The Divine Nine Dragon Cauldron Chapter 1157

Chapter 1157 Great Dangers Lie Ahead

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The descendants of the gods in the clouds, who felt slightly dissatisfied with what they heard, also thought about it.

In fact, they understood it very well. Their fathers could protect them for a while, but not forever.

However, overall, the descendants of the gods were degraded and lazy. They were born to be Spire Mortal Fairies. As long as they performed reasonably well, they were destined to be the successors of the gods. They had no other purpose in life, so they lacked motivation.

Although they knew that they may face life and death situations in the future, because those things were so far away and too impractical, they could feel tense about them and did not have much motivation to work hard.

Perhaps you would say that you will not leave the Great Eastern Alliance for your entire life. In the One Hundred Gods Alliance, where do the demons come from and where are the fierce enemies? Su Yu hurried to the ground, his mouth full of cold mockery. Open your eyes and look around you! Is the East Alliance Alliance really a bright and holy land, a carefree paradise?

Xing River, Eastern City, and ten independent Cavern worlds have survived for a hundred years, and now they are all gone! Do you know how close an independent Cavern world is to the so-called paradise land of your heart? Two months! In just two months, the enchanted demons can send troops here!

Maybe you would say that the Great Eastern Alliance is under the protection of the hundred gods, and the demons cant possibly attack them. Then, what if the demons are all deployed here? Can the Great Eastern Alliance still hold on? Maybe you will say that if the entire demon clan strikes, we will take precautions in advance. When they eventually come charging in, we have everything set up and the demons can only come but will not make it out of here! Su Yu sneered. But what if you dont have the time to prepare?

Dont you ever think about it? What does the independent cave worlds all slowly dying off mean? Do the demons simply swallow the souls inside?

At this moment, it was not only the descendants of the gods that were paying close attention to everything that he said. Even the gods at the peak of the world

were listening.

This means that even if all the demons come out of the nest, you cant possibly know about it immediately! Because the world of independent caves along the way has disappeared, no one will send you a message!

May I boldly ask, when the demons are only two months away from you, do you have time to prepare?

How long does it take for the Great Eastern Alliance to recruit fighters from the various Cavern worlds? Is two months enough? Su Yu asked.

The descendants of the gods tightened up. Would it not take at least a year or two to mobilize the entire Great Eastern Alliance,? In two months, only the Cavern worlds on the edge of the continent would have enough time to react.

How long will it take to recall the hundreds of gods who are traveling? Is two months enough?

The hearts of the descendants of the gods are throbbing even more. Today, more than half of the gods on the mainland were traveling abroad, and the earliest ones to return would be back in one or two years, with the furthest away taking at least ten years to return!

By that time, the gods would have been besieged by the demon gods. Who will save you when they cant even save themselves? Heaven or earth? If you shout at the Demon Clan that you do not concede defeat, do you think they will be frightened?

Suddenly, the world was silent.

In the sky and on the ground, there was no sound except Su Yus words echoing throughout the space.

If I am a demon, if I dont attack now, I will feel really sorry for myself. Su Yu sighed deeply. The more information he collected and the more he analyzed the issues, the more he felt that the Great Eastern Alliance, which seemed bright and prosperous at first, was in fact in grave danger.

The destruction of the independent Cavern worlds was not accidental, but the plan of the Demon Clan to test how the Alliance would respond and react.

In the time it took the entire Great Eastern Alliance to react, everything would have already been over.

In any case, he was but a single person and his words would never be of concern to the gods. Only through todays fight, could the disadvantages of the Great Eastern Alliance be revealed.

If the news was blocked, even if the enemy soldiers strike, the alliance would know nothing about it.

The forces will be scattered, whilst the Demon Clan attacked as one. Each respective Cavern world would only have time to fight off whatever came to them and can easily be swallowed up by the demons.

The gods would not have returned, and the demons and gods would join forces. No matter if the individual strength of the demons was far stronger than that of ordinary races, they would also have an absolute advantage in numbers. When the gods died, the Great Eastern Alliance would basically be overrun by the demons.

However, the biggest drawback was that it seemed that the Alliance merely knew how to enjoy life and had no sense of crisis. It was clear that the demons were close at hand, and knew that the crisis might erupt at any time. However, they placed their hopes on the gods, much like ostriches. When danger came, they would bury their heads in the sand. If you didnt see it, the danger was not there.

Even though Bu Ruyis swordplay was unruly, he couldnt help but admit the truth of Su Yus words.

As for the other descendants of the gods, what Su Yu had to say acted more like a reminder.

Except for Yang Tai, whose information and information network was huge, only a few descendants of the gods paid special attention to these things. Many were too lazy to analyze things further.

This was because there were gods above their heads and the gods were not in a hurry. Thus, why should they be in a hurry?

What they didnt know was that the gods were already anxious.

This son of mine just divulged the real predicament of the Great Eastern Alliance. Ah, I originally wanted to hide this from the souls of the Great Eastern Alliance, but now it seems that I cant hide them, a god sighed.

As gods, how could Su Yu say things that they didnt know?

Even if they didnt already know the intention of the demons to swallow the independent Cavern world along the way, it would have been clear soon.

They had been making secret preparations to strengthen the information network and the business intelligence network of the All-Access God, which had the effect of monitoring the demons.

