The Divine Nine Dragon Cauldron Chapter 1159

Chapter 1159 Rebirth From Fire

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Meanwhile, Su Yus figure flashed, and he moved swiftly out of the sword formation.

An indiscernible black silhouette also followed Su Yu, in an attempt to leave the sword formation.

However, just as the black shadow flickered, the sword formation abruptly began to operate. A sharp blade of silver sword lacerated the black shadow and forced it back.

Upon leaving the sword formation, Su Yu looked back but could not see any trace of the killer.

To be precise, Su Yu could clearly feel that the black shadow was indeed amidst the sword formation, but when Su Yus eyes fell upon her, his gaze was always shifted away by force.

Could this be her Divine Path? Su Yu asked himself.

Inside the sword formation, the black shadow flickered continuously as it strove to leave the sword formation, only to find that this sword formation was a very well-built one, and there were no flaws that would allow one to leave.

You knew early on that there was a second killer? The black shadow was apparently a woman, but her voice lacked tenderness and had a touch of cruelty instead.

Su Yu replied dispassionately, Of course I do! These things only take one guess to find out! The Netherworld Faction is known for never missing their targets, but is there really absolute certainty in this world? There will always be contingencies from time to time!

You have maintained a never-failing record up to now. Besides the tough quality of your killers, there must be a more important factor, and that is a way of escape! Once a killer encounters accidents, there will be another, or even two to three more, or many more killers to make up for the unforeseen errors.

Therefore, I estimated that there would be at least two killers that came to deal with me this time! If you people regard me highly, there should also be a third killer, Su Yu said, as he glanced around.

The delicate woman was inwardly shocked. She finally believed the rumors in the streets about this guys incredible intelligence.

He took every aspect and eventuality into consideration, and his ability to lay plans and strategies was unpredictable.

If she were to provide a holistic appraisal once again, she would raise the standard of this mission two levels higher, making it a mission of level-six difficulty!

That was the difficulty of assassinating a middle-stage Prospective Deity!

In that case, you have secretly set up this sword formation while fighting another killer? the gentle woman asked.

Su Yu nodded lightly. If it werent for that, how would Su Yu have been in danger several times?

Su Yu had been diverting his attention to set up the Nona-Solar Sword Formation and couldnt contend with the first killer with all his might. Therefore, he had appeared less agile.

What a profound scheme! The gentle woman took a light breath. She couldnt blame herself for being gullible. It was just that Su Yu was too cunning!

He had prepared the None-Solar Sword Formation without giving any hints and had pretended to be relaxed and carefree, tempting her to strike.

It is an over-compliment, Su Yu replied nonchalantly. Shortly after, his face suddenly turned icy. Slash!

His command was given without any warning. The gentle woman was startled again. In a deep voice, she yelled, You can see that Im buying time?

What a joke! Its merely a simple trick of delaying time. How could I not be able to recognize it? Su Yu said, and the nine blades of Heavenly Orchid Silver Bamboo Swords were activated all of a sudden.

In an instant, nine beams of silver light shimmered, weaving into a space that had nine locked angles. The gentle woman was confined within, isolated from the outside world.

The gentle woman gritted her silver teeth and took out a bronze comb. The comb was apparently a middle-grade fairy artifact. When she combed the air with it, the None-Solar Sword Formations began trembling suddenly.

The few blades of Heavenly Orchid Silver Bamboo Swords that were at a closer distance started vibrating as if they were about to be eliminated from the sword formation.

Fortunately, the sword formation had been activated, and the nine beams of silver light suddenly crisscrossed to and fro hundreds and thousands of times in the confined space!

The black-dressed woman did not even cry out. She was merely standing on her spot, motionless.

With a creak, the comb in her hand shattered into countless fragments, and her body was sliced into hundreds and thousands of pieces too!

When the None-Solar Sword Formation stopped operating, only the pulverized comb and a mesh of scattered flesh lay on the ground.

The Crane Deitys family at the side was petrified. What kind of sword formation was that? It could butcher a Prospective Deity so easily!

Su Yu cast a look at it and asked indifferently, I really have belittled Prospective Deities. Are you not dead yet even now?

The scattered flesh on the ground transformed into black flames with a pow.

From the flames, a pitch-black phoenix was born. It had dark profound feathers and was emitting black streams of air.

The icy, fierce eyes of the phoenix were staring coldly at Su Yu.

Phoenixes are reborn from fire, so your Original Form is in fact, a black phoenix! Su Yu said with dread as he watched the black streaks of air being emanated from its body.

Rebirth from fire, a nature-defying ability that enabled one to be reborn immediately upon death!

If invisibility was her Divine Path, then rebirth from fire was her talent.

Prospective Deities really were not easy to kill!

Human brat, you killed me once but can you kill me again? The black phoenix fluttered its wings, its graceful phoenix body slowly spiraling into the sky, and the black streams of air surrounding it kept deepening.

Su Yu wasnt unfamiliar with the black streams of air. It was the Energy of Death, the Energy of Death which could destroy Su Yu!

Her words drifted in the air, but her Original Form had flown above Su Yus head. The sharp phoenix claws launched a lethal grasp at Su Yu, carrying the dense Energy of Death!

Without a second thought, Su Yu grabbed the long spear of Evil Fatal Energy and collided with its claw.

All of a sudden, an enormous wave of terrifying force was transmitted along the long spear and was about to destroy Su Yus body.

