The Divine Nine Dragon Cauldron Chapter 1176

Chapter 1176 The World Of Divine Remnant

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Given the information that Sheng Yuanxin provided, the demon whom they rescued together was most likely the Rakshasa Deitys child who also had the mixed blood of demon!

Sheng Yuanxin shifted her gaze and met Su Yus eyes before reporting another significant matter.

The Book Deitys Treasury was also established because of the treaty which the Rakshasa Deitys family had signed with the Glaze Fairy Deitys and the Book Deitys families a few generations ago.

With the Rakshasa Deity supporting them, the Book Deitys Treasury was successfully built to probe the secrets of all the deities and get hold of their weaknesses. How horrible!

The deities felt chills cascading down their spines when they heard about the birth of the child of the Rakshasa Deity and the Demon God.

If the Rakshasa Deity had divulged their weaknesses to the demon race, then

The mere thought of it made the deities ill at ease, as though a great crisis loomed over them.

Many among them had lethal weaknesses. If the demon race found out about them, they could be easily obliterated.

The Book Deitys family had malicious intentions! Some deities growled as they could not suppress their anger any longer, although the Dakini with mighty motherly love was around.

We should have destroyed the Book Deitys Treasury together back then, but because of the warning by the Rakshasa Deity, we didnt act! So it turns out that she is one of the bad guys!

They are an ungrateful, treacherous deitys family that cultivates and thrives using our resources and conspired to harm the entire continent! They should die a thousand times with no chance of absolving from the blame!

The crowd bustled with rage and agitation. Su Yu added, Im afraid it didnt just involve the three deities. Just a while ago, the Rakshasa Deity, the Glaze Fairy Deity, the Water deity and the Rock Deity have been chasing after me and hindering my way, trying to stop me from revealing the truth to all the other deities!

All deities should carry out a thorough investigation to find out if they have accomplices. These scumbags from the Great Eastern Alliance should be eradicated once and for all!

The Water Deity and the Rock Deity had participated as well? As the thought occurred to them, the deities exploded in rage.

They never expected the demon race to have infiltrated the Great Eastern Alliance to such a terrible extent!

All deities looked over at the Dakini, waiting for her to make the final decision.

The Dakini glanced around at the deities and heaved a soft sigh. As deities, is it necessary for us to be at one anothers throats?

It seemed that she did not have the heart to hurt anyone.

This time, the deities could not bear with the Dakinis compassion anymore.

One by one, they implored, The demon race isnt horrendous, but what is horrendous is the remaining sinners of the demon race that have disguised themselves as our allies. Dakini, if you cannot bring yourself to do it, we can take it upon ourselves to get rid of these evildoers!

One deity said that, and then two deities repeated it. Even if the Dakini was a Virgin Mary, she could only say, Fine, it will be executed according to the Alliance Treaty of the Hundred Deities!

Su Yu cast a stare at the Dakini and sneered inwardly. How could a motherly figure who couldnt even distinguish her enemies from her allies lead a bunch of deities?

Had they not found this out sooner, those traitors would act in concert with the enemies outside and slaughtered every last one of them once the demon race invaded with overwhelming forces.

By then, would the Dakini even have a chance to display her indiscriminate love for humanity?

When Su Yu was accused of murdering Qin Kuo a while ago, the Dakini didnt show him any mercy or forgiveness. She had ordered the Alliance Treaty of the Hundred Deities to be executed herself.

Shes merciful to the enemies but merciless to her own. Ha! What a hypocritical great mother she is! Su Yu thought.

However, Su Yu knew this wasnt the appropriate time to reveal his hostility.

Once the deities took it upon themselves to carry out the investigation, was there anything they couldnt find out?

Aside from ascertaining the involvement of the Water Deity and the Rock Deity, they had found that three other deities families were related to the case.

The three deities hoped that they could get away with it, only fleeing at the last moment when they were caught.

The consequences were clear; all of them were killed by the exasperated deities, with their bodies and souls perishing together!

A relentless downpour of blood befell the three cavern worlds.

The entire Great Eastern Alliance was seething in great shock, terror, and distress!

Six lofty, noble deities had passed away in a day!

It was like a blood purge among the deities. As Su Yu had said, he was going to cause an immense rain of divine blood in the Great Eastern Alliance to cleanse the filth and impurities of the hundred deities.

Meanwhile, the families of the six deities had suffered callous devastation!

The immediate heirs were slaughtered, with not a single one of them spared!

A massive amount of bloodshed that had not been seen in ages had arisen in the Great Eastern Alliance.

The only piteous part that should be considered was that the Rakshasa Deity had fled into the vast, desolate galaxies with a Divine Bone Ship which she robbed at the harbor, and the deities did not manage to hunt her down in time.

How frightening the fourth-ranking Rakshasa Deity did not need elaborate explanation. If she was lying in ambush somewhere and jumped out to wreak havoc all of a sudden, only a handful of deities would be capable of dealing with her.

To exterminate the crisis, the Great Eastern Alliance constructed a hunting squad of nine deities that went into the galaxies by riding the Divine Bone Ship, led by the All-Access Merchant God and the Sheng Deity.

While the nine deities were all excited to hunt her down, only one of them looked very reluctant judging from their gloomy expression.

Why did you have to bring me?! Su Yu was indignant.

In the conference of all deities, Su Yu was selected as an honored member of the hunting squad with 99% of the votes, with Su Yu himself being the only one who objected.

The deities smiled, deliberately ignoring Su Yus grudging look.

It was obvious that they did this because they were worried to leave Su Yu behind in the Great Eastern Alliance!

In just two years, how much commotion and havoc had he roused in the Great Eastern Alliance? Back then he incited the great war between the two deities Crane and Jing, and now he set off infighting among the deities.

If no one kept an eye on him, they were afraid that once they were gone, Su Yu would bring another major chaos upon the Great Eastern Alliance.

Therefore, they were afraid yet fond of this disaster at the same time, so their best option was to bring him along.

Sheng Yuanxin squatted before Su Yu with her hands beneath her chin. Dont get mad, we might need to venture through many regions during this hunt. The galaxies are vast; it is more than just the Great Eastern Alliance, she comforted him with a smile.

The descendants of several deities had joined the hunt this time as well. They were not expected to bring any advantage, but to gain experience and widen their horizon.

Su Yu snorted. He was figuring out a way to get hold of those six cavern worlds of the deities in total, along with that of the Rakshasa Deity. But having been taken away while he was still planning, his displeasure was understandable.

Sheng Yuanxin giggled as she saw the look on Su Yus face. Casting a glance at Qin Feichen, who was all tied up and whose cultivation was disabled, Sheng Yuanxin blinked her pretty eyes. By the way, why did you spare his life alone the other day?

The deitys descendants who had participated in the conspiracy were bound for a death sentence. Even though Qin Feichen was certainly the biggest criminal, but Su Yu had pleaded to spare him.

Upon hearing that, Su Yu chortled rather callously, Have you not heard of the saying? The roots of weeds must be eradicated, and evil must be thoroughly wiped out. Have you forgotten that the Book Deity is still wandering at large in this world?

You know where he is? Sheng Yuanxin queried with curiosity.

Su Yu sneered. If Im right, we can find his footprints along with the Rakshasa Deitys at a particular place!

Where? Sheng Yuanxin was energized all of a sudden.

She believed Su Yu almost unsparingly when talking to him now. All of their past experiences had proven that Su Yus speculation had never been erroneous!

The World of Divine Remains!