The Divine Nine Dragon Cauldron Chapter 1174

Chapter 1174 Daleis Biological Mother

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You came back anyway. Su Yu chortled, helpless. He didnt expect him to stay behind after giving him the godly spirit and asked him to free himself from the vortex soon. He was following Su Yu the whole time and saved him at just the right time.

The Evil God said, What are you talking about? What did you mean by coming back? I was just lost and happened to run into you.

He laughed, his heart filled with gratitude. Su Yu raised a hand and with a wave, retrieved the long spear of Evil Fatal Energy. You can have this. The evil energy on it should work if you use it.

The Evil God took the long spear ungraciously, and said with his head raised, Dont misunderstand, I just didnt like that black fellow. After I chase him away, Ill leave.

As he finished his words, the Evil God and the Tree Goddess struck at the same time.

Over the past four months, the Evil God had melted the godly spirit. Judging from his energy, he was still a long way from recovering the state of deity. With the long spear of Evil Fatal Energy in his hand, he managed to unleash a power as strong as the Tree Goddess!

The Rakshasa Deity creased his brows as his face changed to a stern look. Staring at the Evil God, he yelled, What kind of deity or saint are you?

The creature before him hadnt attained the state of deity, yet he made him feel unusually dreadful.

I am the divine emperor that kills the heavens and slaughters the lands! The Evil God chuckled as he charged forward with the Evil Fatal long spear in his dog paw.

The Tree Goddess gritted her silver teeth and fought alongside the Evil God.

With their combined strength, they managed to reverse their loss to a certain extent.

Although they were still steadily losing ground and becoming more vulnerable in the face of the Rakshasa Deity, it seemed like they could go on for quite some time.

They became anxious. The Glaze Fairy Deitys eyes glinted with a cold shine and teleported to the front of Su Yu as she yelled, Go to Hell!

He could already feel that the deities were on their way. Once they arrived, the Glaze Fairy Deity wouldnt have a chance to strike anymore!

Su Yu vanished into the deepest part of the Five Elements Mountain without hesitation, arriving before the Mortal Fairy barrier.

The mighty Power of Five Elements of the Five Elements Mountain was secluded from the consciousness of deities, thus preventing the circumstances of being killed by the consciousness in seconds.

Frustrated, the Glaze Fairy Deity followed him closely into the mountains belly. The Power of Five Elements inside did not affect a deity like her at all. She only needed to teleport to reach the deepest part.

As she beheld the secluding barrier before her eyes, the Glaze Fairy Deity wondered aloud, What a powerful secluding ward. Its as strong as the ward of the Graves of Deities.

She was slightly astounded by the fact that Su Yu entered the other side of the ward and ventured into the depths of the cave.

Humph, hes at the end of the road! The Glaze Fairy Deity snorted coldly in disdain and teleported in as well while the ward was being frozen in place by the Power of Time.

Between breaths, the Glaze Fairy Deity had reached the deepest, dark regions.

At the deepest part, there was a divine transmission port that stopped operating. At a corner beside the transmission port, a skeleton made of jade sat on the ground with crossed legs.

Are these the skeletal remains of the Flood Dragon Devil God? The Glaze Fairy Deity was surprised. The devil race of flood dragons did not exist in the Great Eastern Alliance.

Besides, judging from the scent lingering around the skeletal remains, this devil god was considerably powerful back when he was alive.

At the same time, she found Su Yu standing before the skeleton of the flood dragon and paying his respects.

Pleading a dead man for help when death is looking down upon him? How amusing The Glaze Fairy Deity snorted. However, she suddenly remembered that Su Yu had worshipped the graves of all deities during the Carnival of All Gods.

As a result, the consciousness of many deities jumped out from their graves and protected Su Yu, beating up the consciousness of the Book Deitys family.

Oh no! The Glaze Fairy Deitys face changed as she realized Su Yus intentions.

But Su Yu had finished worshiping. Looking at the skeletal remains before him, streaks of Gang Dales bloodline energy coursed through his body. Even though it was just an imitation, it could still fool the deitys consciousness.

Hope Im right about this, Su Yu thought to himself.

The Glaze Fairy Deity teleported over. She gave Su Yu no chance of preparation at all before using her palm to direct divine energy onto Su Yus back.

The impact wouldve destroyed both his soul and godly spirit!


Her palm couldnt reach Su Yu and was clasped by a white hand that had long been dead.

Despite the divine energy in the Glaze Fairy Deitys palm, she could not break free from the white hand.

From the eyes of the flood dragons skeleton, two emerald flames were burning brightly. A deitys consciousness that was about to dissipate could be faintly seen, flickering into and out of existence. It adhered to the skeleton, manipulating it to grip around the Glaze Fairy Deitys hand.

Let go of me! The Glaze Fairy Deity bellowed. All of her divine energy surged towards her arm like a deluge in a futile attempt to get rid of the skeleton and the deitys consciousness.

Much to her terror and shock, the white bony hand only tightened its grip around her and had channeled all of his divine energy!

How is that possible? The Glaze Fairy Deity was in utter despair. There was no way it could be that powerful; despite having the deitys consciousness adhered to it, the deitys skeletal remains were still dead.

Just like Dakinis, the skeletal remains were from the ancestors in the past. Even though the deities consciousness was attached to them, they had never been strong enough to tame him!

From what the Glaze Fairy Deity could sense, the skeletal remains before him were no weaker than the Original Form of Dakinis!

If so, then how powerful must the flood dragon have been while it was alive?

