commended by the many deities, which was exactly what he wanted.

Looking at Bu Ruyi as he indulged in his fantasy, Sheng Yuanxin sighed in her heart. I hope Su Yu is merciful and doesnt make him look too bad! she thought.

Inside the mansion, the forging of the fairy artifacts was being performed in a regular sequence.

In order to forge middle-grade fairy artifacts from the materials for low-grade fairy artifacts, Wang Yunxuan inputted some lavish expenditure.

He added many precious materials, even some materials which couldnt be found in the market, into the swords.

However, it was still not enough. The main material was the Heavenly Orchid Silver Bamboo Swords, which had decided the grade limit of the fairy artifacts to be forged.

No matter how skillful Wang Yunxuan was in forging, he was not able to go against the rules of nature.

However, Wang Yunxuan was more and more excited because of this challenging task.

At last, he used his blood of a descendant of a deity!

The bloodline of the God of Instrument!

The blood of the God of Instruments descendant could be used to enhance the grade of materials.

However, this kind of divine blood was non-renewable!

The lower the bloodlines purity was, the lower the possibility of Wang Yunxuan to become the new God of Instrument would be.

But it seemed Wang Yunxuan didnt care about it at all. He continued to forge the artifacts with his divine blood casually, which surprised Su Yu greatly.

The rest forging experts use their strength to finish their work. You are using your life to do your job! Su Yu thought.

Although Wang Yunxuan was a forging grandmaster, he also needed a lot of time to forge nine middle-grade fairy artifacts!

15 days later, the forging was finished.

From the biting cold well water, Wang Yunxuan took out nine swords that had been reshaped during the forging.

The swords looked like the swords used in the Nine Suns Cosmos Sword Formation. Their shape had not changed.

However, the edge and tip of the swords were faint red just like the blood of the swords victims.

The Heavenly Orchid Silver Bamboo Swords, which used to be quite shiny and holy, looked like more of a deterrent now.

When Su Yu touched the handle, he could even feel the heartbeat of the sword. It was as if the Heavenly Orchid Silver Bamboo Swords were alive.

The middle-grade fairy artifacts are intelligent. If a soul is willing to merge into the swords and become an Artifact Spirit, the grade of the Heavenly Orchid Silver Bamboo Swords could be further enhanced and become top-grade fairy artifacts!

Su Yu knew ordinary people would never become an Artifact Spirit in order to enhance the swords to the top-grade fairy artifacts.

However, even middle-grade fairy artifacts were enough for Su Yu now.

He had managed to kill a Stage Two Mortal Fairy when the swords were still low-grade fairy artifacts.

Therefore, he didnt know the actual strength of the Nine Suns Cosmos Sword Formation when the swords became middle-grade fairy artifacts.

This is interesting! Im afraid the prospective deities from the Netherworld Faction will suffer casualties! Wang Yunxuan said expectantly. Unlike the prospective deities cultivated in the Great Eastern Alliance, the Netherworld Factions prospective deities are more powerful! Im not sure whether you can kill them with this sword formation instantly!

Su Yu replied with a smile, I know it wont be that easy! I will never underestimate them!

As a lair of all traitors from different worlds, the World of Divine Remnant must be a lawless place of chaos. Those who managed to become a prospective deity there must be very tough!

Hah! Hah! Hah! It is always exciting to defeat challenging enemies! Wang Yunxuan said excitedly. Then, he turned to the bald-headed apprentice and said as he waved his sleeve, Tell the visitors who come here tomorrow that I am out on business and wont forge any equipment!

Ah? The apprentice asked, Where are you going, please?

I will continue to forge equipment that could be used to kill prospective deities! Nothing could be more exciting than this! Wang Yunxuan volunteered to help Su Yu no matter Su Yu agreed or not.

Hearing this, Su Yu, who wanted his help badly, agreed by nodding his head immediately.

The family of the Crane Deity should provide all necessary materials. The forging will be performed by me and several assistants! Wang Yunxuan said as he pointed at some people behind him. However, Bu Tieyi was not among these people.

Su Yu said, Could you take that guy with you?

Hearing this, Wang Yunxuan turned to Bu Tieyi and said, He is a nimble newcomer. OK! I will take him with me!

