The Divine Nine Dragon Cauldron Chapter 1154

Chapter 1154 The Assassin Strikes

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I absolutely reject your challenge!

Why? Are you afraid? What a coward!

Well, yes, Im afraid. Im afraid of hitting the young and the old.

Sheng Yuanxin, who was walking in front of him, couldnt help but grin, and quickly covered her lips.

Bu Ruyis face was red. In his heart, he thought of how unforgiving Su Yu was. Intimidating him into doing your bidding was seemingly out of the question.

His complexion was one of steel green. As a descendant of the Sword God, he was wounded. It was most likely that the Sword God would go ahead and strike the man, so it was not all a falsehood.

Rest assured, this is my initiative to challenge the gods. As long as you dont kill me, no one can blame you! Even my father!

Sheng Yuanxin also turned around and said helplessly, The law enforcement officer has the right to challenge the god once. This is an arrangement concluded and agreed by the gods. Since you become the acting god, the corresponding obligations must be assumed.

The rules were more or less fixed, so Su Yu nodded. Okay, the gods have the right to give pointers to the younger generation. Lets proceed Sir.


Sheng Yuanxin also laughed. Bu Ruyi couldnt help glaring at Su Yu.

As a deity, Su Yu was on the same level as the other gods. Calling the descendants of a god sir was nothing out of the ordinary.

However, Bu Ruyi was also a descendant of the gods and therefore one status lower than Su Yu.

If Su Yu was to call him his niece or nephew, would he have to agree to such name-calling as well?

This guy Sheng Yuanxin was feeling both angry and funny at the same time.

In any case, rather than continue having a hardened face of indignance Bu Ruyi might be better off resigning himself to it. The guy was indeed a god, and he could not refute it. He decided it was better to do otherwise. He bit his teeth in hate and said: Dont be so proud! In half a month, in front of the Crane Diety family door, I will challenge you! Dont ask for mercy then!

No problem! The timing just needs to be changed a little, and it will have to be in more than a month. Su Yu smiled slightly.

Bu Ruyi felt a little suspicious. Why should I wait for more than a month? In a month was when the sacrifices began.

Although, if it didnt affect the challenge, he wouldnt care that much even if it meant waiting for another half a month.

Fine! In one month, the day before the gods sacrifice, you and I will fight!

Su Yu nodded, accepting this challenge.

It was six days later when Su Yu and Wang Yunxuan returned to the Crane God family home.

He Ruchu quickly led the clan out to greet him. The day Su Yu left, they were really worried. Su Yu simply patted his backside and left, leaving the mess of the Crane God family behind without caring to settle it.

Welcome, Feather God, on your return.

Su Yu had no time to waste and waved his hand. Theres no need to be polite. Arrange for everyone to leave.

He Ruchu looked up and saw a person standing by Su Yus side. At first glance, he didnt know who it was. He was a little angry. Who was mad enough to actually stand side by side with the Feather God?

Fortunately, an old man of the Crane God family hurriedly whispered into He Ruchus ear.

Upon hearing it, He Ruchu was elated. Was it not Wang Yunxuan? The heir most valued by the God of Instrument?

Such a famous character! To think that He Ruchu did not recognize the person himself. He should, at the very least, have heard his name!

He was not only superbly refined, with a weird temper, but more importantly, he was loved by the God of Instrument, far more than his brothers and sisters. He could be described as the heir to the God of Instrument.

Seeing that the Feather God had left home for a month, only to bring back a stunning candidate, the heir to the God of Instrument, to visit, how could one be unhappy?

All of these events could indirectly help the Crane God family in one way or another!

If it isnt Master Wang, please come in quickly. He Ruchu did not dare to proceed slowly.

Wang Yunxuan waved his hand. I dont have to rest. Provide me with a large and spacious room that is safe and secure. I want to prepare my instruments and start practicing soon.

What? He Ruchu was surprised. He didnt know the intentions of Wang Yunxuan. He thought that perhaps the Feather God had asked him to come back.

Soon after, Wang Yunxuan arranged things as requested by Wang Yunxuan. He was very mysterious about what kind of magic he wanted to use to practice in order to deal with the quasi-gods. Only the design drawing of the object was obtained from the remains of the deities, which had long since been lost.

That instrument took him seven or eight years of work to complete. In addition, only the main body had been refined. A few smaller parts still needed to be refined.

In order to kill the quasi-god of the Netherworld Faction, Wang Yuxuan really did put in the work in.

Of course, in order to cooperate with him, Su Yu also agreed that the consumption of those accessories was all to be borne by the Crane God family.

After arranging whatever he needed, Su Yu asked, How is the thing that I asked you to do coming along?

He Ruchu said: Reporting to Feather God, we have sent people to the black market to collect the information that you want.

The assassin was in the dark and was unknown, which was indeed a big advantage. He could assassinate Su Yu at any time.

But the assassin had one great weakness information!

As an outsider, he was not familiar with the place. If he wanted to know the specific situation of Su Yu, he could only ask about Su Yu in the vicinity. Without reliable and effective information, it would be difficult to kill Su Yu!

To inquire about reliable, timely and accurate news, only the black market that specialized in information gathering was the most reliable!

Therefore, the killer of the Netherworld Faction only had one option if he wanted to find out any specific information about Su Yu. He needed to go to the black market to buy this information.

