The Divine Nine Dragon Cauldron Chapter 1183

Chapter 1183 Treating People With Kindness

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Theres no other way now. We have to abduct those people first. The unexpected development troubled Su Yu, but they were fortunate to have discovered it early, and it could still be rectified.

The Black Phoenix had come from the Path of Invisibility and was most adept at assassination and infiltration.

No one was more suitable than her when it came to killing, but she wasnt exactly proficient in rescuing people.

Ill accompany you.

A moment later, Su Yu and the Black Phoenix caught up with the group. Altogether, nine people were being escorted, and it was rather inconvenient for them to use the transmission port. Therefore, their journey had been slowed down.

You deal with Ah San. Ill take care of the rest. Dont get recognized. Su Yu gave the instruction.

The Black Phoenix nodded. Her facial muscles wriggled, and she adopted a whole new appearance in an instant. Her black dress was changed into a pink one, and she looked totally different from her usual self.

The Black Phoenix turned into a dark silhouette and quickly caught up with Ah San.

Ah San was also a Prospective Deity and even though the Black Phoenixs Invisibility was incredible, how could it escape his perception?

Whos there? Ah San bellowed, staring sharply behind him.

The other escorts saw nothing at all. Ah San was the only one who could decipher the Black Phoenixs Invisibility. He clearly saw a woman in a pink dress standing behind him.

The pink-dressed woman said nothing, but her eyes were filled with iciness as she charged forward in a flash with a dagger smeared with poison in her hand.

Her skill was swift and uncompromising, cruel and meticulous. Ah San tensed up and he dared not be careless as he growled, Ah Sans Hand!

All of a sudden, shocking murky air was unleashed from his hand, scaring the pink-dressed woman off a little.

Rumor had it that Ah San came from a mysterious cavern world, where the creatures were fond of rubbing their buttocks with their left hands. As time passed, their left hands began reeking terribly, and Ah San was outstanding among them. With training, he turned it into a Divine Path and rose as a Prospective Deity.


Although the pink-dressed woman recoiled, a poisonous needle shot out from her palm, piercing through the poisonous mist and penetrating Ah Sans palm.

The intense poison made Ah San shudder, and he immediately began to suppress and dissolve it with his divine energy.

The Black Phoenix took the opportunity to get near him once again and struck at him like a phantom.

Ah San was anxious. This woman had about the same cultivation as him, but she was hard to shake off. Even the pirate Ah San who was no stranger to the battlefield found it challenging, and he had to fight her with all his might.

However, Ah San did not neglect the womans intention. Vigilant, he ordered, Escort the people to the transmission port right away and seek protection from the local guardians of the formation. Go now!

With three great Peak Mortal Fairies leading the way, they escorted the Tuoba family members and quickly headed for the transmission port.

Before long, they disappeared from Ah Sans line of sight. And right at that moment, Su Yu attacked.

A wave of Power of Five Elements headed down from the sky, and the immense oppressive force froze the three Peak Mortal Fairies and the other Mortal Fairy strong men in place. They were rendered immobile.

Shortly after, strong winds blew, and before they could clearly discern the attackers appearance, the Tuoba family members had been taken away.

The Black Phoenix received Su Yus command in her mind and stabbed Ah San with the dagger till he retreated. Then, she turned into smoke and dissipated.

Ah San dared not chase after her and quickly caught up with the group instead, but all that greeted him was a scattered mess.

In a deserted, bleak corner, Su Yu looked at the group of people who were huddled up with one another. They were clad in ragged, tattered clothes and had experienced much suffering and torture.

If Ah San hadnt been escorting them in person, it would be hard to believe that they once belonged to a deitys family.

You are the people of the Tuoba family? Su Yu asked.

Their cultivation wasnt high in general, with the highest among them being only a Third State Mortal Fairy. It was a delicate and comely young boy.

He was unexpectedly quite talented.

Upon hearing Su Yu, the young boy stepped forward and prepared to speak, but the elderly man beside him who was barely holding onto his life pulled his shirt and shook his head, hinting to him to keep quiet.

The boy seemed to be around fifteen years of age. Despite his petite size, he had a very clever mind. He said, If he intends to kill us, he wouldnt have rescued us in the first place. Yes, we are people of the Tuoba family. Thank you so much for saving us.

It was never tiring to talk to clever people. Su Yu smiled. Have you any idea why Ah San captured you?

The boy replied, I do. I overheard the discussion of the Pirate Deitys divine servants along the way, saying that there was a group of imposters who were pretending to be my third uncle, and we were needed to go forth and verify their identities.

Upon hearing that, Su Yu was slightly surprised. Oh? Youre the second young masters descendant?

My name is Tuoba Qingshan, and I am one of the descendants of the second heir of the Tuoba family, Tuoba Liuyun. All my other siblings were killed by my older uncle as we fled. I was the only one who got away, under the loyal protection of my people.

Su Yu said, So that was it. It seems like you people werent doing so well in the World of Divine Remains.

Despite his young age, Tuoba Qingshan had a mature character that didnt quite match his age. We were living under someone elses roof and had no supportive background. Of course, in the World of Divine Remains, we ended up as a fat piece of meat in everybodys eyes.

When we first came here three years ago, there were a hundred of us, but we are all that are left now. The rest of our people were either sold or have unfortunately died, and the young females of our family were all kidnapped and have not been heard of since.

With only this handful of us left now, we are deteriorating day by day, roaming in the streets with nowhere to live, and it is only a matter of time before every last one of us perishes.

It was quite tragic, but of course, it was none of Su Yus business.

The Black Phoenixs eyes were glimmering with an icy gleam as she said, Master, shall we kill them all?

Their existence was a latent crisis to Su Yu and all the other deities.

Tuoba Qingyun bit his lips hard. He had fathomed that the duo before him were the people who assumed his uncles identity.

