The Divine Nine Dragon Cauldron Chapter 1175

Chapter 1175 The Truth Came To Light

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The flood dragons skeleton nodded. After giving away the imprint, her deitys consciousness became even more tenuous, on the verge of dissipating.

FinallyBewareof the Five Elements Divine Prisondont believe anything you learn there Just before its consciousness dissipated, the flood dragons skeleton looked at Su Yu holding the Five Elements Divine Prison in his arms.

There was the soul of a flood dragon there; it was that of the Green-Black Flood Dragon!

Once she finished speaking, the flood dragons consciousness dissipated thoroughly, leaving her skeletal remains scattered all over the ground.

Su Yu bowed and paid his respect before quietly picking up the flood dragons skeletal remains to be buried in the world of the martial tower. With Gang Dalei by her side, she could rest in peace.

As for the Green-Black Flood Dragon Su Yu never trusted him.

Meanwhile, in the outside world

Blood heavily poured all across the Glaze Fairy Deitys cavern world as countless creatures wailed in misery.

The divine light signifying the downfall of a deity radiated across the entire Great Eastern Alliance.

Everyone was mortified by this news!

Three deities had perished in only one day!

The many creatures would never forget this day for as long as they lived!

The heavens were dropping tears of blood, and all the lives in the world were tearing.

With earnest and anxious looks on their faces, the deities hurried over.

Unless the demons invaded, how could the three deities have perished one after another?

The Rakshasa Deity struck continuously, attacking the Tree Goddess and the Evil God until they were gradually losing ground, both of them close to defeat.

But the Glaze Fairy Deity happened to perish at the same time!

The Rakshasa Deitys face changed dramatically as he stared at the belly of the Five Elements Mountain with great shock in his eyes. The moment the Glaze Fairy Deity passed away, the Rakshasa Deity felt a wave of terrifying energy flickering past.

The energy overrode even the Dakini!

With the advent of the immense aura of deities, the Rakshasa Deity knew that he wouldnt be able to kill Su Yu in time. Thus, he hastily retreated after defeating the two deities.

The Tree Goddess and the Evil God heaved a long sigh of relief.

Swish! Swish! Swish!

Numerous dense beams of divine light struck down rapidly, surrounding the Tree Goddess and the Evil God at the center.

The Dakini, the All-Access Merchant God, the Sheng Deity, the Sword Deity, and even the lower-ranking deities closely watched the two of them.

Unfamiliar deities, unfamiliar vibes, and the Tree Goddess even carried the divine souls of two other deities!

Where have you deities come from? How could you start a killing spree within the Great Eastern Alliance? The Sheng Deitys eyes were murderous, especially when she sensed that these two deities were no amateurs.

The deity in the emerald dress appeared weak and delicate, but her capacity could be amongst the top nine deities. Apart from the top three deities, the other deities werent so confident that they would triumph over her.

As for the giant dog It made them fear even more.

Even though it hadnt passed the stage of Prospective Deity, the unusual feeling of dread it gave them was far greater than the female deity.

The Tree Goddess flared her nostrils. Are you people insane? It was your deities who were chasing after us, besieging us, and blocking our way! A black man whose plastic surgery had failed appeared out of nowhere!

The Evil God only smiled without saying a word. The evil energy that he emitted was enough to instill fear.

Right when the two groups of deities were prepared to fight, Su Yu walked out of the Five Elements Mountain. As his thoughts shifted to something else, the Five Elements Mountain obediently shrank to the size of a palm and fell into his hands, which he stored inside the Nine Jade Spiritual Pearl.

Su Yu! All the deities gasped in shock.

Even the Sheng Deity was taken aback. She knew that Su Yu hadnt run away, but was in the Graveyard of All Deities with her daughter and the Jing Deity.

It was because of that which surprised her even more. Why was he here? And what was his relationship with both this deity and the Prospective Deity?

The people exchanged puzzled glances and looked at Su Yu, then discussed their opinions with one another.

Logically speaking, Su Yu was a wanted criminal at the moment. They shouldve seized him upon seeing him, but no one was willing to act.

