The Divine Nine Dragon Cauldron Chapter 1181

Chapter 1181 Four Great Killers


“If you insist on visiting, we will assist you secretly.” Seeing Su Yu’s determination, the deities could only compromise.

Whether the plan would succeed all depended on whether Su Yu’s trip was smooth-sailing.

“No! Not only must you not leave, you should stay in the Pirate Deity’s cavern world,” Su Yu said. “As newly arrived pirates, the Pirate Deity will surely invite us to join his camp, and before the invitation, he will certainly order a thorough investigation of your identities.”

“We can hide under the identity of the Tuoba family for a while, but it will not be effective for long, so you should try to avoid going outside as much as you can. That way, those with ulterior motives don’t recognize you.”

As renowned deities of the Great Eastern Alliance, it would be completely normal if someone in the World of Divine Remains recognized them.

“Then you should be careful on your own, and inform us immediately of any mishap.” The All-Access Merchant God handed a jade pendant, which contained a full-force attack of his, to Su Yu. It could also be used to deliver messages. If Su Yu was in any difficult situation, they could hurry over instantly.

“Thanks a lot.” Su Yu accepted it and disappeared from the house like a puff of green smoke, only bringing along the Black Phoenix.

Somewhere not far from where they had encamped, Ah San was staring coldly at the inn, his hands behind his back.

Behind him, a Peak Mortal Fairy who was adept at the Path of Invisibility was half kneeling.

“Have they done anything suspicious?” Ah San asked.

The Peak Mortal Fairy was an expert in collecting information. “Reporting to Lord Ah San,” he replied, “they have not made any major moves since their encampment, but their leader, Tuoba Yun, has left the inn.”

“Left? Where is he now? Whom has he come into contact with?”

The Peak Mortal Fairy said, “He hasn’t met with anyone, but he has gone all the way to the divine-level transmission port and is heading for the cavern world of the Netherworld Faction.”

What? Ah San was surprised. “The Netherworld Faction? You’re saying that he hasn’t hesitated once and has headed straight for the Netherworld Faction? He didn’t make any stops along the way?”

“Exactly!” The Peak Mortal Fairy said.

Ah San pondered for a moment and nodded deeply. “Alright, keep watching his every move.”

As he spoke, Ah San disappeared from the house in an instant. The next moment, he had appeared at the harbor, right by the side of the Pirate Deity.

“Reporting to Pirate Deity, it was just as you expected. The purpose of their visit is somewhat strange. The leader Tuoba Yun has headed straight for the Netherworld Faction after just a short rest and has not made any stops along the way. They have most probably come to the World of Divine Remains this time to visit the Netherworld Faction.”

The Pirate Deity kept his gaze pinned on the galaxy and scowled lightly. “The Netherworld Faction… Is this sorehead third son thinking of hiring killers to finish off his big brother and seize control of the Tuoba family?”

“If he was that childish, he wouldn’t have survived until now. Keep checking! What is their reason for going to the Netherworld Faction? Besides, figure out a way to verify their identities.”

“It is kind of coincidental that the second son’s henchmen and related family members fled to the World of Divine Remains after the second son was killed. Invite them over and have them verify their identities.”

“Yes!” Ah San replied. He hoped that bunch of people were impersonators, so he could openly detain them and that sexy, mesmerizing little beauty.

Ever since he had seen the Sheng Deity, Ah San had been dreaming of her day and night. Her figure was stuck in his brain and could never be removed again.


After a few divine-level transmissions, Su Yu arrived at the Netherworld Faction cavern world half a day later.

This was a world created by the Death Deity, but the creatures here had no clue about where the Netherworld Faction was. All they knew was that it was a mysterious yet powerful organization.

When they found themselves in front of a village with smoke spiraling from the chimneys, Su Yu was slightly astonished. “I never expected the universally renowned Netherworld Faction, whose name terrifies people, to be located in a small village like this.”

The village was serene and tranquil. At dusk, the cattlemen led their cattle back home, and the elderly people took leisurely strolls at the entrance to the village.

“True isolation means hiding in a bustling city. This is the reason the location of the Netherworld Faction’s headquarters has remained a mystery till this day,” the Black Phoenix explained.

