The Divine Nine Dragon Cauldron Chapter 1156

Chapter 1156 An Utter Defeat

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Below the Worlds Spirals, amongst the clouds, there were dozens of descendants of the gods who had come to watch the fight.

Not all of them had come simply as a form of respect. Neutrals accounted for the majority for watchers. To the neutrals, the outcome of the match was not difficult to predict.

To the heir of the strongest of the Spire Mortal Fairies, Su Yu, who had not made a name for himself, hardly even seemed to be an adversary.

Only Sheng Yuanxin and Yang Tai believed that Su Yu was not as simple as he seemed.

In the crowd, Bu Ruyi walked around with a sword in his hand. He sneered and looked down at Su Yu who was waiting for him.

Brother, is it time to go down and fight? The Feather God has been waiting for a long time, said a descendant of the gods.

Bu Ruyi smiled and replied, Whats the hurry? So what if he has to wait a long time? Otherwise, he will be embarrassed as soon as I attack. So, shouldnt I save him some of his dignity?

Many of the descendants of the gods secretly shook their heads. To let Su Yu hang around alone in the big court was undignified.

Looking at Bu Ruyis cold smile, many descendants of the gods sympathized with Su Yu instead.

It was going to be really difficult for him!

Seeing that Bu Ruyi was ready to continue to hold him up, Su Yu, who was standing below, said lightly: You are heir to the gods, yet you have let me, a god, wait for you for so long! Is this the attitude you should have towards the elders? You dont even understand the basic etiquette of social behavior. Did the Sword God never teach you how to be human and act appropriately?

As soon as these words came out, the descendants of the gods were in an uproar.

Sir! Many of the descendants of the neutral gods looked shocked. They went red and then turned blue, and they couldnt help but laugh.

Sheng Yuanxin stared at Su Yu angrily and said, This guy is really messed up! He even dares to bring up the Sword God and talk negatively of him.

If the son was not well educated, of course, it was the fault of the father.

Normally, Bu Ruyi had been used to being proud. Even if he offended others, so what? Who would dare to speak up about it?

Only Su Yu, who was defiantly outspoken.

At the pinnacle of the world, the Sword Gods face was calm and indifferent: Ruyi, dont wait any longer.

Bu Ruyi, who was amongst the clouds, pursed his lips and clenched his teeth together, and he shouted fiercely, Yes! Father!


Take a flying leap, Bu Ruyi, much like a phantom, flew towards Su Yu. He drew his sword and yelled, Su Yu, lets start

Well, you have started. I will give you some pointers, Su Yu said lightly.

Claiming to be his elder and yet offering to provide pointers; his arrogant words were meant to irritate the boy to the extreme. Watch the sword!

Undying Sword Body!

Du la la

A big sword crossed the body, piercing Su Yu from all corners.

Su Yus mouth showed a triumphant smile. Yes, very well done. The Swords second realm, Undying Sword Body.

This skill was undoubtedly more powerful than the swordless realm of Jian Wusheng, even with the addition of the Spire Mortal Fairies abilities.

However, when it came to perfection and exquisiteness, he was not as good as Jian Wusheng.

The Jiuzhou Cavern World has been under the repression of the Central Prefectures King for a long time. It always put pressure on those within to practice. Jian WuShengs Undying Sword Body skill had thus always been pushed to pursue fineness and extremities. He had since trained well in the skill, coming full circle.

On the other hand, if there was a Sword God to provide adequate guidance, it was possible to accomplish the maximum power of the skill. However, truly acquiring perfection was only possible through practice and ones own perseverance.

Bu Ruyis heart was impatient and he was overly self-confident. He was also unlikely to be able to realize his own deficiencies.

Therefore, Su Yu easily recognized these subtle flaws. He channeled the power of the nine dragons throughout his body, sending out nine golden beams in succession, each one intending to kill.

When Bu Ruyi wielded the immortal sword body with vigor, it caused the descendants of the gods to applaud loudly. However, Bu Ruyi was not quite familiar with it, and his attack was a little flustered. His sword display momentarily got quite messy.

Those who cheered him on couldnt help but be surprised. Their shouts immediately calmed down.

If your mind is not stable, it shows in your swordplay. Sir, you need to focus your heart to cultivate your skills! If you want some advice, your self-confidence is the biggest barrier, Su Yu commented.

Bu Ruyis ears turned red. To think that he was actually being schooled by him?

In his vision, once his sword was drawn, shouldnt Su Yu be rolling pathetically on the ground?

In the presence of so many and with such things being pointed out to him, how could Bu Ruyis reputation continue to be held up? He thus shouted: Universe of Swordplay

It was the third realm of Swordplay, the highest realm!

Suddenly, hundreds of millions of sword lights filled the world and cut into Su Yu.

Seeing this move, Su Yu looked slightly more serious, but only just.

Ten Dragons into One Body!

Su Yu had never cast the tenth strand of the dragon. It was a special dragon containing the blood of God that had finally appeared!

A strong vein in his chest pulsated.

Suddenly, Su Yu gained powers near to the level of the gods. Although far less powerful than a god, its power was still outrageous.

In addition, the overlapping of the power of the nine dragons was far lower than this single tenth dragon even when combined.

Whats more, the combination of the ten dragons made the ultimate strength of it more than doubled!


Ten golden lights gathered and swept across the sky.

Although there were millions of sword lights, they were easily crushed by the golden lights that were being emitted!

Even more powerfully, the golden lights had residual power, as much as 10%. It penetrated through the sword lights and moved forward.

Bu Ruyi was caught off guard and was hit in the chest. Blood spurted out from his mouth, and the entire body flew upside down.

However, he was, after all, a descendant of the gods. He pressed his toes into the ground, gathered his strength, and immediately managed to stand back upright.

