The Divine Nine Dragon Cauldron Chapter 1179

Chapter 1179 Whos More Wretched Now?

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An hour later.

Inside the main cabin, the faces of the nine deities were awfully dark.

The Sheng Deity shook the tight, revealing leather clothing that she was wearing. Her belly button, thighs and even half of her chest were exposed. Even her fair skin could be seen! It was outrageous!

Was that really the demure, elegant Sheng Deity with a noble status? Now she was apparently an alluring, promiscuous woman.

With the eight other deities staring at her, she was embarrassed and angered. Fiercely, she questioned, What are you looking at? Are you people any better than me?

The All-Access Merchant God touched his eye patch and laughed dryly, I have become a one-eyed blind man, haha

The All-Access Merchant God, who was originally handsome and attractive, had lost all of his knightly temperament. With his disheveled, ragged look, he seemed like a vile creep now.

Thats fine! Could anyone really be worse than me? The blade of divine sword on the Sword Deitys back was nowhere to be found; he was carrying a broom on his shoulder instead. With the shabby, slovenly clothes that he was wearing, he looked like a slave on the ship.

Haha, are you more wretched than me now? Are you? another female deity laughed almost hysterically. When she quivered, she emanated a pungent body odor, as though she hadnt showered for a few months. With her make-up, she looked as hideous as a demon.

But under the disguise, she was the Deer Deity, a goddess known for her cuteness. The makeup had turned her into a ferocious demon that stank.

All the other deities had suffered the same fate, deprived of their temperament of deities and ending up as lowly, obscene characters.

Yo, deities, is this a competition to see whos more wretched?

Thud, thud.

At that time, Su Yu walked in. Upon taking a look at their costumes, his eyes shone, and he praised the killer. Black Phoenix, nice work.

A killer was most adept at two things. The first was killing, and the second was disguise, thus the Black Phoenix was amazing at disguising herself as all kinds of people.

With her assistance, all the members on the battleship had undergone a complete change of appearance, becoming the dark, filthy people of the World of Divine Remains. This meant they could avoid being suspected.

The nine deities shot Su Yu a glare all at once, and the Sheng Deity was especially unhappy. Why dont you need to put make-up on?

Su Yu was the only one on the scene with bright, shiny clothes, and he wore no trace of makeup. Standing among them, he looked like a crane that stood out among a bunch of chickens.

Haha, of course I dont need to. Im the owner of this galactic pirate ship, the third son of the Tuoba Deitys family that is in exile, Tuoba Yun.

The Tuoba Deitys family was a deitys family of the Great Western Alliance that was situated across the galaxy.

Three years ago, the Tuoba Deity had perished in an accident, and his three heirs got into an intense fight for the inheritance of his legacy. The eldest son got the ultimate victory, while the second son was killed and the third went missing.

All that was known was that he had escaped into the galaxies and had not been found until now.

Only the Black Phoenix knew what happened to him. Three years ago, on one of the missions that she was executing, she witnessed the third son Tuoba Yun being killed by a gang of galactic pirates. They had no idea about Tuoba Yuns identity.

Thus, no one knew if Tuoba Yun was dead or alive to this day.

Hence Su Yu could assume his identity without a care, while the deities behind him could pretend to be Tuoba Yuns loyal servants.

The entire battleship was disguised as the galactic pirate ship, and they became the members of the Tuoba family that had been persecuted and forced to become galactic pirates.

The World of Divine Remains was never short of galactic pirates. It could be said that more than 90 percent of pirates in the galaxies treated the World of Divine Remains as their stronghold. Every day, new pirates came in to seek refuge. It was an everyday occurrence.

No matter how great the Book Deity is at prophecy, he would never have predicted that the noble and dignified deities of the past have disguised themselves as pirates. Su Yu smiled brightly.

The Sheng Deity stared at Su Yu, and said in anger and shame, If your plan fails, I will never forgive you

Tsk tsk, not enough, my hot-tempered queen! Your tone of voice should be more fiery than this, but you should also be flirtatious and alluring at the same time. Only then will you fit the impression of a woman that is surrounded by a ship full of stinky men every moment, Su Yu cut her off and advised with great interest.

The green veins on the Sheng Deitys forehead were pulsating. She kind of regretted bringing Su Yu onto the ship. The clever ones would know that Su Yu was using the opportunity to take revenge on them for forcing him to board the ship and thus had given them such shameful costumes.

There must be better options than this!

However, they had to admit that they would never have thought of such disguises.

According to their plan, putting on minimal makeup and infiltrating the World of Divine Remains surreptitiously, in the guise of ordinary people, would be their furthest limit.

Their plan would never have led to the scene before their eyes right now. Even their temperament had been drastically changed, to the extent that not even their own parents would recognize them.

Thud, thud!

Someone was sprinting briskly while panting tenderly, Su Yu, Im done changing, what do you think

Sheng Yuanxin had hurried all the way here, and her gaze fell naturally upon the deities. She stopped dead in her tracks and exclaimed, Who are you people? Why are you here?

Only upon closer inspection did she find those people familiar. Her mouth hung open as she yelled, Ahh! You people are

Yuanxin, dont make this thing public the Sheng Deity reminded, embarrassed.

Before she could finish, she was abruptly cut off by Sheng Yuanxin, Ahh! Su Yu, who is this lascivious woman? Her clothes are so shameful


The Sheng Deitys face was flushed red as she stared at Su Yu in great fury. She looked like she wanted to strangle him to death!

She didnt know if her own parents would recognize her, but her daughter did not recognize her at all.

Upon hearing that, the deities were laughing through their tears.