All the deities would always remember Su Yus kindness in destroying the Book Deitys Treasury.

They were interrupted by the anguished man making a sound.

Mighty deities above, Su Yu has murdered a law enforcer and breached the Alliance Treaty of the Hundred Deities. He should be sentenced to death here and now! Qin Feichen growled to the heavens.

Chaos broke out where all the deities were gathered at once. It was way beyond his control, and he only hoped that the deities were decisive enough in acting.

If he did not speak, perhaps some deity was already all geared up to give Su Yu a clean death.

But hearing that the heir of the Book Deitys family was urging for this to happen, they kept their hands in their sleeves and stood aside, looking serene and unbothered.

The awkward scene ensued followed by a brief silence before the head of all deities, the Dakini, eventually spoke.

Su Yu, the Book Deitys family has accused you of breaching the Alliance Treaty of the Hundred Deities and murdering a law enforcer. Is that true? The Dakini gave off a pure, sacred brilliance as she always did.

Instead of immediately answering, Su Yu asked in response, If I may, what would happen if a law enforcer himself had violated the laws and committed unforgivable crimes? Would a bystander be considered breaching the Alliance Treaty of the Hundred Deities for stepping forth and stopping the criminal?

This particular point had been emphasized when the Alliance Treaty of the Hundred Deities was formulated.

The Dakini replied, If the mistakes he had committed were more significant compared to murdering a law enforcer, then the crime of the culprit cannot be exempted.

Well, thats a relief! Su Yu said dispassionately, Youre right, I killed Qin Kuo!

The deities were unsurprised by upon hearing this since there was solid evidence that proved it.

The Dakini quietly retrieved a Light Returning Mirror and hurled it at Su Yu.

The scenes of Su Yu killing Qin Kuo were displayed in great detail.

I am glad that you were brave enough to admit to your crimes instead of trying to absolve yourself from the responsibility, the Dakini said, Since the charge has been validated, you will be punished according to the Alliance Treaty of the Hundred Deities.

Upon finishing, the Dakini maneuvered her will and prepared to kill Su Yu from across the air.

Have you never thought of why there is only a brief scene of me killing Qin Kuo? Without any causes or effects shown? Su Yu looked indifferent.

The Dakini asked, Do you wish to defend yourself?

Why would I? I was never at fault, Su Yu responded.

Since the situation was getting worse, Qin Feichen chipped in hurriedly, Lady Dakini, do not be fooled by his evil doctrine. He is saying this to get away with his crimes!

On behalf of the Book Deitys family, I sincerely plead Lady Dakini to adhere to the Alliance Treaty of the Hundred Deities and punish him!

The Dakini shot a look at Su Yu and said, If you have nothing else to say, then I shall execute you according to the Alliance Treaty of the Hundred Deities.

What I have to say is very simple. As a law enforcer, Qin Kuo colluded with the demon race. While I was killing the demons, he stopped me with his identity as a law enforcer. When I insisted to kill the demons, he attempted to kill me instead! Su Yu said.

Upon hearing that, all the deities raised their brows.

A law enforcer colluding with the demons? That was major news.

A law enforcer was a reliable and trustworthy person selected by the deities from their cavern worlds.

If a law enforcer had colluded with the demon race, what about the deity above him?

What a joke. Words mean nothing without evidence. Do you think that you can calumniate the law enforcers of my family with mere nonsense? Qin Feichen sneered.

If Su Yu wanted proof, he would have to head back to Jiuzhou to get the Light Returning Mirror.

It wouldve taken him more than half a year to go there then return.

Do you have proof? The Dakini asked.

Su Yu shook his head. It isnt with me.

Qin Feichen sneered again. You expect us to wait for half a year? Dont brandish such a petty time-delaying trick in front of the deities. Youll end up a laughing stock!

Su Yu shot him a nonchalant glance and said, I only said that the proof isnt with me, but that doesnt mean it is not with anyone else either.

