The Divine Nine Dragon Cauldron Chapter 1186

Chapter 1186 Luring The Snake Out Of Its Cave

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The Pirate Deity had come to surrender before they even took any action? The deities couldnt believe what they were hearing!

Eyes filled with surprise were pinned on Su Yu. It was just like Su Yu had expected, the Pirate Deity had proactively come to surrender!

Looking at the calm and placid Su Yu, the deities were delighted. Su Yu was truly capable and competent! Without making a sound and attracting any notice, he had tamed the Pirate Deity!

Despite their shock, none of them gave their emotions away.

As far as the Pirate Deity could see, they had all been informed about the plan the entire time.

Su Yu got up with a smile on his face. Great! On behalf of all deities, I accept your sincerity! Once the matter with the World of Divine Remains is over and done with, you can bring your cavern world to the Great Eastern Alliance.

Having gained Su Yus promise, the Pirate Deity couldnt help but look over at the nine other deities, especially the most powerful Sheng Deity and the Merchant God, waiting for them to speak.

The Merchant God unintentionally revealed a streak of his divine energy and smiled with gladness. He got up and walked over to the Pirate Deity. I am the All-Access Merchant God. On behalf of the Great Eastern Alliance, I welcome you to our league.

The All-Access Merchant God? The Pirate Deity gasped in shock, and hastily gave a juniors salute to him. The Pirate Deity here, greeting All Access Merchant God!

As a galactic pirate, how could he not have heard about the extraordinary capabilities of the All-Access Merchant God? He had business deals all across the galaxy, and his influence was massive!

Even the Pirate Deitys troops rarely had the courage to take raid the All-Access Merchant Gods cargo vessels.

He never expected the one-eyed man in front of him would be the well-known All-Access Merchant God. The Pirate Deity could put his mind at complete ease now. If the All-Access Merchant God has any commands, I am willing to assist you to the best of my ability.

The Sheng Deity walked over. Unlike her usual sexy and flirtatious self, she said in a demure manner, I am the Sheng Deity, and I also welcome you to join the Great Eastern Alliance.

The Deity of Ebony? The Pirate Deity was inwardly shocked. This was the powerful deity who was ranked third in the Great Eastern Alliance!

Greeting Sheng Deity!

The Sheng Deity nodded lightly. She was surprised yet angered at the same time.

She was surprised that the Pirate Deity had surrendered.

This wasnt the first time the Great Eastern and Western Alliances had used the tactic of offering amnesty and enlistment to their supposed enemies, in the hope of resolving the crisis posed by the World of Divine Remains. However, all of their attempts had failed.

As the powerful deity who managed the nine God-Destroying Crossbows, the Pirate Deity was one of the most important targets. But every single time, the Pirate Deity had sternly rejected any emissaries sent to offer him enlistment and had killed them then and there.

The Pirate Deity could be considered the most difficult deity to be enlisted, yet he had taken the initiative to come and surrender today.

What angered her was that Su Yu had kept so many things from them!

Having gained the deities recognition, the Pirate Deity laughed. I was thinking of coming to meet all of you a few days ago, but in order to prepare some gifts, I have delayed my visit till today.

With a flip of his palm, the Pirate Deity retrieved a stack of documents. I presume this is something that all of you Lords want.

Without any pretense, Su Yu accepted them and began flipping through the documents on his own, ignoring all the other deities beside him.

Such behavior could be considered disrespectful to the deities. However, having been through so many things together, they were deeply impressed by Su Yus intelligence, and somehow, Su Yu had taken over the position of dominance.

Therefore, they werent bothered despite seeing Su Yus attitude and waited smilingly for Su Yu to finish.

The Pirate Deity was inwardly stunned What was the matter now? Wasnt he an emissary that should be listening to the deities commands? Why did he appear to be the leader of the deities now?

All along, he had thought that Su Yu was a nobody who ran errands for the nine deities.

But the scene before his eyes had overturned his opinion, and he was stupefied. Did this young, silver-haired man have an exceptional status in the Great Eastern Alliance so that even the nine deities had to obey his orders?

