The Divine Nine Dragon Cauldron Chapter 1160

Chapter 1160 Taming The Killer

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All of a sudden, someone exclaimed out of nowhere. It was the Tree Goddess who had somehow returned. She was standing behind Su Yu, staring at him with her face full of surprise.

My dear Yu, you are so talented! I wouldnt have figured out such a convenient, fast way to earn money! the Tree Goddess praised.

His expression angry, Su Yu replied, Why am I not pleased that you praised me like that?

Oh! My dear Yu, you are so mighty, you are the Lord of Light, showing the lost me a way to the promising light, lighting up a beam of hope in my pitch-dark life.

I have made up my mind! From now on, I will start teaching this black phoenix. We have to kick-start our dream circus! The Tree Goddess rubbed her hands together, her mouth drooling as if she had pictured them collecting the ticket fees till their hands turned to jelly.

The black phoenix sneered. Stop acting! Do you think a little threatening trick like that can frighten the killers from our Netherworld Faction? You have belittled the Netherworld Faction!

Su Yu touched his nose. Erm I have indeed intended to frighten you, but Im not sure about the rascal Goddess.

The Tree Goddess was hopelessly broke now. She wouldnt mind doing anything immoral or inhumane at this point.

I do want to pry some information about the Netherworld Faction from you, Su Yu said placidly, After all, those who have the courage to kill me have no reason to stay alive in this world.

Upon hearing that, the black phoenix was startled. This fellow was so arrogant! Was he actually planning to take complete possession of the Netherworld Faction?

Despite having known about his mastery of scheming, the black phoenix only laughed with contempt.

Not even the Great Eastern Alliance had the absolute confidence to bring thorough destruction upon the Netherworld Faction. Back when the Netherworld Faction was most impetuous, they had assassinated three deities in a row.

The twenty deities dispatched by the Great Eastern Alliance ventured deep into the divine relic in an attempt to launch a devastating blow on the Netherworld Faction.

But eventually, the Netherworld Faction was unscathed, while the twenty deities all returned in a terrible condition, and two of the deities were detained forever.

It wasnt just because the divine relic was near the domain of the demon race, having a unique geographical location.

It was also because the divine relic shared the common hatred and treated the Great Eastern Alliance as a great latent enemy.

Entering the divine relic was like sinking themselves into a mighty ocean with enemies surrounding them. They couldnt even find the exact location of the Netherworld Faction, let alone destroy it.

Haha, before you came, you did not expect to fall into the hands of a mere All Creations, did you? Su Yu asked indifferently. There might be things that cannot be possibly done in this world but that was before you met me!

I will pay a visit to the Netherworld Faction sooner or later!

Hearing Su Yus confident words, the black phoenix was somehow worried.

This young man was totally different from any enemies whom she had encountered before!

No matter what you do to me, either torment me and beat me up cruelly or try to threaten and bribe me, dont even think that you will find out anything about the Netherworld Faction from me.

As an assassin of the Netherworld Faction, I have been enlightened about death. The black phoenix looked at ease and seemed fearless in the face of Su Yus threat.

Su Yus lips twitched into a smile. Has no one ever told you about the existence of the Path of Souls in this world? To know the secrets contained in ones soul, one doesnt necessarily have to speak.

Humph, do you mean Soul Searching or Mind Manipulation? All of us assassins have gained protection from the Death Deity. Our souls cannot be searched by outsiders, let alone manipulated.

Watching the black phoenix reassured and emboldened in her belief, Su Yu said dispassionately, What a stupid woman, you forgot my words so quickly. There might be things that cannot be possibly achieved in this world, but that was only before you met me!

You The black phoenix stared at Su Yu in shock.

Before she could finish her words, two beams of green light suddenly shot out from Su Yus eyes. The black phoenix couldnt evade them in time and was hit by the green light.

The two beams of green light were extremely overbearing. They transformed into two sharp arrows and penetrated her soul, nailing her soul till it could not budge.

There was a struggle in the black phoenixs eyes. Shortly after, her facial expression gradually became gentle and peaceful. Eventually, her virtual shadow bowed in the air and said in a tender voice, I am from the race of the black phoenixes, Liluo. Greeting my master, I have offended you. Please punish me, Master.

The Tree Goddess blinked. Such a domineering soul manipulation technique! It doesnt work by threatening but by manipulating the mind by force, making her sincerely recognize you as her master. Hardly any deities who practice the Path of Souls could achieve such a technique.

This was the effect of the Top Tier of the Illusory Soul Realm. Extremely domineering and overpowering, it enabled the manipulated to obey with complete willingness.

Not only did it retain the consciousness and intelligence of the manipulated, but it also meant they completely retained their capabilities.

Simply speaking, it could turn any enemies into ones own loyal servants in the blink of an eye. That was how incredibly domineering it was.

There surely was a precondition that had to be fulfilled. The target on whom the tactic was performed should have a weak soul or be completely unaware.

Fill me in on the details of the Netherworld Faction!

A moment later, Su Yus eyes flashed. The organizational structure of the Netherworld Faction was very convoluted. An early-stage Prospective Deities like Liluo could only be considered a middle-class figure in the Netherworld Faction.

Above her, there were top-notch assassins who were middle-stage and late-stage Prospective Deities. And further up, there was the most mysterious master of the Netherworld Faction, the Death Deity.

Having grasped a great load of information about the Netherworld Faction, Su Yu nodded slowly and drew the long spear back.

After her Rebirth from Fire, Liluo had turned into a gorgeous-looking, middle-aged woman. She was half-kneeling on the ground, closely listening to Su Yus commands at all times. The look on her face was very natural, without a single trace of being forced.

