The Divine Nine Dragon Cauldron Chapter 1155

Chapter 1155 Forced Into A Trap

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He also brought Wang Yunxuan back from the God of Instruments Cavern World. His purpose was unknown. He stayed in Wang Yunxuans house secretly for fifteen days, and we could not detect anything he was doing.

To sum up, Su Yu has secrets that we do not know, so my suggestion is to increase the difficulty by two levels and list him as an equivalent to a quasi-god!

The man groaned for a long while and said, Well, so be it. We shall list him as prey at level four difficulty! But at level four, you and I have to use more than half of our strength.

The woman said: Our employers bounty is very generous this time, no matter how cautious we should be! Lets go! Towards the Crane God family home!

However, as soon as they arrived at the Crane God family home, they immediately got the news of Su Yus current whereabouts.

He had gone to the Jing Deitys Cavern World!

They stood outside the Crane Gods family home, and the two killers were lost in thought.

Coincidentally, as soon as they were ready to start, Su Yu had gone to the Jing Deitys Cavern world? Could it be that they were already exposed?

Fortunately, there was a good reason for Su Yu to go to Jing Deitys Cavern World.

The son of the Sword God was challenging the Feather God, and the gods who would come to watch this match would be plentiful.

After all, the Sword God ranked as one of the top nine powerful gods. His father would naturally come to support him.

The gods that the Sword God usually met would show respect to the Sword God and come to support his son.

As a challenged party, if you didnt invite several gods to cheer for you, you would inevitably lose face.

Knowing this, the two killers recalculated.

Its easy to kill Su Yu in Crane Dietys Cavern world, but in Jing Deitys Cavern world, it s easy for us to be exposed! As quasi gods, once we step into Jing Deitys Cavern world, we must be aware that the Jing Deity will be able to detect us! If we want to kill Su Yu with our own hands, it will be as difficult as ever! the man said.

After a pause, the man continued, We can only kill him in the Crane Dietys Cavern world. In any other Cavern worlds, we will be sensed by the gods, and we will not be able to do anything! Only in Crane Dietys Cavern World are there no gods. Only then do we have a shot.

The charming woman did not speak, and she frowned slightly. This passive waiting feeling made her instinctively uneasy.

Is he doing this intentionally? An idea appeared in the mind of the woman, but she quickly stopped any further thought of it. She brushed it off as a mere coincidence.

Unfortunately, they had to lurk and wait passively.

Soon, they had been waiting for a month.

In the secret room, the two killers had subdued looks on their faces.

It doesnt seem right. Such a trip and he is there for over a month and has not yet returned. There is something weird going on, the man said.

The woman nodded deeply. Well! If you challenge him step by step, a god will soon appear in the Crane Dietys Cavern World Mansion. Our existence will most likely be detected by the other gods! If we act wildly, our deaths are guaranteed! So, before they finish the test, we should keep our guard up and continue not to act!

After saying that, the woman felt more and more passive.

Something else was worrying her even more. Also, the day after the challenge is over the gods will perform a sacrifice. At that time, Su Yu will go to the altar of the Great Eastern Alliance to worship the fallen gods! Most of the time he will be walking with the Jing Deity, and we will lose our chance to strike again!

The man also fell useless. We need to wait for the gods sacrifice to be over before we can strike? he said. The gods sacrifice can be as short as half a year. It can also drag on for ten years! The employer gives us only half a year! It took us three months to get here. It took two months to gather information. We only have one month left, but there is no time for him to return from the gods!

The woman slowly said, So, we have only one chance to do it!

The mans gaze flashed. The day after the challenge!

The woman nodded. Yes! After the challenge, the gods will leave, and Su Yu has no time to go to another Cavern world, so the moment the gods leave is our time to act!

After thinking for a moment, the man said, Thats our only chance.

However, the woman frowned deeply. Dont you feel that our assassination plans are being calculated and planned by other people?

First, they were forced to withdraw from the black market and were unable to continue to probe for useful news.

Then, they were forced to wait for Su Yu to return, but in the first instance missed the opportunity for assassination, because the challenge came.

Finally, after the challenge, the next thing to happen would be the gods sacrifice. They were forced to pass up all other opportunities for assassination, leaving only the vacant time between the challenge and the gods sacrifice as the only chance left!

Intuition tells me that the only chance we have is there because he intentionally left it there for us! The woman looked serious as she said that. We are passive in our actions, so he took the initiative to plan our moves!

After hearing the womens analysis, the man also agreed, then said, But we have no choice. If we dont seize the only opportunity to do so, this task can only be declared abandoned! The Netherworld Faction never had a task that cannot be performed! If we fail, the punishment awaiting us will be more severe when you and I return.

The woman looked deeply disturbed. This is why I worry the most. We have to take a shot at this!

The two killers apparently noticed that Su Yu had set up traps. However, under the deliberate arrangement of Su Yu, they went from being the killers who could take the initiative to strike at any time to one entirely dependent on his plans.

Even if they knew that there is a trap ahead, they have to jump in!

Dont worry too much. Without the gods and quasi-gods, how can he get sufficient help despite all his preparations? The man comforted his colleague.

The woman sighed. I hope so! However, I always feel that this persons layout and plans are so scary!

As a quasi-god and a cold-blooded killer, she cannot believe she actually said this!

Su Yu stayed in Jing Deitys Cavern World for a whole month. Although Jing Deity felt that it was strange, he did not send him away. He left Su Yu alone to practice. To this, he also gave Su Yu a lot of extra resources. With such help, Su Yu broke through again and reached the state of the Fourth Realm.

The day of the challenge dawned. It was only after he determined that a god had come to the Crane Dietys Cavern World that he returned there along with the Jing Deity.

Beyond the mansion of the family of the Crane Dietys Cavern World, there was nothing left and it was all deserted.

But at the top of the Cavern world where the sight cannot penetrate, there were eight or nine divine figures scattered across.

Each of them exuded the divine power that all beings worship, with their faces hidden by the light of God. They were not exposed at all.

One of the gods with a long sword across his back looked down indifferently, and the other eight or nine gods made him the center point. They scattered around him, waiting for the challenge to begin.

Soon, the Jing Diety and Su Yu arrived.

Su Yu was not at the peak of his skills. Had he appeared directly in the deserted open field, against those opponents, he had no chance. He could only guide his opponents to where he wants them to be.

He had laid out his entire plan and everything was going smoothly.

At this moment Su Yu was relaxed, with a smile on his lips, and he looked around slowly. In a short while, when the gods leave, it will be the moment when the Netherworld Faction Gate start work? These are the gifts I prepared for you. Please enjoy it!

Even at this moment, Su Yu hadnt taken the challenge which was close at hand seriously!

What he had waited so long for was a battle to kill the quasi-gods after the challenge!