However, because the entire galaxy required the crossing of the Xing River, the transmission of information was slow, and the time needed to discover the movements of the demons was more than one year.

They had also begun to recall the gods secretly as early as ten years ago. As a result, only thirty gods had not responded so far, and most of the gods who had responded were on their way back. It took one year for the nearest one to come back, but ten years for the god who was furthest away to return.

If the demons really attacked, everything would happen as laid out by Su Yu.

First of all, there were only fifty deities remaining, and they were likely to be crushed by the numbers and strength of the opponent.

Next, each Cavern world would fight independently. They were likely to be defeated one by one by the demons.

After that This Great Eastern Alliance, which had illuminated the Xing River for millions of years, would turn into darkness and become dead.

The Great Eastern Alliance was indeed faced with crises. The gods had already put their heads to work on this. In order to soothe peoples hearts, they sought not to cause panic, and thus did not report it.

Today, it was made known to everyone by Su Yu.

Everyone said that he was clever and that is indeed the case. If he came to the Great Eastern Alliance several decades ago, maybe we wouldnt be so passive today. A god looked at the Jing Diety and praised Su Yu.

The gods present here had come to show their support for Bu Ruyi. Only the Jing Deity who there to support Su Yu,

At first, the Jing Deity also felt a bit isolated and was not feeling good about it. Hearing this, he couldnt help rejoicing. It was as if Su Yu had earned him some respect after all.

Well, Su Yu is well-versed in calculations and is smart and superb. Even if you dont want to be convinced by him, it will be difficult. Jing Diety threw more praise at Su Yu. It was a true compliment and a heartfelt remark about Su Yu.

Hehe, his strength is also very surprising. Ten true dragon spirit tendons were transplanted in his body. To be precise, they are ten quasi-gods. It is no wonder that the dragon technique exerts such power. Another god recognized Su Yus impressive strength.

Many had expected it to be a one-sided fight, but the result was really one-sided, but not towards Bu Ruyi.

Many gods started clapping. If Su Yu only defeated Bu Ruyi via the fight, they would not have done this out of consideration for the Sword God.

What had really touched them were Su Yus words.

There were countless heroes in the Great Eastern Alliance, but few were as sensible as him, so they naturally appreciated it.

Many gods who had a feeling of disgust in their hearts towards him for abducting a god also nodded slightly and had a look of praise on their faces.

At this moment, the Sword God moved.

In a moment, the Sword God had descended to Su Yu and Bu Ruyi.

Su Yu nodded slightly and let go.

Bu Ruyi stood up pathetically and lowered his head, saying nothing.

Learnt your lesson? the Sword God asked indifferently.

Bu Ruyi had a look of indignance on his face. His head was lowered. He was utterly defeated and Su Yus sharp words had left him speechless. He finally dispelled his pride.

The Sword Gods eyes hidden under the light of God moved slightly, revealing a slight sense of relief.

As the Sword God, how could he fail to see the shortcomings of Bu Ruyis swordplay? However, no matter how he pointed it out, Bu Ruyi was arrogant and thought himself above all others. He did not take his words to heart. As a result, his swordplay practice had become as it was today.

In addition, by relying a lot on the backing of the Sword God, no one dared to make him realize the truth, even today.

After you go back today, retreat and practice!

I understand. Bu Ruyi bowed his head, gritted his teeth, and bowed down to Su Yu. Thank you for your guidance!

After saying this, he went away.

The space was now left with Su Yu and the Sword God and many gods secretly felt nervous for Su Yu.

Just now, Su Yu had actually stepped on Bu Ruyi with a foot and had deliberately humiliated him. As a father, how the Sword God chose to react as hard to predict.

Su Yu, as a father, I should return an eye for an eye. How you treat my children is how I should treat you, the Sword God said lightly.

Upon hearing these words, the Jing Deity immediately came forward, staring at the Sword God.

Although he was not an opponent of the Sword God at all, how could he sit back and watch Su Yu be punished? Wouldnt it ruin their plans?

But, as the Sword God, I am very glad that you treated him as you did today so that he can have a life-saving hope in the future war between humans and demons. The Sword God showed a slight kindness, raised his hand and took out a bottle full of Soul Divine Light.

This is Sky Soul Elixir, which is a reward for your soul. It is my reward for you. The Sword God was indeed one of the nine gods. At a glance, he could tell that Su Yu was facing a breakthrough in terms of his soul.

Su Yu thanked him. Thanks for the reward, Sword God.

The Sword God nodded. Well, take it on the spot. This Sky Soul Elixir contains my divine light. The longer it is away from me, the more its effectiveness weakens.

Without thinking, Su Yu took it on the spot.

This move won some favor from the Sword God. Arent you afraid that there is something wrong with the elixir?

Su Yu retorted, If the Sword God wanted to do anything to me, would he need to rely on an elixir?

Oh, interesting boy! the Sword God chuckled. See you at tomorrows gods meeting.

After speaking, he returned to the top of the world and conferred with several other gods.

Sword God, this child is witty and clever, and now he is the agent of the Crane Gods Cavern World. We should let him participate in our discussions on the extermination of the Demons.

The Sword God said, Yes, but wait until the gods sacrifice is finished.

The gods withdrew, leaving only the Jing Deity on the side, and he noticed a few quasi-gods in the crowd.