The Divine Nine Dragon Cauldron Chapter 1173

Chapter 1173 The Rakshasa Deity Strikes

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While she was busy fighting, Glazed Fairy Deity became dismayed. What? The gods have fallen!

She saw a spirit surrounded by the light of God. There was no Great Path Divine Origin within his body.

As a result, she was rolled back by a blue vine before she could escape. Accompanied by the scream of horror, a womans chilling laugh rang out. The psyche is very valuable. It is sold on the black market and has tremendous value. If you flee now, how else can I get my hands on it?

Liu Li, who was down below, was horrified when she heard this. Who was this? What terrible god was strong enough to easily kill the Water God?

She was disoriented for a while. God Kylins well-trained and seasoned eyes immediately spotted this flaw. A pair of God Kylins horns above her head suddenly penetrated Liu Lis body and directly smashed through her body.

Liu Lis soul was instantly shocked. She quickly got hold of an unsteady group of quasi-gods and gods Great Path Divine Origin and was about to escape.

Alas, God Kylin simply smiled and struck her with her paw. She was under her feet. That boy Su Yu said that we in the Tower of Wuta are not short of anything except for a few quasi-gods. Your Great Path Divine Origin is very useful. I cant possibly let you run away.

Opening her mouth and sucking, God Kylin swallowed Liu Lis soul together with the quasi-god Great Path Divine Origin and stored it in her belly.

A roar rang out, but nobody knew where it came from. How dare you!

She was discovered by the Glaze Fairy Deity. Her daughter, the heir to the gods, was captured by the God Kylin. She instantly became infuriated.

Well, the group fighting with me isnt very attentive! The Tree God let off a cold hum as the Glaze Fairy Deity returned a deadly howl. The blood of Gods suddenly splashed all over. The Glaze Fairy Deitys body had cracks all over; she almost had her body broken by the Tree God.

Although she managed to escape, the Stone God was not so lucky. With a scream, he was sacrificed the same way the Water God was.

His body was destroyed and his soul was captured.

In the Stone Gods Cavern home, everything wept for him. The sky rained the blood of the Gods, washed throughout the Cavern world, and nourished billions of souls.

Two gods fell in the blink of an eye.

Huge fluctuations of their God Ripples quickly passed through the entire Great Eastern Alliance.

When the God Ripples of the Water God were released following his death, the other gods were shocked. The Water God still had a long life ahead of him. Why did he suddenly die?

It was only when the God Ripples of the Stone God came to them were the gods completely shaken and panicked.

What happened? Why did the two gods fall in succession? Who did it?

The expressions of the top nine gods changed dramatically, and they turned into divine lights and rushed to the source of the fluctuations.

The gods had experienced peace for so long, and the two gods fell like a meteorite blasting the entire once peaceful and calm lake.

All the gods were badly shaken!

Disregarding the invasion of the Demon Race, two gods have never fallen abnormally like that!

Something terrible must have happened!

Gods, descendants of the gods, and some masters who have hidden in the Great Eastern Alliance were also startled.

In front of a bamboo forest, Mo Tianxuan looked into the sky with slightly shocked eyes as he said, With the fall of two gods, is this a prelude to the coming of troubled times?

Teacher of the Six Paths, should we set off for the Great Western Alliance? Mo Tianxuan said respectfully into the hut.

In the hut, there came a murmuring voice that said, No need, there is still some vitality left in the Great Eastern Alliance.

Mo Tianxuans heart skipped a little. You mean that now that the hidden danger of the Book God Treasury has been destroyed, the Great Eastern Alliance has a chance for revival?

No, vitality does not mean this, but something or someone else.

Mo Tianxuan pouted his mouth. What else? What other people? What did it mean? Who was it?

Anyway, the destruction of the Book God Treasury is good news for the Great Eastern Alliance. From the time Mo Tianxuan returned to the Great Eastern Alliance, she focused on gaining insight into the worlds events instead of getting into trouble.

Even if she did not deliberately inquire, she could learn all of Su Yus actions, one by one. Especially with the destruction of the treasure house of the book god, she was very pleased with this.

Is the Book God Treasury really destroyed? May not, rather not, perhaps not.

What? Mo Tianxuan was startled. The Book God Treasury wasnt destroyed? How could that be?

In the Water God Cavern world, the Tree Gods beautiful face bloomed with joy. She managed to harvest two spirits that could be sold for a high price.

Staring at the seriously injured Glaze Fairy Deity in front of her, the Tree God licked her lips. Be good and stay still. Shall I let you three keep one another company together?

How rude! Glaze Fairy Deitys face was extremely gloomy; she finally knew why Su Yu was so calm!

She wasnt ambushing Su Yu, but he was ambushing her instead!

He killed two gods in a row, and the God Ripples would overwhelm the entire Great Eastern Alliance. It would surely alarm all the other gods.

Now, Su Yu didnt need to ask each god for support. All the gods on the mainland would come to see him!

The thought made Glaze Fairy Deitys head go cold, and the current situation was really as Su Yu said it would be.

He wasnt going to visit any god because he would let all the gods in the sky personally come to him!

As one of the gods, Glaze Fairy Deity felt a dreadful chill throughout her body as she stared at Su Yu. How deep and how far could this person see into the future?

Could they really kill Su Yu?

Now, she really regretted agreeing with Qin Feichens method!

Now that this happened, was it possible to go anywhere else? Was there still room for a retreat?

