The Divine Nine Dragon Cauldron Chapter 116

Chapter 116: The Fallen Star Contest
Chapter 116: The Fallen Star Contest
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Su Yu's despondent eyes suddenly lit up!


Turning his body, Su Yu forgot his sense of propriety and he urgently grabbed Yun Yan's fragrant shoulders, "Quick, say it!"

Yun Yan slightly whimpered in pain, "You're hurting me."

"Oh, oh... I'm sorry, Yun Yan, that was disrespectful of me..." Su Yu just realized he had forgotten his manners and hurriedly let go of her. His apologetic eyes peered anxiously into Yun Yan's beautiful gaze, compelling her to go on.

Yun Yan rubbed her sore shoulders and felt a hidden bitterness in her heart. It was more like envy.

Su Yu would go to this extent for his beloved betrothedshe wondered about her fianc inside the Inner Sanctum.

A hint of sadness and helplessness bubbled up within her heart.

"The way is simple!" said Yun Yan, "Just after you left, the Second Elder gave us three, who were unwilling to leave the faction, a chance. That is to participate in tomorrow's Fallen Star Contest!"

"Fallen Star Contest?" Su Yu wondered.

Yun Yan nodded, "Yes! It is the annual grand competition outside of the Sanctum. It is usually held a month after the recruitment assessment, which happens to be tomorrow.

"The Fallen Star Contest will gather all the outstanding talent outside of the Sanctum and hold a competition to learn from one another. Whoever can trigger the Icy Pearl on the Icy Azure Lake to vibrate, will successfully obtain the qualifications for the Inner Sanctum. This way, we can avoid expulsion. Then, you can have your chance to meet your betrothed," Yun Yan slowly recounted.

Yun Yan saw the light in Su Yu's eyes change from grief and anger to resolve, making it hard for her to look straight at him.

"However, the hope is very faint! It's almost next to nothing!" Yun Yan could not bear to shock Su Yu, "The last time someone passed the Fallen Star Contest was a century ago, and that was Clan Master Xi. With heaps of resources provided by Han Zhi, she finally broke through the shackles and went from outside of the Sanctum into the Inner Sanctum.

"After her, none of the disciples outside of the Sanctum have passed!" Yun Yan's charming face dimmed, "You will need at least the martial power of a Second Level Peak to trigger the Icy Pearl. How many disciples outside of the Sanctum can cultivate to the Second Level Peak?"

Although the Second Elder gave the three of them an opportunity, the chance was so slim that it was almost next to nothing.

What startled Yun Yan was that Su Yu did not seem disappointed, worried, or hesitant. His eyes had a look of determination and they dazzled her even more!

"Su Yu, don't you feel the despair?" Yun Yan found it hard to understand the look in Su Yu's eyes!

Su Yu looked up to the sky, his deep eyes underneath his silver hair and the corners of his mouth curled up as he smiled, "The world's saddest person is not the one with faint hope, but the one without any hope! Give me a glimmer of hope and I, Su Yu, will create a miracle!" Su Yu tightly clenched his fists and his eyes shone with unprecedented brightness.

He was not afraid low chances, he was only afraid of hopelessness!

A glimmer of hope could create a miracle...

Yun Yan's lovely figure slightly shuddered as her heart was shaken. As she stared at Su Yu, she suddenly felt that his stature was exceptionally tall.

She felt as if the boundless magnificence of his unwillingness to be shackled to his fate, his rising in defiance of the natural order, and his imposing will to rip apart heaven and Earth, was flooding around Su Yu!

A hint of admiration, a tinge of respect, and a whisper of shame and inferiorityall of those feelings mingled within her heart.

The reason Su Yu was so dazzling, charismatic, and outstanding, was not that he was handsome and accomplished. It was not his extraordinary ability, but his incomparably defiant nature!

He'd gone up against mountains and rivers of problems, he'd had a lifetime of trials and hardships. He'd faced untold dangers and difficulties in life, but Su Yu was still able to rise amid adversity!

Yun Yan gazed at him, her young lady's heart was gently swayed.

She stared only for a moment before she finally restrained herself. She knew that she was attracted to Su Yu's determination. It was only a momentary favorable impression and nothing more.

But, if she continued to be attracted to his strikingly defiant will, she may risk legitimately falling for him.

I have a fianc, I mustn't, Yun Yan thought to herself, and the ripple in her heart was quickly calmed.

When she looked again at Su Yu, her expression was clear, and her beautiful eyes brimmed with a sincere wish, "Su Yu, I hope you are able to fulfill your wish in tomorrow's contest."

Su Yu was grateful, "What about you?"

