The Divine Nine Dragon Cauldron Chapter 1171

Chapter 1171 The Gods Interception

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You finally came out. I thought you died in there, Sheng Yuanxin stood outside the tomb with her arms folded.

Su Yu said casually, Have you found any clues?

Well yes, but also no, Sheng Yuanxin sighed. I found some clues. As early as the sixth generation of the Glaze Fairy Deity family house, the families of the Glaze Fairy Deity and the Book Deity established a close relationship to handle a major event together.

Su Yus gaze shifted to the side. He couldnt believe she found an actual clue.

After thinking for a while, Su Yu said, When you say they handled a major event together, do you mean to build a treasure house of books together?

Exactly! Sheng Yuanxin nodded.

Su Yu said. This was no accident. The Glaze Fairy Deity protects the treasure house of the Book Deity enough for us to see that she has an abnormal relationship with this thing. It is not like how the other gods treat it. To think that the original family of the Glaze Fairy Deity family home was also involved with its construction.

So what does this have to do with this case?

After remaining silent for a while, Sheng Yuanxin said, I learned this from the funerary of the gods of the Glaze Fairy Deity family home by accident. They didnt suddenly think of building this treasure house of books, but

Su Yu continued where she left off, his eyes flashing with excitement. Instead, they were instructed by the gods behind the scenes.

Huh? Sheng Yuanxin was startled, You also found clues in the Book Dietys tomb?

Su Yu shook his head and continued, I didnt find any useful clues.

How do you know then? Sheng Yuanxin tilted her head in curiosity.

Su Yu said, Take a wild guess. Its very simple. For such a taboo that probes the secrets of the gods and endangers the entire Great Eastern Alliance to even be established, how much pressure must be withstood? Without a strong god standing behind them, Im afraid that it wouldve been destroyed by the many other angry gods when construction begins. How could it last up to today?

Sheng Yuanxin angrily patted the dust of the tomb of God and glared at Su Yu. Why didnt you say so earlier? Ive been sullen in the grave for over two months.

Would you believe me if I said that? Su Yu asked, Have you found out who the ambassador behind the scenes is?

Sheng Yuanxins face was serious, and she nodded slightly, I found it.

Su Yu noticed that the tone was different. Su Yus heart was a little surprised. It seemed that a great powerful figure was found.

It is the fourth-ranked Rakshasa Deity family! Sheng Yuan said.

Rakshasa Deity? Of course, Su Yu heard rumors that they were the strongest killing god among the hundred gods. It must be the human race!

The Rakshasa Deity force was cultivated to be fierce, its combat prowess extremely lethal. That explained why it was seventh among the hundred gods.

Su Yu also had some wild historical news about this god that hadnt been recorded in the official history.

The contemporary Rakshasa Deity of today was once captured by the demon god for ten years and later rescued by the Dakini.

It was rumored that when Rakshasa Deity returned, she had a son who was both devil and human.

What she experienced in the demon world was obvious.

After the heterogeneous combination of man and demon was born, he did not know where he went. Since then, it became a mystery. It was not stated in any of the historical records.

Su Yus eyes narrowed, and Su Yu knew that the mother of the Central Prefectures King was a god, just as he said before his death!

The Rakshasa Deity was the mother of the Central Prefectures King!

A baby born from the demon world, a god family who had kept this a secret from all gods throughout the ages

How simple was it to think that the existence of the Book Deity Treasury was just a harmless accident?

The existence of the Book Deity Treasury was to curb the secrets of the gods from being leaked, make them unsusceptible to arrest, and make their fatal weakness undiscoverable!

If the demons accessed these secrets and mastered all the gods weaknesses, how much more superior would the gods power be?

The demon world is dead, but my heart is still alive. I cant believe that someone powerful has planted such a deep thorn in such a high ranking family of gods in the Great Eastern Alliance! Su Yu felt a cold sweat emerging on his back.

However, this further strengthened Su Yus determination. He needed to wash away the blood and the terrible hidden dangers of the Great Eastern Alliance!

Yuanxin, what would the Sheng Deity do if he knew? Su Yu asked.

Sheng Yuanxin drew on her palm. The situation had developed to the present level, which was more serious than originally expected. It involved not only great families such as those of the Glaze Fairy Deity and Book Deity but also the hidden puppet masters, the Rakshasa Deity family!!

I dont know. My mother cant make this decision on her own. She will have to discuss it with the All-Access Merchant God and the Dakini. If the three gods all agree to it, it will be possible to uproot the fourth-ranked Rakshasa Deity family!

It seemed that Sheng Yuanxin also speculated that the Central Prefectures King was the descendant of the missing demon and god from the past. Behind the scenes, the Rakshasa Diety was the one who controlled the rescue mission in Jiuzhou back then.

Su Yu groaned for a long time and sighed, It would be easy if the three gods could all agree, but Im afraid we have no chance to report to all the three gods.

What? Sheng Yuanxin followed Su Yus eyes and looked out beyond the enchantment. Her face slightly changed.

As a quasi-god, she felt the existence of a god.

Moreover, it was the Graze Fairy Deity!

It seems that theyve figured out our intention, Su Yu sighed. Of course, he knew that the Glaze Fairy Deity would come at him.

