The Divine Nine Dragon Cauldron Chapter 1178

Chapter 1178 Encamping In The Divine World

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The Domain of Life was built upon Revival and the Heart of Eternity. Once performed, a domain would materialize with Su Yu at the center. The person amidst the domain would be endowed with eternity and would neither die nor perish.

The domain could only be performed once a day and last for just a short time.

In other words, within that period, no one in the world would be able to kill Su Yu and those shrouded in the domain unless there came a force that surpassed that of the Divine Nine-Dragon Cauldron.

Having acquired such an ability, Su Yu was greatly surprised. If it was true, did that mean that he could be carefree for a short time even if deities came attacking him?

It came at the perfect time, Su Yu thought to himself. The trip to the World of Divine Remains this time would be filled with perils everywhere, but he would gain the vantage point with such a life-saving skill.

Half a year had passed.

The battleship of the hunting squad had crossed half of the galaxy chasing after the Rakshasa Deity and arrived at the central region of the galaxy.

That was the darkest central area of the galaxy, the World of Divine Remains!

The World of Divine Remains was just like the Great Eastern Alliance, built from the alliance of many cavern worlds to form a broad expanse of territory that comprised of nine joint cavern worlds.

It was shaped like an island amidst the vast and desolate galaxies, giving off brilliance.

Somewhere in the World of Divine Remains, the Rakshasa Deity who fled all the way there had a dark face full of anger and hatred. Across from her sat the Book Deity, who looked calm and unruffled.

How abominable! The plans we made these past decades have gone down the drain overnight! The Rakshasa Deity emitted an air of menacing ferocity as she said in anger, All thanks to that garbage heir of yours!

If he hadnt been hellbent on having things go his way and discussed with me instead of deciding to get into a major war with Su Yu all by himself, we wouldnt have been exposed!

If Qin Feichen hadnt taken the risk, things would never have turned out this way.

The Book Deity sitting opposite from her was calm and at ease. Although he had been informed of the destruction of the Book Deitys family and that the Book Deitys Treasury which he had spent years of efforts in building, he remained abnormally composed and placid.

What Feichan did wasnt with his influence, but him as a person. He was no match for Su Yu; despite having the upper hand, he was defeated beyond redemption. Even if an heir like him survived, he wouldnt make a qualified Book Deity, the Book Deity stated with indifference, Since the problem has arisen, now its about how to rectify it.

The Rakshasa Deity sneered. Rectify? Our foundation has been obliterated! How are we supposed to rectify it?

The Demonic Dimension! The Book Deity uttered three succinct words.

Upon hearing that, the Rakshasa Deitys face grew solemn. In a low voice, she said, We have indeed become planted agents of the demon race in the Great Eastern Alliance.

However, now that we have been expelled from the Alliance, I am afraid that what awaits us when we head for the Demonic Dimension isnt a meeting. It will be murder because we have two lethal shortcomings.

As far as the Demonic Dimension is concerned, we have lost our worth for utilization.

Additionally, the Demonic Dimension could never trust us completely.

The Book Deitys eyes gleamed with calmness and wisdom. What if we go forth with contributions?

Where would the contributions come from? The Rakshasa Deity questioned in response.

The Book Deity replied placidly, The Great Eastern Alliance must have sent deities after you. At this point, they should be here anytime soon.

If we manage to capture all of the deities who come here at once, that could prove our worth. The demon race is about to attack the Great Eastern Alliance, so they cant afford to lose any loyal people with value.

If they could carry the heads of all the deities to the Demonic Dimension, it could prove both their sincerity and the value of their capabilities.

The Rakshasa Deity shook her head coldly to what he said. You are too naive. The deities who came after me are most likely to be the Sheng Deity or the All Access Merchant God, or they could have teamed up. Along with perhaps more than five other deities at their side, we can never cause them any harm just by our strength alone!

The Book Deity flashed a placid smile. Have you forgotten where this place is? Killing five deities is never a problem.

This was the World of Divine Remains!

The Book Deity was taken aback for a moment before the corners of her lips slowly curled into a fierce, sly smile.

The Book Deity said calmly, We shouldnt fear that theyll come, we should fear that they have no guts to come.

Su Yu had been silently training for half a year and had touched the border of Peak All Creations. He would most likely attain Peak All Creations very soon.

Su Yu, Miss Yuanxin has been here. If youre awake, please head for the main deck. The deities are discussing the plan for disembarking, the Black Phoenix notified him gently.

Had they arrived?

Upon arriving at the main deck, the All Access Merchant God, the Sheng Deity, and the nine other deities had discussed up to the ending part. Su Yus participation did not seem to be needed much.

They had never expected Su Yu to contribute much. After all, this was a war among deities.

Youre here. Through the intelligence system of the All Access Merchant God stationed in the World of Divine Remains, we have found out that the Rakshasa Deity and the Book Deity have been hiding in the World of Divine Remains.

The Sheng Deity was inwardly surprised as she looked at Su Yu. The other deities had praising looks on their faces as well.

Previously, when Su Yu thought that the Book Deity must be in the World of Divine Remains, they did not believe him completely.

It turned out that all of it was just as Su Yu had predicted. They had encountered the Rakshasa Deity and the Book Deity in the World of Divine Remains at the same time.

After a pause, the Sheng Deity said, We will reach the World of Divine Remains in a couple of days.

Considering the hostility of the World of Divine Remains towards the Great Eastern Alliance, we have decided to abandon the ship and disguise ourselves as commoners to enter the World of Divine Remains to avoid raising commotion and alarming the enemies.

They used to form an organization of deities to send a punitive expedition against the World of Divine Remains, which ended in them suffering a major defeat and fleeing. A handful of deities were sacrificed in the process.

