The Divine Nine Dragon Cauldron Chapter 1165

Chapter 1165 The Queen Of All Deities

Chapter 1165: The Queen of All Deities
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EhYoung man, I just said that for fun. I dont have the guts to beat up a deity! If my father finds out what I am doing, he will definitely beat me up! Wang Yunxuan said unhappily.

Smiling coldly, Su Yu said, My plan is not to beat up the Book Deity! I will wipe them out for good! I hope Qin Feichen wont let me down!

Them? As far as I remember there is only one Book Deity in this world! Also, what does this have to do with Qin Feichen? Sheng Yuanxin thought.

She was puzzled and reflected on the fact that she had been unable to figure out Su Yus intention ever since she met him.

Even Yang Tai was also smiling wryly because he didnt know what Su Yu was about to do.

Heh! Heh! I bet a good show is waiting for us during the Carnival of All Gods! Su Yu said with a mysterious smile.

Sheng Yuanxin stomped her feet as she snapped, Why do you always want to make trouble? Our business hasnt been finished yet!

What? Yang Tai and Wang Yunxuans eyes lit up after hearing this. They looked at Su Yu and Sheng Yuanxin curiously.

Sheng Yuanxin, who realized she had said something inappropriate, said hurriedly, Dont misunderstand me! I need to deal with something with him!

Then, Sheng Yuanxin dragged Su Yu away as she said seriously to him, Ive searched the soul of the Demonic God of Withered Bones. It is quite weird that his memory has been forcibly wiped by someone. I dont know whether he was ordered to go to the world of Jiuzhou Continent!

Wiping a memory forcibly? Su Yu said as he narrowed his eyes. This guy must be very skillful in soul arts to be able to do that!

Even Su Yus Illusionary Soul Realm had reached the top class, yet he was still not able to wipe memories.

This guy is more than simply skilled in soul arts! Only someone who has divine level soul arts is able to wipe memories. In other words, this guy must be a deity who is good at soul arts! Sheng Yuanxin said. I know you doubt it was done by the Glaze Fairy Deity. She is not a deity who is good at soul arts! Also, no deity in the Great Eastern Alliance is good at this art!

Hearing this, Su Yu narrowed his eyes. This must have been done by one deity! Who is this guy? Did it mean there was a deity hidden in the Great Eastern Alliance?

My mother told me this means the case of Qin Kuo trying to save that demon is very serious! A deity will never wipe the memory of an ordinary demon! What do you know about that demon? Sheng Yuanxin asked as she furrowed her eyebrows.

After quickly thinking it over, Su Yu said, Oh, I remember when he was being chased by that big shot! He threatened that his parents would seek revenge for him if he was killed. I remember he also said he was the combination of a human and a demonic god!

Hearing this, Sheng Yuanxin was surprised. No wonder they did their best to save him! I guess that hidden human deity must be his father or mother!

Now, the searching scope had been narrowed. The deity involved in this case must be a human being!

Why didnt you tell me such an important message before? Sheng Yuanxin said angrily.

Embarrassed, Su Yu replied, I didnt think of it before!

Actually, the gradual exposure of these messages would help him to have a better understanding of the situation. That was more helpful than letting him know all information at once.

I am done talking with you. I will tell people about this issue and what you did today to my mother! Sheng Yuanxin stomped her feet anxiously. Then, she left in a hurry.

Wang Yunxuan and Yang Tai made eye contact and smiled thoughtfully at the same time.

Both of them said goodbye to Su Yu.

Hey! Young man, I know you will do something more exciting tomorrow. But I have to go back now. What an anticlimax! Wang Yunxuan said.

Yang Tai said, As a successor of a deity, we have to attend the Carnival of All Gods together with the deities. So, we have to say goodbye to you now!

See you tomorrow! Su Yu said as he bid them farewell. Then, Wang Yunxuan and Yang Tai left.

Looking at the enormous Giant Divine Soldier, Su Yu touched his chin. Then, he said, Dark Spies, hear my call!


A ghost appeared in front of Su Yu and said, Here I am, Master!


Su Yu tossed him a list that was full of all kinds of precious materials and said, Ask your agents to pay close attention to the materials, metals, and ores in this list. If they find any of them, just buy it with the wealth we secretly control. As for those precious natural resources, you shall buy all mature individuals. If mature individuals are unavailable, try to buy their seeds or root stocks!

As you wish! the ghost replied as he left with the list.

Hearing this, the Tree Goddess rolled her beautiful emerald-green eyes. It seems you are cultivating a dark force. All of them are ghosts, right? Right! They are the best candidates for spies!

So, what do you want to say? Su Yu said as he turned around.

The Tree Goddesss eyes lit up. Can I join it? she said.

Will you put a mouse into your rice bin? Su Yu replied calmly.

The Tree Goddess pouted after hearing that. How could you describe a lovely goddess as a mouse?

Sorry! My mistake! I shouldnt describe you as a mouse! I should say sorry to all mice because I humiliated their reputation!

The Tree Goddess was lost for words.

The Tree Goddess stared angrily at Su Yu with her emerald-green eyes. Then, with evil designs flashing in her eyes, she said, I almost forget you are the wealthiest guy! Why should I agree to be your underling?

