The Divine Nine Dragon Cauldron Chapter 1177

Chapter 1177 Domain Of Life

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Su Yu stated the name of a place with confidence and certainty.

Sheng Yuanxins crystal eyes flashed for a second. The World of Divine Remains was not only the darkest and most chaotic region in the galaxies but also one of the destinations of their trip this time.

According to the outcome of the discussion, the deities thought that the place that the Rakshasa Deity most likely escaped to was the World of Divine Remains.

That was the sanctuary of the traitors of all the cavern worlds. Nobody would dare step into to capture them, and the Great Eastern Alliance was no exception.

The World of Divine Remains was considered a paradise for sinners.

If the Rakshasa Deity wished to evade the hunting completely, she could only hide in the World of Divine Remains, a place forsaken by all deities.

But Sheng Yuanxin wasnt stupid either. She said with some doubt, The Rakshasa Deity has most likely escaped to the World of Divine Remains, but the Book Deity

Im afraid he is unaware of what happened lately. He doesnt even know that the Book Deitys family has been annihilated.

He could be heading back to the Great Eastern Alliance right now, so how can you be sure that he is at the World of Divine Remains?

Su Yu smiled and pointed at his head. Think from his perspective. If I were the Book Deity and have been secretly plotting against the alliance the whole time, then I would never leave the alliance behind and aimlessly wander out there. Id have to at least be updated with the situation of the alliance and the important tidings.

So unless this Book Deity is an idiot, he would most likely find ways to learn of the happenstances of the alliance continent. Since it has been seven days since the bloodshed of deities occurred, the news will reach the galaxies faster than us.

If the Book Deity knows about it, he would find the safest place in the galaxies. And that place, without a doubt, is the World of Divine Remains.

When she finished listening to Su Yus analysis, Sheng Yuanxin blinked. She thought to herself that although it sounded kind of forced, it was quite reasonable and logical upon rumination.

Based on what Sheng Yuanxin knew, the Divine Path that all the Book Deities in the past walked on was the Path of Books. They were extremely knowledgeable and intelligent, the past Book Deities even more so. Not a single one wasnt knowledgeable.

Therefore, the Book Deity could likely be hiding in the World of Divine Remains.

In that case, did you abduct Qin Feichen here to lure out the Book Deity? Sheng Yuanxin fathomed Su Yus intention, finally understanding why he spared Qin Feichens life.

What further frustrated Sheng Yuanxin was that Su Yu shook his head and said with half a smile, With the Book Deitys wisdom, an inferior trick to draw the snake out of the hole like that will only grant him the opportunity to strike. I have spared him for other purposes.

Its so unfair how you can always correctly guess what others think while no one can guess what you think! Shooting a vexed glare at Su Yu, Sheng Yuanxin got up and ran to the ship deck. She told the nine deities about Su Yus thoughts.

Su Yu shrugged. He got up and gazed into the pitch-black galaxies, his eyes filled with an intent brooding look.

He wasnt completely helpless when he was forced to board the ship this time.

If he had stayed behind in the Great Eastern Alliance and the Rakshasa Deity had come to seek her revenge, no one could protect him. If he followed the nine deities instead, the Rakshasa Deity could do him no harm.

Another reason that made him join the squad was because of the Dakini!

For some unknown reasons, the deity made Su Yu feel deeply insecure. Su Yus intuition told him that he should keep a wide berth from the deity.

Hope that the intelligence system that stays in the Alliance can find out enough information about this deity, Su Yu thought to himself. Before leaving the Great Eastern Alliance, Su Yu had settled down in the Crane Deitys family and entrusted Yang Tai and Wang Yunxuan to take care of him.

The intelligence system that he established on his own was lying in ambush, secretly investigating everything about the Dakini.

By the time Su Yu returned, there mustve been adequate information already, and he could analyze this Dakini with mighty motherly love.

Qin Feichen stared at Su Yu with intense enmity as he remarked with contempt. Su Yu! If you are trying to lure my father out with me, you can forget about it. You will never be as wise and clever as my father, he will not be fooled by you!

Su Yu smiled brightly enough for someone to feel hints of iciness. Why do you all think that Im using you as bait? Haha

Looking at Su Yus smile, Qin Feichens heart skipped a beat as a great sense of insecurity set in.

Upon returning to the warehouse, three people were standing in Su Yus house.

They were the killer of the Netherworld Faction Black Phoenix, and the Black and the White Dust Immortals.

Have you finished thinking about it? Su Yu stared at the Black and the White Dust Immortals.

