The Divine Nine Dragon Cauldron Chapter 1166

Chapter 1166 The Will Of The Deceased Deities

Chapter 1166: The Will of the Deceased Deities
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Greeting you, Dakini! All the deities dropped to their knees to greet the Dakini, including the All-Access Deity, Sheng Deity and the Sword Deity.

Dakini looked at the rest of the deities with a smile. Please rise! The Carnival of All Gods begins now!

Like a holy goddess, Dakini led the other people here to perform the worship.

Everyone closed their eyes. The deities released their Celestial Energy Sphere. The people who were not deities like Su Yu started to pray silently.

Before long, a fluctuation of the Celestial Energy Sphere appeared as if those deceased deities had sensed the worship. Then, the will of those deceased deities gushed out from their tombs to release their remnant Celestial Energy Sphere.

People got a clear feeling that the entire world had started to release magnificent Celestial Energy Sphere, It was like an enormous spring opening. The divine energy flew out from the world of the deceased deities tombs and descended in all to the other worlds in the Great Eastern Alliance.

After a while, Dakini opened her eyes and took back her Celestial Energy Sphere. Then, she said as she looked at the rest people gently, The deceased deities have given response to our worship. Now, you can pacify the souls of your ancestors in their tombs!

Although the deities had passed away, their will was still here.

A powerful will could even take a form and think independently. Then, it would be almost like a soul.

The souls of the top 30 deceased deities were able to materialize their will.

Therefore, the family of the top 30 deities would always gain a lot during the Carnival of All Gods because the will of their deceased ancestors would always try to help their descendants.

So, if the family members pacified the souls of their ancestors, it was possible that the will of their ancestors could impart their secret skills to their descendants or even gave instructions to their descendants on the spot.

Those who had the bloodline would be recognized by their ancestor.

When Sheng Yuanxin and her mother were worshiping their ancestors, a figure rushed up and fell to his knees, starting to worship all the previous Sheng Deities.

Seeing this, Sheng Yuanxin shouted in surprise, Feather God? You should worship the previous Crane Deities! Why do you worship my ancestors?

Su Yu worshiped the previous Sheng Deities respectfully as he said seriously, The previous deities fought for this world with their blood and life. As a newcomer, I want to take this opportunity to show my reverence to them. I hope the previous Sheng Deities will bless the Great Eastern Alliance so that it can be prosperous forever!

Seeing his serious expression, Sheng Yuanxin was quite skeptical because she didnt believe this guy could be so nice.

After the worship, Su Yu stood up and said as he looked at Sheng Yuanxin with a faint smile, The Crane Deitys family only has three tombs. I have worshiped those ancestors reverently. I want to take this opportunity to worship more deceased deities! See you later!

After saying that, Su Yu left gracefully for the next tomb.

Sheng Yuanxin murmured in a low voice, Im afraid this guy is going to make trouble again! Many tombs still have the will of those deceased deities. If he offends them, nobody can save him!

Is that Su Yu? the Sheng Deity who was standing beside Sheng Yuanxin asked as she glanced at Su Yu.

Sheng Yuanxin nodded her head and said, Right! Hes a smart guy who has a lot of evil designs!

Right! He really has a lot of evil designs! He even used his evil designs on the will of the deceased deities! the Sheng Deity said as she stared at Su Yu angrily.

Ah! Sheng Yuanxin said in surprise with her mouth open. Mother, did he do something to our ancestors? This guy is outrageous! How dare he use his evil designs on our ancestors!

The Sheng Deity replied with a faint smile, Have you noticed he only worships the tomb with the will of the deceased deities

Hearing this, Sheng Yuanxin fixed her eyes on Su Yu and found he only worshiped those tombs with deitys will. She couldnt help but gasp in surprise. I didnt expect this guy to be so bold! How could he use his evil designs on the will of those deceased deities? If he annoyed one of those deceased deities, he will be in big trouble!

The will of those deceased deities also had feelings. Once they were annoyed, they could punish him by controlling the skeletons of the deceased deities.

Although these skeletons were not as powerful as the deities, they could kill Su Yu easily.

Trouble? I dont think so! Although I dont know how he did that, I sensed the aura of the Sheng Deitys bloodline in his body when he worshiped! the Sheng Deity said.

What? Sheng Yuanxin said as she looked at the Sheng Deity in surprise. Mother, do you mean he is my long-lost elder brother?

She never expected Su Yu could be her mothers illegitimate child!

Hearing this, the Sheng Deity was somewhat stunned. Then, she turned to Sheng Yuanxin and said angrily, Nonsense! He imitated the aura of our bloodline!

Oh! Sheng Yuanxin let out a sigh of relief as she thought to herself, Fortunately, he is not my elder brother. Otherwise, I will be bullied by this smart guy forever!

He didnt do anything disrespectful to our ancestors! So, I pretended I didnt know what he did! the Sheng Deity said.

Sheng Yuanxin was totally shocked as she fixed her eyes on Su Yu. Then, she found he had run past many tombs and finally stopped in front of the tomb of the previous Book Deities.

Oh, no! How dare he worship the tomb of the deceased Book Deities! The Book Deitys family was one of the most time-honored families in the Great Eastern Alliance. Over ten Book Deities had passed away. Among them, five had materialized will.

