The Divine Nine Dragon Cauldron Chapter 1185

Chapter 1185 Successful Enlistment

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Ah San was so terrified he did not even dare to breathe. Dragging his severely injured body, he headed for the Netherworld Faction to ascertain the matter.

In fact, they all knew that it couldnt be wrong. But the matter came as too overwhelming a shock and without repeated confirmation, it would be unbelievable.

The deities of the Great Eastern Alliance exchanged baffled glances. The Pirate Deity and Ah San were conversing through telepathy, and they had no idea what the two of them were talking about. But somehow the look in the Pirate Deitys eyes kept changing capriciously and eventually, he actually looked fearful.

The Pirate Deity sucked in a deep breath to conceal the unusual look on his face. Taking a glance at the groups of people led by Tuoba Qingyun and Tuoba Jing respectively, malice glinted in his eyes.

Tuoba Jings heart skipped a beat. He stepped forward and suggested, Pirate Deity, since they were daring enough to deceive deities, they should be sentenced to death without mercy. Please do not exempt them for their sins!

You are right, deceiving deities is a death sentence with no chance of reprieve. I am truly glad that you think that way, the Pirate Deity said with a tender smile.

Tuoba Jing looked pleased, and he shot a cold glance at Tuoba Qingyun and his people. Dont blame me for being cruel, he thought. If you stay alive, how are we going to leave the World of Divine Remains?

However, Tuoba Jings face turned stiff the next moment because the Pirate Deity said, In that case, the four of you, get ready for your punishment!

With a flick of his sleeve, a wave of divine energy pinned Tuoba Jing and the three other young informants from the Tuoba family on the ground.

The sudden scene shocked Tuoba Jing, Tuoba Qingyun and even all the deities of the Great Eastern Alliance.

Werent Tuoba Qingyun and the people of the Great Eastern Alliance who had deceived him?

The Pirate Deity had even ordered his servants to imprison them all.

Pirate Deity, havent you done the Soul Search and confirmed that Tuoba Qingyun and his people are the sinners that lied to you? Why are you punishing us now? Tuoba Jing asked in great shock.

The face of the Pirate Deity was cold and stern. Humph! From the Soul Search, I found that Tuoba Qingshan wasnt lying. You were the one who fooled me instead! You have accused Lord Tuoba Yun falsely for your own personal gain!

What? Tuoba Jing explained hurriedly, I did not fool you; he really isnt Tuoba Yun

He could not go on, because the Pirate Deity had used his divine energy and reduced the four of them to ashes.

Only then did the Pirate Deity walk up to Su Yu, forcing a cordial smile onto his fierce face. Sorry for causing you grief Lord Tuoba. I was nearly deceived by those cunning people, and I have wronged you.


The deities of the Great Eastern Alliance, as well as Tuoba Qingyun and his people, had no idea of what had just happened to make the Pirate Deitys attitude change completely.

The crisis had been resolved. Su Yu and the others left one after another.

Please stay for a while, Lord Tuoba. I wish to talk to you alone, the Pirate Deity called out to them.

Su Yus lips twitched into a smile. Great!

When it was just the Pirate Deity and Su Yu, the Pirate Deity asked, May I know who you lot really are? As a nine-star honored guest of the Netherworld Faction, you must have a noble and honorable status.

Su Yu was half-smiling. What if I tell you that we are the deities of the Great Eastern Alliance whom the Pirate Deity has been trying to ambush?


The Pirate Deitys face changed and his pupils shrank, his divine energy surging all over the surface of his body. Alarmed and discreet, he asked, Are you kidding me, Lord Tuoba?

What do you think? Su Yu smiled placidly.

The Pirate Deity was thoroughly shaken. In that case, the people who had disguised themselves as Prospective Deities were very likely the deities from the Great Eastern Alliance!

They had come to the Pirate Deitys cavern world!

Recalling how he had faced all those deities alone not long ago, he couldnt help but break out in cold sweat.