Yun Yan smiled sadly, "My family has provided me with an alternative course of action, you don't have to worry about me." With these words, she gracefully turned around and left by herself.

She did not have Su Yu's will and she lacked Su Yu's ability even more. She had no hope of winning the contest.

"She entered the Liuxian Faction for one purpose, was it to seek a legacy level cultivation technique for her family clan?" Su Yu smoothened out the Five Dragon Blaze manual tucked inside his sleeve pocket and wondered if it would be suitable for her.

The fire-based legacy level cultivation technique, cultivated by the silver robed guards of the Empire of Darkness, was not suitable for Su Yu. He might as well give it to Yun Yan as a present and consider it a parting gift. He could repay her kindness, as well as repay her for the times she saved him.

But now was not the time.

By giving a volume of legacy level cultivation technique, which none of the Hundred Vassal Clans had, to Yun Yan in public, she might not live to return to her family.

In this place, besides them, there was also the black armored guard in front of the iron bridge, as well as two or three random people around. It would be unwise to take it out here.

He needed to look for an opportune time with no one around, and then quietly slip it to Yun Yan.

Returning to the temporary lodgings outside of the Sanctum, Su Yu went into seclusion to meditate.

He took out that entirely dark blue piece of medium grade marrow cleansing elixir. Its potency was a hundred times stronger than the low grade marrow cleansing elixir!

"At tomorrow's Fallen Star Contest, there are going to be countless of experts from outside of the Sanctum who have years of experience. It's essential for me to upgrade my ability, even if it is only a little bit!" Su Yu opened his mouth to swallow.

In a flash, its powerful potency cleansed all his limbs and bones. A viscous liquid oozed from Su Yu's pores, like mercury flowing out swiftly from the earth.

A feeling of lightness and ease emerged from his core. It felt like a heavy burden was shed, he felt lighter from the inside out.

Not only did his flesh fel light as feathers, his soul was free from its shackles, the feeling was sublime.

His entire temperament was once again transmuted like a celestial immortal.

Hs physiological boundary was pushed a step further, he was becoming less like a mortal each time.

It was a hundred times more potent than a low grade marrow cleansing elixir. Its effect was fierce and powerful, and it had exceeded his imagination!

After the cleansing, with more than half of the impurities in his physical body dispelled, he became clear, like an unpolished jade. His speed of energy absorption was greater!

On that day, the immense amount of chill that he had absorbed at the Divine Ice Hall was too much. A large part of it was difficult for his physical body to assimilate, so it had settled within him.

Now, after his physical body was cleansed, he began to voluntarily assimilate this collected cold energy!

In addition to the medium grade marrow cleansing elixir, his body carried a powerful energy. The fusion of these two was like ten thousand stampeding horses galloping through Su Yu's body.


Su Yu's cultivation felt just like a powerful current rushing forth, and he easily stepped across the threshold of a First Level Upper Tier Holy King to First Level Peak Holy King.

After several hours, he finally stopped right before he reached First Level Peak Holy King.

Just a sliver more and he could break through the barrier!

The elixir definitely deserved to be called a medium grade marrow cleansing elixir. Its effect was powerful and beyond compare!

Unfortunately, to obtain one was not easy and its effects were short-lived.

As he was pressed for time, Su Yu quickly entered the state of time acceleration by two hundred times so as to comprehend all that he had learned.

Early the next morning, Su Yu slowly opened his eyeshis expression a bit helpless.

When he had taken the opportunity to absorb the chill from the frozen seal, Su Yu seized the time to comprehend Glazed Ice Flame, Icy Divine Wings, and Sigh of Ice.

But, only the comprehension of Icy Divine Wings movement technique was relatively easy to break through to the Stage One Lower Class, where he cultivated the flying wings.

The progress of Glazed Ice Flame and Sigh of Ice was great, but he was still a fine line away from Stage One Lower Class.

Glazed Ice Flame was known as one of the finest legacy level cultivation techniques, its power was unpredictable. If he had comprehended it to the Stage One Lower Class, the power would be extraordinary.

If Sigh of Ice had been comprehended to the Stage One Lower Class, his spiritual energy capacity would be thirty percent more than others of the same realm. His moves would be stronger by thirty percent! It was very impressive!

Unfortunately, he was still a fine line away from the Stage One Lower Class for those two!

"If I can chance upon another strange cold object in the world, or perhaps, another two volumes of legacy level cultivation techniques, I can break through to reach a new level for both!" Su Yu murmured.

Finally, he had nearly reached Top Class for Purple Star Thunderbolt!

His saint grade Holy Decree, under a long period of comprehension, also showed signs of transmuting to a new level.

