The Divine Nine Dragon Cauldron Chapter 1169

Chapter 1169 Refining The Great Path Divine Origin

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Seeing that they were about to be exposed to the enemy, Su Yu said, We have to be more careful and never let anyone other than us know about this!

Well! Rest assured, my mother supports us. As long as it remains insignificant, she will help us cover it up, Sheng Yuanxin said. Regarding the investigation of this case, the Sheng Deity was helping. Even while collaborating with Su Yu and Jing Deity, she still snuck into the tombs of the gods in violation of the covenant. Thus, it was a sign of her secret support for their activities.

Upon hearing these words, Jing Deitys doubts were dispelled.

At that moment, many Cavern houses across the world were dedicated to the tombs of the gods. A layer of light mixed with hundreds of divine power gradually emerged, covering the entire world and forming a layer of enchantment.

Through this, the enchantment was unbreakable without more than 20 gods working together to do so.

At the same time, the gods have each gone far away from here, one by one, without staying there any longer.

Su Yu, Jing Deity, and Sheng Yuanxin looked at each other and pretended to leave. They once again silently arrived at the edge of the Cavern world where the gods tombs laid.

Ive been preparing for this day for so long! Jing Diety said as he licked his lips. He proceeded to take out a colorful array of Formation Flags mixed with more than 20 kinds of divine powers of the gods, which were excruciating for him to have collected.

Although the divine power they contained was weak, it can induce induction with the enchantment and at the very least open up a one-person passage through the microchannel if this power were exerted. This wouldve been more than enough for three people to enter.

After preparation, Jing Deity used the Formation Flags and successfully opened a channel.

He was so subtle and undetectable with his skill that he did not alarm any god.

Re-entering the tombs of the gods, Su Yus eyes glanced around at the many tombs in front of him and said, The three of us should proceed separately! Sheng Yuanxin and I will head to the Glaze Fairy Deity family tombs and the god tombs of the Book Diety respectively. Jing Deity, you will be responsible for staying vigilant and standing guard.

Upon hearing this, Jing Deity frowned. This was not the original plan!

If he was in charge of standing guard, he wouldnt have had time to gather the Great Path Divine Origin. If that were the case, wouldnt this have been a wasted trip?

Su Yu quietly gave her a look as Sheng Yuanxin also winked, to which Jing Deity understood.

As the daughter of the holy god, she couldnt steal the Great Path Divine Origin for herself. If Jing Deity stayed on the sidelines the whole time, this wouldnt come to haunt her in the future.

Jing Diety realized the meaning of Sheng Yuanxins wink and quickly agreed. Oh, no problem, Ill alert both of you if anything happens. The two of you go ahead and search. However, her eyes were still glancing around while she secretly licked her lips. As long as she didnt go to the Glaze Fairy Deity family tomb and bump into Sheng Yuanxin, she would have no problem trying to plunder the Great Path Divine Origin from other tombs.

The excitement was visible in her eyes and the multi-year plan she had crafted finally succeeded.

Sheng Yuanxin was a little surprised. Why should the Glaze Fairy Deity family tomb be searched? This was slightly different from the original plan.

However, the Glaze Fairy Deity family tomb was very suspicious in retrospect. Since they have managed to venture in, they should not give up simply not visiting it.

Sheng Yuanxin nodded and agreed, Ok!

With that, before entering the ancient tombs of the Glaze Fairy Deity family tomb, he glanced at Su Yu and said, Let me warn you, everything in the tomb of the Gods must not be touched unless youre gathering clues! As the captain of the Sen Luo law enforcement team, I wont sit idly by and watch you go astray plundering from the tombs.

Su Yu smiled and said, Relax, I know what I am doing.

The three proceeded separately, and Su Yu came to the tomb of the Book Deity Family with a smile. Come on, lets see how abundant the Great Path Divine Origin is after hundreds of millennia.

During the gods previous riots, all the remains of the Book Deity family were broken up along with the will of the gods. Regardless of how they plundered the Great Path Divine Origin, their actions wouldnt alarm any outsiders.

Once he entered the tomb of God, the Tree God came drilling out before Su Yu had the chance to release the Nine Jade Spiritual Pearl. Looking at the tomb of the Tree God, there were broken god bones and amazing sources of the Great Path Divine Origin. The eyes of the tree god were opened wide. What a complete source of Great Path Divine Origin!

Su Yu sneered, Of course, it is complete! The remains of the gods of different dynasties are buried with more than a hundred gods and protected by their power. Without getting damaged or released at all, it is indeed complete.

I only need one bit to recover to the later quasi-god realm. With two bits, I can be restored to my former heyday, and with three bits

There is no third bit! Su Yu summoned God Kylin, saying, This Great Path Divine Origin belongs to the Book Deity. If swallowed, it should be enough for you to recover a part of yourself.

God Kylin opened her mouth wide and said, This is the forbidden area of the Great Eastern Alliance, the tombs of the gods! Boy, how did you sneak in here?

Ever since Su Yu rescued her, she had been in the Tower of Wuta and knew nothing about the outside world.

Dont worry about that. You can take as much as you need to recover, Su Yu said.

There were five complete Great Path Divine Origins here. If two were for the Book Deity and two were for God Kylin, the last one was left for

He thought for a while. Then, Su Yu said, Now that you can feel it, come out. The last bit is for you.