The Black Dust Immortal exchanged a glance with the White Dust Immortal as they both knelt to the ground. The two of us are willing to serve Mister Su.

Great. In that case, you must now be transplanted with the godly spirits of Prospective Deities, Su Yu flashed a smile.

After careful contemplation, Su Yu had decided to pass Jingangs godly spirit and the daughter of the Glaze Fairy Deitys godly spirit to the two of them.

The person he anticipated the most was Xian-er.

After all, she was the one that he loved most. If she received the godly spirit of a Prospective Deity, she was guaranteed to become a deity in the future.

However, Xian-er declined. She had activated the bloodline of the dead phoenix, all she needed now was quiet training, and becoming a Prospective Deity wouldnt be too difficult for her.

Even though getting a transplant of godly spirit was a splendid shortcut to becoming a deity, the bodys nature would be wasted. Even if one became a deity, they would have limited capabilities.

Besides her, he wanted to perform the transplant on the Great Emperor of Ghost Prison and Jian Wusheng.

The Great Emperor of Ghost Prison was tempted, but the properties of the two godly spirits did not match his own as he was the son of the Ghost God. Thus, the transplantation was not feasible.

Jian Wusheng was tempted as well but chose to give up in the end. She was still young and stood a chance of becoming a deity.

Finally, Su Yu found the Black and the White Dust Immortals. The two of them had selflessly and courageously aided him in the final battle in Jiuzhou, so they were worth Su Yus trust.

Having been informed of Su Yus decision, the Black and the White Dust Immortals were overjoyed.

At their age, they only managed to attain First State Mortal Fairy with years of training. Even with the resources provided by the Great Eastern Alliance, they could only accomplish Third State Mortal Fairy, which was far less efficient compared to younger ones like the Great Emperor of Ghost Prison and Jian Wusheng, who had attained Peak Mortal Fairy.

They dared not have unrealistic expectations of becoming deities. Now that Su Yu gave them such an opportunity, they were definitely in seventh heaven.

Alright, you may divide between yourselves two godly spirits, each representing one type of Divine Path. I hope that when we next meet, you will surprise me, Su Yu said.

The Dust Immortals were extremely grateful. Having accepted the godly spirits, they were ready to head back to the world of the martial tower to quietly refine and reinforce them.

All of a sudden, the look in the Dust Immortals eyes turned solemn. Master, there is something that we need to report to you. We feel that the elapse of life has become more rapid lately.

What? Su Yu raised his brows. The only possible reason for such an occurrence was that the Glittering Jewel Mortal Fairy was approaching.

Were thinking that the Glittering Jewel Mortal Fairy might also have left the Great Eastern Alliance and entered the galaxies already.

The Glittering Jewel Mortal Fairy Complex emotions filled Su Yus eyes as he said, Alright, I know now.

Waving his sleeve, Su Yu sent the two Dust Immortals back into the martial tower world while recollecting his thoughts and starting his training in silence.

With the four months of training in the Divine Graveyard, a breakthrough into Stage Five All Creations was bound to happen.

A month later, intense waves of All Creations surged all over Su Yus body, and a concrete crown surrounded his head.

Congratulations, Master, you are not far from Peak All Creations now. I believe that soon, you will be breaking into the stat of Mortal Fairies, the Black Phoenix complimented tenderly.

Su Yu nodded. Yes, my cultivation has gone up, but my overall capacity seems to not have risen conspicuously. It is time to try using the Divine Blood.

Upon finishing, Su Yu retrieved a vessel filled with the divine blood he collected when the Water Deity perished and the blood rained down from heavens.

He had collected a vessel full of blood rain, but it had been condensed into ten drops of divine blood now. Those were the real essence of the Water Deitys divine blood.

With the divine blood entwined around his fingers, he inserted the ten drops of divine blood into the spot between his brows. The divine blood was naturally absorbed into the Divine Nine-Dragon Cauldron, which had been dried up and withered for a long time.

The divine blood was diluted, filling a tenth of the divine cauldron.

The dilute divine blood which hadnt be seen for a long time trickled down the wall of the cauldron, flowing past the Dragon of Life, the emerald dragon. The remaining one-third was crystallized.

Up to this point, the emerald dragon was completely crystallized. A massive amount of unfamiliar information filled Su Yus mind, apparently explaining the unique abilities endowed by the Divine Nine-Dragon Cauldron.

Back when a third of it was crystallized, Su Yu had gained the ability to bring things back to life. When it was two-thirds, he acquired the Heart of Eternity. Now that it was completely crystallized, Su Yu had obtained the Domain of Life.

This made Su Yu jump with excitement.