Where is the other killer? Su Yu looked over at the Tree Goddess.

The Tree Goddess clasped her pocket tightly. Pouting she said, Im in dire need of replenishing my godly spirit. The godly spirit of this Prospective Deity isnt stable enough. Its just good enough to be extracted and added to my nourishment.

Su Yu indifferently replied, How much could a mere Prospective Deity satisfy you? The Carnival of All Gods will be held tomorrow. If you are obedient, I could help you replenish your godly spirit once and for all

Haha, I know you love me. My good husband, when are we getting married?

And then youre gonna divorce me right after that and get hold of my assets, arent you?

Right, right! Thats what Im thinking!

How could you say it so forthrightly and confidently?!

The Tree Goddess was lost for words.

The Tree Goddess handed the first killer that she caught to Su Yu. He was in good condition, and it seemed that the Tree Goddess had captured him with great ease.

Once he got out, his first reaction wasnt to flee, but to kill Su Yu who was right in front of him!

With the Tree Goddess around, he couldnt escape, so he could only opt to seize Su Yu.

Humph! Liluo, who was half-kneeling on the ground snorted coldly and slammed her palm towards him.

Both of them were early-stage Prospective Deities, but Liluos combat power obviously overrode his, and she managed to repulse him.

In shock, the killer exclaimed, Liluo! Have you pledged allegiance to him?

From Liluos eyes, the killer could not discern any signs that her soul was being manipulated.

I will kill you before you get near my master! Liluos eyes were filled with ferocious cruelty. She was about to finish him off when Su Yu stopped her.

The Tree Goddess got the hint. With a move of thoughts, a large patch of vines and tendrils grew from the underground and twined around the killer, wrapping him into a huge dumpling so that only his eyes and mouth were visible.

I could surrender to you as well! the killer said.

Do you believe your own words? Su Yu asked.

The killer replied, If Liluo could surrender to you, I, Jingang, could do the same!

One killer from the Netherworld Faction will suffice. Whats the point of having another? Su Yu said without emotion.

In terms of capacity and statuses in the Netherworld Faction, as well as the mastery of information about the Netherworld Faction, you are far less capable than Liluo. Keeping you is meaningless!

Jingang definitely wouldnt surrender willingly but was thinking of taking the opportunity to free himself and returning later to kill Su Yu!

However, although Im not planning to keep you around, you are worth quite a lot too. Su Yu flashed half a smile and shot a glance at the Tree Goddess.

The Tree Goddess smiled. With a shift of thoughts, Jingangs soul was oppressed until he went into a weakened state that rendered him unable to retaliate.

After that, Su Yu successfully manipulated him too.

Only when the two Prospective Deities were kneeling before Su Yu did He Ruchu come forward with a face full of guilt. Feather Deity, we are useless indeed.

Su Yu had encountered assassins right at the door of the Crane Deitys dwelling. The Crane Deitys family had numerous people yet no experts who could serve their purpose. It was indeed pathetic.

You people have limited capabilities. If you had charged rashly just now, apart from becoming hostages of the killers and hampering me from attacking, you would have been of no great help. It was good enough that you could stop the people, Su Yu complimented.

If He Ruchu hadnt stopped the attackers, the scene would have gotten chaotic, and chaos would be to the killers advantage.

Feather Deity, these two killers, how are you going to deal with them? He Ruchu looked at the two Prospective Deities from the Netherworld Faction, and his eyelids fluttered.

Rumor had it that the Prospective Deity killers of the Netherworld Faction were extraordinarily excellent, any one of them could independently assassinate the ordinary Prospective Deities of the Great Eastern Alliance.

He had never expected to see two of them falling into the Feather Deitys hands one after another.

More importantly, they obeyed Su Yus commands now. This was indirectly giving great power to the Crane Deitys family!

Su Yu pointed at Liluo. Take her back to the house for recuperation. During the upcoming period of time, she will safeguard the Crane Deitys family temporarily on my behalf.

The Carnival of All Gods was about to begin. As a substitute deity, Su Yu might need to be away for quite some time.

As for Jingang Su Yus lips curled into an icy look. It is impolite not to return what you receive. Since the Qin Great Young Master is so concerned about me, it would be ungracious of me not to pay him a visit!

He had been set up twice with each encounter increasing in danger. If he didnt show him some power, hehe

Hearing Su Yus intention, a resentful voice sounded, Lord Feather Deity, if you wish to make a trip to the Book Deitys family, I am more than willing to lead you there!

He turned to find that it was Bu Tieyi, the former leader of the law-enforcement team of the Crane Deitys cavern world.

Qin Feichen had taken advantage of him the other day, throwing him into the Crane Deitys cavern world in an attempt to get Su Yu killed.

Whether Su Yu was alive or dead, Bu Tieyi would still be killed!

Qin Feichen had obviously sent him on a death mission!

Su Yu chortled. He was your former master after all. Would you really have the boldness to do it?

Bu Tieyi was full of animosity. It is not me that has no virtue, it is the Book Deitys family that is inhumane! I am willing to be of service to you and am at your disposal, Feather Deity.

Su Yu cast a thoughtful look at Bu Tieyi and laughed softly. Fine, after this, you can stay at the Crane Deitys cavern world by my side.

Wang Yunxuan only chuckled at that. A fine bird chooses the right tree to nestle in. I have no comment on that.

How could the two of them not understand what Bu Tieyi was thinking? Bu Tieyi had volunteered to lead the way in the hope that Su Yu could protect him, considering his contribution.

Having witnessed Su Yu taming two great Prospective Deities with his very own eyes, Bu Tieyis confidence in Su Yu had increased several times, hence he decided to put his faith in him.