The Divine Nine Dragon Cauldron Chapter 1161

Chapter 1161 Secret Of All Deities

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Thank you so much, Feather Deity and Master Wang! Bu Tieyi was beside himself with joy as deep iciness flickered in his eyes. The Book Deitys family cant blame me this time! he thought.

Feather Deity, I have something to report to you! Bu Tieyi said.

After Su Yu nodded, Bu Tieyi said, Has Feather Deity ever wondered why Qin Feichen was able to identify your weakness back then?

Hmm I heard that the Book Deitys family has a most valuable treasure named the Book Deitys Treasury, which has all the knowledge in the world congregated within it. It can see through all secrets. Could Qin Feichen have used it?

Bu Tieyi replied, Exactly! The Book Deitys Treasury is made up of all the knowledge amassed by the former Book Deities and is exceptionally fascinating. Once used, no secrets in the world can hide from the Book Deitys Treasury!

It is best if Feather Deity destroys the Book Deitys Treasury when you travel there, otherwise, this thing will become one of the biggest hidden threats to you, Feather Deity!

Su Yu was proficient in scheming. If Qin Feichen used the Book Deitys Treasury to see through Su Yus scheme, he could definitely give him a fatal blow at a certain point in time!

Last time, if He Ruchu hadnt secretly divulged the information to him, he would have been dead already!

The Book Deitys Treasury? Su Yu understood the threat posed by the item as well. If it wasnt eliminated, it would indeed be a huge threat.

Putting aside what might happen in the future, the Carnival of All Gods would take place tomorrow.

His conspiracy with the Jing Deity was an earth-shaking matter that could not be exposed. Once the hundred deities knew about it, they would certainly rise and attack, extinguishing both of them.

If Qin Feichen happened to hear some gossip and investigated matters with the Book Deitys Treasury, then it would be

Su Yu was frightened and broke out in a cold sweat. Why was there such a thing in this world? It shouldnt exist!

Bu Tieyi looked around and whispered, In fact, all the deities are very displeased with the establishment of the Book Deitys Treasury by the Book Deitys family because their secrets are under the control of the Book Deitys family at any point of time!

However, without a convincing reason, they couldnt just go forth and destroy the treasure. If Feather Deity is willing to destroy it, at least the deities will not stop you when you do it. They will even offer to secretly help you!

Was that so? Su Yus eyes flickered with an icy gleam. He had too many secrets that he didnt outsiders to peek into, so the Book Deitys Treasury had to be destroyed at all costs!

Fellow Su, are we going on another big adventure? Wang Yunxuan hadnt recovered from the excitement of destroying two Prospective Deities from the Netherworld Faction before he heard that Su Yu was going to commit another earth-shattering act, and he was invigorated instantly!

Bring the Giant Divine Soldier along and follow me! Let us go present Qin Feichen with a big gift! Su Yu sneered.

Swish! Swish!

Suddenly, large waves of powerful energy reverberated from somewhere far away. It turned out that the deitys descendants had returned.

Sensing the shocking unusual phenomenon in this area, all of them had returned to find out what happened.

Su Yus eyes shone. He secretly commanded Jingang to pretend as if he was fleeing because of defeat.

As an assassin, Jingangs basis in disguise had attained sublime perfection. He flew backward while spitting out a mouthful of blood, thudding forcefully on the ground as if he had been hit by a powerful blow.

Standing up quickly, Jingang growled, Su Yu! Dont even try to stop me killing every last one of the deitys descendants today!

As he spoke, Jingang turned into a stream of light and fled.

Su Yu and Wang Yunxuan grew tense as they yelled, With the two of us here today, this will be a one-way trip for you killers from the Netherworld Faction!

Swish! Swish!

Both of them leaped onto the Giant Divine Soldier and controlled the giant to take them sprinting across the ground.

Despite the humongous size of the Giant Divine Soldier, it moved unexpectedly nimbly. Its speed was so fast that it could even compare to an early-stage Prospective Deity.

The Giant Divine Soldier that was ten thousand feet in height was the mysterious weapon crafted by Wang Yunxuan by following the blueprint discovered in the divine relic.

On the blueprint, this weapon was referred to as the Giant Divine Soldier. Even the lowest grade had the terrifying capabilities of a Prospective Deity. With sufficient materials, it was not a problem to craft a late-stage Prospective Deity with it.

It was a pity that all these materials required the rare valuable items of the starry sky of about ten thousand years of age and had long become extinct on the continent. They could only be found if one ventured into the galaxies.

Upon hearing that, Su Yus interest was piqued, and he paid attention to the names of those materials.

Not long after they took off, they encountered the returning deitys descendants head-on.

Feather Deity, what happened? Sheng Yuanxin deserved to be the leader of the deitys descendants. With a stern face, she said, I sensed the air of Prospective Deities.

Su Yu replied somberly, Yes! I found two Prospective Deities that have come from the Netherworld Faction. They were following you as you left, so we got into a huge fight with them. One of them has been tamed by me, but this one has run away!

Following us? The faces of the deitys descendants suddenly became furious.

The Netherworld Faction was also a frightening presence whose very mention could elicit fear.

And Su Yu had said that they were of the level of Prospective Deities. Apart from Sheng Yuanxin, no one else at the scene had the capacity to fight them, so all of them would suffer the fate of being slaughtered!

Knowing that one of them had escaped, they even forgot to wonder how Su Yu managed to tame one of them.

It was Sheng Yuanxin who shot a suspicious look at Su Yu, but as a Senluo Law Enforcer, she couldnt sit back and do nothing when killers from the Netherworld Faction had intruded into the Great Eastern Alliance. I will destroy this killer with you!

