The Divine Nine Dragon Cauldron Chapter 1158

Chapter 1158 The Final Assassination

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However, the spectators who had come to the match today were rather multi-faceted. There might not be quasi-gods from a certain Cavern world present, so he didnt think much about it.

My boy, I will bid you goodbye as well, the Jing Deity said.

Su Yu nodded. He did not want the Jing Diety to participate in the fight with the quasi-gods who had destroyed the Netherworld Faction.

Once he caught wind of the two quasi-gods who had the power of gods, Su Yu learned that they came from the family of the Book Diety. Su Yu also learned that the agreement between him and Sheng Yuanxin was related to Qin Kuo and not the sacrifices of the gods he had been concerned about. That would be counterproductive.

It was not difficult to imagine how angry the Jing Diety would be if he learned that he had been deceived. If one did not kill the Jing Diety, how else would his anger be dissipated?

He also could not guarantee that he would not do anything detrimental to Su Yu.

Once a god was angry, dealing with him would be a thousand times trickier than dealing with the assassins of the Netherworld Faction!

So, Su Yu did not dare to let him intervene.

Tomorrow we are going to proceed according to the plan, Su Yu said.

The Jing Diety quietly nodded and then flew away.

It was reasonable for the Sword God to make Su Yu swallow the elixir on the spot. It was not only to allow the elixir to maximize its effect but also to make it easier to digest.

By the time the Jing Diety left, Su Yu had completely digested the power of the elixir.

Su Yu could clearly sense that his soul strength had skyrocketed!

From the Fourth Realm of the Domain of All Creations, he had now reached the first realm of the Dust Fairy!

The soul power of the Sword God was extremely powerful, and it was very different from the Domain of All Creations.

At this moment, Su Yu didnt perceive it deliberately, but he could clearly tell that there was a very carefully concealed killing intention hidden in the crowd.

A Netherworld Faction assassin! Is there only one of you? Su Yu blinked and looked around.

Moreover, Su Yus mind was more accessible, his thoughts were sharper and his thinking was even more agile. His sentiments, thoughts, and other aspects related to the soul, had experienced unprecedented qualitative changes.

He was even more surprised that with the qualitative change of the soul, there was only one layer of the obstruction of the sacral membrane from the great consummation of the phantom realm, and it was finally broken.

The secondary role of it was to psyche out the enemy, whilst the main role of it was to imitate all the magical powers of the enemy. Combined together, it was able to control the enemy!

Su Yu was surprised. Why was the main role such a spectacular skill, but it seemed more ordinary when both were combined?

To control the enemy, he had received this skill a long time ago through the Heavens Son Gazing At Air. Why had he gone back to the same skill despite reaching a higher level of the realm?

It wasnt until Su Yu had a message in his head that he revealed his surprise at the solution. Thats it! This great consummation is more powerful than merely imitating the magical powers of others!

There was a hint of joy in his face, and another thought occurred to Su Yu.

It was at this moment when Su Yu finally felt the vague killing intention suddenly flash across him!

The Netherworld Faction assassin had started the attack!

When the gods left, the attack suddenly began!

The assassin was a man with a burly, muscular body. The power of the god was both visible and invisible proving that this guy was strong. He was very much like a quasi-god!

Attacking immediately, he caught Su Yu by surprise, and a poisonous dagger in his palm was inserted into Su Yu.

Regardless of whether it could be inserted into his body, if the skin was even cut a little, the poison would be enough to kill Su Yu on the spot.

However, Su Yu was well prepared. He took a golden arrow, held it between his palms, and inserted it into the quasi-god without giving him time to think.

The two attacks happened at almost the same time, but the destroyer arrow was longer than the dagger. The two weapons had to travel the same distance, so the assassin was about to be pierced by the destroyer arrow.

The assassins heart sank slightly. Su Yus reaction speed had exceeded his expectations. This was enough to prove that their previous judgment was correct. This assassination was a trap waiting for them!

Break! The assassin failed to strike and decisively detonated the dagger. A humming sound was heard, and the dagger was sacrificed without further hesitation.

The dagger broke into pieces, and a large cloud of highly toxic poison erupted. As the dagger fragmented, it launched towards Su Yu.

The destroying arrows in Su Yus hand had to change the direction of their attack to block the shards. They moved to the front to block all the dagger fragments that came towards Su Yu.

Taking advantage of this opportunity, the assassin whispered and gathered a divine power from his abdomen!

As soon as the divine power came out, it turned into a golden light and headed straight for Su Yus heart.

Su Yu tried desperately to block the debris and did not have much time to react!

Even when he was in danger, the assassins ability to react to the way things were going was almost instinctive, and he quickly seized on Su Yus weakness.

Su Yus heart gave a sudden leap. His trap had not worked well at all!

It was a dire situation, so Su Yu whispered, Sheng Ge!

Su Yus arm flickered brightly. Sheng Ge flashed out, and a butterfly landed gently on Sheng Ges head.

Little Butterfly, he wants to steal your food and eat it!

Then, the quiet, chaotic but colorful butterfly suddenly became angry. Sheng Ge had been teaching it that there was only one hatred in the world, and that was the hatred of predation, the hatred of preys stealing food!

The chaotic multicolored butterfly kept that in mind. Seeing that the person in front of it was trying to grab something, it immediately flapped its wings in anger!

The ray of killing power directed at Su Yu collapsed under the fanning wings!

At the same time, the assassins face changed, and he hurriedly retreated.

However, Su Yu saw that on his burly body, there were cracks in his arms from head to toe. It seemed that even his soul was severely injured.