When he was done speaking, his gaze drifted afar to where the figures of a man and a woman were streaking across the sky and heading towards them.

Feather Deity, the mission was accomplished, The Great Emperor of Ghost Prison was calm and composed in the face of all the deities, even when his Ghost Deity father was among them.

Jian Wusheng had an air of indifference about her and did not do anything out of place. She only stood quietly behind Su Yu.

Thank you both for your efforts, Su Yu accepted the Light Returning Mirror from the Great Emperor of Ghost Prison and instilled a streak of All Creations Strength into it. An extended scene flickered into view.

Right when Su Yu was about to kill the Central Prefectures King, Qin Kuo showed up out of nowhere and pridefully demanded to take him away. His attitude was arrogant and unbridled.

The deities scowled upon watching the scene. Law enforcers were supposed to kill demons unless it was a specific demon that was wanted.

Otherwise, all of them shouldve been killed on the spot; in no circumstances should they have been captured alive and brought back for interrogation.

Qin Kuo is crazy, the deities thought to themselves.

Additionally, the words he said while sneering when the Central Prefectures King walked to Su Yus side were clearly captured by the Light Returning Mirror.

The waters of Jiuzhou are deep~ It was a concise statement, but it revealed far too much important information. From Central Prefectures Kings expression, he might have known he had been saved!

Having watched the scene, the people almost believed all of it.

Then when Su Yu killed the Central Prefectures King, Qin Kuo fumed with rage out of shame. Not only did he insult Su Yu, but his murderous intention became clear to see.

By then, even an idiot would understand that Qin Kuo was extremely suspicious.

He was covering up for the demon race!

Some deities who abhorred evil like deadly foes growled in rage, How dare he! The existence of law enforcers was to destroy demons, but it turned out that a law enforcer was colluding with the demon race and even intended to release a demon.

Swish! Swish!

All of a sudden, countless pairs of eyes were glaring at Qin Feichen.

The Sword Deity squinted his eyes and sneered, his murderous intention clear on his face.

One of your people had been colluding with the demon race, but you deliberately left out the truth, only keeping the scene in which Su Yu killed Qin Kuo, trying to kill a kind innocent life with the hands of all the deities! You, deserve to die ten thousand times for your sins!

Upon finishing his words, the Sword Deity wanted to launch his attack, but Su Yu said, Hold on, Sword Deity, the matter isnt over yet!

Among the deitys descendants that later came forward, Sheng Yuanxin received the notion from Su Yu and her mother, displaying the evidence she gathered one by one.

Reporting to all deities, I have been secretly investigating this matter for a long time and have ascertained that Qin Kuo headed for Jiuzhou to rescue the demons. This was no coincidence, and it involved the deities of our Great Eastern Alliance. This matter had occurred under their instruction, Sheng Yuanxin explained.

The deities were stupefied. So deities were involved in this after all! Tell us more!

Firstly, the Book Deitys family instigated all of this; this can be confirmed by interrogating Qin Feichen! Secondly, the Glaze Fairy Deitys family was involved; this can be confirmed by interrogating Law Enforcer Glaze since he traveled to Jiuzhou to execute missions! Both are under suspicion of colluding with the demon race!

His game was now as good as lost. Cruelty flickered in Qin Feichens eyes as his lips moved as if he was chewing a certain kind of acute poison in his mouth, in an attempt to commit suicide right then to prevent embroiling the others.

Sadly, how could a small trick like that not be found out by the deities that disliked him from way earlier on?


The Sword Deitys eyes flashed as he shot out a pair of swords made of light, which pierced right through his neck and pinned him onto the ground.

The poison in his mouth flowed to his neck but was held back by the swords so the medicinal effect could not reach into his body.

At the same time, God Kylin also presented Glazes soul.

The deities began using their abilities to interrogated them on the spot. Just what exactly were the suspects hiding?

Things wouldnt be unveiled without investigation, and all the deities at the scene were startled after the interrogation.

The deity that had been involved in the case included the fourth-ranking deity, the Rakshasa Deity!

She was the true mastermind behind the events!