When he finished studying the documents, Su Yu exhaled a murky breath and said, There are two pieces of information in the documents. Firstly, the detailed information about the rest of the deities of the World of Divine Remains.

Where they came from, which cavern worlds they have offended, their capabilities and so forth are all written in it. This is something that not even the black market could get hold of. Your effort is much appreciated, Pirate Deity!

Secondly, there is news about the Book Deity and the Rakshasa Deity. They are hiding in the cavern world of the second-ranking deity of the World of Divine Remains, the Misfortune Deity.

The Misfortune Deity is inclined to solicit the two of them, and he is offering shelter and protection to them! Having the Pirate Deity guarding the harbor and murdering us is also an order from the Misfortune Deity.

The second piece of information made the deities scowl. They had indeed heard the name of the Misfortune Deity.

Rumor had it that he had risen as a deity with misfortune and could bring upon misfortune and bad luck to people unbeknownst to them, which was truly eerie and intangible.

Once, a deity of the World of Divine Remains did not believe in the power of misfortune which the Misfortune Deity possessed and had vied with him for the same territory.

Consequently, while he was wandering in the galaxy three days later, he encountered a divine-level wild beast that was only seen once in a thousand years and was devoured till nothing was left of him!

There was also a deity who had conflict with the Misfortune Deity, and as a result, the deity got entangled with a divine-level creature of the Demonic Dimension all of a sudden and was relentlessly hunted down.

It was the Death Deity who finally came forward. Only then did the Misfortune Deity restrain his madness. Eventually, the misfortune suffered by the deity dissipated, and he got to escape from the mouth of the divine-level demonic creature.

All in all, the Misfortune Deity was a terrifying deity preceded only by the Death Deity.

The All-Access Merchant God creased his brows. Its quite troublesome if its this deity. His misfortune is shapeless and formless, and there is no way to guard against it. If the Misfortune Deity intends to cover up for the two deities, we have to pay a high enough price to eradicate them both.

Haha, whats so troublesome about it? What can the Misfortune Deity do to us if we dont step foot in the Misfortune cavern world? Su Yu chortled. All we need to do is to lure the Book Deity and the Rakshasa Deity out.

The deities eyes glinted as they gazed at Su Yu simultaneously. Feather Deity, its up to you to make arrangements for what we are doing next. We will assist you to the best of our abilities.

Feather Deity? The Pirate Deity was taken aback again. He only had the mere cultivation of an All Creations, yet he was named the Feather Deity?

The deities at the scene were also apparently looking to Su Yu for instructions. The Pirate Deity fathomed that Su Yu must be an extraordinary entity in the Great Eastern Alliance, like the prince of the Demonic Dimension.

Great! This matter requires the united efforts of all deities, as well as the assistance of the Pirate Deity.

The Pirate Deity offered his respect and said, Ill adhere to the Feather Deitys arrangements.

Half a day later.

A small ship came sailing towards the galaxy. On it were the deities from the Great Eastern Alliance. The All-Access Merchant God, the Sheng Deity and the others were attempting to furtively infiltrate the World of Divine Remains.

However, what they had not expected was that the Pirate Deity had set up precautions early on, and he managed to see through them and activated the ambush in time.

The deities of the Great Eastern Alliance were caught unawares. They retaliated with all their might, abandoned the Divine Bone Ship and fled in separate directions across the galaxy.

The Pirate Deity couldnt catch up with them, only managing to capture the non-deity strong men on the Divine Bone Ship who were on the verge of being devoured by the wild beasts. One of them was the captive of the Great Eastern Alliance Qin Feichen, and the other was the trainee Sheng Yuanxin.

The Pirate Deity escorted the two of them back and then sent them to the auction house run by himself. He put them on sale as his war trophies.

This matter shook the entire World of Divine Remains like an earthquake.

Hearing that the Great Eastern Alliance had come to attack, the creatures of the World of Divine Remains were unnerved, only heaving a big sigh of relief when they heard that the Pirate Deity had defeated them all and had even brought back two captives.

