The Divine Nine Dragon Cauldron Chapter 1187

Chapter 1187 The God Of Doom

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When the Book Deity arrived, the auction of Sheng Yuanxin and Qin Feichen was already underway.

Although the auction was put together in a hurry, a large number of speculative merchants were present. Such people were always flooding into the Pirate Deitys Cavern world and many of them had learned that the Shang Deitys descendant from the Great Eastern Alliance was being sold at auction. They treated her as a strange commodity.

At present, the auction price of Sheng Yuanxin had reached 80 million Alliance Coins. Although Qin Feichens identity was not as prominent as Sheng Yuanxins, many auctioneers were interested in him because of his family, and his price reached 10 million Alliance Coins.

The Book Deity watched the two people being auctioned. They were blocked off from the others by the Pirate Gods divine power. He finally chose to speak and said. Qin Feichen, 20 million Alliance coins.

On stage, Qin Feichen couldnt move, and he could only listen and watch. He couldnt speak, and his face could not even convey any expression.

What, twenty million? The Book Deitys bid caused a stir amongst the auctioneers.

To spend 20 million to buy a descendant of the gods would not leave one with much profit at all.

On the other hand, Sheng Yuanxins current price was 80 million. Even if she cost several hundred million, it would still be worth it. This was not only because of her identity but also because she had the Great Path Divine Origin. This meant that one would get a Deity seat.

One after another, the people bidding for Qin Feichen gave up. Just then, however, there was a loud noise. Qin Feichen, 30 million.

The Book Deitys eyes glanced through the crowd, and he saw that the person who had casually raised the price was a silver-haired young man with an indifferent smile.

Forty million. The Book Deity was no different and casually raised it to forty million.

50 million! However, as soon as he made his bid, the silver-haired youth continued to raise the amount.

The Book Deity frowned slightly. 60 million!

70 million!

80 million!

90 million!

You win. When the Book Deity bid the astonishing amount of 90 million, Su Yu smiled and walked away.

The Book Deity glanced at Su Yu with deep thoughts.

In the backstage area of the auction house, Su Yu thought about the 90 million Alliance Coins paid by the Book Deity. The Book Deity really is a problem!

He suddenly appeared and rejoined the auction, not because he coveted the Alliance Coins, but simply to test the Book Deity.

The Book Deity was intelligent enough to suspect that something was amiss when a mysterious man suddenly appeared and immediately increased his bid.

However, from beginning to end, the Book Deity was very calm and not at all worried.

Its almost time to start. Su Yu couldnt figure out what the Book Deity intended to do, but time wouldnt wait for him.

The Book Deity successfully bid on Qin Feichen, and immediately went backstage to carry out the exchange. Then, he left, walking side by side with the Rakshasa Deity.

Only when they reached the Cavern world of the God of Doom did the Book Deity unlock the divine power surrounding Qin Feichen.

However, at the moment of his release, Qin Feichen immediately began to yell, Hurry up and leave! This is all a plot by Su Yu!

Unfortunately, it was an instant too late.

When the magic power was released, a jade pendant on Qin Feichens chest was also activated.


There was an extremely deep and powerful force, much like when a volcano erupts.

It was so powerful that only the top two ranking Gods, such as the All Access Merchant God in the Great Eastern Alliance, would be able to activate such a power.

The heavy blow struck very suddenly, and the Rakshasa Deity was hit by the blast at the same time.


Screaming violently, the body of Rakshasa Deity was covered with layers of copper coins, and golden blood leaked wildly from the injuries on her body.

That was the blood of the Rakshasa Deity!

In the time it took for her to take three breaths, more than half of the Rakshasa Deitys blood was lost. Even worse, her Great Path Divine Origin also flowed out from the holes.

It is the stance of the All-Access Merchant God! The Rakshasa Deitys complexion changed drastically. She did not understand what had just happened. Why Qin Feichen suddenly had used something which had been left on him by the All-Access Merchant God, she did not know.

At the critical moment, the Rakshasa Deity shouted. Behind her, a ghost image of herself, somewhat resembling a demon, appeared.

Under the shadow of the ghost, the passing of Rakshasa Deitys blood and the Great Path Divine Origin out of the holes on her body slowed down.

Book Deity, what the hell is going on! the Rakshasa Deity roared sharply, but in front of her there was no Book God at all! There was only one worn book floating in front of her.

It was this book that had accompanied the Rakshasa Deity to the auction house.

Book God, you used me!!! the Rakshasa Deity screamed, understanding what had happened.

Knowing the dangers of this trip, the Book Deity had concealed himself and had deceived the Rakshasa Deity with a book to help him bring his son back.

The worn-out book was smashed by the fierce blow from the All-Access Merchant God. However, hidden in the pages of the book were several indestructible divine powers that encircled Qin Feichen.

Not only did he never show up, but he also successfully took his son home. All the risks were borne by Rakshasa Deity.

The Book Deity was crafty!


With only a few soft beeps, nine gods, including the All-Access Merchant God and others who should have been defeated by the Pirate God, appeared instantly, besieging the Rakshasa Deity.

Rakshasa Deitys face was as dead as soot, and she grinned, You all really set up a terrific trap! The all-mighty Pirate God has been quietly used by you and cooperated with you to kill me! I can now face death in peace.

She has to admit that her opponents are too smart! So smart that they caught her by surprise!

Perhaps the Book God felt the same dangers as well, but he never would have thought that the Pirate God would turn to the enemy and rebel!

The All-Access Merchant God looked indifferently at the dying Rakshasa Deity. A killing intent flashed in his eyes, and he lifted a finger and swallowed the Rakshasa Deity.

