The Divine Nine Dragon Cauldron Chapter 1170

Chapter 1170 The Final Battle Approaches

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Except for those who contain the blood of gods and demons, any cultivation by any other soul will face backlash and be swallowed up by the summoned demons. The value of cultivation is zero.

The cultivation by souls of non-demon descendants wouldnt be recognized by the summoned souls.

This also explained the story of how Buddha practiced so much but still faced a backlash at the end.

Then why could he do it? Su Yu thought about it. He got three drops of blood belonging to the gods and demons and merged them inside the Divine Nine-Dragon Cauldron before they were finally integrated back into Su Yus blood. Is this why he did not face a backlash?

If you have enough blood of the demon, you should be able to use [Sacred Demon Summon] without any problems, Su Yu thought to himself.

However, Su Yu was smart enough to not perform this technique in front of the Great Eastern Alliance. This was the secret of the devil royal family. It was strange that Su Yu could do this, and he would naturally be treated as a demon if he did. When that happened, there would be no further arguments that could save him. Any conspiracy could be used to put Su Yu to death.

You must not use this technique unless it is necessary, Su Yu quietly said to himself.

Putting away the psychic book, Su Yujing quietly pondered the countermeasures he could take. What I need most is time. I dont know how successful the Great Prisons Ghost Emperor is in doing what I tasked him to do. How is he doing now? If he succeeds, maybe I can save myself from danger this time.

The Great Prisons Ghost Emperor did not show up for a long time. He likely went somewhere to do something important.

Initially, it was Su Yus preparation for a backdoor for himself in case of anything. However, time was tight now that it seemed that he started preparation a little too late.

Now Qin Feichen must be telling tales to many gods. He will talk about me killing Qin Kuo. If I am to go out without being prepared, I will most probably be killed by the thunder of Qin Feichen and other gods. In that case, I wont be able to defend myself. Su Yu looked at the tomb of the Book God. He was in the tombs of the gods, which were temporarily a safe place that no one could even think about.

Within the Great Eastern Alliance, a small earthquake occurred among the gods.

Many gods were summoned by Qin Feichen, who spoke of Su Yu killing the law enforcement officer.

Without evidence, they wouldnt have bothered. Qin Kuo belongs to the Qin family. Would Su Yu kill a member of the Qin family?

However, Qin Feichen had irrefutable evidence!

It was from a Light Returning Mirror, which presented a short animation of what happened.

A man knocked Qin Kuo to the ground and took away his soul.

If that wasnt Su Yu, who could it have been Combined with all the secrets about Su Yu from the Jiuzhou Cavern world, it was almost impossible to refute that Su Yu murdered the law enforcement officer.

Despite the other gods questioning why that was the only shot available, Qin Feichen said that the mirror unable to capture visions of what happened before or afterward.

Although the gods did not want to punish Su Yu, they could not ignore Qin Fenchins evidence.

With several gods present, they desperately summoned Su Yu to explain himself.

As a result, the gods and Qin Feichen were surprised to find out that Su Yu had disappeared completely!

Whether it was the family of the Crane Deity or other gods, there was no hint about where Su Yu went.

Did he know the news in advance and escape from the Great Eastern Alliance? Qin Feichens face remained unchanged.

The Glaze Fairy Deity was also very troubled. They were fully prepared to launch a fatal blow to Su Yu. Even the Glaze Fairy Deity had been lurking around the Crane Dietys family home. After waiting for the actual charge of Su Yu killing the law enforcement officer, she planned to immediately slay him to keep him silent.

However, no one expected Su Yu to disappear!

Qin Feichen and the Glaze Fairy Deity didnt expect this to happen.

Strengthen surveillance on the Crane Dietys family. Anyone who enters and exits must report everything in detail and on time! Glaze Fairy Deity said calmly. This time, her entire familys reputation was on the line. Failure wasnt an option.

If Su Yu had escaped from this point onwards and never returned to the Great Eastern Alliance, it wouldve been fine. However, if he returned suddenly one day and made the truth public to the families of the Book Diety and the Crane Deity, that wouldve been a disaster.

Along with the Crane Dietys family, they were nervous.

Brother Yang Tai, have you investigated where my tribes Feather God is? He Ruchu was very polite and anxious, and immediately expressed his concerns to Yang Tai who came to pay a visit.

The Feather God murdering a law enforcement officer was revealed to the Crane Dietys family home at the earliest opportunity. They were informed about it and used it to let Su Yu run away.

As a result, Su Yu disappeared almost immediately.

After Yang Tai learned of the situation, he secretly launched an intelligence network to search for Su Yu but to no avail.

Su Yu disappeared from the Great Eastern Alliance completely, as if he evaporated into thin air.

