The Divine Nine Dragon Cauldron Chapter 1162

Chapter 1162 All Deities Joining Forces

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Qin Feichen narrowed his eyes and glanced at his surroundings. Do not leave me! This could be Su Yus plan! He wants to draw you away from my side so that he can assassinate me! You must not leave me before the Glaze Fairy Deity arrives!

The elder was anxious, but he understood that Qin Feichen was the Book Deitys heir. Anyone else could die, but Qin Feichen wasnt allowed to suffer any misfortune.

Helpless, the elder could only witness all of it without doing anything.

Then, the ground began to tremble vigorously, and a giant ten thousand feet tall arrived at the Book Deitys dwelling.

Su Yu yelled heroically, Shameless killers of the Netherworld Faction, you assassinated many experts of our Great Eastern Alliance. I command you submit to arrest now!

Standing at the side, Sheng Yuanxin mumbled to herself. Hes being too agitated, isnt he?

Seeing that Jingang had finally begun his killing, Sheng Yuanxin couldnt sit still any longer. She touched down with her golden whip, caught up with Jingang and engaged him in a fight.

However, when Jingang saw her coming, he ran without putting up a fight.

On top of the Giant Divine Soldiers head, Bu Tieyi secretly communicated with Su Yu through telepathy, informing him where the important sites of the Book Deitys dwelling were and added detailed explanation about the place where the Book Deitys Treasury was hidden.

Su Yus eyes shone with shrewdness, and he secretly delivered his command to Jingang.

The next moment, Jingang, who was engaged in his wanton massacre in the backyard, suddenly took off in the direction of the palace which was guarded by a great number of soldiers.

Seeing that, Qin Feichen grew tense. That is the Book Deitys Treasure House! Miss Yuanxin, please stop him!

Sheng Yuanxin was about to nod when Su Yus call sounded from above her head. Sheng Yuanxin, get out of the away! Let the Giant Divine Soldier do it!

Before he had finished speaking, the Giant Divine Soldier was already in the midst of setting its humongous foot a thousand feet in width down on the ground.

Sheng Yuanxin glared at Su Yu. Was he trying to stomp her to death?

She dodged it hurriedly, and the Giant Divine Soldier stomped down thunderously. The Prospective Deity did not step on Jingang, but the independent space that stored the endless resources of the Book Deitys family exploded under its foot!


All of a sudden, the boundless resources were sent flying off in all directions from the shattered space, spluttering everywhere like a waterfall.

The creatures near the Book Deitys dwelling were overjoyed, all of them collecting the treasures falling from the sky.

The treasures were all precious things that were hardly seen in the outside world. Each of them was worth a great number of Divine Coins.

Holy cr*p! How could a compassionate act like collecting treasures not involve me? The Tree Goddess flew out angrily. With a move of her mind, endless vines and tendrils extended from the ground, twining around the treasures falling from the sky at the speed of lightning.

To be precise, the creatures that fell in the coverage of the vines were their targets as well.

Those creatures had their space rings, the ornaments on them, and even some of their clothes and dresses of good quality plundered by the vines and tendrils.

As a treasure collector, this is the right attitude to have! You have to collect everything, and I mean every last one of them and leave nothing behind! A Goddess patiently advised the treasure collectors nearby.

The treasure collectors who had their clothes torn off them screamed, You are robbing us!!

Those resources that had been thrown out only made up a hundredth of the resources owned by the Book Deitys family. The remaining 99 portions had been reduced to ashes when the space was destroyed after being stepped on.

Qin Feichen was outraged. Su Yu! What did you do?

Even Sheng Yuanxin couldnt help but stick out her tongue. Su Yu had gotten himself into huge trouble, destroying all of the Book Deitys resources with one step!

It might not be all the resources of the Book Deitys family, but at least half of them had been destroyed. They had been amassed over hundreds of thousands of years by the Book Deitys family!

With a solemn look, Su Yu said, My apologies, dear nephew Feichen, but destroying the Netherworld Faction is the top priority at the moment. I hope you can bear with me!

The Giant Divine Soldier lifted its leg and stepped towards Jingang once again.