Sheng Yuanxins dignified heart sank a little. Sure enough, I am involved in all of this as well!

She raised a hand and a threaded stone appeared in her palm. This was handed to me by my mother before I left. If the gods find you, use the stone to teleport to other Cavern Worlds. The other gods must not find out that we are in the Tomb World of the Gods. This stone can save our lives.

Su Yu wasnt surprised that the Sheng Deity allowed Sheng Yuanxin to enter her world, providing her with thousands of methods to do so.

This is a part of my mothers body. It contains the divine power of the Sheng Deity. It breaks the enchantment and lets us easily teleport out of here. But after leaving this place, the three of us will have to flee separately and seek support from familiar gods, said Sheng Yuanxin.

The gift from the Sheng Diety was a stone that absorbed the essences of the sun, moon, and heaven and earth. It was called the holy stone.

The power it contained was unimaginable, for it was a part of the Sheng Deity.

Su Yu bowed his head. Okay.

Knowing that the two of them were moving, Jing Deity also reluctantly walked out of a tomb of a God to reunite with Su Yu. Of course, he naturally showed an elated look in front of Sheng Yuanxin but said intently, We are surrounded. There are many strong men outside.

Sheng Yuanxin nodded. Dont worry, my mother said that she will keep you safe. We leave and move separately. Dont be caught by people outside.

Jing Deity naturally agreed.

Upon activating the stones, the three were swept away by ripples and directly transmitted to another gods realm as if there was nothing in the outside world.

While waiting for the rabbits outside the Cavern world, The Glaze Fairy Deity suddenly looked up to the sky, and her face changed slightly. This is the breath of the Sheng Deity why was she in the tombs of the gods?

But the Glaze Fairy Deity couldnt think about it too much. At that moment, she saw her target, Su Yu!


The Glaze Fairy Deity moved through an entire god realm in one thought, chasing after Su Yu and the others.

Her heart deeply sighed. After all, she had looked down on Su Yu and did not catch him outside the tombs of the gods when he emerged.

It didnt matter, anyway. Su Yu was going to die now!


The three of them teleported to the adjacent water world and immediately fled in separate directions without saying a word to each other.

Although the Glaze Fairy Deity sensed the breath of Sheng Yuanxin and the Jing Deity, she had no time to think about it and caught up with Su Yu in one thought.

The Glaze Fairy Deity appeared in front of Su Yu and sneered, We meet again, Feather God!

Su Yu just smiled without showing any further expression.

Glaze Fairy Deity showed a playful expression instead. Dont you want to ask me why Im chasing you, and what Ill do once I catch up to you?

With a slight smile, Su Yu said, If youre chasing me, does that mean youre trying to court me? Catching up with me is fine, but Im not ready to promise you any courtship. Even if you are a god, I wont put down my pride as a man to be with you.

Hahahaha The Glaze Fairy Deity laughed angrily, You can calmly laugh and crack jokes now. Were it not for the fact that we serve opposite sides, I would be like the other gods and have a good impression on you. Oh well, I guess youll have to die!

Because I have the secret of your collusion with the demons, you tried to expose me of petty crimes to the gods so I can be assassinated by you without any further explanation?

The smile of Glaze Fairy Deitysuddenly converged. You knew all this?

That was impossible! Did someone go to the Cavern world of the tombs of the gods and report it to Su Yu?

Was it Sheng Yuanxin and Jing Deity?

How nasty. I can guess what you are thinking with just my toes! Su Yu said lightly.

The Glaze Fairy Deity was a little surprised. She knew that this man was clever, but she didnt expect him to be so smart.

Looking at Su Yus calm expression, the Glaze Fairy Deity was uneasy as if things were not under her control. Well, it doesnt matter how calm you are. Even if you want to find the gods one by one to ask for their support, youre a fool to think that would happen! Dont even think about it!

Su Yu revealed the slightest clue. Looking for gods to justify my actions? Sorry, I never thought of such a troublesome, dangerous and inefficient way from the beginning!

Su Yu didnt know how many gods conspired with the Glaze Fairy Deity, the family of the Book Deity, and the Rakshasa Deity. If he happened to find one of them, wouldnt he have been simply offering himself up to the devil?

You The Glaze Fairy Deity was anxious, unable to guess Su Yus intentions.

Fortunately, Su Yu answered for her with a confident glow in his eyes when he said, I want all these gods, all of them, to see me in person!

What? The Glaze Fairy Deity couldnt help but feel shocked. Was it even possible for all the gods to see Su Yu of their own volition?

The anxiety in her heart became more and more intense. Staring at Su Yu, the Glaze Fairy Deity became more and more aware that despite all their calculations, the most important thing was ignored.

Su Yu was never the type of person who could be controlled.

Then let me make you disappear from the world now! Glaze Fairy Deity exclaimed coldly without hesitation. With a thought, she wanted to rip Su Yus soul apart from his body, producing terrible shocks. Afterward, he wouldve been destroyed.

Through this idea, Su Yu resembled ants on the ground. No matter how much she resisted and fought back, it was futile.

Su Yu now fully knew the difference between God and man!

At that moment, a soft hum came from the Nine Jade Spiritual Pearl. Accompanied by a natural clear emerald light, an elegant, noble, fresh and beautiful girl slowly floated out.