The Divine Nine Dragon Cauldron Chapter 1164

Chapter 1164 Beat Up A Deity

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Little Feichen, tell me, why am I controlling this Giant Divine Soldier? Su Yu sneered. Because I want to eliminate the assassin from the Netherworld Faction to save the family of the Book Deity! If I had been a little later, all the members of your family would have already been killed! Without family, these so-called important places are meaningless! They will be occupied by others sooner or later, wouldnt they?

Therefore, little Feichen, I think you are wise enough to know what I am doing. I, the Feather God, am the savior of your family! Without me, your family would have been wiped out! Yet you dont feel grateful to me but are blaming me! Heh! Heh! Ive heard all the Book Deities were gentle and decent people who treated others with courtesy. I didnt expect the successor of the current Book Deity to be so ungrateful and narrow-minded! I suggest you resign from the position of young master and leave it to someone who is more capable!


It seemed the deity couldnt help but snigger.

Qin Feichen blushed in anger. Then, he shouted angrily, I know that assassin was

The Glaze Fairy Deity stopped Qin Feichen before he could finish his words.

Su Yu narrowed his eyes as he asked indifferently, What? What do you want to say about that assassin? Little Feichen, tell me!

In a low voice, the Glaze Fairy Deity said, Calm down! Dont say anything stupid!

Qin Feichen was restored to reason after the Glaze Fairy Deitys reminder. When he noticed the murderous intent in Su Yus eyes, he was surprised. That was close!

If Qin Feichen said Jingang was controlled by Su Yu, he would be accused of defaming a deity if he was unable to provide any hard evidence.

Although Qin Feichen couldnt be sentenced to death, he would definitely be taken away by the Senluo law enforcers because Sheng Yuanxin was standing beside Su Yu now!

Once Qin Feichen was taken away from the protection of the Glaze Fairy Deity, it was highly possible that another assassin from the Netherworld Faction would jump out and kill him on the way!

At the thought of this, Qin Feichen calmed down immediately.

Su Yu was so smart and cunning that he set up many traps, which were extremely dangerous if Qin Feichen was not careful enough.

Staring at Su Yu coldly, Qin Feichen, who had calmed down, started to think clearly. Then, he said with a smile, Feather God, I hereby represent the world of the Book Deity in showing you our appreciation for saving our life by killing the assassin of the Netherworld Faction! Please accept our sincere gratitude!

It seemed Qin Feichen had admitted defeat. However, Su Yu was not glad at all. On the contrary, his intention to kill Qin Feichen became stronger.

This guy, who was able to restrain his anger and had acted calmly when almost all members of his family were killed, was extremely dangerous!

It was a pity that the Glaze Fairy Deity was protecting him. Otherwise, Su Yu would do his best to kill Qin Feichen here.

Heh! Heh! Little Feichen, what you said is really comforting! Su Yu said with a faint smile, However, you know we came from a distance to rescue your family! Its OK for me. But those who followed me here need some replenishments!

Hearing this, the onlookers in this place were dumbfounded!

What an arrogant guy!

You killed 90% of their family! You ruined the time-honored foundation of this family! Now, how do you have the nerve to say you are their savior and even ask for replenishments from them?

Almost nobody could bear this humiliation!

Fine! Qin Feichen said with a smile as he took out a book from his storage ring. I am not able to make any recompense. A lot of martial arts are recorded in this time-honored book, which has developed its intelligence! It knows the shortcomings of many martial arts and skills. I hereby give it to you as a little bit of replenishment!

Wang Yunxuan was surprised when he saw the book. Then, he said through telepathy, Hey! It is the Spiritual Divine Book, which is quite rare and valuable! The family of the Book Deity only has 2 or 3 books like this! You really got something precious this time!

However, Wang Yunxuan saw a chilly killing intent in Su Yus eyes.

The more forbearing Qin Feichen was, the more dangerous he was for Su Yu.

Su Yu planned to achieve two goals this time. First, he would ruin the Book Deitys Treasury. Second, he would kill Qin Feichen.

It was impossible for Su Yu to achieve the second goal now. This would leave a huge hidden risk for him in the future.

Qin Feichen must die!

Su Yu took the Spiritual Divine Book with a smile. Then, he said, Little Feichen, it is very kind of you! As people of the Great Eastern Alliance, it is our responsibility to help each other in dire moments. If you have any trouble in the future, just inform me! I will provide assistance as soon as possible!

Hearing this, the onlookers felt their heart miss a beat. Did it mean this devil would be coming back again?

Thank you, Feather God! Qin Feichen replied with a smile.

Su Yu nodded his head. Then, he left with his followers and left the family of the Book Deity which had almost been ruined behind.

When Qin Feichen could no longer see Su Yu, the smile also disappeared from his face. He started to tremble with anger as he clenched his teeth and fists tightly.

He knew this was the revenge of Su Yu!

He hadnt expected Su Yus revenge could be so horrible, cruel and devastating!

If the Glaze Fairy Deity had not been here today, Qin Feichen believed that he would also have been killed by Su Yu.

Now, Qin Feichen regretted the fact that he hadnt killed Su Yu before.

Su Yu! I swear I will tear you to shreds! Qin Feichen said with deep hatred.

Seeing this, the Glaze Fairy Deity said, We cant kill him immediately. The Carnival of All Gods will be held tomorrow. A lot of deities will attend this ceremony. Just dont do anything reckless!

Qin Feichen replied with a thoughtful smile, No, I wont attack him tomorrow. However, some deities will tear him to shreds for me during the Carnival of All Gods!


You mean the Glaze Fairy Deity said approvingly. I am glad that you can calm down in such a short time! However, just remember you should act carefully and try to avoid exposing yourself!

Dont worry! I promise he will die miserably tomorrow! Qin Feichen said coldly.

When Su Yu and his followers were on their way back from the world of the Book Deity, Sheng Yuanxin noticed Su Yu had been silent for a long time. So, she asked curiously, Are you worrying about the Glaze Fairy Deity? Dont worry! Now, you are also a deity. He cant attack you without a proper excuse

Alas! How can I get rid of Qin Feichen? Su Yu sighed as he murmured.

Sheng Yuanxin was stunned immediately. She looked at Su Yu and secretly thought to herself, You have almost ruined the family of the Book Deity! Why are you still going to kill their successor? He is really a bad boy who is full of evil ideas!

Beside them, Wang Yunxuan, who was blushing with the excitement, said, Hah! Hah! I knew you will bring me a lot of excitement! After subduing the assassins of the Netherworld Faction, you rushed to the family of the Book Deity and killed most of their family members. Then, you also ruined that precious Book Deitys Treasury! Hah! Hah! Hah! Hah! This is so mind-blowing!

And in the end, Qin Feichen had to thank you with a smile and offer you a precious gift as a reward. Hah! Hah! Hah! I will never forget his expression!

Wang Yunxuan laughed excitedly and said, Now, what are we going to do? Shall we find the Book Deity and teach him a lesson?

Su Yu had a worried frown on his face but to Wang Yunxuans surprise, his eyes lit up after hearing that. Good idea!


Sheng Yuanxin and Wang Yunxuan were dumbfounded as they looked at Su Yu in disbelief.

Yang Tai opened his mouth but failed to say anything because his heart was now full of terror. Did he really have the guts to beat up a deity? Was he even able to?