Having recollected her thoughts, Sheng Yuanxins eyes went saucer wide. You are Mother?

Upon ascertaining this, Sheng Yuanxin nearly choked on her own breath. She glowered fiercely at Su Yu. You! You made my mother

Su Yu narrowed his eyes, flashed a wicked smile and lifted her chin frivolously. Little beauty, why are you talking to me like that? Is it because you had a taste of me last night, and cant bear to be parted from me now?

Dont worry, when we disembark later on, Ill sell you at a good price, and I guarantee therell be men who can make you so comfortable that you feel like youre in paradise.

Sheng Yuanxins face was reddened. Her identity was a deitys descendant who was enslaved by Tuoba Yun, a young beauty who was a Prospective Deity.

Having heard Su Yus vicious taunting, she couldnt help but be shy even though she knew Su Yu was only pretending. She muttered, Su Yu! Wait till we return to the Great Eastern Alliance, youll get what you deserve!

After beating off Su Yus hand angrily, Sheng Yuanxin lifted her long dress and ran away bashfully.

When Su Yu turned back his head, he felt nine rays of cold light on him.

The Sheng Deity said with a calm spirit and an even temper, Im fine, yes, really, Im fine.

The Merchant God shot her a glance and thought to himself, Why are you clenching your fists so tight if youre fine?

Erhem, Su Yu, your acting is superb. I hope we reach our destination safely the Merchant God coughed.

Su Yu said in a serious and humorless manner, Stop the nonsense! I have stepped in the World of Divine Remains, and I want to be served with great wine and good food. All of you get back to work! Stop wandering around in front of me! Get lost now!

The nine deities all immediately clenched their fists tight.

At the harbor of the World of Divine Remains.

The Book Deity and the Rakshasa Deity were standing in a wine house, quietly waiting for news from the harbor.

A few days ago, their intelligence agents started bustling around, I thought they were nearby already, but why have they not shown themselves till now? The Rakshasa Deity was slightly anxious.

The Book Deity looked at ease. Dont fret, if my guess is right, they have chosen to infiltrate and will certainly keep a low profile. The Pirate Deity is holding the fort in person at the harbor with the God-Destroying Crossbow crafted by the nine deities/ They will not be able to return.

Upon the mention of the God-Destroying Crossbow, the Rakshasa Deity was a lot more relieved. This divine bow had been lost for long, with only nine left in the world.

Once activated, it would hunt the deities down relentlessly. In the ancient era when the two great alliances had just been formed in the galaxy, the God-Destroying Crossbow was the god-destroying weapon that terrified all the deities.

More than a hundred deities had perished because of the God-Destroying Crossbow back then, including some of those high-ranking, powerful deities.

Even the fourth-ranking Rakshasa Deity had no confidence to evade the hunt by the God-Destroying Crossbow.

With the divine crossbow, the deities could be killed once they were found.

But the Rakshasa Deity was still worried. If the deities that have come for us have chosen a hidden way to enter, the Pirate Deity wont have noticed them, would he?

Not if, they absolutely have! With my understanding of the character of deities of the Great Eastern Alliance, they must have abandoned their ship and entered the World of Divine Remains by ambush! Thus, I have reminded the Pirate Deity to thoroughly examine the small-sized ships!

If they had traversed the galaxy, they must be deities without a doubt.

Because only deities could traverse the galaxy!

The other places of the World of Divine Remains had barriers built by nine deities with their combined strengths. If they had chosen to barge in from other places, they needed to attack the barriers, thus revealing themselves.

Hence there was only one way for them to enter the World of Divine Remains: through the harbor!

And the only way to enter was by a small-sized ship.

Having listened to the Book Deitys analysis, the Rakshasa Deity was completely relieved now. Book Deity has considered matters very carefully. It will be a piece of cake to get rid of that bunch of haughty deities!

Two days later, a colossal battleship broke through the stars and clouds and headed straight for the harbor of the World of Divine Remains.

The gargantuan outline of the battleship could be seen from afar.

Divine brilliance flickered above the harbor, and a deity fully covered in divine light emerged secretively. He stared at the gigantic battleship with a stern look in his eyes.

The only ones who are capable of building such a battleship are the two great deitys families of the Great Eastern and Western Alliances. Are the deities of the Great Eastern Alliance really so ignorant to have barged into the World of Divine Remains so flagrantly?

Pirate Deity, shall we start the God-Destroying Crossbow and pierce the battleship? The three Prospective Deity men below licked their lips, looking thrilled.

The Pirate Deity gazed intently at the battleship and shook his head lightly. Hold on a little longer!

When it got closer, the battleship entered their visual field with great clarity. But the symbol of the Great Eastern Alliance was nowhere to be seen. It turned out to be a battered, weather-beaten battleship that seemed to have been wandering for a long time, with a flag of a skull raised on the ship.

And the people on the deck were all ferocious and vile-looking.

A pirate ship? The Pirate Deity was slightly surprised.

All of a sudden, an extraordinarily handsome young man in bright clothing was seen, fluttering his pleated fan as he beheld the World of Divine Remains before his eyes smilingly.

The Pirate Deity looked closely, not missing out anyone on the ship. Their appearance, behaviors, manners and even the looks in their eyes, he missed none of those things out.

As the Pirate Deity, he had seen all kinds of pirates in the world and could discern if a person was pretending at a glance.

The pirates before him looked rather unnatural and bore little resemblance to pirates. Traces of their disguises were faintly discernible.

Just as his guard was raised, a silver-haired youth who looked even less like a pirate appeared before his eyes, making the Pirate Deity even more hesitant.