Yang Tai touched his chin. He was the only one who knew that those two killers hadnt come for the deitys descendants, but for Su Yu.

Seeing as Su Yu had fooled them now, Yang Tai couldnt help but feel amused. This fellow must be having some mischievous ideas again! Hehe, it looks interesting. I will follow them and have a look.

The rest of you, head for the nearby cavern worlds immediately and ask for the protection of deities! We will go after the killers of the Netherworld Faction! Sheng Yuanxin dispersed the crowd and chased after the killers along with Su Yu, Wang Yunxuan and Yang Tai.

The news spread through the streets at a shocking speed.

Big news! Have you heard about it? The Prospective Deity killers from the Netherworld Faction have come to the Great Eastern Alliance and were about to massacre the deitys descendants, but one of them was tamed by the Feather Deity, and the other was severely injured!

What? Prospective Deity killers from the Netherworld Faction?

What? Is the Feather Deity so powerful? He could even tame Prospective Deity killers from the Netherworld Faction?

Its hard to believe. Is the Feather Deity that great?

Why wouldnt it be possible? I heard that the Feather Deity transformed into a golden dragon and defeated Bu Ruyi with ease! He is a real deity reincarnated from the nine dragons!

By the way, just what kind of deity is the Deity of Nine Dragons? Why havent I heard of it before?

It doesnt matter! It must be some extremely powerful deity. The Great Eastern Alliance has gone through millions of years and has witnessed the birth of numerous deities. What is strange about not knowing them all?

Stop the nonsense all of you! Where is the killer from the Netherworld Faction whom the Feather Deity is chasing after now?

I heard that he is running in the direction of the Book Deitys cavern world!


Inside a secret chamber of the Book Deitys dwelling, in the Book Deitys cavern world.

Qin Feichen had a gloomy look on his face as he shattered the table before him with a slam. Trash bags! He is merely an All Creations, yet two great Prospective Deities had no control over him? One was tamed, and the other is being hunted!

At the side, Wuchou dared not take a breath. His heart was beating in dread.

The Netherworld Faction, which had always been renowned for their complete lack of fallacies, had failed a mission!

However, the key wasnt the failure, but how unbelievable the failure was!

Why were the killers of the Netherworld Faction even worse than the ordinary killers? After their defeat, they turned to rely upon the target whom they were supposed to kill!

After a long while, Wuchou said, Young Master, now is not the time to be concerned with success and failure. We should be concerned with Jingangs whereabouts!

Yes? His whereabouts while being hunted requires my attention? Qin Feichen heard his overtone.

Wuchou replied solemnly, Replying to Master, Jingang has arrived at the Book Deitys cavern world and is heading all the way here to our dwelling.

Upon hearing that, Qin Feichens eyes flickered with shrewdness. As a killer, he shouldnt be too imbecilic to be seeking my help and exposing me, should he? Besides, the Netherworld Faction never reveals the employers information to the killers executing the mission!

Having thought of that, Qin Feichen did not look relieved but began to ponder. If that is the case, why is he coming to the Book Deitys dwelling?

Wuchou said, Replying to Young Master, this is most likely related to that Su Yu! For some unknown reason, as he flees, Jingang has been proclaiming that his purpose in coming to the Great Eastern Alliance is to slaughter each and every deitys descendant, which is very uncanny!

Qin Feichen turned serious. A brief moment later, he said, Just wait and see! The Book Deitys Treasury was used last time, and itll take a period of time for it to recover before it can be opened again. Then, we should be able to clearly grasp Su Yus intention.

Wuchou nodded slowly. Right, I think after this matter, we should use the Book Deitys Treasury to carry out an investigation on Su Yu as a person! I keep feeling that he is too mysterious. There could be some shocking secrets about him.

Upon hearing that, Qin Feichen scowled slightly. The price for using the Book Deitys Treasury once is high enough, specifically using it for him Fine, we have to calculate the many uncertainties and various secrets of the deities for the Carnival of All Gods this time anyway, so well investigate him.

Right at that moment, someone reported nervously from outside the door. Young Master, bad news! The Netherworld Faction killer Jingang has barged into our Book Deitys dwelling and is massacring people around the mansion! The fourth young master, the seventh young master, and the ninth young master have all been killed!

What?! Qin Feichen slammed his fist down on the table and got up.

The killer from the Netherworld Faction had really shown up at the Book Deitys dwelling!

Send my order. Have the Prospective Deity seniors in the family come and protect me. Also, send my message to the Glaze Fairy Deity and ask her to attack! Qin Feichen yelled continuously.


Before long, an old, weathered-looking Prospective Deity showed up in front of Qin Feichen.

He was a member of the Qin Family as well, a man-made Prospective Deity. Many years ago, he attained the godly spirit of a Prospective Deity and succeeded in being promoted to a Prospective Deity. But it wasnt his own godly spirit after all, so he couldnt manage to get through the hurdle and had thus remained at the early stage of Prospective Deity.

From now on, do not leave me by half a step, not in any circumstances! Qin Feichen cherished his own life very much. The other descendants of the Book Deity were certainly far less important than him.

Yes, Young Master.

Lets go and take a look!

Upon coming to the front yard, a robust man was seen hunting down the people of the Qin Family all over the place.

Seven to eight of the Book Deitys descendants had been killed, leaving behind a meager few.

Jingang killed anyone that came in his way, but when he caught a glimpse of Qin Feichen and the early-stage Prospective Deity behind him, he ignored them and continued on his killing spree.

Staring at the dead bodies all across the place and the impetuous Jingang, Qin Feichen felt his heart bleeding!

Young master, please allow me to strike and expel this person. Otherwise, the Book Deitys descendants will all be killed soon. Having watched the scene, the old man felt a killing desire rising in him.