The assassin was shocked. Where was this inconspicuous butterfly from and what the hell was it? With a flap of its wings, he was so close to facing death.

If it wasnt for a few strands of divine power in his body to defend himself, he would have already lost all his soul just a moment ago, and his soul would not have escaped that situation.

However, the assassin did not give up. He took something from his hand and put it in his mouth. The injuries on his body and the injuries on his soul were healed immediately.

As an assassin, he had no shortage of fine healing elixir.

The assassin had just recovered from his injury when suddenly a warning sign came into his mind as if something extremely dangerous was coming.

He saw Su Yu reach out his palm and point to him from far away.

First, there was the flicker of the seemingly visible and invisible silver light. Then, came the halberd, which was as black as ink and full of shocking evil spirits. it penetrated through the void.

The assassin was astonished. What was contained in the halberd was some kind of extremely evil spirit!

He was so frightened by what he observed!

Also, all these evil spirits were all at god-level power status!

If this halberd hit him, he would certainly die!

At this critical moment, the assassin bit his tongue and spat out a drop of light golden yellow blood, which was the essence of quasi-gods.

The essence of blood turned into a shield and he hid behind it, trying to resist the halberd for a moment and getting time to react calmly to the situation at hand,

However, this was, after all, a complete deity much like the tree goddess, who had pinned its existence here for thousands of years. How could the blood of a quasi-god resist its attack?


The shield produced by the quasi-gods essence and blood did not even resist it one bit and was decisively penetrated by the halberd.

The assassin was dismayed and once again gritted his teeth and took out three thatched humans. The thatched humans looked very similar to the assassin.

He threw the three thatched men in three different directions, and the movement of the halberd towards the assassin appeared to slow down. It seemed that it had lost its target.

To the halberds perception, the direction where the three thatched men were headed to was consistent with that of the assassin!

Taking advantage of this opportunity, the assassin did not end his offensive and opened a teleport to avoid the halberd. Then, he let out a cry and headed to kill Su Yu himself!

Su Yus pupils shrunk slightly. Ordinary people would have already chosen to escape if they had found that the enemy had an absolutely crushing weapon. However, this assassin was quick-minded, and he knew that it was the best opportunity for him to strike the mastermind instead!

Die! The assassins piercing voice was still being transmitted through the air. A poisonous dagger emerged from his palm, and he thrust it viciously into Su Yu.

Su Yu didnt think too much and lifted the destroying arrow at the same time.

However, the assassin screamed loudly, Capture!

A weird scene happened. Su Yus annihilation arrow in his hand suddenly disappeared and actually appeared in his opponents hand!

This was the divine power of his opponent that he had been keeping close to his heart: Capture!

At this moment of life and death, was it possible to even survive now that his weapon had been taken away?

When the assassin was less than three inches away from Su Yu, suddenly, out of nowhere, a white finger stretched out from Su Yus arm.

The finger touched the assassins dagger lightly.

The assassin was horrified!

The venom on the dagger, which was full of his divine power, contained the power of a quasi-god. However, Su Yus arm at this moment could not be stabbed by it anyway. It was as if that finger had power over the dagger and correspondingly, the assassin!

Really, this is a treasure. What will you do if you hurt children by throwing it at random places? Even if you cant hurt a child, Im distressed merely thinking that it can hurt the flowers and plants. Well, in that case, Ill take it from you. The finger gently flicked against the dagger. The assassin, as if subjected to a great force, experienced his body being uncontrollably flicked high up into the air.

The dagger, on the other hand, remained stuck to the finger.

Then, an arm appeared in the blue light. Immediately after that, a beautiful girl with an emerald green skirt that exuded the breath of nature and life appeared. She quickly drew the dagger into her sleeve, and the speed at which she did so was unparalleled.

The assassin saw this person for the first time and was stunned. God!!!

Yes, it was a god. The godly power that naturally radiated from her could not be false.

Although the assassin quickly saw that this god seemed to be seriously injured and not as powerful as he imagined, there was no doubt that she was stronger than him!

What a trap. Even the gods were part of the trap!

As soon as the assassins eyes looked elsewhere, he immediately turned his body and fled as well.

The tree goddess laughed and chased after him. Dont go! Let me tell you something. There are many bad people in the world, and you carry so many precious treasures everywhere with you. It is actually very dangerous. As for me, I have a bottom line, a sense of honor, and am a caring Goddess. Please leave the treasure with me for safekeeping, and I will pay you interest every year on schedule.

You are the biggest villain in the world! the fugitive assassin thought. Taking a large stride, he almost fell.

Oh, it doesnt matter if you fall, as long as your treasures are alright!

One god, one quasi-god, one chased and one fled. They covered a great distance in no time.

Looking at the mess on the ground, Su Yu sighed, Its really difficult to deal with the quasi-gods!

Su Yu was easily able to crush Bu Ruyi of the Spire Mortal Fairies. However, the quasi-god could make Su Yu feel highly threatened. This was still the case when Su Yu was prepared and had set a trap. Had he not set things up, he would probably have been killed by that poisonous dagger.

In the end, he had still needed to rely on the tree god.

However, just as everyone had started to feel relieved, Su Yu began to sneer and said, Ive been waiting for you for a long time!

Nine Suns Cosmos Sword Formation!

Do la la!

The sky was suddenly covered with nine silver-colored Tianzhu Silver Bamboo Swords. They were scattered all over the sky, with Su Yu as the center point. They surround him so closely he had no room to breathe.