My people have investigated the Divine Bone Ship that left the mainland over the past two months, but there was no record of the Feather God boarding it! Moreover, he never returned after the gods left the Carnival of All Gods. Its likely that if he got news of what is happening in advance, it is only safe for him to escape from the Great Eastern Alliance. I just cant believe that he could simply disappear from this world, Yang Tai sighed.

Even so, Yang Tai was clever enough to have already thought of a possible hiding place.

There was only one place where Su Yu can not leave the Great Eastern Alliance or be detected by the gods of the heavens!

The Cavern world of the tombs of the gods!

There was a strong enchantment around it to prevent outsiders from entering; even the perception of the gods was unable to penetrate it. This was the only possible explanation behind Su Yus disappearance.

However, Yang Tai was not going to tell anyone, not even the Crane Dietys family.

Once the news leaked, he feared that even Qin Feichens conviction wouldnt have been enough for Su Yu to die and be injured more than one hundred times just by walking privately into the tombs of the gods!

After all, there were so many Great Path Divine Origins inside the tombs of the gods that even the gods are extremely envious.

He Ruchu was bitter at first. Disregarding if Su Yu escaped or not, his actions had somehow destroyed the reputation of the Crane Deitys family!

The owner of the Crane family home doesnt have to worry. Recently, I sent for some powerful people from the All-Access Chamber of Commerce family to come. If anyone seeks to harm the Crane Dietys family home, I will make every effort to ensure the safety of everyone here before the Eyes God returns.

He Ruchus eyes lit up as he said, Are you saying that the Feather God would come back?

Yang Tai showed a consoling smile and said, Do you think the Feather God would allow him to escape like this?

Since he set foot in the Great Eastern Alliance, he had never suffered a loss.

I hope so, He Ruchu retreated uneasily.

Yang Tai said goodbye. After leaving the Crane Diety family, his face calmed down and he sighed deeply. Su Yu, youve gone too far this time. Even if you ask my father to intercede for you, Im afraid it wont help much. If you have no other plans, you should simply hide there for a few years. When everything has calmed down, I will find a way to pick you up and help you secretly escape the Great Eastern Alliance.

From their initial competition to todays admiration of him, Yang Tai thought well of Su Yu.

It was a shame that such a person should die in the hands of a villain like Qin Feichen.

Yang Tai wasnt confident in Su Yu being able to survive this hurdle as well.

After all, he now had something that the enemy can use against him.

It had been four months since Su Yu disappeared after that meeting.

In the God of Instruments Cavern world, Wang Yunxuan was in his room anxiously scratching his head. Yeah, what should I do? How do I do it? How can I rescue Su Yu? He carries on him the big crime of killing a law enforcement officer, and even the top nine gods will not have the power to pardon him. Even my old man is even less capable of saving him.

The worst part is that we dont even know where hell go. Itd be better for him to have escaped from the Great Eastern Alliance. Otherwise, hes doomed!

Wang Yunxuan heard from the God of Instrument. In light of the long duration that Su Yu had gone missing, Su Yu was listed as a wanted criminal who absconded under the Glaze Fairy Deitys suggestion. Any god who found him must capture him or he would be regarded as a fellow absconder.

Therefore, Su Yu would be discovered as soon as he appeared in any Cavern World.

According to the God of Instrument, they were unwilling to list Su Yu as a wanted criminal. However, delaying it to now had already been the limit. Not only did the family of the Glaze Fairy Deity exert pressure on the gods, the matter even spread to the ears of the Dakini. She said that rules must not have been broken, so the warrant had to be issued.

What a shame. If he was here, the Great Eastern Alliance would be entirely revamped. To think that a group of hypocrites and villains like the Book God will push Su Yu to this point, Wang Yunxuan said, consumed with hatred.

With him placed on the wanted criminals list, this news was thoroughly announced throughout the entire world.

From the upper reaches of the gods, from the middle of the descendants of the gods, down to the souls, they all talked about Su Yu.

Su Yu, a rising god favored by many gods, killed a law enforcement officer in the past and was now wanted by the Alliance of 100 Deities. The situation was dire and urgent.

Some people felt deeply sorry for what happened. Su Yu was born as a mortal, and it was a miracle to be recognized by the gods in a short time.

Alas, some were envious of his talents. He made mistakes in the past and was now being exposed by the Book God.

The Book God Family home is bad news! The Feather God is very good, not harming others or ordinary creatures. He takes things one step at a time and relies on his wisdom and talents. Step by step, he wins the approval of the other gods. Of all the people he could provoke, it had to be the Book God, who is so evil that he wants Su Yu to be put to death?

Huh! But I heard that each time the Carnival of All Gods happens, many gods of all ages will release their Great Divine Source Origin to nourish the continent and our souls. For ten generations, hundreds of millennia, none of the gods from the Book God Family home were willing to release the slightest source of the Great Divine Source Origin for the mainland!