Haha, boy, why are you so kind? Su Yus heart was filled with the strange laughter of the evil god, although it came out on its own accord.

There was a flash of red as a drop of blood floated out and turned into a giant dog full of evil spirits. The Evil God had appeared in front of them.

He already could leave the soul space on his own!

Once it appeared, both the Tree God and God Kylin looked horrified.

The evil god condescended a little and glanced at both of them. Hey, to two gods whom I am meeting for the first time, allow me to introduce myself. I am the God-Emperor who kills the heavens and the earth, and the god who blocks the demon and kills the demon. You can call me Lord Evil God

God Kylin, your source is one inch bigger than mine. Thats unfair!

Tree god, can you think before you act? You picked the two strongest sources, then you come and criticize my choice?

The evil god coughed and tried to catch the attention of the two. I am the one that kills the heavens and the earth, the God that blocks the other gods, and the devil that blocks the other devils

I dont care. Anyway, yours is bigger than mine. If you dont change with me, I I will cry! If you provoke an elegant and noble goddess to cry, you will be condemned by the gods!

Hah! Let the condemnation be ever more violent. Youre a shameless goddess with an attitude lacking elegance and nobility!

Ahem hello, I am the Emperor that is killing the heavens

What the hell! God Kylin, youre nearly dying. Why do you want the Great Path Divine Origin so much? Hurry up and give some of it to me! Its a waste for you to have so much!

Ahem I am the Emperor

How shameless. You thirst after the thing that is going to keep me, God Kylin, alive. You are just


You two! I am the Emperor

The tree god and God Kylin looked at each other and asked, Who is this idiot coughing on the side?

I dont know.

I dont know either.

Oh, alright then. Lets go home and sleep.

Du Du

The two great gods returned to the Nine Jade Spiritual Pearl and Wuta Tower respectively with two precious Great Path Divine Origins rolled up in each of their sleeves, leaving the confused evil god all by himself.

What the! Two inferior gods who dont know what is good for them! The evil god grimed. Back in the day, I wouldnt even be bothered to care about them!

Su Yu said lightly, Please stop talking nonsense. Just take this Great Path Divine Origin and then just leave.

Huh? The evil gods eyes turned and looked Su Yu from head to toe. Do you really want me to go?

Im tired of raising a nest of gods, so you should learn how to support yourself, Su Yu sighed.

The evil gods face blackened. A nest Are you supposed to be raising dogs? Well alright, I guess Im a literal dog.

A calm expression appeared again on the evil gods face as he said, Are you in serious trouble?

Su Yu sighed a little. Except for Yun Yazi, who probably knows Su Yu best, the evil god was also an enemy and a friend who knew him well.

Well, I am in big trouble. If I cant handle it well, I will die and my soul will be destroyed. I have no idea how this will end. Su Yu said. When he left the tomb of the gods, an extremely dangerous and decisive battle wouldve been waiting for him.

Many gods would be involved.

So, you sent me away before that could happen, The evil god said as his huge body squatted down. He laughed and replied, You have been through so much. Are you still worried about what will happen this time around?

Su Yu smiled bitterly. Yeah, but Im not confident this time.

The Evil God played with the Great Path Divine Origin a little before throwing it back to Su Yu. You refine it yourself. Although it has a weaker effect on you than this quasi-god, itll give you extra strength.

Since it has a weaker effect on me, why waste it? Su Yu shook his head and quietly took out a psychic book from Qin Feichen.

Because of the many martial arts recorded in the world, the book had some wisdom that could point out the loopholes in the exercises. This was precious. Only two or three books had been accumulated by the Book Deity after such a long time.

Seeing Su Yus resolute attitude, the evil god smiled and grabbed the Great Path Divine Origin. In that case, lets bid farewell here.

Su Yu looked at the book without raising his head. Well, goodbye.

The Evil God looked at Su Yu but stopped talking and finally let out a sigh. Sometimes, dont force yourself too much.

With those words, the Evil God turned into a ray of blood.

As Su Yu put the book down, a vacant feeling came pouring out of his heart and a bitter smile appeared across his face.

When did he ever want to force it?

At present, Su Yu swept aside his thoughts and attentively read through the book.

After thinking about it for a long time, Su Yu mentally coded the [Nine Dragons Devil Subduing Art] into his brain, and the psychic book immediately shook a little. On the cover of the book, a mouth appeared and a mechanical-sounding statement was heard: Mixed exercises, a total of eight levels of mythology, the last level the deity-level exercises, derived from the basic chapter of the Sacred Demon Summon of the demon royal family.


Su Yus hands shook enough for him to drop the book onto the ground.

He had long felt that the final level of the [Nine Dragons Devil Subduing Art] was bizarre. The first eight levels were all the magic dragons that summoned the spirit, but the last layer called out the living demons!

Under Su Yus control, both weak and strong demon creatures could be summoned.

The weak were like the magic crow while the strong were like the nine-headed dragon.

According to the strength of the blood of the demon, the strength of the souls summoned by the [Nine Dragons Devil Subduing Art] will be different. If the blood of the Holy Devil is obtained, one can use this skill to its maximum potential, and the monster of Deity level can be summoned into battle.

A mysterious strength of the royal demon clan? Hearing this made Su Yus heart beat faster!

But what is a holy demon? he asked himself. The information he collected about the Demon Clan was rather substantial, but he had never heard of the Holy Demon.