At the moment, Jingang was inside a colossal palace which was shaped like a book.

Seeing that, the weathered elder was so anxious that he was losing his mind. Hurriedly, he said, Do not step inside! This is the secret training realm of the Book Deitys family, and it was built through the efforts of all the former Book Deities


With another dull explosion, the enormous palace collapsed without warning. The space inside it was rapidly compressed and finally, it exploded with a boom

The secret realm was finished!

Large masses of resources were blown out of the secret realm by the impact and were scattered all across the place. This was followed by a wild ruckus of laughter, and the figure of a goddess busily moving around and collecting treasures flickered in and out of sight.

Strangely, all the other treasure collectors resigned and left the treasure-collecting profession, silently watching the goddess who was collecting the treasures.

Dear nephew Feichen, we should put the interests of the whole above everything else! Please bear with it! Su Yu said somberly.

Then, Jingang fled to another palace.

Do not step in here! This is the Chamber of Divine Path Enlightenment left behind by the former Book Deities, and it contains the extinct Divine Path enlightenment of many former deities. It is a significant site of the Book Deitys family


Dear nephew Feichen, put the priority above everything else and please bear with me!

Do not step in there! That was left behind by the former Book Deities


Dear nephew Feichen, put the priority above everything else and please bear with me!

Do not step, that is


Dear nephew Feichen, put the priority above everything else and please bear with me.

Do not


Eh, dear nephew Feichen, what were you saying just now? Do not what?

Qin Feichen was left speechless.

Jingang kept running, and Su Yu kept chasing him while manipulating the Giant Divine Soldier, devastating countless important sites of the Book Deitys family along the way.

Anyway, Jingang had passed the several important locations that Bu Tieyi had said were linked to the fate of the Book Deitys family.

Finally, only the most important location was left: the Book Deitys Treasury!

The only reason the Book Deity could stand with dignity among all deities and be feared by them was because of the Book Deitys Treasury!

Who wouldnt fear a person who knew all their secrets?

All the deities hated the Book Deitys Treasury to their very bones, yet no one had the courage to take the lead and destroy it because the Book Deity had a very important patron who ranked among the top five in the list of hundred deities!

That patron was also a big character who could shake the Great Eastern Alliance with a stomp of his feet.

Therefore, no deity dared to destroy the Book Deitys Treasury!

That was also why the Book Deity could go on an expedition outside without having to worry about the Book Deitys Treasury.

Jingang fled to the deepest part of the Book Deitys dwelling, in front of the ten green mountains.

Finally, Qin Feichen couldnt sit still any longer. Leave me alone now! Stop Jingang before he enters the Book Deitys Treasury!

Having received the order, the elder who had the cold sweat of anxiety breaking out all over him bellowed and caught up with Jingang.

His progress had stagnated at the early stage of Prospective Deity for many years, and his capabilities were above Jingangs. Once he struck, unusual phenomena broke out in the sky and on land.

Jingangs face was full of dread. He had no choice but to stop and deal with the enemy.

However, just then, an enormous foot kicked forward forcefully, destroying the elders body in a single blow and leaving behind a weathered soul. The soul leaped out with blazing rage while carrying his godly spirit.

Qin Feichen was boiling with a murderous desire. He growled in rage, Su Yu! What are you doing?

Su Yu shrugged helplessly. The Prospective Deity was looking for death, banging his head on the Giant Divine Soldiers foot and having his body crushed as a result. What else could I do? The enemy is right in front of us, and I dont have the time to console a dejected person!

The elders soul trembled in extreme rage. It was you who kicked at me! When did I bang my head the Giant Soldier?

Qin Feichen was thoroughly enraged by the way he confused what was right with what was wrong!

Nonetheless, staring at the Giant Divine Soldier that was ten thousand feet tall, Qin Feichen dared not argue despite his fury.

Qin Feichen could sense Su Yus murderous intention towards him very clearly. Once Su Yu got the excuse to strike, he would destroy him at all costs, the way he had destroyed the elder!


Jingang disappeared into the ten green mountains. Su Yus lips curled into a sneer as he maneuvered the Giant Divine Soldier and stepped down.