I have also heard of this. Many descendants of the gods have said that the family of Book Deity is absent from the Great Eastern Alliance and is most likely to be a rebel family!

This shameful bunch of dogs! Everything that they do is fake! They enjoy the peace of the Great Eastern Alliance and bear the worship of the Great Eastern Alliance, but contributes nothing to it. They dont consider themselves to be Great Eastern Alliance people but arent embarrassed to stay in our Great Eastern Alliance.

Who dare say otherwise? The Book Gods family is a group of beasts even worse than pigs or dogs! However, I heard that this is an order from the Dakini. She is broad-minded and loves the world, thinking that everything should be treated with love. Perhaps she thinks that the Book God family can be managed that way too.

Hearing this, everyone felt exasperated but were helpless. After all, it was an order of the Dakini. Even if they didnt agree with her orders, they had no power to go against it!


In the booth next to these commentators, Qin Feichens face was red as he angrily banged the table.

Today, he invited a group of descendants of the gods from Liu Li and the Glaze Fairy Deitys family home to drink wine and discuss Su Yus whereabouts.

As a result, they heard the alcoholic speak outside before the wine was even served. They all spoke badly of the Book Gods family house.

Qin Feichen was furious. What kind of world was this?

Su Yu had destroyed the family of the Book God, killed almost all of its members, and even smashed the ancestral tomb. It was obvious that the family of the Book God was ruined by Su Yu. How could they be the ones who are accused of peoples everyday rumors?

Brother Qin doesnt need to mind these gossips. They are merely a group of ordinary men and women. They have been dissatisfied with our deity family for a while already, so what? They are merely a group of ants that are being ruled over. Lets focus and discuss Su Yus possible whereabouts.

Qin Feichen had to bottle up his anger.

Brother Qin, after half a year of investigation, we think that Su Yu probably did not escape from the Great Eastern Alliance, Liu Li said.

Qin Feichen was startled. Are you saying that he is hiding in the mainland?

Liu Li nodded. Yes! I secretly dispatched law enforcement officers to investigate the Divine Bone Ship that entered and exited the Great Eastern Alliance over the past six months. There was no trace of Su Yu, so, likely, Su Yu is still within the Great Eastern Alliance.

As one of the six real power law enforcement officers of the law enforcement alliance, Liu Li could easily mobilize law enforcement officers to conduct secret investigations for him.

Initially, they faced the All-Access Family homes firm obstruction and refusal to cooperate. However, the case was finally taken up by the law enforcements majesty and they reluctantly agreed to cooperate. It took a full four months to rule out Su Yus departure from the Great Eastern Alliance.

Where is he then? Qin Feichen was suddenly tense. If Su Yu found a god who will help him, he had the chance to first divulge the truth and get that gods protection

Liu Li said. There is only one place! Tomb of the gods! He is likely to be hiding there!

What? Qin Feichen and the others were stunned upon hearing this.

How could he be hiding there? He may not even have the ability to open up a channel. Even if there is a little movement in the enchantment, it wouldve been enough to alert the gods!

Liu Li said indifferently, If a god is willing to help him, it should not be difficult to open a passage. As for the movement of the enchantment, what a stronger god was covering them outside the enchantment?

Upon hearing this, everyone took in a long breath. Did that mean that Su Yu was planning to hide in the tombs of the gods for a while?

However, Qin Feichen felt that this is very likely, especially after having a deep insight into Su Yus intelligence.

He then snapped.

Then what are you waiting for? Immediately ask Uncle Liuxian to guard that area. As soon as Su Yu appears, hell die without a proper burial for breaking into the tombs of the gods. Haha, even if he was killed on the spot, no God would dare to speak up for him!

Liu Li smiled for a rather long time and said, Relax. Not only did my father go alone, but he also prepared a gift for Su Yu. Even if a god was protecting him, he still wont survive!

On the borders of the Great Eastern Alliance, a warship broke through the galaxy and hurried ashore. A man and a woman, seemingly dust fairies, dismounted. Surprisingly, It was the Ghost Prisons Great Emperor and Jian Wusheng.

In the tombs of the gods, Su Yu practiced silently for four months, and the jade he wore around his waist suddenly became bright.

Su Yu opened his eyes slowly, and a streak of light emerged from them. He casually heaved out a breath of air. It is finally going to start. The families of Book Deity, the Glaze Fairy Deity, and the families who help each other in secret are you ready? Am I the villain, or are you simply playing with fire and self-immolation?

He stood up and shook the dust off his body as a sharp light enter his gaze. He stepped out of the tomb of the gods!

A battle to shake up the Great Eastern Alliance was about to begin!

Looking out and at the sky, Su Yu said coldly, I want Gods blood to rain down on the lands of the Great Eastern Alliance. Let it wash away the gods filth!