As the one who ruined the foundation and slaughtered the members of the Book Deitys family, he would get killed if he approached those tombs.

It seemed Su Yu didnt sense any danger. When he walked to the tombs of the previous Book Deities, he didnt worship but said in surprise, Hey! This is strange! All the other tombs are releasing the Celestial Energy Sphere to nourish the Great Eastern Alliance. Why are the tombs of the Book Deities so quiet now? Does it mean the previous Book Deities dont have the will to guard the Great Eastern Alliance?

Although his voice was not high, everyone had heard his words.

At this moment, almost all the tombs were releasing Celestial Energy Sphere to nourish this world. Even the tombs which had no materialized will like the tombs of the Crane Deities and Jing Deities also did their best to nourish this world with their feeble will.

Only ten tombs of the deceased Book Deities were silent at this moment. That made them quite eye-catching.

The other deities and successors pretended they didnt hear what Su Yu said.

But they knew this fact clearly. And they didnt like it at all!

After all, all these deities passed away in the world of the Great Eastern Alliance. Even if they didnt want to nourish the alliance after their death, the living ones didnt want to blame them because they should show respect to the deceased. So, they didnt want to say anything about that.

However, Su Yu continued to say recklessly, I didnt expect the deities of the Great Eastern Alliance could be so kind. You even placed the tombs of the Book Deities who dont care about this world in this place and allowed billions of creatures in this world to worship them! For me, these ten tombs shall be thrown into the Star River! If they dont want to do anything for this world, it is not necessary for them to stay here!

Hearing this, the other deities and successors looked at each other with embarrassed smiles.

They agreed with what Su Yu said. The Book Deitys family was quite odd. It was acceptable if one Book Deity didnt want to nourish this world. However, none of the ten generations of Book Deities wanted to do anything for this world after their death by releasing their Celestial Energy Sphere. Apparently, the members of the Book Deity didnt consider themselves to be members of the Great Eastern Alliance.

Therefore, nobody liked the Book Deitys family.

In addition, the Book Deitys family always wanted to spy on the other deities with the Book Deitys Treasury, which aroused aversion among them.

For all the other deities in this world, the Book Deity was disgusting.

Many people had tried to throw the tombs of the deceased Book Deities into the Star River. However, all the previous Book Deities were quite powerful. Also, the family of the Book Deity kept a good relationship with the Glaze Fairy Deity. Since the Book Deitys family didnt do anything that evil, the other deities chose to turn a blind eye to this family.

That was why so many deities chose to help Su Yu secretly when he tried to destroy the Book Deitys Treasury.

It was because the Book Deitys family was so unpopular in this world.

When Su Yu uttered those words that they didnt dare to say in public, many deities sniggered.

Even Sheng Yuanxin also said with a smile, His words are rude but reasonable! I didnt expect the ten tombs of the deceased Book Deities could be so Alas!

She sighed. At the same time, Su Yu also exclaimed, Along with the rapid population increase in the Great Eastern Alliance, lands are becoming increasingly scarce! It is quite difficult for people to find tombs, which are also very expensive! We havent found a place to bury the current Crane Deity who has just passed away! I suggest we should move the tombs of the Book Deities out of this world. Since they dont care about this world, I think they will be quite happy if their tombs are drifting in the Star River! What a win-win solution!

Su Yu took out a spade. It seemed he was about to dig the tombs up.

Although a lot of deities were in this place, nobody stepped out to stop Su Yu. It was as if they had reached a tacit agreement about Su Yus mischievous action.

At this time, deep inside the tombs of the Book Deities, Qin Feichen was kneeling down on the ground and talked with the souls of his ancestors reverently about what happened in his family recently through telepathy.

He told his ancestors that Su Yu had ruined his familys foundation and slaughtered his family members.

When Qin Feichen sensed the anger of his ancestors, he said with a sinister smile, Su Yu! If you could survive when the souls of five deceased deities try to kill you, I will accept this misfortune!

This was Qin Feichens plan.

Su Yu would definitely attend the Carnival of All Gods.

Qin Feichen only needed to tell his ancestors what had happened in his family. Then, these deceased deities would rush out from their tombs and kill Su Yu on the spot.

These were the souls of five deceased deities! Su Yu would be killed no matter how many prospective deities tried to protect him.

The only problem was how to lure Su Yu to the tombs of the Book Deities.

If Su Yu was too far away, these souls of deceased deities would be stopped by the rest of the deities here.

When Qin Feichen was secretly thinking this over, Su Yus disrespectful words came into his ears.

Qin Feichen was annoyed immediately because he didnt expect Su Yu could be so arrogant in front of his ancestors.

Soon, a chilly smile appeared on Qin Feichens lips. When you put your head in a noose, dont blame my cruelty!

You knocked at my door when I was wondering how to lure you to this place! Also, you are humiliating the previous Book Deities!

Now, your disrespectful words have totally annoyed these deceased deities. That was even more effective than my complaints!

Su Yu, nobody could save you today! Qin Feichen sneered as if he had seen Su Yus miserable death.

He didnt expect Su Yu was also murmuring in his mind when cold light flashed in his eyes. Heh! Heh! Qin Feichen, as expected, you didnt let me down! Then, I will not only kill you, but also smash the tombs of all your ancestors!