The Divine Nine Dragon Cauldron Chapter 1167

Chapter 1167 A Fight Among Deceased Deities

Chapter 1167: A Fight Among Deceased Deities
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Su Yus arrogant words finally annoyed the will of the deceased Book Deities.

Several semi-transparent bodies were looming above the five tombs. All of them were staring at Su Yu as they released their angry will.

This guy was bullying the Book Deitys family!

He had killed so many family members and had ruined the long-lasting foundation of the family. Now, he was even trying to ruin the ancestral tombs! What a despicable man!

Instantly, this world was filled with the angry will of those five deceased Book Deities!

Rumble! Rumble! Rumble!

At the same time, the five tombs were opened. The will of the deceased deities went into their skeletons, which jumped out from their tombs.

Seeing this, Sheng Yuanxins mouth widened in surprise. People always say someone manages to annoy the dead and make them jump out of their coffin! Today, I see it with my own eyes! Because of this guy, five deceased Book Deities have left their coffins in fury!

When Sheng Yuanxin recovered her composure, she said, Mother, please do me a favor and help him. The will of five deceased deities could even kill a least powerful deity here, let alone this guy!

The Sheng Deity nodded her head slightly. This guy was related to the case of the Jiuzhou Continent. She didnt want him to be killed in this place.

However, just then, the will of the five deceased Book Deities launched their attack.

Five jade-like skeletons flew out from their tombs with their magnificent Celestial Energy Spheres.

When people looked at them carefully, they found a complete Celestial Energy Sphere was rotating slowly in the stomach of each skeleton!

Although these deities had passed away many years ago, their Celestial Energy Spheres were as powerful as that of the least powerful deities like the Jing Deity!

Seeing this, Su Yu sneered, You would rather place your Celestial Energy Sphere in your tombs than nourish the Great Eastern Alliance! You dont consider yourself to be deities of the Great Eastern Alliance! How do you have the nerve to enjoy the worship from the creatures of this world! Humph! What a family of hypocrites!


The skeleton at the forefront, which was controlled by the will of a deceased Book Deity, tried to penetrate Su Yus body with its magnificent divine strength.

Most of the other deities were far away from this place. Although they were surprised, they were not able to provide assistance in time.

One deity was quite near. However, she pretended she didnt see what was happening and continued her worship.

He is seeking death! It seems Qin Feichens complaints are unnecessary because the will of these deities will kill Su Yu instantly! the Glaze Fairy Deity murmured to herself.

Liuli, the prospective deity next to the Glaze Fairy Deity, sighed in a low voice, I didnt expect the Central Prefectures King could be killed by such a stupid young man! Alas

If Su Yu was killed by the deities will because of his arrogant words, he would become a laughingstock in this world!

When Su Yu was about to be killed, the Glaze Fairy Deity changed her expression slightly as she looked at the ten ancestral tombs of her family in surprise.

Among these tombs, the deities will appeared above six of the tombs which were full of fury and killing intent.

What happened? The Glaze Fairy Deity frowned. Did it mean that Su Yus arrogant words had even annoyed the deceased deities of other families?

At the thought of this, the Glaze Fairy Deity shook her head secretly. Su Yu was facing the consequences of his own deeds!

Boom! Boom! Boom!

The Six ancestral tombs of the Glaze Fairy Deitys family cracked. Then, the will of the deceased deities went into their skeletons and rushed towards Su Yu from their tombs.

Seeing this, Sheng Yuanxin changed her expression abruptly as she shouted, Mother, do something now!

The Sheng Deity replied, Its too late!

If Su Yu was only under the attack of the deceased Book Deities, she was able to save him even if she was far away from him.

However, she would be powerless if the deceased deities of the Glaze Fairy Deitys family also attacked Su Yu.

This converging attack would kill Su Yu instantly.

Standing inside the tomb, Qin Feichen sneered, You shouldnt humiliate me in public! Now, the will of the deceased deities will kill you in public! When you are dead, nobody will blame these deceased deities!

His plan of killing Su Yu with a borrowed knife was flawless!

Those deceased deities would bear the liability of killing Su Yu. But who would give criminal sanctions to the dead?

However, just then Qin Feichen looked totally shocked. It was as if he had been stricken by a thunderbolt.

Even the Glaze Fairy Deitys expression also changed abruptly as she shouted in surprise, This is impossible!

The skeletons of the Glaze Fairy Deitys ancestors, who were dashing towards Su Yu, didnt attack him but protected him from the attack of the skeletons of the deceased Book Deities!

This unexpected scene stunned all the other deities and successors.

Did it mean the Glaze Fairy Deity had secretly asked her ancestors to save Su Yu?

Qin Feichen didnt believe what he saw.

Then, the other four skeletons of the deceased Book Deities also dashed towards Su Yu with horrible killing intent.

At the same time, the Glaze Fairy Deitys ancestors also rushed out of their tombs. The next moment, six ancestors of the Glaze Fairy Deity started to fight against the five deceased Book Deities!

However, the deceased Book Deities were more powerful because they hadnt used their Celestial Energy Sphere to nourish this world before. The ancestors of the Glaze Fairy Deity released their Celestial Energy Sphere every ten years. So, their Celestial Energy Sphere was less powerful than that of the deceased Book Deities.

Although they enjoyed numerical superiority, they were immediately suppressed by the deceased Book Deities.

Crack! Along with a big bang, one skeleton of the Glaze Fairy Deitys ancestor fell to pieces.

Seeing this, the Glaze Fairy Deity was totally annoyed.

