The Divine Nine Dragon Cauldron Chapter 1188

Chapter 1188 The Gluttonous Pupils Sky Eater

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With a faint sound, the gap between Su Yus eyebrows cracked vertically, and a silvery-white pupil gradually appeared and began to flash.

Greed, fierce, ancient. These three flavors merged into one, and the radiation from the pupil grew more intense.

The God of Doom only took one look, then his face changed abruptly. Gluttonous Eyes?

According to rumors, amongst the starry sky, there were terrible creatures born with the gods.

Gluttonous Pupils Sky Eater! Su Yu said slowly. The black mark on Su Yus eyebrow was pulled outwards and caught by the Gluttonous Eyes which pulled it in.

A trace of satisfaction, a trace of excitement, a trace of unsatisfied greed. It was as if had just been resurrected and was simply eager to taste the world.

The Gluttonous Pupils Sky Eater ate everything!

Even doom!

The God of Doom recovered his composure and gave a dignified nod. So its true that the Gluttonous Pupils Sky Eater eats everything. Even doom can also be swallowed up. No wonder you are not afraid of me, the God of Doom But you forget that I am still a god, and it will be easy for me to kill you!

As soon as he said that, the God of Doom extended a finger and pointed it at Su Yus chest.

Suddenly, his body felt a terrible feeling of collapse.

At that moment, a long laugh interrupted the divine power of the God of Doom. Why is the God of Doom so anxious?

The Pirate God, three quasi-gods, and ninety-nine Spire Mortal Fairies, as well as nine giant God-Destroying Crossbow, appeared silently and surrounded the God of Doom.

The God of Doom stared at the Pirate God and the God-Destroying Crossbow. His attitude towards the latter was even more solemn.

What is the meaning of this, Pirate God? I am, after all, a god within the Great Eastern Alliance just like everyone else, the God of Doom said with a frown.

The Pirate God laughed. Since the God of Doom knows that everyone here is with the Great Eastern Alliance, why dont you think about how they entered the land of the gods?

Thats right; why werent they beaten back by the Pirate God?

Unless The God of Dooms face changed even more. So thats it! The Book Deity concealed the rebellion of the Pirate God from me! Does he want me to be his cannon fodder like the Rakshasa Deity?

The Pirate God did not speak, standing firmly beside Su Yu.

God of Doom, you have a chance now. Su Yu smiled, and the Pirate God secretly began channeling his spirit.

The old face of the God of Doom managed to squeeze out a smile. Do you want me to join your side? Much like the Pirate God has?

He didnt give Su Yu the time to speak and shook his head gently. Im sorry, but I am old and Im not that interested in the Great Eastern Alliance. Your resentment is with the land left by the Gods, and I have no interest to participate either.

He chose to be neutral.

No, youre wrong. I never thought about asking you to join us. There is only one way in front of you now: death! Just the difference between death now and death later! The opportunity I give you is to let you die later! Su Yu said coldly, giving an answer that surprised the Pirate God.

The God of Doom had never expected that Su Yu would say such a thing and could not help but smile. Young man, me being willing to take a step back is already a blessing to you. There is only one person who can seek to control my death: the God of Death. There isnt another person who can!

Su Yu said calmly, You are wrong again! The decision was never in your hands, but in my hands!

Kill! Su Yu uttered the word rather indifferently.

The God of Doom smiled with anger, wondering as to why he was speaking these words. As the God of Doom, many ordinary people avoided him, but the boy in front of him behaved in the opposite way. You must be a newborn calf that is not afraid of tigers yet!

Turning around, the God of Doom stared at Su Yu. Do you really think that an immature eye could save you?

Humph! With a loud humming, the Spire Dust Fairies behind the Pirate God suddenly screamed, and with the energy of the Spire Dust Fairies rolling in their body, their powers surged violently.

Bang! Bang!

The intensive blasting muffled sounds lingered in the void. With nearly ninety-nine Spire Dust Fairies releasing their powers, the air was instantly filled with fresh blood.

They had momentarily lost control of the God-Destroying Crossbows!

The Pirate Gods face turned blue. Ah Da, Ah Er, and Ah San, you guys control three of the God-Destroying Crossbows and look for opportunities to destroy this old thing!

He roared, flew forward, and confronted the God of Doom.

The God of Doom smirked. No sense of shame!

The God of Doom did not react. When the Pirate God flashed forward, an unmanned God-Destroying Crossbow coincidentally aimed at the Pirate God!

Ah Da, who was in charge of the operation, did not know why. The ghosts sent the gods to instill the power of the God-Destroying Crossbow and launch it, but Ah Da was completely unaware that this extinction crossbow was in fact aimed at the Pirate God!

This was the power of the God of Doom!

The Pirate God burst into a cold sweat. He wanted to order the guys to stop it but was stunned to discover that he couldnt open his mouth. Perhaps he was too excited, and his divine power had malfunctioned, causing his throat to be blocked.

The horrible scene was staggering.

Scrutinizing the danger facing the Pirate God, Su Ys eyes flashed, and he once again cast the Gluttonous Pupils Sky Eater to devour the power of doom attached to Ah Da and the Pirate God.