ChiChild The pure white skeleton of the flood dragon stood up slowly. Its emerald eyes gazing deeply at Su Yu as the deitys consciousness gave off affection, remorse, and heartfelt feelings.

Those were the emotions a mother would feel for a child whom she hadnt met in a long time.

Su Yu had an apologetic look on his face. Just as expected, the white skeleton of the flood dragon was Gang Daleis mother. That explained why Su Yu could awaken the deitys consciousness in the skeletal remains by imitating Gang Daleis bloodline power.

In the past, Old Wine found a child with the head of a flood dragon and body of a human at a derelict transmission port and raised him.

The derelict transmission port happened to lead to the belly of the Five Elements Mountain.

Earlier, Su Yu had speculated that the skeletons identity was a member of Gang Daleis family, most likely his mother.

Judging from the situation then, this Flood Dragon Devil God could have fled with Gang Dalei. However, she eventually decided to send Gang Dalei away, staying behind to deal with something.

Now, it seemed like she was dealing with another oppressed flood dragon that had died underneath the mountain: the Green-Black Flood Dragon.

What kind of person would sacrifice themselves for a newborn child?

Apart from the selfless love of a mother, nothing else would, right?

I am sorry, but I am not your child. As his thoughts shifted, Su Yu opened up the martial tower world and summoned Gang Dalei forth.

There were six breaths left till Time Freezing, enough for the mother and her son to meet up.

Gang Dalei showed up with a bewildered look on his face. Brother Su, why did you call me out

He stopped and stared at the skeleton of the flood dragon before him as if he was in a trance. He muttered under his breath, This scent is familiar, but why cant I remember where it came from?

He scratched his head, feeling extremely puzzled.

The flood dragons skeleton turned to look at Gang Dalei. Upon feeling the genuine connection of blood, the flood dragons skeleton trembled lightly as she extended a bony claw to caress Gang Daleis head.

Gang Dalei thought for a moment but did not dodge away. His intuition told him that the skeleton before him with a dragons head and a humans body wasnt hostile towards him.

When the palm touched his head, Gang Dalei somehow began to shiver as well as moisture welled up uncontrollably in his eyes.

How weird, why does it feel so warm and cordial Wait, why am I crying? I didnt think I would cry! Gang Dalei wondered strangely.

That was a physical reaction. Although Gang Dalei did not understand it, his body had produced a response towards it.

Child The consciousness of the flood dragons body called out in a low trembling voice.

Gang Dalei instantly shuddered as some information filled his mind. His mouth hung open, and he gasped in shock, Are you my mother?

He suddenly recalled where the familiar scent on her had come from; it was the scent imprinted on his soul right when he was born.

Poor child The finger of the flood dragons skeleton tapped on Gang Daleis forehead, delivering streaks of golden light as though it was some kind of inheritance.

Su Yu was so envious of Gang Dalei, whose mother was a deity. Her deitys consciousness was most probably passing down all that she had to Gang Dalei at the moment.

It was true that one should not compare with other people and risk angering them. Goods should not be compared with other goods, or they would have to be thrown away!

The Glaze Fairy Deitys eyes shone with shrewdness. While the flood dragons skeleton was busy passing down her legacies, she cut off her arm. At the same time, her consciousness swept around as she never forgot to take this opportunity to kill Su Yu.

However, the flood dragons skeleton only turned indifferently to shoot her a look.


The scene made Su Yu inhale a sharp cold breath. As a dignified deity, the Glaze Fairy Deitys divine soul did not even manage to escape before it was destroyed on the spot!!

What on earth was the background of the flood dragons skeleton? Why was it so terrifying? Her mere consciousness could easily obliterate a living deity. If she was revived, wouldnt she have annihilated the Great Eastern Alliance?

Amidst his astonishment, the flood dragons skeleton had finished passing down her legacies.

Her deitys consciousness appeared even more vulnerable now, on the verge of dissipating.

In the process of inheriting the legacies, Gang Dalei closed his eyes slowly. With tears trickling down his face, he whispered, Mother

With the ending of the inheritance, he went into a deep sleep too.

The flood dragons skeleton turned to look at Su Yu. With a raise of hand, the Power of Five Elements that could destroy Mortal Fairies dissipated.

Thank youfor bringing memy child The flood dragons skeleton said the words intermittently.

Su Yu replied, I have taken advantage of your feelings to help me destroy my enemy. I cant accept your gratitude.

The skeleton said, Nevernever mind My only hope before I died was to meet my child once again, to impart the Divine Path of my life to him, and to tell him about what happened to him However, my deitys consciousness was at the brink of disappearing, I couldnt wait till he came back

Su Yu thought, Gang Dalei had grown up in the cavern world of the Zhenlong continent after he was born. How could he have returned to this place?

But he had returned after his demise, and Gang Daleis skeleton was here.

It was a pity that he was only left with skeletal remains but not bloodline power back then, therefore not awakening the deitys consciousness of the flood dragons skeleton.

Thereforethank you so much for bringing him to me The flood dragons skeleton said with pauses, As a token of gratitude, this Five Elements Mountainwill be under your care now

A delicate imprint flew out from between the skeletons eyebrows and vanished into Su Yus forehead.

All of a sudden, it seemed like Su Yu and the Five Elements Mountain shared an intimate relationship now.

The Black and the White Dust Immortals had studied the Five Elements Mountain for countless years but had never managed to refine it all this time, the reason could lie in this imprint.

This imprint was the only thing that could allow someone to gain control of the Five Elements Mountain.

Thanks a lot, senior! Su Yu was beside himself with joy.