The Great Eastern Alliance really was relentless. They sustained great losses and casualties when they attacked us the last time, and this time they chose to infiltrate us stealthily but still suffered a major defeat.

Hey! They were fortunate to have escaped in advance this time having discovered the Pirate Deitys ambush. Otherwise, if the God-Destroying Crossbow was launched, there would have been a deity or two left behind.

Haha, it wasnt a complete loss on our part either. I heard that there were two of them left behind. One of them is the daughter of the Sheng Deity of the Great Eastern Alliance, a Prospective Deity!

The other was a captive they brought along, a person named Qin Feichen or something. Both of them have ended up as the war trophies of the Pirate Deity and will be sold at the auction house by the Pirate Deity today!

Hes so keen on selling them? Sheng Yuanxin is the daughter of the prestigious Sheng Deity after all, and a Prospective Deity. Shes also fairly good-looking. If he makes a big sensation out of it, great buyers from the galaxy will surely come forth and purchase. Why is he so anxious?

Haha, are you an idiot? It is exactly because she is the Sheng Deitys daughter that she has to be disposed of early, or else what is he to do if the Sheng Deity infiltrates the place and wreaks havoc in the Pirate Deitys cavern world?

Erm You have a point.

At the dwelling of the Misfortune Deity.

The news that was bustling in the streets was delivered to the Book Deity and the Rakshasa Deity at the first moment.

Hahaha! Book Deity, you really do have a prophetic eye! You can predict events with such divine accuracy. They have really attempted to infiltrate the World of Divine Remains unnoticed! The Rakshasa Deity couldnt help but burst out laughing.

After so many days of waiting, they had finally launched a head-on, brutal blow on their enemies.

The Book Deity was unruffled, but there was doubt flickering in his eyes.

He wondered why Qin Feichen was there. He hadnt been sentenced to death by the Great Eastern Alliance!

Oh right, I heard that nephew Feichen was on their Divine Bone Ship too. What a surprising delight! I think they have most probably seized Qin Feichen to use him as a bait to lure you out, Book Deity, the Rakshasa Deity said. Too bad, they have contributed to your reunion with your son, without any benefits in return.

Trying to lure the snake out of its cave? The Book Deity brooded. Based on his understanding of the deities, it didnt seem quite like their style.

Was it a conspiracy of theirs? The Book Deity had an unsettling feeling deep inside, but when he thought about the fact that even Sheng Yuanxin had fallen into the hands of the Pirate Deity, his doubts were resolved.

Book Deity, the Pirate Deity doesnt know about your relationship with Qin Feichen yet. Once he gets sold out, therell be substantial trouble, the Rakshasa Deity reminded him.

The Book Deity nodded. I will ask the Misfortune Deity to come forward and ask for Qin Feichen back.

Its too late! Theyll be auctioned today. The process is probably underway at this moment. Even with the Misfortune Deitys reputation, it is unreasonable to take him away while the auction is ongoing.

It is best that you make a trip there in person and buy Qin Feichen back, the Rakshasa Deity said with nonchalance. Unless there are deities vying with you, no one else can compete with you.

Leave the Misfortune Deitys dwelling? The Book Deity got an instinctive sense of insecurity at the thought of that. But Qin Feichen was his only descendant. If he didnt rescue him, the Book Deitys family would have no more offspring.

Since you are free, you could keep me company. The Book Deity cast a look at the Rakshasa Deity, an uncanny gleam in his eyes.

The Rakshasa Deity thought for a moment and nodded in agreement. Alright!

The two deities left the Misfortune Deitys cavern world and arrived at the auction house in the Pirate Deitys cavern world.

The Pirate Deity detected their arrival at the first moment. He laughed, Lord Feather Deity is truly a prophet! They have actually been lured out of the Misfortune Deitys cavern world! I think we can begin the game now. Let us slaughter both of them right here!

Su Yu waved his hand. Hold on before you act!

His eyes narrowed slightly. With the Book Deitys character, Im afraid he has prepared the means of retreat to free himself before we block his path of retreat. Do not act recklessly! I want them to be finished off once and for all. Now that they are here, none of them can ever leave my grip!.