The green mountains trembled but sustained no damage!

Wave after wave of extremely powerful divine energy reverberated from the interior of the ten mountains.

Su Yus gaze intensified. According to Bu Tieyi, the Book Deitys Treasury was hidden underneath the ten mountains. The ten mountains were the defensive restriction left behind by ten former Book Deities, with the purpose of protecting the Book Deitys Treasury from destruction.

A mere Prospective Deity could not possibly open up the restriction of the mountains.

Seeing Su Yu fail to destroy the place, Qin Feichen was slightly relieved. The Book Deitys family had gained its footing in the Great Eastern Alliance all because of the Book Deitys Treasury.

If it sustained any damage, the status of the Book Deitys family would certainly suffer a disastrous decline.

However, Su Yu wasnt flustered but had a thoughtful smile at the corners of his lips instead. Looking up at the sky, he said, We are at a disadvantage while hunting down the killer from the Netherworld Faction. If the deities are watching, do give me a helping hand!

Just as he finished, a wave of divine energy that had complex scents mingled in it struck from the sky all of a sudden, landing on the first mountain.

Suddenly, the restriction mountain set by the first Book Deity erupted!

Su Yu smiled. The deities really could not sit still any longer. They wanted to take the opportunity to destroy the Book Deitys Treasury!

As he thought of it, Su Yu put on a troubled look. Deities, this killer is extremely cunning. Im afraid that just a couple of attacks couldnt hit the target. How about powering up a few more attacks?

Upon hearing that, Qin Feichens face fell, and he growled in anger. Who dares destroy the vital place of my Book Deitys family

Bang! Bang! Bang!

A few dozen divine energy waves streaked across the sky out of nowhere. Looking like dense thunderbolts, they impudently bombarded the nine remaining mountains!

In the blink of an eye, the nine restriction mountains turned into ruins.

Qin Feichen looked at the broken mountains in stupor, hatred and rage simmering in him. He was even more furious when he saw that all the deities seemed to be blind: all ten mountains had been bombarded to debris, yet the small area where Jingang stood was perfectly intact!

He was greatly infuriated. The truth was that all these deities were secretly helping Su Yu while the Book Deity was away on an excursion, joining hands to destroy the Book Deitys Treasury!

However, Qin Feichen was helpless to stop them and could only witness all of it without being able to do a single thing.

The restriction of the mountains was devastated, finally revealing the Book Deitys Treasury concealed beneath them.

It was an ancient-looking yet pristine bookshelf.

Numerous books were neatly arranged on the bookshelf. They were both new and old, adding up to around a thousand!

Each and every book was an independent world, with billions of books contained in each of them!

Especially one of the books named the Record of the Hundred Deities!

Written inside it were the secrets of all deities!

Having taken a peek into the book, Su Yu could sense the anxious consciousness resonating from the bleakness. All the deities were urging to Su Yu to destroy the Book Deitys Treasury as soon as he could.

Judging from the size of the interior of this book, the information collected about the deities could be absurd astronomical figures.

If the bookshelf was capable of analyzing the information on its own, with the colossal amount of information, there really was nothing about the Great Eastern Alliance which the Book Deitys Treasury could not figure out.

This thing has to be eliminated! Su Yus eyes narrowed slightly as he activated the Giant Divine Soldier and had it punch down with its fist!

However, just then, a horrifying consciousness arrived from beyond the heavens.

Stop right there!

The magnificence contained in the voice reverberated across the entire Book Deitys world.

Su Yus face changed slightly. Was there a deity trying to stop him?

Upon discreet detection, many deities who joined the attack just now had left!

It was as though the appearance of this person was much dreaded.

Glaze Fairy Deity! Qin Feichen was exhilarated, and no trace of anger could be seen on his face now.

Sheng Yuanxins eyes glimmered as she flew to Su Yus side. Through telepathy, she said, The Glaze Fairy Deity is the mother of Law Enforcer Glaze of the Alliance Palace. She has a close connection with the Book Deity.

You have to stop right now! Do not go further, otherwise no one can protect you! she said.