The Divine Nine Dragon Cauldron Chapter 1168

Chapter 1168 A Drastic Countermeasure

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Hearing this, the deities in this place made eye contact with each other. Does it mean we can take this opportunity to remove the tombs of the Book Deitys family from this world and expel the Book Deity from the alliance of 100 deities?

Because of the Book Deitys Treasury, those deities, who had long been worried their secrets could be revealed, hadnt dared to talk about this topic. Now, they tried to think about it.

If the Book Deity built another Book Deity Treasury, their secrets could still be revealed in several generations time. This was totally unacceptable!

Just as everyone considered this possibility, Dakini said gently, All the deceased deities used to guard this world heroically. Some of them didnt want to nourish this world, but we cant ignore what they did when they were alive. So, it is narrow-minded to blame them now. As deities, we should be lenient!

Hearing this, Su Yu frowned slightly. Is she saying I am narrow-minded?

Su Yu didnt agree with what Dakini said because the Book Deitys family had never protected this world. If they really wanted to protect his world, why didnt they show their will to protect this world after their death?

The strange reaction of the ten deceased Book Deities made Su Yu doubt whether the Book Deitys family had harbored evil designs in the alliance.

Although the Book Deity was one of the 100 deities who established this alliance, they didnt treat the Great Eastern Alliance as their homeland.

Dakinis words were lenient and merciful. However, for Su Yu, she was just a goddess who had no idea about good and evil.

The Book Deitys family did nothing to protect his world but did their best to pry into the secrets of all the other deities. However, Dakini gave them unprincipled protection, which could disappoint all deities who had made heroic sacrifices to this world and their descendants.

Many deities were quite frustrated and disappointed after hearing that. However, they could do nothing at this moment.

Dakinis words were not wrong, but she couldnt convince them.

Although they were not convinced, they had to give in and make a promise.

We will obey the instruction of Dakini!

Su Yu sighed in his heart secretly. Now, he knew the protection of this merciful queen of all deities was the reason that the ancestral tombs of the Book Deitys family had been able to stay in this world for so long a time.

Staring at Dakini, Su Yu became more and more vigilant.

There were two kinds of philanthropic people in this world: those who were really innocent and caritative and those who harbored evil designs.

Su Yu didnt know whether Dakini was really philanthropic or not.

The Carnival of All Gods is finished. All of you can leave now. The world of the divine tombs will be closed soon! Dakini said.

After such absurd chaos, the Carnival of All Gods had to be finished in advance.

During the previous Carnival of All Gods, those deceased deities would release their Celestial Energy Sphere for one year. However, this process was interrupted and was not able to continue. So, the ceremony had to be finished in advance.

As you wish!

Before leaving this world, the deities repaired their ancestral tombs.

Generally speaking, most deities were satisfied with the result of todays ceremony except for the interruption of the Celestial Energy Spheres nourishment.

Su Yu uttered some words they didnt dare to say and did something they didnt dare to do, which cheered them greatly.

Hah! Hah! Hah! This Feather God is quite interesting! A reckless person like him is the perfect candidate to punish those hypocrites!

Hearing this, the Jing Deity turned up his nose at those deities. A reckless person? Those who treated Su Yu as a reckless person will die miserably.

Dakini is too merciful! Alas! Under her protection, the Book Deitys family has managed to stay in this world for so many years and even created the Book Deitys Treasury!

Many deities sighed helplessly.

In front of the ancestral tombs of the Book Deitys family

Qin Feichen looked at the broken bones of his ancestors and said with deep hatred, Su Yu! You are too cruel!

He knew Su Yu was about to ruin the Book Deitys family completely, including their ancestral tombs!

The Glaze Fairy Deity said seriously, Just collect the broken bones of your ancestors, especially those Celestial Energy Spheres!

Hearing this, Qin Feichen cleaned up everything resentfully.

His face was full of deep hatred!

You slaughtered my family members! You ruined the time-honored foundation of my family! You destroyed the ancestral tombs of my ancestors! I will never live under the same sky as you!! Qin Feichen said coldly.

The Glaze Fairy Deity looked at him pitifully. Su Yu was too ruthless! She didnt expect Su Yu could destroy the entire Book Deitys family within two days!

Frankly speaking, if Qin Feichen had been more careful, the situation would be different.

Feichen, dont do anything reckless. Just wait till the return of the Book Deity. He will clean up the mess!

With a self-deprecating smile, Su Yu said, My father wont be back for a year! Aunt, will Su Yu take no action for one year?


The Glaze Fairy Deity said, Before the return of the Book Deity, you could stay in my home. I dont believe Su Yu could kill you in my house!

A chilly light flashed in her eyes.

Qin Feichen shook his head and said, Aunt, the situation is different now. When we had the Book Deitys Treasury, the other deities were afraid of us and didnt dare to take action against my family. Havent you noticed the situation today? Without the protection of Dakini, Im afraid all the ancestors of the Book Deitys family would have been thrown into the Star River!

If Su Yu is about to kill me, he will definitely seek help from other deities! Aunt, I dont think you can hold off those deities at the same time!

Hearing this, the Glaze Fairy Deity said nothing but her eyes were full of hatred. She knew the situation was totally different now.

When Su Yu tried to ruin the Book Deitys Treasury, he got assistance from a lot of deities.