For safety purposes, their existence was a big threat.

Hence, their imminent fate was to be murdered!

My savior, we are willing to be your followers.

Su Yu couldnt help but chuckle. What a bright, quick-witted little guy! Was he trying to survive by saying that?

He took a glance at the rest of them. All of them were trembling with fear and panic, their eyes filled with a piteous pleading look.

No one wanted to die, even when they were living a tragic, miserable life and were struggling every moment.

Haha, theres no need for that, Su Yu said with soft laughter.

Tuoba Qingyuns heart sank as his eyes were filled with despair. Was he still going to murder them all?


With a soft noise, Su Yu tossed a space ring in front of him.

You have suffered an unnecessary disaster because of me; it wasnt my intention to kill you in the first place. However, I cant allow you to show your faces in the public anymore and risk the Pirate Deity finding out.

These resources will suffice for a very long time. Before the resources get consumed, find yourself a deserted secret chamber to quietly recuperate in, Su Yu said.

He wasnt a bloodthirsty person. How could he kill the innocents?

Su Yu saw himself reflected in Tuoba Qingshan. In the past, when the Xianyu Prefecture was devastated, he had suffered the same depraved, anguished fate as the emperors son-in-law.

Tuoba Qingshans shrewdness had also gained his favor. That was why he had gifted them some resources.

Upon hearing that, Tuoba Qingshan was in disbelief. He had thought that they were going to be murdered but had received a great number of resources instead, with the mere condition that they had to be in hiding.

Tuoba Qingshan was touched by the unexpected outcome.

It wasnt that kind people did not exist, but in a place full of hidden dangers and evil everywhere like the World of Divine Remains, the kind people had become the corpses and skeletons at the roadside.

Having encountered Su Yu, Tuoba Qingshan felt genuinely grateful.

Su Yu waved his sleeves and departed gracefully. Before leaving, he reminded them, Remember, do not show your faces in public.

Yes! Tuoba Qingshan bowed to offer his gratitude. They really had come across their benefactor today.

In the distance, the Black Phoenix heaved a faint sigh. Master, youre being too merciful. Although these Tuoba people used to be kind, they have experienced three years of life in the World of Divine Remains. It was enough to change some of them. The World of Divine Remains is a place where no kindness is allowed to exist.

Su Yu replied placidly, I know.

What? You knew? The Black Phoenix was startled for a few seconds. She could not understand Su Yus rationale for doing that at all. He left the danger running wild, which could pose a threat to the safety of the deities and his own safety.

But having gotten along with him for some time now, the Black Phoenix knew that there was always a reason behind Su Yus deeds and actions.

Although he had showered his mercy on those people today, he must have contemplated it beforehand; otherwise, he would never have dealt with the Tuoba people so perfunctorily.

In a derelict secret chamber, the people of the Tuoba family had found their new foothold. It was secluded and secure, a place suitable for hiding.

Young Lord, we have run into a good man today, Tuoba Qingyuns old servant mused. Having been in the World of Divine Remains for three years, this was the very first time I met a kindhearted person.

Yes! We were very fortunate today!

Right, first he saved our lives, and then he let us go and even gave us loads of resources!

Many people were grateful to Su Yu. Even though it was just some meager bounty, it was as glorious and valuable as the light of a matchstick in the darkness.

Young Lord, I have a suggestion! a thin, gaunt All Creations strong man with scars on his face who had obviously been through tremendous suffering said thoughtfully.

Tuoba Qingyun took a look at him, his eyes filled with trust. Tuoba Jing, we are a family here. Just say whatever you have in mind.

Tuoba Jing glanced around at the family members and said in a low voice, Have you people ever thought whether our lives would change after all these resources are depleted?

No! They would return to their depraved homeless life and fall victim to people everywhere all over again, never seeing any hope for the rest of their lives.

Right now, the opportunity to succeed in life is right in front of us. Why should we let go of it? Tuoba Jing questioned.

Oh? The people realized what Tuoba Jing meant in an instant.

The Pirate Deity needs us to point out the imposters of the Tuoba family. Why dont we take the initiative and help him with it? It is said that the Pirate Deity is fair and just in meting out rewards and punishments. If we make a contribution, we shall be rewarded.

We could request a Divine Bone Ship from him and leave the World of Divine Remains and head for the faraway Great Eastern Alliance. It is way better than staying in the World of Divine Remains and continuing to deteriorate and perish.

They had had enough of the tormenting life in the World of Divine Remains and regretted their decision to come to this place.

If they left for the Great Eastern Alliance, their circumstances would perhaps improve marginally. At least they wouldnt be abused and mistreated by others like they were now.

Many people were moved, except for Tuoba Qingyun, whose face darkened. We have been here for three years. Everyone had tried to swallow us alive, yet we never had the guts to confront them despite our anger!

Today, someone has shown us kindness and compassion, yet we are trying to bring harm to him! What will be the difference between us and the people of the World of Divine Remains whom we resent so much if we do that?

Even though we are deprived and impoverished, the blood of the Tuoba family will always run in our veins. I believe that the Tuoba Deities of the past generations would never want to see their descendants ending up like that! Tuoba Qingyun stared coldly at Tuoba Jing. This matter needs no further discussion, otherwise, dont blame me for being heartless!

Tuoba Jing shut his mouth, but his heart was filled with resentment. Your cultivation is the greatest, and youre the one with the highest status among us, when have you ever suffered any great tragic fates? Of course you could make such high-sounding remarks! he thought.

He did not say anything, yet a determined look flickered in the depths of his eyes.

Today would be the day he freed himself from the sea of suffering, and he would never let the opportunity slip. As for Su Yus kindness, humph, doing charity in the World of Divine Remains was idiocy. He was seeking his own death!