Ah Da suddenly looked up as if aware of it and found that he was actually aiming his crossbow at his own Pirate God. He was shocked and immediately aimed it at the God of Doom.

The Pirate Gods divine power also began to work normally. Staring at the God of Doom, he said secretly, This old monster is terrible!

He no longer hesitated and did not give the God of Doom a chance to secretly launch the power of doom once more. The Pirate God approached him and took out a pair of Meteorite Hammers as gifts for him.

The God of Doom glared at Su Yu angrily. Now, he had to deal with the Pirate God with all his strength.

The two gods were fighting invisibly. Although the God of Doom had the force of doom, with Su Yu keeping on clearing it, the Pirate God was no longer in danger and was almost equal to this terrible old monster.

The Pirate God was excited and inspired. To be honest, in the past, he would not have even dared to touch this old monster at all.

His experience earlier illustrated the problem. Anyone who did not believe in evil would die under his own doom.

However, with help from Su Yu, the power of the God of Doom was suppressed, and he was now the equivalent of an ordinary god. He might even be weaker than a Pirate God who was giving it his all.

Sensing the opportunity, a pair of Meteorite Hammers filled with the Pirate Gods divine power smashed into the chest of the God of Doom.

His flesh was smashed into pieces, leaving only his soul holding his Great Path Divine Origin to escape.

Suddenly, his spirit immediately sensed the existence of three extremely terrible things that were coldly aimed at him.

Destroy the crossbow! The God of Doom trembled and looked back. He finally felt the threat of death.

Wait! the God of Doom shouted. He stared at Su Yu again. I will immediately withdraw from the Land of Gods Legacy and will take no interest in the matters of the Eastern Gods Alliance and the Land of God.

Su Yu shook his head without thinking. No! You are more dangerous than the Rakshasa Deity and I cant let you off, even if you stay neutral.

Its not possible even if I surrender to the Great Eastern Alliance? The God of Doom once again took a step back.

Su Yu still shook his head. No!

Why can the Pirate God do so but I cant? the God of Doom asked reasonably.

Su Yu said, Because, I really let you off; you are someone who surrendered himself to the Great Western Alliance twice but went through two rebellions with them. Each time a rebellion happened, a great deal of fresh blood was spilled, enough to create a river.

The Gods of the Land left by the Gods were not safe.

Poverty was extremely vicious, seductive, dark and perverted, and it must not be forgotten that they exist.

According to the information provided by the Pirate God, the God of Doom was a vicious and venomous deity. Any forms of death had been repeatedly related to him.

This person simply couldnt be allowed to stay alive!

The God of Dooms eyelids twitched. One of his eyes was covered by more than half as if he was squinting hard. What do you mean by early and late death?

Early death is to die now. Late death is to let you live for a while and when I need you, you shall appear and thereafter die.

The God of Dooms eyes narrowed further. When will you need me?

To kill the Book Deity! Su Yu said. The Book Deity deceived you, used you and sent you here to die so he could escape. Dont you hate him?

The God of Doom slowly closed his eyes. Of course, he hated them all! He hated Su Yu, hated the Pirate God, and hated the Book Deity who had sent him to his death!

You die now, and you cant kill any enemies. However, if you die later, although you cant kill me, you can kill the Book God, and you can kill more enemies before you die. Su Yus words were very reasonable.

The God of Doom asked sternly, So what you are saying is that I have to die, no matter what?

Yes, you only have three breaths to consider. You will either die now, or you will die with the Book God.

The God of Doom stared at Su Yu angrily, and his killing intent was obvious. Okay, I promise you, I will die with the Book God! Next, what do you intend to do with me?


Su Yu had long been preparing to take out a nine-color mark, like a badge. Release your soul. This mark, which contains the power of nine gods, will be imprinted on your soul. It cannot be removed by your powers alone.

With this imprint, in one thought, he could destroy the spirit of the God of Doom.

Okay, I promise! The God of Doom released his soul, and a slit opened in the souls chest, enough to punch the mark into it.

Seeing this, the Pirate God secretly breathed a sigh of relief. The old monster had finally lowered his head

Alas, he had not completed his thought, when a very sharp dark blade suddenly shot out from the opening. Using the force of extreme doom, the God of Doom fired it at Su Yus eyebrow. Divine Meteor Doom!

The dagger in his soul that managed to catch his opponent off guard was the ultimate doom to destroy the gods!

The god who suffered a tragic death that year had been killed by the Divine Meteor Doom!

If he used it on the gods, the doom would last for a few days before it exploded. However, if he used it on Su Yu, he would immediately erupt and die on the spot!

In terms of the degree of danger, it was not weaker than the God-Destroying Crossbow!

Not good! The Pirate Gods face changed suddenly. He never thought that this old monster would cheat and kept a secret card.

Su Yu couldnt respond quickly, so he couldnt use his eyes.

A kid who courts death even if he did not know it; you have pushed me to this point, so you can be glad to die first!

Exterminating and killing Su Yu would remove the Gluttonous Pupils Sky Eater, so he could deal with the Pirate God and the three quasi-gods easily. He only needed to implant one idea and he could easily exert his doom and make them kill each other.

In fact, he had never intended to surrender.

However, what made God of Dooms mind slightly uneasy was that Su Yus mouth suddenly had a strange smile.