Bu Tieyi was quite grateful after hearing that. The law enforcers of the Senluo Law Enforcement Team were outside the gate. It was highly possible that they had come here for him. Apparently, Su Yu was trying to protect him by taking him away.

Please wait a moment. I will inform my father who loves me dearly. If I dont inform him, Im afraid he will go to the family of the Crane Deity to find me! Wang Yunxuan said.

Su Yu nodded his head. When Wang Yunxuan left, he walked to a quiet corner.

Bu Tieyi figured out Su Yus intention. So, he walked over and dropped to his knees. Thank you, Feather God!

That is not necessary! And dont worry about the Senluo law enforcers. I will plead for mercy for you! Su Yu said calmly, What do you know about Qin Kuo?

Bu Tieyi replied, Before the departure, Qin Feichen, the young master, said something to Qin Kuo secretly. I dont know the content of their conversation!

Su Yu narrowed his eyes and said, Qin Feichen? OK! Was Qin Kuo very close to him?

Yes! Qin Kuo was a member of the family of the Book Deity. He had been with Qin Feichen since he was a child. So, Qin Kuo was Qin Feichens trusted follower. He enjoyed more trust from Qin Feichen than me!

Hearing this, Su Yu thought over it for a while. Then, he said, Why were you sent to the world of Jiuzhou Continent?

Bu Tieyi said hesitantly, We were informed the remnant soul of a demonic god was making trouble in the Star River. So, we were sent to hunt him down. At last, we forced him into the world of Jiuzhou Continent!

What a flawless excuse!

Apparently, they had tried to save the Central Prefectures King in the world of Jiuzhou Continent with the excuse of hunting down the Demonic God of Withered Bones!

Where is the Demonic God of Withered Bones now? Who assigned this task to you? Su Yu continued to ask.

Bu Tieyi was stunned by his questions. Then, he said, The Demonic God of Withered Bones is in the Alliance Hall. The prospective deity who gave this order to us was the Law Enforcer Glaze!

Unlike Sheng Yuanxin and Bu Ruyi who didnt have any real power, the Law Enforcer Glaze was the supreme commander of all law enforcers in this world.

Therefore, this guy was only second to the deities in this world.

As expected, there was a mole in the alliance.

The Demonic God of Withered Bones or the Law Enforcer Glaze must know something!

Lets go! Wang Yunxuan urged unhappily.

EhSu Yu wondered what the God of Instrument had done to his son when Su Yu saw Wang Yunxuans expression.

Then, they left the mansion.

Sheng Yuanxin and Bu Ruyi had been quietly waiting for them for one month.

When they saw Su Yu, Sheng Yuanxin greeted him with a smile, Feather God!

Bu Ruyi snorted arrogantly, We are here to find Bu Tieyi! Where is he? Just give him to us!

Su Yu ignored him and looked at Sheng Yuanxin. Lady Yuanxin, I have something to talk over with you privately!

Sheng Yuanxin nodded her head. Then, they talked secretly for a while. Sheng Yuanxin changed her expression for several times. At last, she asked in surprise, The Demonic God of Withered Bones is being protected in the Senluo Law Enforcing Hall temporarily. But we cant arrest the Law Enforcer Glaze who is in such a high position without any hard evidence! So, we can only ask the Demonic God of Withered Bones! I will go back and interrogate him immediately!

Then, Sheng Yuanxin walked back and said to Bu Ruyi, Lets go!

Bu Ruyi replied, Arent we taking Bu Tieyi back?

Its not necessary! Su Yu has told me everything Bu Tieyi knows. We dont need to interrogate him anymore! Sheng Yuanxin said.

Bu Ruyi was surprised because he didnt expect Sheng Yuanxin could trust Su Yu so much. He couldnt figure out where the trust between Sheng Yuanxin and Su Yu had come from!

It was impossible for him to know the common secret between Su Yu and Sheng Yuanxin which related to their interests. This secret was the foundation of their mutual-trust!

Bu Ruyi, who knew Sheng Yuanxin had ignored his words, was annoyed.

He had been working with Sheng Yuanxin for so many years. It seemed he hadnt earned enough trust from her. He was angry because Sheng Yuanxin, who had only met Su Yu several times, could trust Su Yu so much!

Bu Ruyi was not able to restrain the fury in his chest anymore!

Su Yu! Bu Ruyi shouted as he stared at Su Yu coldly, I want to challenge you!