At the critical juncture, ten beams of light shot out from Su Yus body all at once, and his body transformed into a long golden dragon, which charged forward with all its might!

A shriek of agony was heard. Not only had the black phoenix failed to kill Su Yu, but its claw was pierced by Su Yus long spear, and pitch-black blood was trickling from it.

The black phoenix lifted its claw and broke free from the penetration of the long spear. It flew down, its mouth spitting streams of black air which had the form of flames. The flames surged towards Su Yu. Death Blaze!


The black flames that contained fatal peril enveloped Su Yu.

With a dull crackling sound, Su Yus body of golden dragon was burnt to ashes in the flames!

Feather Deity! The faces of the Crane Deitys family members turned pale with terror. Su Yu was dead!

The black phoenix looked relieved. As it looked down at the streams of black air incessantly rippling from its claw and sensed the remnants of the Evil Fatal Energy in its body, it couldnt help but laugh bitterly inside.

Having sacrificed a killer to distract the most powerful Tree Goddess, she had still performed a Rebirth from Fire and had only managed to slaughter this man after sustaining severe injuries.

The difficulty level of this mission was definitely a six!

But the mission had finally been accomplished, she could retreat now!

However, right at that moment, the black phoenixs eyes were gradually filled with terror when she looked at the pile of ashes on the ground.

A mass of pitch-black flames emerged from among the ashes on the ground. Shortly after, amidst the pitch-black blazing flames, a humongous dragon with an entirely black body flew out!

Rebirth from Fire? The black phoenix could not believe its own eyes. Wasnt this her inherent magical power?

Besides, it was a talent exclusively possessed by phoenixes. How was this dragon capable of it?

Shock, terror, and bewilderment flickered in its eyes all at once. Shortly after, a profound desire for killing could be seen.

This human was too unusual, so unusual that the black phoenix felt extremely insecure!


With the strident sound of the air being torn, the black phoenix flew over to pounce on Su Yu once again. It intended to kill Su Yu while he had just experienced a Rebirth from Fire and was still in an unstable state!

However, right at that moment, Su Yu cried out softly, Giant Divine Soldier!

Boom! Boom! Boom!

All of a sudden, the entire ground began trembling vigorously. Inside the Crane Deitys backyard, a secret chamber was suddenly shattered by a fist a thousand feet in width.

It was a fist that had emerged from under the ground!

Shortly after, it was as if the sky and the lands were being torn apart. An incredibly colossal seam, which was several thousand feet wide, appeared in the Crane Deitys mansion,!

A giant the color of metal crawled out from the underground depths!

Wang Yunxuan was standing on top of the giants head and was roaring with laughter. Fellow Su, Im here to help you!

However, the giant showed no facial expression as it stood up. It stood motionless and did not obey commands. Wang Yunxuans face went stiff. Whats wrong? Hasnt it been very obedient while being tested? Is it defective again?

The black phoenix stared at the gargantuan metallic giant that was ten thousand feet in height in great shock. Its eyes were filled with astonishment.

It could feel the extremely powerful aura emitted by the giant. It wasnt something that it was capable of dealing with!

Despite its terror and shock, the black phoenix was glad that the Giant Divine Soldier seemed to be defective and disobedient to commands upon being crafted.

Seizing the opportunity, the icy desire for murder glimmered in the black phoenixs eyes. With several scratches of its claw, it tried to kill Su Yu once again!

But right at that moment, a fist that was a thousand feet in size fell from the sky all of a sudden!

The black phoenix was startled. It looked up only to see an expanse of darkness because the fist had concealed the entire sky!

How did it dare to keep grasping at Su Yu? Spreading its black wings, it flew away swiftly!

However, right after it dodged the fist, the sky above its head went dark again. Another fist pounded down as if it had been prepared a long time ago.

The black phoenix had nowhere to hide and was brutally punched by the Giant Divine Soldier.


Blood splattered everywhere, and the body of the black phoenix was slammed into smithereens right away!

It turned out that the Giant Divine Soldier had suddenly obeyed its commands at the critical juncture.

The muddy flesh of the black phoenix burst into black flames once again, apparently on the verge of being reborn from fire once again.

Su Yus eyes glinted with iciness. How can you still come back to life?!


The long spear of Evil Fatal Energy pierced through the sky, falling right into the muddy mesh of flesh.

The powerful Evil Fatal Energy extinguished the mass of flames. Even though the muddy flesh kept writhing and struggling to attempt another Rebirth from Fire, the long spear wouldnt budge an inch.

If she could move the long spear that easily, the Tree Goddess would have been too unfortunate to be nailed to the throne for so many years.


Suddenly, a small streak of black flame emerged, transforming into a black phoenix the size of a thumb. It stared coldly at Su Yu. You can never kill me! No matter how many times you do, I can come back to life!

Su Yus lips curled into a detached smile. Kill you? Why should I kill you? What good do I get from killing you? If I can keep you nailed like this forever and ever, wont that be amazing?

Our Crane Deitys family could enclose this space and turn it into a tourist spot. People could come and visit the rare animal black phoenix, and we could earn some ticket fees.

In the future, when we gather a lot of creatures from the Netherworld Faction, we could even assemble you and organize a circus and make you tour around the continent.

One of the performances will be Rebirth from Fire. Well extract the long spear and let you come back to life for a while, and then pierce you to death again. Well, I believe this performance will become the most captivating performance of our circus.