Su Yu took the information submitted by He Ruchu and briefly turned it over. There were details of what Su Yu had been doing for the past month, especially intel about where he had been during that time.

Good job! Su Yu said. After returning to the back secret room, he said, Submit your other investigations as well.

Yes! A haze of ghosts permeated the space. They belonged to Su Yus unique intelligence personnel and were somewhat ghost-like. They presented other pieces of information to him.

The content was the same. They were all detailed investigations. In addition, most had been looking for intel on Su Yus whereabouts.

However, in contrast, Su Yus intelligence personnel presented much more comprehensive information!

The Crane God family really lags behind in intel, Su Yu said. Compared to the All-Access family, the information system Su Yu had just set up was faring worse.

He put aside the information gathered by the Crane God family, and Su Yu focused on analyzing the content obtained by his intelligence team.

A day later, Su Yu had sorted through the piecemeal information and pondered. Because of my sudden rise in fame, which came about too fast, there are many creatures who inquire about my news. However, very few people asked specifically about where I went.

Su Yu pointed his finger at a list. It was a list of people who had checked up on Su Yus movements in a month. There were as many as 100 people.

Among the 100 people, there were no outsiders. They were all natives of the Great Eastern Alliance, albeit belonging to different forces.

Su Yu was not disappointed. Or perhaps, it was what he had expected to happen. If Su Yu was the killer, for the sake of playing it cautious, he would never actively collect information himself. It only cost a little money to let the local people of the Great Eastern Alliance collect it for him.

On the list of one hundred people, Su Yu circled ten more names.

The ten names belonged to the most famous second-hand traffickers in the black market. They knew the black market very well. They knew exactly where to gather reliable news. They were also very willing to help customers collect information, as long as they paid them a lot of money.

Among the ten people, Su Yu circled three more.

The three of them had been researching Su Yus whereabouts most frequently in January. They had asked where Su Yu was almost every single day.

Contact the intelligence personnel over there to confirm the current status of these three. Su Yu took out the paper and gave it to the ghost in front of him.

Two days passed.

Su Yu was informed that two out of the three had been missing for seven and fourteen days respectively. Only one person was still active and was frequently investigating information about Su Yu.

Is the only one left a guy named Zhuang Lin? Looking at this, the other two must have been killed by you all one after another! Arent you all a cautious enough bunch! Im afraid it wont take long before this guy is killed as well? Su Yu said. There was a deep glow in his eyes.

Order the intelligence personnel to seize this man and torture him till he speaks of who has he been in contact with recently, what are they like, and what are they doing? Make sure to interrogate him well!

Yes, Sir!

Soon after the intelligence personnel brought the news to Su Yu, Zhuang Lin disappeared, and the intelligence personnel lost all trace of him.

Feather God, do we continue to investigate his whereabouts? Maybe he noticed the tracking of the intelligence personnel and escaped, Ghost Shadow said.

Su Yu shook his head. If Zhuang Lin can detect the investigation of the intelligence personnel, then those assassins, Im afraid, are also able to feel it. There is no need to waste energy on finding him. Zhuang Lin is dead, and my goal is achieved.

Although this time, the killers realized that they were exposed, and they were likely to be afraid to continue to probe for news in the black market.

If as expected, these killers had already collected enough news, they would be on their way to the Crane Deitys Cavern World.

In a certain black market.

The well-known news trafficker Zhuang Lin lay dead in a freezing closet. Beside him were two other rotten bodies, which were likewise other well-known news traffickers.

The secret room was dark, and a person might wonder how many people there were inside. Alas, no one would know.

He was spotted. It seems that he asked too many questions too often and attracted the attention of the people. Fortunately, we noticed that Zhuang Lin had been spotted and we killed him. Otherwise, we would have been exposed. Its just that we dont know who caught him. A steady and powerful male voice passed through the darkness.

Out of the shadows came a soft womans voice. Oh, no matter who is eyeing Zhuang Lin, the probe from the black market ends here, and we should take action soon.

The man said: Well, based on the information we collected, we can make an overall evaluation of this prey.

In terms of strength, the last time he sparred was two rounds with Three Youths of the Bamboo Garden of the Spire Mortal Fairies. His overall strength was Dust Fairy Second Realm.

From the perspective of his defense, after he became a Feather God, there are often peak guards around him. For you and me, they are nothing.

As for assistance and help, he has a shallow foundation in the Great Eastern Alliance. Except for maintaining a strong relationship with the Jing Deity, he has no close strong friends.

To sum up, the difficulty of hunting this prey is level two.

The Netherworld Faction was cautious and very rigorous with their analysis. Before acting, they would make a comprehensive evaluation of the prey to determine the difficulty of this task.

Difficulty was divided into nine levels. The first level was the simplest level, which could be completed without effort.

And the second level required the same level of effort as blowing soot.

Although Su Yu had the deity title in name, it was actually easier to kill him than killing the descendants of the deities.

I suggest for it to be promoted to the fourth level, the woman said softly in the darkness.

The man was slightly surprised. Fourth level? How difficult would it be for you to actually raise him to the standard of killing a quasi-god?

Thats correct! The woman was very sure of her evaluation. There are two points about him that we have to take seriously!

First, it was speculated that he became an acting god although it is likely he usurped the seat. Although it was only a rumor, we must take this seriously. In addition, I believe he has extremely sophisticated strategies and wisdom! I suspect that the person who found Zhuang Lin was sent by Su Yu.