If Su Yu dared to invade the Glaze Fairy Deitys home to kill Qin Feichen, those deities would definitely provide assistance even they didnt participate in the attack personally.

Now, all the other deities had taken the side of Su Yu!

So, it is useless to escape! Qin Feichen continued. We have to take drastic measures to deal with this deadlock!

Now, his home had been ruined and he was homeless. Qin Feichen was quite regretful.

He knew he shouldnt have tried to kill Su Yu.

If he could have a second chance, he would never try to kill Su Yu because he was not able to deal with the consequences.

Have you found a way? the Glaze Fairy Deity asked.

Qin Feichen nodded his head and said, Yes! This method will prevent those deities from helping Su Yu!

Just tell me and I will do my best to help you! the Glaze Fairy Deity said as she raised her eyebrows. It seemed she had figured out Qin Feichens plan.

Qin Feichen said, It seems Su Yu has a significant edge. However, he has a deadly weakness! He used to violate the rules of the Alliance of 100 Deities! He killed the law enforcer Qin Kuo personally! This is an unforgivable capital crime!

In the alliance, anyone who dared to kill law enforcers would be sentenced to death. Even the deities were not allowed to violate this fundamental rule.

If this crime was exposed, nobody would be able to protect Su Yu from being punished, including the Jing Deity and even Dakini!

But we will be in great danger if he states why he killed Qin Kuo! After all, Qin Kuo was killed because he tried to protect the Central Prefectures King who was a demon! We are not able to hide this truth from the other deities!

To collude with the demon clan is a crime more serious than killing a law enforcer! It is a taboo in the alliance! The violator will be seriously punished by the alliance together with the violators family, who will at least be expelled from the Great Eastern Alliance! the Glaze Fairy Deity said seriously.

Qin Feichens plan was extremely risky.

I know this method is very risky! We might perish along with him. Also, I dont think this risky countermeasure could be predicted by Su Yu! In this way, we could defeat him by surprise! Qin Feichen said as his eyes lit up. Furthermore, we shall prevent Su Yu from saying anything to preclude the risks! We shall do our best to kill him before he can meet the other deities!

Hearing this, the Glaze Fairy Deity was lost in thought. Even Su Yus death was quite suspicious. A dead man could never expose them in front of the rest deities!

Aunt, I need your help! Otherwise, it will be very difficult for me to kill Su Yu alone!

The Glaze Fairy Deity became quite hesitant. Was it really worthwhile to gamble the future of her family on killing Su Yu?

However, she made up her mind to kill Su Yu when she realized Su Yu was the only person, apart from the Book Deitys family, who knew about the collusion between the demon clan and her family!

OK! Lets make a plan to kill Su Yu. We must succeed!

Standing in front of the ancestral tombs of the Crane Deitys family for a long time, Su Yu was lost in thought.

He knew that failing to kill Qin Feichen would bring him endless troubles.

If Qin Feichen is not a fool, he must know I will do my best to kill him before the return of the Book Deity! He should also know I have gained the upper hand and I am able to kill him wherever he hides!

He must know he is in a dead-end now. So, he has to make a desperate attempt! With chilly light flashing in his eyes, Su Yu performed a thorough analysis upon Qin Feichens current status. If I were Qin Feichen, I would do my best to strike a deadly blow to my enemy in this hopeless situation! He will definitely disclose the fact that I killed a law enforcer! Also, in order to stop me from impeaching him for colluding with demons, he will never give me an opportunity to justify myself. He will do his best to assassinate me in front of the deities!

If Qin Feichen was here, he would absolutely be amazed because his plan had been predicted by Su Yu precisely!

If things are really going to develop in this way, I will be in great danger! Su Yu murmured in his heart. It would be extremely difficult for him to clear his name in front of the deities and survive the attack of a deity!

Now, it was impossible for Su Yu to defend himself from the attack of a deity!

Even he could survive an assassination attempt by a deity, how could he clear his name in front of the deities? If he failed, he would still be killed.

Su Yu furrowed his eyebrows because he was puzzled by this difficult situation.

As expected, Su Yu would have endless troubles as long as Qin Feichen was alive. So, he had to kill Qin Feichen!

Humph! Lets see whose scheming is better in the end! Su Yu murmured to himself as chilly light flashed in his eyes. He knew the final battle between him and Qin Feichen would occur soon!

If Su Yu was defeated, he would die miserably! If Qin Feichen lost, he would be eradicated together with the Book Deity and all involved deities!

It was predictable that the final battle between Su Yu and Qin Feichen would be full of uncertainties and dangers.

Whether I can win this battle depends on how many advantages I can gain from the tombs of the deceased deities! Su Yu said in his heart anxiously. He didnt want to lose the final battle against the Book Deitys family.

After leaving the world of the divine tombs, Su Yu saw the Jing Deity.

Where is Sheng Yuanxin? the Jing Deity asked in an anxious and nervous way.

Su Yu said, She is on her way!

As expected, Sheng Yuanxin arrived a moment later. Then, she looked at Su Yu and Jing Deity and said anxiously, Are we really going to do this? Once were discovered, we will be accused of the crime of offending the deities! We will be in great danger if we are detected by those deities!

What? The Jing Deity, who had figured out the implication of these words, became suspicious. Which deities are you talking about?