“But you were an exception.”

“Yes, so I am going to die soon,” the Black Phoenix said.

As she finished, a gruff, hoarse voice sounded out of nowhere, “It is best that you have that awareness, so we don’t have to raise a hand!”

The voice resonated in the bleak heavens and quickly condensed into four beams of light, befalling in the surroundings of the Black Phoenix and Su Yu and besieging them.

Four early-stage Prospective Deities!

“Green Dragon, White Tiger, Rosefinch, Tortoise, long time no see.” The Black Phoenix stepped forward soundlessly to keep Su Yu behind her.

Tortoise was the one who spoke just now. He was staring coldly at the Black Phoenix. “Having failed the mission and brought unprecedented shame upon the Netherworld Faction, you should have sought redemption by death!”

“But you betrayed the Death Deity and sought survival by becoming a servant to the Feather Deity! And now, you were daring enough to bring strangers to the headquarters of the Netherworld Faction and even to divulge our secrets. You deserve to be killed a thousand times over!”

The Black Phoenix looked indifferent. “I have come to meet the Death Deity this time.”

“Don’t waste your effort! Even if you had not betrayed the Netherworld Faction, you wouldn’t get a chance to meet the Death Deity. Now that you have become a traitor, you certainly never will. The Death Deity will not grant you amnesty.” Tortoise thought that the Black Phoenix might be thinking of pleading with the Death Deity for mercy.

The Black Phoenix said, “I have my reason for meeting the Death Deity.”

“Reason? Even if you die a hundred times, the Death Deity will not take another look at you!” Tortoise growled and prepared to strike.

“I have brought the person who made me fail my mission,” the Black Phoenix stated unhurriedly.

What? The four Prospective Deities were taken aback as their eyes fell upon Su Yu who was standing behind the Black Phoenix. “He is the Feather Deity of the Great Eastern Alliance? Black Phoenix, you really have guts don’t you? You revealed the location of the Netherworld Faction’s headquarters to the Great Eastern Alliance!”

With that, not just Tortoise, the Green Dragon, the White Tiger and Rosefinch all gave off murderous vibes all at once.

Just as they were about to strike, a nonchalant voice floated from the desolation. “You aren’t qualified to meet the Death Deity yet. Return and forget about this place.”

The “you” that he mentioned was referring to Su Yu.

Upon hearing that, the four great Prospective Deities shuddered at the same time. “Lord Xiaoyao!”

The Black Phoenix put on a look of reverence. “Black Phoenix here, meeting Lord Xiaoyao.”

Although the man hadn’t appeared, he gave Su Yu a sense of oppression that far exceeded the early-stage Prospective Deities.

“The one from the Great Eastern Alliance, you may go.” The voice paused. “But Black Phoenix stays.”

The Black Phoenix quivered. If she stayed, a death sentence awaited her.

Su Yu asked, “What if I don’t let her stay?”

“The will of the Death Deity has no grounds for bargaining! You may live not because the Death Deity has mercy on you, but because the Black Phoenix is going to die on your behalf, do you understand? If you insist on taking her away, you have to stay too.”

Su Yu smiled. “I don’t plan on taking her… but neither am I planning to let her stay!”

“Kill them both then,” Xiaoyao ordered indifferently.

Green Dragon and the three others snorted coldly. “Looking for your own deaths!”


The four Prospective Deities charged forward. With a low growl, the Black Phoenix flashed to stand in front of Su Yu and attacked without any hesitation. At the same time, she said, “Master, I’m afraid we won’t get to meet the Death Deity today. Please go back on your own and forget about me.”

As a deity controlled by Su Yu, the Black Phoenix would willingly sacrifice herself for him.

As she spoke, she was caught up in a fight with the four Prospective Deities.

She ranked first among the top ten early-stage Prospective Deities and they were no match for her in any one-to-one duels.

But being confronted by four opponents at once, she got into a position of disadvantage very soon.

The Green Dragon seized the upper hand and charged brutally, launching the Green Dragon’s Growl and emitting sound waves with the divine energy gathered in his body.

With a flip of her hand, the Black Phoenix conjured up a vortex transformed from divine energy in front of her and dissolved the sound waves.