Dont think you won, its not over yet! Glaze Fairy Deity wiped the golden blood off the corner of her mouth and crushed a jade pendant.

The Tree God frowned and sped towards Glaze Fairy Deity like lightning.

The severely wounded Glaze Fairy Deity did not have the power to resist anymore and was about to be killed by the Tree God. But just then, a terrible divine power suddenly came out of nowhere!

A space ripple was generated from the crushed jade pendant. From inside the ripple emerged a woman with a black complexion and a leather coat.

That is the god, the goddess, and the fourth powerful god: Rakshasa Deity!

Upon her dark face, there were natural runes. Her eyes were covered in red blood, her pupils exuding a violent aura. At first glance, she did look like a demon.

After all, the rumors that the Rakshasa family and the Demon Clan share the same source existed for a reason.

At this moment, the Tree God sped forward and the Rakshasa Deity snorted. Her black palms moved swiftly like lightning and landed on the Tree Gods arm.

The Tree God retreated backward screaming as if struck by an electric shock, and her right arm instantly rotted, gradually withered, and turned into ashes.

With her arm trembling and her vitality restored, the Tree God snorted as the decayed and withered arm re-grown from where it had degenerated.

Based on the casual look on her face, no one knew where it went now. Instead, she was trying hard to be dignified. Her figure flickered back to Su Yu as she said, This person is very dangerous. You must retreat quickly while I stop her.

Escape? Where can you escape? Rakshasa Deity slowly said, her cold tyrannical voice exuding an extremely dangerous breath.

The Glazed Fairy Deitys heart was much more at ease upon seeing this.

She didnt want to expose the Rakshasa Deity. However, since things had gotten to this point, she had no choice but to ask the Rakshasa Deity to come forward.

With her attack, she could clean up all of them before all the other gods arrived.

Rakshasa Deitys crimson eyes gradually narrowed. In an instant, she passed through the Tree God and appeared in front of Su Yu!

Before the Tree God could react, Rakshasa Deity had already struck and killed Su Yu with a mere thought.

The Tree God was horrified. Not only was the Rakshasa Deity even stronger than expected, but she was also too fast!

She was not as strong to fight back, so she turned desperately to rescue Su Yu only to discover it was too late!

For a God to be panicking like this for Su Yu, it was too late for him to react. He could only feel a violent breath on him but couldnt react.


Su Yu died, and nothing was left behind.

Upon witnessing this scene herself, the Glazed Fairy Deity breathed a sigh of relief. Su Yu, the most dangerous person, was finally gone.

It wouldve been better if the Tree God was removed as well, but it didnt really matter.

Conversely, she could also blame Su Yu for the death of the two gods, claiming that he and the Tree God were working together.

The Tree Gods widened eyes were disoriented for a moment. She couldnt believe that Su Yu was dead.

To her, Su Yu was a clever guy who had nothing to do with this. He could predict everything and prepare for what will happen next in advance. Why wasnt he prepared for when the Rakshasa Deity appeared?

Rakshasa Deity faintly looked to the Tree God and said, Now its your turn

Before the Rakshasa Deity could even finish her sentence, she suddenly looked back at the dregs that Su Yu left on the ground.

She saw an emerald-colored dragon walking through Su Yus remaining dregs.

Immediately afterward, there came a strong will to reverse the cycle of life and death.

The emerald jade was wrapped in light, and the remaining dregs of Su Yu re-condensed into a physical body of Su Yu.

In the blink of an eye, he was resurrected!

The Glazed Fairy Deity and the Rakshasa Deity were briefly stunned as they witnessed this happening.

The ability to resurrect someone from the dead wasnt unusual in this world since the rebirth of the Phoenix is widely known.

However, Su Yus ability to resurrect had never been heard of.

Rakshasa Deity quickly returned to her senses, and said lightly, Whats the point of resurrecting? I can just kill you again.

With those words, her mind moved again, and Su Yu was instantly killed.

However, before she struck, Su Yu suddenly created a colorful mountain in front of him. It was the Five Elements Mountain.

The Five Elements Mountain stood in front of Su Yu. Even though the Rakshasa Deity was strong, she couldnt penetrate the Five Elements Mountain and was thus blocked by it.

Oh? An Unusual mountain and rocks. Rakshasa Deity said softly, But youre only delaying your own death.


After the Rakshasa Deity quickly bypassed the Five Elements Mountain, she moved in front of Su Yu and started the thought of the gods again.

But with such a long buffer time, the Tree God also responded. She flew over and dissolved the thought of Rakshasa Deity before directly fighting the Rakshasa Deity.

However, it was a mere three moves before the Tree God spit out blood and retreated back.

Looking back at Rakshasa Deity, her eyes were indifferent, and she was touching her back with one hand. She had countered with only one hand.

Forget it, I shall send you both on the road at the same time, Rakshasa Deity put down the other hand and decided to use both hands to kill them at the same time.

The Tree God laughed and said, This time Im really going to lose a lot!

However, she chose not to escape despite being able to do so.

With a look of indifference, the Rakshasa Deity attacked the two intending to kill them. Now, die!.

Seeing that they were about to die, a familiar evil suddenly appeared!

Probing out of the invisible void was a dog claw that shielded Su Yu from the attack.

There were two muffled sounds, and the Tree God shook back and forth. The golden blood coming out of the corner of her mouth was thick, and the owner of the dogs claws was badly shaken by Rakshasa Deitys attack as well.

The evil god must have decided to return instead.