Why didnt you strike just now? The Pirate Deity had a bitter look on his face. If they had struck just now, he would have been killed instantly.

Because we are presenting you with an opportunity, Su Yu said.

What opportunity?

To rely on the Great Eastern Alliance for support!

Impossible! the Pirate Deity refused decisively.

Why? Even the Death Deity collaborates with the Great Eastern Alliance. How much longer do you think the World of Divine Remains can stand?


Because of the shock, the Pirate Deity lost control of his divine energy once again, sending tremors across the galaxy.

He couldnt believe it, but he had to, or how else had the news about nine-star honored guest arisen?

An honored guest who could be designated as such a high class by the Death Deity was certainly planning on something groundbreaking.

Did the Death Deity agree to

Right! He agreed to aid the Great Eastern Alliance by getting rid of the eight other deities, and obliterating the World of Divine Remains! The deal we made is that the Death Deity gets to join the Great Eastern Alliance and gains legal status.

The Pirate Deity was stupefied once again. As deities who roamed in the dark, they had gathered in this place because of the hostility and repugnance by various cavern worlds and had no choice but to seek support from the demon races influence, so as to gain a balanced footing in the middle.

The nine deities were clear that once the war between the demon race and the galactic cavern worlds broke out, the balanced footing which they had enjoyed would no longer exist no matter which party won the ultimate victory.

If the demon race won, they would end up as the precious nourishment to the demons because they were deities. The ravenous demons would never show any mercy or kindness to any of them.

If the cavern worlds triumphed, they would be the common enemy of all cavern worlds because they were traitors and would certainly be annihilated.

Hence, if they could gain the recognition of the Great Eastern and Western Alliances before the great war, their past sins could be exempted, and they would be free of worries if they joined any of the parties.

And they could clearly sense that the demon race was starting to get restless. The galaxy was on the brink of a major war.

Because of that, the Pirate Deity didnt exactly find it inconceivable that the Death Deity had turned to the Great Eastern Alliance for support, It was quite reasonable at the moment.

If he was the Death Deity, he would also carefully consider the Great Eastern Alliances attempt to enlist him.

What if I dont agree to get enlisted today? And what if I kill you right here and now? The Pirate Deity narrowed his eyes, which were glinting with a hidden murderous intention.

Su Yu was totally unruffled. Very simple, the Death Deity will bring us your head when he comes to the Great Eastern Alliance to show his loyalty.


The Pirate Deity sucked in a cold breath. He could either ignore the presence of Su Yu and the others or accept their offer of amnesty and enlistment.

You dont have much time to consider because the Death Deity will start taking action anytime soon. He will carry the heads of everyone who opposes our enlistment and come to the Great Eastern Alliance to prove his loyalty!

While you consider, I will get in touch with the other seven deities. If you give your reply too late, I cant really guarantee that they wont bring me your head as a token of loyalty. Su Yu chuckled in a relaxed manner and turned to leave.

The Pirate Deity was frozen on his spot as a thousand thoughts jostled in his mind.

Right at that moment, Su Yu tossed him another string of words. Apart from the Death Deity, you are the first one to be offered enlistment. If you could take an exemplary role, I believe it will be easier for you to gain the approval of the Great Eastern Alliance, and vice versa. Take your time to consider

Upon hearing that, the Pirate Deitys hesitance died down completely. Fine! I accept your offer of enlistment, but with the precondition that I have to ascertain if you have really enlisted the Death Deity!

Thats for sure, but you could go ahead and ask.

Upon returning to the inn, Su Yu was instantly bombarded by the inquiries of all the deities.

Feather Deity, what did you actually do? Why did the Pirate Deitys attitude change so drastically? He actually covered up our fake identities!

Right! We have been secretly communicating just now. We are all ready to rob the ship and leave the World of Divine Remains!

Even the All Access Merchant God and the Sheng Deity cast a deep gaze at Su Yu. How on earth had Su Yu done that?