Su Yu felt he was at a turning point. Once his moves reached the next level, he would be reborn.


The faintly discernible sound of a bell came from the distance.

The Fallen Star Contest was about to begin!

With his right fist clenched, Su Yu cast a look toward that mysterious Inner Sanctum and firmly said, "Xianer! Wait for me!"

He was going to acquire the qualifications needed to enter the Inner Sanctum, take Xianer away, and never leave her again!


He darted out and went to the Fallen Star Contest arena. The contest was convened in the Chilly Star of the seventeen fallen stars.

As far as the eye could see, human figures were seen interlacing across the sky. The disciples outside of the Sanctum from all seventeen fallen stars had flocked towards the Chilly Star.

The annual Fallen Star Contest was about to begin!

Su Yu flew toward it and landed in front of a vast and magnificent arena, capable of holding ten thousand people.

At the entrance, there was a graceful, beautiful figure anxiously waiting.

Her charming face looked a little lost, she looked like a lonely figure out of place in the bustling crowd.

Though people were stunned by her beauty, no one stopped for her.

"Yun Yan, are you waiting for someone?" Su Yu came over and asked with deep concern.

Yun Yan lifted her gaze and managed a weak smile, "I'm waiting for Li Zhi... He's my fianc. I sent him a message yesterday."

Su Yu slightly frowned. The contest was about to begin and, once it started, the arena would closeany outsider would not be able to enter.

"Come on, he's not coming," Yun Yan's eyes dimmed, and she entered the arena alongside Su Yu.


With the sealing of the arena's entrance, the contest had officially started!

Inside the arena, disciples from outside of the Sanctum numbered at more than three thousand!

Many of the lowest ranking disciples were Level Eight, Level Nine, and Half Holy Kings of the Martial Path!

There were also many strong individuals of the Holy King Realm, and Su Yu even discovered the presence of Second Level Holy Kings!

Yun Yan was a member of a family clan, so she was well-informed and knowledgeable. "The Fallen Star Contest is divided into three phases; the first competition will produce the top one hundred contenders! Next, they will battle until there is only nine left! And the final competition will be the Nine Dragons Seize the Pearl," She explained to Su Yu.

"Whoever seizes the pearl will be the first and, in addition to that, he must trigger the Icy Pearl to vibratethen he will have the opportunity to transform his life. He will reach heaven in a single leap and become an Inner Sanctum disciple. He will have unlimited use of endless resources and there will be no limit to his future achievements."

Su Yu nodded. There were three thousand people who were tussling to be among the top one hundred contenders! The top one hundred contenders would compete to be the top nine contenders! And finally, the top nine contenders would vie for the supreme position! If they could trigger the Icy Pearl to vibrate, they could become an Inner Sanctum disciple!

"This Fallen Star Contest has many powerful contestants! The Three Heavenly Kings from outside of the Sanctum will be here. Each of them is a strong Second Level Holy King. The ranked first, Zhao Wuxie, who recently reached Second Level Peak Holy King level, is a once-in-a-hundred-years talent from outside of the Sanctum. At that time, he almost entered the Inner Sanctum. Now there is a great possibility of him entering the Inner Sanctum this year!

"In addition to these people, there will also be newly accepted disciples from the Inner Sanctum at the Fallen Star Contest. They are the real talents who were similarly used as bait like us. They will be participating together in the contest, and they are the number one students of the Hundred Vassal Clans, Sun Tianyang of the Sun Family Clan and the ranked second Yuan Hu of the Yuan Family. They have already been recruited in advance as the Elders' disciples, which means they are Inner Sanctum disciples.

"They are not required to compete for Inner Sanctum qualifications. They're competing because, firstly, it's a rare opportunity to hone their skills with actual combat. Secondly, they will set the benchmark for disciples from outside of the Sanctum, so they can gauge their disparity with the Inner Sanctum disciples."

Su Yu understood Yuan Hu was that short and stout young man who ha maintained order alongside Liu Guang on the day of the recruitment assessment.

He was a fourteen-year-old Second Level Holy King and was quite exceptional.

He had said on that day that if Su Yu were to enter the Liuxian Faction, he would make sure Su Yu would never live in peace.

He would never have thought that he would compete against him in the same arena at the Fallen Star Contest.

"You better hope that you don't encounter me. Otherwise, I, who you called an ant, will give you a great surprise," Su Yu secretly murmured.


The sound of the bell came.

The Fallen Star Contest was the fateful battle that determined whether the three thousand disciples would be able to enter the sanctum and be reborn.

It was a battle of destiny that would decide the fate of Su Yu and Xianer, and it had finally begun!