But the White Tiger seized the opportunity and divine energy surged on his left palm. His human palm turned into a pale tiger’s claw all of a sudden, and he dragged it down with a lacerating force, tearing the Black Phoenix’s body apart.

Right at that moment, the Black Phoenix opened her mouth and spat out a small dagger the size of a finger which was smeared with poison, aiming right at the White Tiger’s face.

The White Tiger was caught unawares and had no choice but to recoil.

However, Rosefinch transformed into a fiery bird at that moment and penetrated the Black Phoenix’s body with the force of a bright shadow.

In the blink of an eye, streaks of fiery red flames surged from the Black Phoenix’s body, setting her entire body ablaze.

The Black Phoenix furrowed her brows deeply with a look of anguish on her face. All of her black flames rose from the Black Phoenix’s body to resist the red flames from Rosefinch, barely keeping her on her feet.

Nonetheless, right at that moment, a shocking enormous force bombarded like an Almighty God, shattering her entire body.

It was Tortoise. Patterns of a tortoise shell emerged on both of his fists, and there was a taunting look of contempt on his face. “Opposing the Netherworld Faction is bringing destruction upon yourself!”


The shattered body of the Black Phoenix went up in black flames. She was on the verge of a Rebirth from Fire.

Tortoise chuckled and went forward to step on the flames, extinguishing them. No matter how the flames were rekindled, the Rebirth just wouldn’t happen.

Tortoise lifted his head and looked at Su Yu. “When we asked you to leave, you refused. Did you really think the Black Phoenix could protect you? In the face of the Netherworld Faction, the Black Phoenix is nothing more than a speck of dust that could perish anytime. Even if you wish to leave now, it will be too late.”

As he spoke, the shell patterns on Tortoise’s palm slammed towards Su Yu’s chest from across the air, carrying the gigantic force of the heavens and the earth.

Su Yu had a placid look on his face. With a grasp, he got hold of a blade of silver-white long sword and swung it right in front of his chest.

With a slashing sound, the silver sword struck Tortoise’s arm, giving off a sound of metals colliding. Shortly after, a string of sparks went up.

“Middle-grade fairy sword, but too bad your cultivation is too weak, and you can’t unleash any substantial force!” Tortoise was totally unruffled. He stuck out his hand and slapped it towards Su Yu’s chest. His palm didn’t even need to get near Su Yu to kill him with the vibration.

Su Yu asked, “A single sword didn’t work, but how about nine of them?”


All of a sudden, eight blades of silver swords shimmering with a glorious silver light floated around Tortoise. With the one in Su Yu’s hand, there were nine blades altogether, forming a sword formation.

Nine blades of silver swords struck all at once forming many streaks of silver trajectories.

By the time the sword formation stopped operating, Tortoise stood on his spot. He had lost all of his vitality and was standing motionless. Apparently, his soul had perished as well.

Having slaughtered a Prospective Deity with just a few simple moves, Su Yu kicked the dead body away with a placid look on his face, so that the Black Phoenix could be reborn from fire.

After withdrawing the nine swords and shaking off the remnant blood on them, Su Yu shook his head calmly. “Worse than I imagined and at least far weaker than Black Phoenix. What a careless move to try and kill me.”

The Green Dragon and the two others were petrified!

Tortoise wasn’t the only careless one. They had been careless too. Having thought that Tortoise could destroy him easily, they had stood aside and watched. Who could have known…

“Green Dragon’s Growl!” The Green Dragon’s face changed dramatically, and he unleashed a deafening growl!

A green wave pounced forward, aiming straight at Su Yu.

Su Yu was unhurried, and he conjured a long bow with the Power of All Creations in his left hand. He placed a golden-yellow arrow on it and gently loosened his grip.


The Fairy-Destroying Arrow carried streaks of divine energy with it as it stirred through the winds and clouds and pierced right through the sound wave. It penetrated the Green Dragon’s body between breaths.

Layers of golden light lit up in the Green Dragon’s body as he turned into golden dust just as the Central Prefecture’s King had done.

The White Tiger and Rosefinch gasped in extreme terror and shock!