Its a pity that the Book Deity ran away, and Qin Feichen was rescued. The All-Access Merchant God frowned slightly.

Su Yus plan was seamless, but the wisdom of the Book God was beyond absolute.

Saved? Oh, how can it be so easy? Su Yu rushed over and smiled indifferently.

In the God of Dooms Mansion, a secret room.

Two strands of divine power, which were holding Qin Feichen between them, teleported into the secret room.

Father, your child is incompetent, and almost made you get into trouble and be tricked by Su Yu! Qin Feichen burst into tears upon seeing the Book Deity. In just two years, he had been degraded from being the master in his own home to being auctioned off. Now, he had even nearly involved his father.

The Book Deity smiled kindly. No matter what, he was the only blood relative he had left in the world Even if the kid was beyond repair, he still must try.

Feichen, you The Book Deity beckoned Qin Feichen over. Suddenly his eyes narrowed and he frowned.

As he listened to Qin Feichens body, a slight clicking sound could be heard as if there was something broken. Then, a beam of light broke from Qin Feichens body and devoured the Book Deity.

Qin Feichen could not react in time, and he was turned instantly into bloody rain.

The Book Deity let out a few groans of pain!

When the light was gone, the Book Deity was covered with all kinds of books and was safe and sound.

Those books had protected him from the light, blocking off a string of copper coins.

Looking at the bloody rain, the calm face of the Book God was no more. He screamed, Su Yu!

Needless to say, Su Yu was the silver-haired young man who had been biding for Qin Feichen!

The plan to draw him out of the hole was definitely this mans plan.

You destroyed my family line of Book Gods, destroyed my last son-in-law, and the treasure house of Book Gods built over the ages was also destroyed at your hands! Su Yu, what did my family ever do to offend you? The Book Deity looked up at the sky and sighed, expressing hatred.

From this point onwards, the bloodline of the Book Gods had ended.

You collaborated with the Pirate God in an attempt to divide the land of the gods, so that they could kill each other and you could take advantage of the situation! I will now come out and test you, to see if you do indeed have this ability! The Book God was really angry. He stood up to meet the God of Doom.

The God of Doom was a dry and short old man. His face was very old, as if he had lived for countless years.

God of Doom, I need you to help me kill someone! the Book Deity said.

The one who killed your son? the God of Doom asked indifferently as he closed his eyes.

The Book God replied, Yes, killing while remaining invisible, only you, the God of Doom, can do it!

With his eyes still closed, the God of Doom said, I refuse.

Our deal is just that I merely let you stay here so you can give me the insight of the wordless book, and I have no obligation to help you kill a man.

The Book Deity exclaimed, Im willing to help you gain insights into three more chapters of the wordless book!

Humming could be heard.

The God of Doom suddenly opened his eyes, and they filled up with light. Deal!

Standing up, the God of Dooms body began to flow with an unusually obscure breath. He was invisible, but he was also very uncomfortable.

Even the Book Deity took a few steps back, afraid to get too close.

His looks, breath, age, cultivation, location.

The Book Deity immediately passed the details to the God of Doom.

He nodded a little and the God of Doom did not look back before he disappeared.

The Book Deity looked at the departing God of Doom and stood still for a moment, shaking his head slightly. He cant come back, but there is just enough time for me to arrange a death trap for Su Yu and the nine other gods!

My son is not a good target to choose to kill. I am an even worse target! Leaving a lifetime of sighs in the air, the Book God also disappeared and headed to his own Cavern world.

The God of Doom arrived at the place where the nine gods gathered.

However, there was no one there except for Su Yu.

Thats odd. They all have left, but you have stayed behind. The God of Doom looked at the silver-haired youth in front of him. This was the person he was aiming for.

Su Yu said calmly, They have made other arrangements. Ill stay here alone to face you, the God of Doom.

Oh? So you do know that I am the God of Doom, and you also knew that I was coming? The old face of the God of Doom revealed a keen interest in Su Yus insight.

Su Yu said, Well yes. I knew that you would come, so I stayed here and waited for you. I advise you not to be fooled by the Book Deity. If you dont believe it, go back and see. The Book Deity must have left your Cavern World by now.

The God of Doom was amused and smiled, and the smile wrinkled his calm face. It was a little scary. I know he is using me to deal with you, but he gave me the chips I want, so I am willing to be used.

On the premise that you stay alive to get those chips, Su Yu replied calmly.

Hehehe What an interesting little guy. I havent talked to a junior like you for a long time. If it wasnt for the Book God wanting to kill you, I might change my mind and let you live, the God of Doom sais. He laughed. Its a pity no one else can give the chips that the Book God can give, so I can only kill you.

Su Yu said, Try it.

Doom smiled. I have already started! You just havent noticed it.

As the most mysterious of all the gods, no one had much clarity about how the God of Doom operated.

However, seeing a faint dark spot appearing on Su Yus eyebrow, it was clear that he was constantly penetrating Su Yus body.

This is the Doom of the Body. You will suddenly go berserk within three breaths and explode and die.

He wasnt lying, because Su Yu did find that the powerful force was making his body lose control, and within him, his power was rolling about crazily and expanding in all directions. He was going to completely destroy Su Yu from the inside.

This was the strange power of the God of Doom. It could cause people to perish in various unreasonable circumstances.

However, Su Yus face was extraordinarily calm, and he said lightly, It is indeed the God of Doom. It is a complete doom if ordinary people meet you. They probably will not be able to escape. Even Gods cant escape either. Alas you met me.