Then, the Tree Goddess said with a ruthless expression, Since you dont agree to marry and divorce me because you dont want to divide your possessions with me, I have to show my horrible fangs! Now, I hereby announce that I am going to plunder you

Oh? Dont you want to go to the Carnival of All Gods tomorrow? You will find Celestial Energy Spheres which had been accumulated for over 1,000,000 years. They are more than enough to restore your full strength. Since you want to separate and go a different way to me now, I will give you some money. You are on your own now!

Hey! What are you talking about? When did I say I want to separate from you? the Tree Goddess said as she blinked her innocent and crystal-clear eyes gracefully. Her ruthless expression had long gone.

Who said she has to show her horrible fangs just now?

I guess it was a mouse!

Then, who said she is going to plunder me?

Eh, I guess it was a blind b*stard who should get a thunderbolt!

Rumble! Rumble!

Deafening thunderbolts appeared in the clear sky.

The Tree Goddess was still standing there gracefully without even changing her expression.

How could a shameless person like you survive in this world? Su Yu sighed. Then, he flew towards the world of the Crane Deity alone.

The Tree Goddess caught up with him and asked gracefully, Tell me something about the Carnival of All Gods you just mentioned!


Meow! Meow! Meow! The Tree Goddess shouted without hesitation as if it was her conditional reflex.


Woof! Woof! Woof!

You are really an exotic flower among all deities! Su Yu sighed again.

The Carnival of All Gods was a ceremony to worship the dead deities and was held every ten years.

Countless people had established the prosperous Great Eastern Alliance from nothing with great difficulty.

Numerous deities were killed during the fights against the Wild Beasts! Numerous deities were killed during the invasion of the Demon Clan! Numerous deities were killed during the wars between the different families and factions in this world!

The harmony and prosperity of the Great Eastern Alliance were based on the sacrifice of those deities.

All dead deities were buried in a world which was located at the center of the Great Eastern Alliance.

So, this world could be considered as the tomb of all dead deities.

In order to show respect to these dead deities, the deities of the Great Eastern Alliance would hold a ceremony to worship them every ten years.

Although those deities had passed away, the Celestial Energy Sphere of most of them was still alive. Every worship would cause those Celestial Energy Spheres to resonate which would descend to all the worlds to make the Great Eastern Alliance even more prosperous.

Some dead deities even lost their Celestial Energy Sphere. However, their will would still try to benefit the Great Eastern Alliance.

The ceremony was quite grand. All deities who were in the Great Eastern Alliance should attend this ceremony. Absence was not allowed.

The next morning, the Jing Deity asked Su Yu to attend the worship ceremony with him.

Then, Su Yu and Jing Deity left the world of the Crane Deity and arrived at the tomb of those dead deities.

In this world, 100 deities placed 100 stone pillars at the center, which represented the 100 worlds of the Great Eastern Alliance.

Su Yu landed on the stone pillar of the Crane Deitys family. Then, he started to look around carefully. He found over 40 deities had arrived. All the other deities hadnt arrived yet.

Now, less than half of the 100 deities were in the Great Eastern Alliance. If the Demon Clan launched an all-out attack, the alliance would be in great danger! Su Yu murmured to himself as he continued to look around.

The stone pillars were placed according to the rank of the 100 deities. The stone pillars of Su Yu and Jing Deity were at the rear.

Among the nine deities who were standing in the first row, Su Yu only knew the Sword Deity. The other eight deities were unfamiliar to him.

Then, Su Yu saw Sheng Yuanxin standing beside a lady who was surrounded by a gray divine halo. He knew this lady was the Sheng Deity who was ranked third among 100 deities.

Yang Tai was standing behind a deity whose body was covered by divine coins. Su Yu knew this man must be the All Access Deity who possessed one fifth of all fortunes in the Great Eastern Alliance.

Wang Yunxuan was standing behind a potbellied deity who was ranked 20th. This deity must be the God of Instrument.

At the same time, Su Yu saw a person who was familiar to him standing on a stone pillar.

Qin Feichen!

If a deity was not in the Great Eastern Alliance, the successor of this deity could attend the worship ceremony.

The rank of the Book Deity was not low among the 100 deities! Su Yu thought to himself.

Suddenly, Su Yu sensed someone who was among the top 20 deities looking at him. Then, he saw an old woman who was standing beside the Glaze Fairy Deity. This old woman, who was about 80 years old, glanced at Su Yu casually and looked away immediately.

The Law Enforcer Glaze? Su Yu murmured in his mind.


All of a sudden, a divine light appeared in the sky. Another deity, who was wrapped up by holy and gentle light, descended. Her holy and gentle divine light comforted all the other people in this area.

From a distance, this woman, who was surrounded by a holy white halo, looked so graceful and saintly.

She landed on the first stone pillar. Then, she turned around and nodded her head to all the other deities and successors.

Her manner and behavior were so gentle, graceful, and demure!

From her manner and behavior, people could easy tell that this was a merciful deity.

Dakini? Su Yu was surprised.

This middle-aged lady was the Dakini who was ranked first among the 100 deities in the Great Eastern Alliance!

Nobody called her deity. However, everyone knew Dakini was the most powerful deity in the Great Eastern Alliance. Some people secretly called her the Queen of All Deities secretly!

She was the Queen of all deities in the Great Eastern Alliance!