Su Yu! Stop the fight now! the Glaze Fairy Deity shouted without any hesitation. She knew this must be Su Yus trick!

However, Su Yu replied coldly, Glaze Fairy Deity, what do you mean by saying that? Even your ancestors dont want to be buried together with those disgusting Book Deities! So, their attack represents their will, which has nothing to do with me!

Hearing this, the Glaze Fairy Deity turned to Qin Feichen and shouted, Just ask your ancestors to stop!

If the news that the ancestors of the two big families had started a fight during the worship ceremony was spread, these two families would be laughed at by all people in this world.

Qin Feichen shook his head bitterly. He knew his ancestors were furious now. It was almost impossible for him to calm them down.

After all, they were just the will of those deceased deities with limited cognitive ability. It was easy to annoy them. But it would be very difficult to remit their anger!

The Glaze Fairy Deity was quite angry to see that. She knew she had to stop the fight herself!

However, before she had time to stop the fight, she heard many exclamations!

Will of deceased deities appeared above the tombs of more than ten of the big families. Then, they controlled the skeletons in the tombs to attack the deceased Book Deities together.

No matter how sufficient the decease in the Book Deities Celestial Energy Sphere was, they were not able to survive under the attack from around 80 skeletons controlled by the will of the other deceased deities.

Soon, Qin Feichens face darkened because all the skeletons of his ancestors were smashed into pieces.

Now, he was even not able to find a complete bone on the ground.

Everything had happened so fast. Before the deities and successors here had time to stop the fight, all the skeletons of the Book Deitys family had been destroyed.

Even worse, the will of the deceased deities from many big families started to bombard the ten tombs of the Book Deitys family angrily. At last, all ten tombs were totally destroyed.

The divine tombs of the Book Deitys family which had been in this place for so many years were ruined the will of a group of angry deceased deities in a short while.

However, this mess was not finished yet.

Some skeletons controlled by the will of some deceased deities started to attack Qin Feichen with deep anger and hatred.

Qin Feichen was extremely terrified when he saw this scene.

The next moment, a gentle and merciful voice echoed in this place, and all the skeletons controlled by the will of the deceased deities were wrapped up in holy light.

Under this holy light, the anger and killing intent of these skeletons disappeared. The place fell silent again.

Then, those skeletons went back to their tombs and fell into a sound sleep once more.

A riot of the will of the deceased deities was stopped.

Su Yu was shocked by what he saw. Is this the strength of Dakini who is the top deity of the Great Eastern Alliance?

She managed to purge the angry will of the deceased deities instantly.

Looking at the holy Dakini who was standing in the sky, Su Yu became more and more vigilant.

This deity was extremely horrible!

Su Yu knew he had made the right choice in deciding not to try anything with this deity. Otherwise, the fight would have been stopped by her immediately.

However, Su Yus plan had still been ruined by her.

Su Yus real purpose had been to kill Qin Feichen during the chaotic fight between the deceased deities.

In the end, his plan was ruined by Dakini.

When all the other deities and successors left, only Qin Feichen, who was so angry, was left in front of the broken bones of his ancestors.

Su Yu! He could figure out this was Su Yus trick easily.

However, Qin Feichen didnt have any evidence. He even didnt know how Su Yu had managed to persuade the deceased deities of the other families to attack his ancestors, let alone find evidence!

He never expected Su Yu had the incredible capability of intimation.

When Su Yu worshiped the deceased deities of a family, he would show the bloodline of that family to them.

After that, when those deceased deities saw someone tried to kill the descendant who had their bloodline, they would definitely rush out to protect him.

All the other deities, who were quite serious at this moment, laughed happily in their heart.

Although their ancestors were also used by Su Yu, this guy had managed to smash the skeletons of the deceased Book Deities, which was exactly what they wanted to do.

Of course, these deities were not completely satisfied with Su Yus behavior. Nobody would say yes to an outsider who tried to make use of the familys ancestors!

Su Yu? What did you do? the Sheng Deity snapped.

Su Yu replied with puzzlement, I have no idea what happened just now! Maybe the deceased deities have already been annoyed by the deceased Book Deities who refuse to nourish this world with their Celestial Energy Sphere. When I pointed this out, the deceased Book Deities didnt reflect on their wrongdoings but chose to kill me, a junior who dares to reveal the truth! So, the other deceased deities rose together and annihilated them!

The other deities had made eye contact after hearing these highfalutin words. None of them believed what Su Yu said.

However, nobody stepped out to debunk Su Yu except the Glaze Fairy Deity.

Nonsense! The Glaze Fairy Deity said angrily. All deceased deities have lived in peace for so many years! Why did the riot occur this year? Tell me, what did you do?

Unlike the Sheng Deity, a lot of deities hadnt figured out Su Yus little trick.

Su Yu replied with a foxy smile, I have no idea about what I did just now! Glaze Fairy Deity, could you give me an answer?

Hearing this, the Glaze Fairy Deity was so annoyed. But she realized it was extremely difficult to get one better of a crafty man like Su Yu!

Frankly speaking, the deceased Glaze Fairy Deities, who despise the deceased Book Deities, dont want to be buried in the same place as them. As their descendants, you should react for the sake of your ancestors! You could move your ancestral tombs or throw the tombs of the deceased Book Deities out. In this way, your ancestors could rest in peace. Otherwise, they might jump out again in future and the consequence could be disastrous! Su Yu said in a sincere and earnest way.

Hearing this, the Glaze Fairy Deity replied as she flicked her sleeves, I dont need instructions from you!