Blood drenched his entire chest, and his clothes were torn. His neatly bundled long black hair was no more and his messy hair surrounded his face. The way he looked now was different from his image in the past.

At this moment, there was a faint comment from Su Yu in his ears.

The sword light is fragile, and it will be easily wiped out. To be honest, your third realm of swordplay is even weaker than the second realm! Su Yu said relentlessly. Swordplay requires cultivation and a solid foundation can help you build a strong house. Otherwise, if the foundation is not stable, a high-rise building will sway hard. If you cant grasp it at all, whats the point of reaching so high?

The second realm of his swordplay was not complete enough, which caused the third realms power to be greatly reduced. Even someone like Su Yu, who did not specialize in swordplay, would be stronger than him simply by exerting a small amount of power.

He was being schooled yet again, and this time the words were even more stinging. It made Bu Ruyi completely exasperated.

His pride was being attacked like never before!

Su Yu! You are indeed looking for death!!! As if roaring, a half-red, half-yellow light glowed from his pores. It was a sign of the blood of the gods.

Bu Ruyi, who was clearly irritated, intended to use his ultimate move, the blood of descendants.

Instantly, a tall black sword shadow emerged menacingly from behind Bu Ruyi.

Seeing the black sword shadow, Su Yu felt a sense of danger.

Within the black sword shadow, there was power inherited from the blood of the Sword God. That was the legendary sword ambiance!

Sword Display-Restoration! Bu Ruyi wore an exasperated expression. Everything was different from what he had expected. It was completely different!

He had not taught Su Yu a lesson but was instead had been easily run into the ground by Su Yu.

In addition, he had been defeated in front of all his friends, and in the presence of the gods of the heavens.

Therefore, he must strike to defeat Su Yu completely!

Arent you known as the reincarnation of the nine dragons? Then, sacrifice the blood of your gods and let me see which godly reincarnation you are! Bu Ruyi sneered. He did not believe anything at all about the nine dragons. To him, it was all nonsense!

To speak of it in public also pierced Su Yus halo, making him greatly embarrassed.

However, Su Yu still had a faint expression of disdain on his face, and he merely sighed helplessly.

Then, he brought his hands together, and his expression grew very solemn. The ten true spirit dragons in his body slowly exuded an extremely bright golden light.

From the bright to the dazzling, from the dazzling to the very dazzling. The golden light finally made it impossible to look directly at him.

Suddenly, there was a loud dragon call and Su Yu was covered in gold, turning into a ten-foot-long golden dragon in front of everyone!

Golden scales, long dragon whiskers, mighty dragon claws, and the breath of the divine dragon that exuded a touch of power.

Suddenly, in the clouds, the descendants of the gods exploded!

They also did not believe in the reincarnation of the nine dragons. There was no such thing as a Nine Dragon God in the world, but Su Yu was publicly displaying the nine dragons. It really shocked them.

Even Sheng Yuanxin and Yang Tai, who were most familiar with Su Yu, were also surprised!

Bu Ruyi was stunned for a moment as well, and deep shock appeared in his eyes. However, he reacted quickly, urging the black sword shadow behind him to prepare itself.

The Golden Dragon and the Black Sword. Would the Dragon destroy the Sword or would the Black Sword Cut the Dragon?


The loud noise that rang out shook the sky.

The black giant sword figure was being crushed by the sweep of the golden dragon!

The black sword shadow that evolved from the power of the bloodlines of the god was broken. As a result of the wounds involved, more blood spurted out of Bu Ruyis mouth.

It was a defeat, a defeat that was simply too thorough!

From beginning to end, all his moves were crushed by Su Yu!

I! Do! Not! Admit! Defeat! Bu Ruyi howled.


However, the next moment, a golden palm struck his face, causing him to topple to the ground.

Then, a golden foot stepped on his chest. The mighty dragon force nailed the Spire Mortal Fairy to the ground, causing him to be unable to move.

His fierce eyes continued to stare at Su Yu with resentment.

The answer to his eyes was Su Yus foot, stepping on his face, and with a strong force. Bu Ruyi even heard the sound of his head cracking.

Su Yu, who returned to human form, canceled the effect of the Dragon Form Technique and looked down at Bu Ruyi. You dont accept it, because you know I wont kill you! You dont accept defeat, just because you have the Sword God as your backing! You are not convinced but not because you are strong and unyielding. On the contrary, this is a sign of your weakness. You dont even dare to admit your shortcomings, and you do not want to accept your own defeat. You depend too much on your father and use him as your backing. How weak are you to be like this?

Hearing this, many descendants of the gods was shaken by what Su Yu had to say about Bu Ruyis arrogant behavior. They too had also taken their positions for granted.

Su Yus words were spot on in breaking Bu Ruyis spirit.

People are not afraid of having shortcomings. What they are afraid of is knowing about their shortcomings, and they do dare not to face them, Su Yu said lightly. You have the status of being todays Sen Luo law enforcement officer. You have the enviable position of being the Spire Mortal Fairy and you are a descendant of the god. You have the halo of the descendants, in fact, you were merely fortunate and you have been destined to get those things since you are born! They have not actually been obtained by yourself, but by your father!

The descendants of the gods were silent. If the same words used on Bu Ruyi were used on them, it seemed that they were being taught a lesson as well.

However, Su Yu was right. His words were harsh, but they had to admit that he was telling the truth.

Now, you and I are just fighting. If you meet the same demons and the same fierce enemies in the Xing River, you will be attacked with the intention to kill and will need to deal with life and death scenarios. What do you think, if you merely cry out that you do not admit defeat, how will they likely treat you? Su Yu said coldly. The Demons will dig out your heart, eat your soul, and ferocious enemies will strip you and your muscles and refine your blood of the descendants of the gods! If the Sword God is not by your side, what are you going to do?