Su Yu chortled softly. Rest assured, everyone, the Pirate Deity has only spared us and covered up for us because of his fear of the Death Deity.

Was that so? The deities were dubious about it.

The All-Access Merchant God gazed deeply at Su Yu. Intuition told him that Su Yu had kept something about the Death Deity from them.

But since he did not mention it, the All-Access Merchant God couldnt keep pressing him either.

We have secured our footing for now, but the next challenge remains unsolved. How are we going to find the hiding spot of the Book Deity and the Rakshasa Deity? the All-Access Merchant God asked.

The Sheng Deity looked over at Su Yu. The imperative task at hand is to find the two of them as soon as possible. Su Yu, As for your plan of obliterating the World of Divine Remains, it has to be further discussed after we get rid of the two of them.

Su Yu did not oppose the suggestion. Yes, the World of Divine Remains cannot be destroyed overnight. It cannot be accomplished with one stroke. Indeed, we have to get rid of the two disasters first. Now is the time Qin Feichen comes in handy.

The deities eyes lit up with curiosity. They had had doubts about Su Yus intention of taking Qin Feichen along. Now it seemed Su Yu had made his preparations early on.

Are you trying to lure the snake out of its cave? Im afraid the Book Deity wont be fooled. The Sheng Deity cut Su Yu off ruthlessly. You said yourself that the Book Deity is extremely shrewd. Such a petty trick wont be able to deceive him but will expose our presence instead.

Su Yu smiled, looking completely at ease. Luring the snake out of its cave? Haha, it depends on whos doing it! What if its the deities of the World of Divine Remains helping us to lure him out?

Swish! Swish!

All of a sudden, nine pairs of eyes shot towards Su Yu and pierced right through him.

What did you just say? The All-Access Merchant God stared at Su Yu in disbelief. Could the deal that Su Yu had agreed upon with the Death Deity be his help in finding the Book Deity and the Rakshasa Deity?

Su Yu smiled placidly. You did not hear the wrong thing, Merchant God. A deity from the World of Divine remains will assist us with all his might.

Who? All the deities looked at him at once.

The Pirate Deity!

Impossible! Although he fears the Death Deitys relationship with us, he will never agree to help us obliterate those two deities because it means betraying the World of Divine Remains!

Youll just have to wait and see.

Seven days later, an unexpected guest showed up at the inn.

Lord Tuoba, I am here to request a meeting with you. The Pirate Deity stood outside the secret chamber.

Inside the secret chamber, the deities who had been quietly waiting for seven days put their guards up. After exchanging glances with each other, they were all prepared to charge.

Please come in, Su Yu said.

The Pirate Deity entered the secret chamber, and his glance swept across the ten people in the room. Su Yu was sitting on the seat at the far end, and a one-eyed middle-aged man took the main seat, followed by a sexy, attractive woman.

The Pirate Deity understood it all now. They must be the deities who were responsible for enlisting them, otherwise, Su Yu wouldnt be sitting at the far end.

However, they did not display their divine cultivation, so the Pirate Deity pretended not to know as well. Staring at Su Yu, he asked, I have made my decision now. Is this a suitable place to speak about it?

Su Yu looked at the vigilant deities smilingly and said, They are all my people. Feel free to speak about anything at all!

Great! The Pirate Deity had a mirthful grin on his face. I agree to be enlisted by the Great Eastern Alliance, and I am willing to aid you in clearing the World of Divine Remains.

He had visited the Death Deity in person in the past seven days. The Death Deity, who never simply met anyone, agreed to meet him with alacrity. This was way beyond his expectations.

When he inquired about the offer of enlistment, the Death Deity said, I will support him wholeheartedly.

With that promise, the Pirate Deity cast away all his worries. Following the most powerful deity of the World of Divine Remains would not go wrong.

The All-Access Merchant God and the rest who were all tensed up and ready for a fight were stupefied.

What? An offer of enlistment?.