The horrifying history had made them lose the courage to venture in again without careful preparation.

Are you going to stay onboard or head for the World of Divine Remains along with us? The Sheng Deity asked.Read the next chapter on our

Su Yu nodded, The rise and fall of an alliance is the shared responsibility of every individual. Of course Im going to the World of Divine Remains myself.

The Sheng Deity nodded. Alright then. You should disguise yourself too and join us.

What stunned the Sheng Deity and the rest of the deities was when Su Yu queried, Disguise myself and accompany you as we suffer total destruction together?

What makes you say that? The Sheng Deity was a little shocked.

The other deities were shocked as well. Luckily, Su Yu was a shrewd and resourceful man. Since there must be a reason behind his words, they quietly listened.

Su Yu chuckled as he asked, Was it that hard to understand? If I were the Book Deity and the Rakshasa Deity, I would have expected your arrival! They have two options; either run away immediately or seek shelter in the Demonic Dimension.

If they chose to run away, they wouldnt have waited until you found their footprints without taking any action. Thus, they obviously chose to seek shelter from the Demonic Dimension!

Having been expelled, they still have lost their value to the Demonic Dimension and cannot be trusted. If they have simply gone to the Demonic Dimension, they would probably end up as nourishment to the Demon God.

Therefore, if the Book Deity is smart enough, he would bring a gift along with him as he visits. In that case, arent you the best gift he could afford?

When they finished listening to Su Yus explanation, the deities exchanged shocked and doubtful glances with each other.

The All-Access Merchant God had an admiring smile on his face. Why are you so certain that they dare to attack us?

Because based on the former Book Deities act of creating the Book Deitys Treasury, there are two common features of all the Book Deities!

Firstly, they are so clever that they could look down on all other deities! Secondly, theyre courageous enough to go against the rules of the world and built the Book Deitys Treasury in a well-ordered, methodical way!

A clever man with great ambitions has an enormous shortcoming, however; they tend to take big risks!

The All-Access Merchant Gods eyes glinted with brilliance, he couldnt help but applaud and laugh. No wonder you were the man recommended by my son Yang Tai! You are exceptionally clever indeed! Youre right, the greatest shortcoming of a clever and ambitious man is that they take big risks!

He was extremely convinced because the All-Access Merchant God was that kind of person.

Su Yu said, Not only would the Book Deity not run away, but he would also make you his targets instead. He is most likely setting up a trap for you to jump right into.

Sheng Yuanxin felt unhappy seeing how Su Yu was presenting his ideas with perfect eloquence while the others were listening attentively.

She said, But this time, we are going to disguise ourselves before entering the World of Divine Remains. Even if the Book Deity has set up a trap for us, how could he guard against us?

Su Yu smiled. Do you think that with the Book Deitys wisdom, he wouldnt be able to determine the way youre going to enter? If I were them, I would certainly have expected you to come in guise and lay ambush at the harbor.

I would wait for you to disembark, thinking that your plan is seamless, and capture all of you at once! Even if it doesnt go smoothly, detaining a couple of deities would work too.

Upon hearing that, the faces of the deities grew somber.

Su Yus explanation was reasonable. The deities who joined the attack on the World of Divine Remains back then had thought that they were powerful too, but powerful dragons couldnt beat the local snakes. Not only had they failed to wipe out the World of Divine Remains, but several deities had also even perished in the attack.

Up till this day, the Great Eastern Alliance still had a dark shadow in their heart that constantly reminded them of the matter.

In that case, entering the World of Divine Remains in guise is not possible anymore, After some contemplation, the Sheng Deity exchanged a glance with the Merchant God and gave up on the idea that appeared secure but was in fact precarious.

Perhaps Su Yus prediction was right in saying that they would suffer total destruction.

But if they didnt secretly infiltrate the place, would they enter so flagrantly?

The World of Divine Remains harbored profound animosity towards the Great Eastern Alliance. Once they entered, they would probably rouse extreme nervousness among the enemies.

Before they could find the silhouettes of the Book Deity and the Rakshasa Deity, they would be attacked by the joint forces of the World of Divine Remains.

All the deities pondered with deep frowns, yet no one came up with a comprehensive plan.

The secret way doesnt work, neither does the open way. Are we just going to be deterred here before the World of Divine Remains, after the strenuous effort of chasing all the way here? How could the deities reconcile with it?

Leaving the two traitors, the Book Deity and the Rakshasa Deity, at large would invite endless disasters to the Great Eastern Alliance in the future.

The All-Access Merchant Gods eyes flickered, and he looked to Su Yu with a smile. Since you have ideas, you might as well share it with us so that we could muse over it.


Numerous pairs of eyes of the deities were pinned on Su Yu. The deities had recognized Su Yus acumen after all.

Su Yu smiled. Entering the World of Divine Remains safely isnt difficult. We just have to drive right into it.

Just drive right into it!

The deities were in great shock and disbelief, all of them trying to speculate what Su Yu meant.

Right, drive into it openly and honestly with our flags conspicuous, so the World of Divine Remains would know that we have come for them! Su Yu was smiling.

Huh? Sheng Yuanxin was flabbergasted. Are you mad? Before we could drive into it, we would most probably be assaulted by the joint forces of the World of Divine Remains. I was expecting you to come up with brilliant ideas!

Su Yu gave a thoughtful, profound smile. Dont worry. Not only will the World of Divine Remains not attack us, but they will also even allow our entry graciously and generously! All we need to do is change our identities!

Change identities? The deities were startled. What kind of identities would make the World of Divine Remains put down their guards and let them in graciously and generously?